Oct 31, 2013

Vestas Rocket: From Foiling to Gliding

For x reason I didn´t published much on Paul Larsen inmense achievement done on breaking sailing speed record. Yesterday Carl Jones reminded me on him for Cat sailor of the year, and I contacted Larsen for an interview. Reaching this level of design involves an incredible amount of time, research & testing. In several past posts I mentioned if in the future foiling would become Gliding.... Paul Larsen has been doing it doing it for years.
Full interview with Larsen to come shortly.  www.sailrocket.com/

Oct 30, 2013

Box Boat Racing vid

This size of this Cat , 8.5mts, has the right dimension for racing with a bunch friends onboard. That program can be serious fun, and  I'm sure in years to come we will have here in Arg something like this design or the NZ 8.5mt Class (Nothing to do with this Box Boat 8.5 by the way)
For more info on the Australian built Box Boat 8.5 go to http://www.boxboat.com.au

A-Class: Mischa Heemskerk's comments on Foiling

On the A-Cat.org website, we published a report from Mischa on the 8.2 rule discussions going on at some local fleets like the British & Dutch Assocs.
In this post you can also find links to Class President explanation on current official submissions and standard procedures of the IACA plus some previous comments he made on this rule.

The idea is to have feedback from expert and respected sources, Landy exposed the facts plus some Pros / Cons and now Mischa will add his view. Being current World Champ and also on his Hydros C-Class foiling rides with Bastiaan Tentij he has surely a first hand knowledge too to add to Landy's long experience with the As.
There is no official poll / vote currently in place for any change, this is just additional info for sailors to have in mind on the Pros/ Cons on modifiyng this rule , 8.2,  that mandates to insert dagger foils from the deck.

Complete report plus official references at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/279

On the Class health I can announce now that the A Class is being launched in Argentina with an 8-10 boat fleet. And with the history we have here I can assure the As major event will have participation soon of some Argentine fanatic sailors eager to race & learn. This great milestone will create a more global class as it happened with the Formula 18 in past years.

All F18 sailors behind this move, looking for an alternative to ride  & race solo on a light carbon rocket. The guys are going for a DNA container and I'm trying to close an Exploder / Saarberg combo.

Oct 29, 2013

2013 Cat Sailor of the Year Nominees

Image Thom Touw - Nacra 17 Worlds. Besson-Riou. Last year we had Olivier Backes & Mathiew Vandame , Mischa Heemskerk & Carolijn Brouwer
Backes & Matthiew had more votes on achieving the Triple Crown of the F18: Europeans, Eurocat & Worlds at LA.
For this year we have French favorites again with  Billy Besson (F18 with jeremy Lagarrigue & Nacra 17 Worlds with Marie Riou), Franck Cammas (C-Class, Volvo Ocean Race, Olympic campaign) , James Spithill & Dean Barker on their class onboard the foiling AC72s

I think also one of the Nacra 17 girls must be on the list and Henri Demesmaeker, the 12 yrs old F16 World Champ. Any other sailor with local or unknown achievement, racing or not can be voted too , just send your story to catsailingnews gmail com and we'll make the Poll with detailed reference for each sailor, for people to vote at the end of November.

F18 Americas Continental: Report by Annie Gardner

Main Image Tim Wilkes www.timwilkes.com | Continental event report by Americas Cup , Windsurf & Cat sailor helm Annie Gardner. She was also presenter at the last ACup broadcast in San Francisco, and it was glad to have someone that could rely on the experience of sailing Multis in 20knots. Sailing with Eric White as crew Annie ended 13th in the historic first Americas Championship.  
With the Volvo Ocean race having Carolijn on a 100% girl Team, and with Annie been part of 95 America3 women team, it is not that crazy to think on an all girl challenge in Multis led by Annie for next Cup...?

By Annie Gardner - Zhik F18 America Championships. "Congratulations and many thanks are due for a great event, the Zhik 2013 F18 Americas Championship. Last week the Sarasota Sailing Squadron showed the F18 sailors what Southern Hospitality is all about! The volunteers were constantly doing everything they could to make the sailors feel welcome. Cold beer on tap, Red Bull on ice, food galore, photographer TIm Wilkes and Cattraks recording our races, and smiling faces from the locals who were quite happy to share their facilities. The weather couldn’t have been any better if someone ordered it. Warm winds, warm water, a cold front passing through mid week bringing strong winds, race courses in the bay and ocean, and 17 races in 5 days to ensure the best sailors would rise to the top.

Going into the last race, Mike Easton/Tripp Bird were a couple points ahead of Gunnar Larsen/Ferdinand van West. They started close to each other and were neck and neck around the first lap. With the lightest race in the regatta taking place, anything could happen and the two teams split at the gate. Easton/ Bird went left with a course change going left, and it paid. But it was a real nail biter watching it closely from behind!

The Florida youth teams of Taylor Reiss/Matt Whithead and Ravi Parent/Sam Armington were very impressive placing 3rd and 4th overall. With the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup completed, AC35 looking like multis again, and the 2016 Olympics on the horizon, there’s plenty for these youngsters to think about when it comes to their sailing futures.

The Argentinians Cruz Gonzalez Smith/Mariano Heuser and Juan Faustin/Nicolas Aragones finished 5th and 11th, Robbie Daniel/Enrique Rodriguez were the fastest masters in 8th, and Sandra Tartaglino/Alex Shafer were the top mixed team in 12th.

There were Olympians, Americas Cup sailors, coaches, sponsors, and new F18 sailors all competing so overall it was a broad mix of talent and great racing throughout the entire fleet.

When it was over, everyone was satiated, tired, and better sailors for having so many races. Big smiles all around, and hats off to all who competed, and all who hosted and supported the best event all year!" .----

Oct 28, 2013

F18 Americas Continental @Sarasota: Mike Easton & Tripp Burd Champs

F18 & A-Class: Official Communications

In the instant information Era brings lots of benefits and new responsibilities. Past years or decades, decisions were made by a selected group, on being those putting the hours or on the lack of a practical medium to spread the news, make remote decisions , require proper timely feedback or provide good communications.

Now we can have instant live access to event broadcasts and the possibility to provide feedback to Class key matters through the entire Planet in minutes by mail, Skype , FB or many other social media tools.
So it is important, beyond any opinion (including mine, forums and others),  to have  a correlative official position as a source on x matters.
Class organizations must duly inform the sailors on every key aspect that can affect them directly, being rules modifications, major events and so on.

So I'm glad that the F18 is launching a series of Newsletters. Number 3 can be found here.
The A-Class is also using their website to place all official communications and important matters to be available as the docs to consult official source. Here latest President's letter of latest official Submissions.

When I was member of the F18 WC, I asked why an internal comm that should have been

Oct 24, 2013

Zhik F18 Americas Continental @Sarasota: Day 3

Images F18 Americas FB. - 4 more races today. Larsen-van West with a 2 point lead over Easton-Burd. Reiss-Whitehead 3rd. Arg Faustin-Aragonés with two OCS. Pity as they were 4 & 5, nevertheless still in 11th overal and much to go. Their mates Smith-Heuser put pedal to the metal to score a perfect 7,5,3,1 progression ending with a bullet to end the day 5th overall, great day for them.

Sandra Tartaglino and Annie Gardner keeping the pace in 12th & 13th respectively.

6 Races pending so anything can happen. Larsen will put his experience to take the first Americas Continental to the Netherlands, but US  Easton and Reiss will make him push the limits to hold them back.

Dennis Key & Matt McDonald on the Falcon up to grab 14th position
Great event at Sarasota Sailing Squadron, and we hope to hold next Continental event in Buenos Aires in 2015/2016 along the Worlds the local class is pursuing to organize.

Official Website 2013f18americas.com  FB fb/2013F18AmericasChampionship

Live Tracking & Replay Here
Top 15 below , Full resutls Here

Oct 21, 2013

1st F18 Americas Continental, @Sarasota Sailing Squadron, FL

Image Practive Race from Monday. Racing starts tomorrow Tuesday.  56 Boats registered. Entry list here.  Two Arg boats present.
Official website http://www.2013f18americas.com
FB facebook.com/2013F18AmericasChampionship
21 Oct Monday 1355 Practice Races
22 Oct Tuesday 1155 Warning signal Day 1
23 Oct Wednesday 1055 Warning signal Day 2
24 Oct Thursday 1055 Warning signal Day 3
25 Oct Friday 1055 Warning signal Day 4
26 Oct Saturday 0955 Warning signal Day 5

Oct 20, 2013

Moth² .. Two Hulls style by Michele Petrucci

Moth wand system on a mini foiling cat. At Weymouth Martin Fischer envisioned that catamarans hulls will reduce their lenght in the future. Michelle Petrucci (from Bimare) is already testing the concept.  Flying is quite stable and this thing can take off big time in the short term. Having a personal small flying cat like this will turn some heads.
More info with Michelle next week. This is the same patform of the '12 feet fun' featured in January. Extra pics & video at CSN FB.

Moth Worlds 2013 @Hawaii: Bora Gulari Champ

Oct 17, 2013

F18: Phantom Review

Images Marcela Zapiola - www.marcelazapiola.com.ar  | These two past weekends I had the opportunity to sail & race the SI Phantom for the first time. After all the 'serious' technical arguments I heard & read past years I was confident on winning every single race with it....... even without sailing/ racing for 4 months.
We sailed on my friend Gonzalo Nieto's Phantom. First impression was how rigid and firm the platform was. The helm was responsive and overall feeling in double trap conditions resembled the Wildcat, but with a more stable firm ride sailing with chop.

Two days previous the event, I helm the Wildcat again with my pal Gustavo Rizzi, he owns now ex Mischa black beast, and it was good to compare both Fischer designs. Remember the Phantom was conceived after Backes-Jarlegan won the Title in 2010 with a Wildcat.
The greatest differences between both are

Moth Worlds 2013: Gulari leads, Outteridge 2nd.

Oct 15, 2013

C-Class @Falmouth: Hydros by ADimages

A-Class: Thilo Keller wins season final event

Winning streak continues for Thilo and his Arrow MKII. Report by Guido Schulte at IACA's official website www.a-cat.org/?q=node/277

F18, BA Week 2013: Gonzalez Smith-Heuser Champs

Image Humberto Costa. Another light wind day at Buenos Aires with 5-6knots. Juan Krevisky & Billy Lopez Segura were leading on their performance in these conditions, so it was a high mountain to climb for Cruz G Smith & Mariano Heuser, as they are way heavier and storm rider specialists. But the veterans managed to score 3 & 1 while Krevisky-Segura got only 6-5 in a day prepared for this ex 29er top crew to grab their first win racing together. Nevertheless excellent championship for them.

Tight fight for 3rd between Sucic-Copani and Volker-Daneri , on a similar fight between heavy weights and light wind specialists. More on these crews in previous reports. 
I closed the event hitting for the first time ever another boat on a port-starboard cross in the second race, after being hit by a boat that got stuck at the pin buoy in the start of the first one... not much to add.

Smith-Heuser ended first for another win in the local Class. They got a 19th at Grosseto and things are looking good for next Americas Continental at Sarasota in a few days. We will havee 2-3 cres from Argentina participating.
The fleet continues to improve and the level is quite high, we will have our Nats in december and we expect to have our biggest event ever. The International Class is analyzing a new rig for +165kg crews, but I don´t think it is a good idea as it will create another rig like the light one that are not possible to re sell. More on that later.

Top ten below. Full Resutls at http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Popup.aspx?Id=1558

Americas Continental Website 2013f18americas.com/The F18 is making some nice promo stuff , check netprintmanager.com/public/index.asp?purl=F18

Olympics: Bundock is Back??

Image Peter Logan. Just when we thought we had some incredible pool of talents campaigning for Rio, Darren Bundock joins the party... more info later this week.

Oct 9, 2013

A-Class Logo Update Contest

Image 2012 NAs -- The A Cats with current stylish carbon hulls & masts, curved daggers, rudder winglets and pioneer WP hulls have one of the best looks in the racing beachcat scene. These boats and the Class members deserve a new Logo that can reflect the current status of this great development Class.
The International A-Division Class Logo needs an urgent restyling. The "A" and its two baselines will remain surely as Flag / official Emblema. The idea is to update the Sail / Hull graphic.

We are launching a contest for you to contribute with ideas and samples. The winner will be selected later at IACA FB page where we will make a gallery to show your work. Anyone can participate.

As a sample we have the British Assoc logo below the Class current one.
Send your ideas & new logos to editor (at) a-cat.org

A-Class: Exploring the Exploder

Oct 2, 2013

Oracle's Miracle in perspective.

Images ACEA/ Ricardo Pinto. Before the Final started I closed the interview / feedback stage as it was time to act for teams and just watch & enjoy the race. When the Final started all looked quite simple with NZ dominating at will fulfilling some of the previous analysis. But at the end , literally in the last minute or the first one after being 8-1, Oracle started working on a remarkable comeback, maybe the greatest ever in any sport. Writing personal opinions as a catsailor & small cat builder is fun, and provides a different approach, but as always for deep insight and technical matters we go to the source.