Sep 20, 2013

A-Class Rules: To Foil or not to Foil..

Image Denis Lucci. The Class is having a good open discussion on rules modifications with wc submissions being published, along opinions, plus Cons-Pros of each alternative plus a future individual Internet vote. That is what I call a full democratic body organization.  I remember reading in awe how some people in other class said that individual votes were a "dangerous" thing....? The Tornado already has the internet individual method too.

Current development in the As are allowing boats to foil while racing though not one has won a major event yet, as mixed wind conditions are probing to be a challenge.

Early stages though that are triggering two positions in the Class, to keep or remove Rule 8.2 . This rule makes mandatory to insert a daggerboard through the deck, thus restricting the kind of foil you can use. Nevertheless some builders like Dna managed to overcome this limitation with a new "fit-all" dagger case.

Removing Rule 8.2 will allow daggers to be inserted from the bottom and opening a new design scenario that will bring some complications too on the launching , park management etc. but it will make easier for old boats to be updated.
The thing is foiling will put lot of stress on old platforms, so some extra modifications will be needed too.

And there is another key rule that still limitates how far the foils can go or their span, controlling the final lift to be achieved.

In my personal opinion I think we need to be able to sail in any condition from 5 to 25 knots in any Cat class, as that is the real challenge for designers and sailors alike, to be able to show your skills within the entire wind range, showing finally who is the most versatile and best sailor at any given week without having to wait for special conditions.

The Class has posted all the submissions and even comments on their official Website. Too much Pros-Cons involved so please go there to inform yourself on key submissions to be voted that will define the future of the class.

Submissions and proposals :
IACA's President comments:
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