Sep 14, 2013

NZ Flip Save by Gilles Martin Raget .. & Glenn Ashby

Who finally saved NZ Flip? Ashby first hangs up there with two hands (see last pic) but secs later he grabbed the wheel one handed while Barker looks like grabbing the tramp. The wheel in the video seems to react only to his left hand so I say Glenn Ashby saved it ! Check both helms on a close up HD (download) All image by Gilles Martin Raget
I think only an experienced Multihull sailor could have reacted in that way, maybe Barker too by now, any other would just grabbed to anything and with reason for their life until the boat settled over or flipped, but for catsailors it is a incorporated reaction. This is an instant Classic, showing why you needed an Expert & Master Multihull sailor onboard like Glenn or Peyron.

Ashby was already key training Oracle win against Alinghi in AC 33, and he was the top crew asset in this NZ campaign, but today he just saved the team from total disaster being so close to win the Cup. Glenn Ashby was already one of the best multihull racing sailors ever but today he became officialy a Legend.

All HD images (click download) by Gilles Martin Raget / ACEA - More below. Video Replay moment confirming Ashby doing it here . Full sequence by Raget at CSN FB