Sep 29, 2013

Foiling... OD : Flying Phantom Class Launch

Image: Cammas-Viat by Yann Riou. We knew about the Flying Phantom project here in CSN through Alex Udin that was already working with designer Martin Fischer on the SI Phantom F18. Fischer & Udin sent me the renders for a flying version aiming for Santander Trials, where the Nacra 17 was finally selected. The FP Project was not ready for Santander, and it took lots of hours and testing to even make it skim.
The work continued with  more testing & development and new foils replacing the S daggers for C+L (a la TNZ) and L rudders for T ones. Cammas & Groupama joined them to use the FP platform as a test bed for their C-Class.
Cammas started flying good on the FP progressively, and later that experience & feedback was used on his C-Class platform that this past week swept the competition at the Little Americas Cup at Falmouth.
Now Alex Udin with Martin Fischer as designer is launching the "Flying Phantom One Design Class", let me say what a nice paradox coming from Alex as he was the 'Juan K' inside the F18 Class pushing the limits of developments with his sails and Phantom F18. His  'OD friends' must be laughing too!

So now we will have the first foiling OD class ever. The great thing about Udin's work and ideas is that you can love or dislike them, but  you can never ever be indifferent to his projects and deny he works full schedule to innovate. This new boat/class it is a good proof of that.
It is going to be a success? I really don´t know, at 25k ex tax seems quite good for a flying boat though, when you are paying 20k ex tax for his F18. Time will tell, I see it as a Pro circuit to gather future ACup/C-Class riders.

This season I was invited by Alex and Bastiaan Tentij (Hydros) to sail test their boats, being in Argentina is not that easy but I will surely travel next year to have a go on these state of the art futuristic Cats.

Below press release by Alex Udin.
"After 3 years of intensive development, SAIL INNOVATION is proud to announce the launch of the Flying Phantom.
The Flying Phantom project was born in order

to design the first production foiling beach cat available to the general public.

SAIL INNOVATION and the renowned designer Martin Fischer notably worked in close collaboration with Franck Cammas and the entire Groupama Sailing Team and took the advantage of the learnings of Groupama C who recently won the Little Amercica’s Cup.

The goal was to produce the most accomplished foiling cat, fast in all conditions and easy to sail.

During the last 36 months of development and testing, the entire team has been fully dedicated to fine tuning every detail in order to get a fully optimized, reliable and user friendly boat.

The boat has been tested in normal course racing and long distance races by highly skilled sailors such as: Franck Cammas (winner of the Jules Vernes, the Route du Rhum and the Volvo Ocean Race), François Gabart (winner of the Vendée Globe) and Gurvan Bontemps (F18 French champion). All have provided very accurate feedback to evolve the performance of the boat. Additionally, weekend club sailors have also been involved in this testing campaign in order to ensure the boat is easy to use.

The Flying Phantom is a unique high-end product in terms of design, construction and finishing quality.

It is opening a new era in sailing; flying above the water.
The boat will be officially launched during the Paris boat show in December, production will start early of 2014 for spring deliveries.

Looking forward to present you this amazing boat."
Kind regards