Sep 6, 2013

Gino Morrelli by Sailingworld: The Real Deal about the Cup

When I read some statements and comments about Cats in Monohull fanatic websites  I just can´t stop laughing: "....this is not Yachting", "This is not Sailing", "This is not what the Cup is all about", "the Cup is all about Match Racing" ....
For these people, sailing is all about "who is the less slower among the slowest" and sitting on the deck watching the birds go by...

As many concepts, chats & opinions have been exposed in these past years, and with the Cup so close I decided to just wait for the Final, that will start tomorrow, to continue any further analysis.
Two well funded and great teams will match each other on the Bay for real and all previous words will be left in oblivion.

I already said I'm confident that we are going to see a close match in the long term and an Epic final, but if not , we'll witness one team doing a better job than their opponents, a team that will fulfil the fundamental mission and ultimate objective of a sailing Race (or any other race for that matter),  and quite specially and since its beginnings , in the Americas Cup: Going Faster than your competition.

Gino Morrelli from Morrelli & Melvin , Long Time Multihull freak, Designer of the first Multihull Cup winner and member along his partner Pete Melvin of New Zealand design Team,  puts it Crystal Clear for those that still don´t get what this is all about:

"The America’s Cup is not about match racing. The America’s Cup is about building the fastest boat possible to get around the course. Match racing was really only an evolution of the 12-Metre and boats that go slow."

Get over it and enjoy the show, if not close racing, just seat and watch the most incredible sailing vessels ever made blasting the bay at 45 knots while you can , as in next Cup editions we will have more practical smaller Multis or even SlowMonsters for the joy of the "Sail Slow , Live Slow" gang...

Read Gino Morrelli full and quite interesting interview at

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