Sep 30, 2013

Americas Cup 35: Challenger of Record Confirmed from Australia

Earlier today I sent a mail to a known sailor for him to start preparing his helming campaign for next Cup. It was time for the Aussies to come back. I hope this challenge can survive for good and gather most of the Aussie talent in one team.
Press Release AmericasCup. Australia’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club confirmed as Challenger of Record for the 35th America's Cup
San Francisco, Calif., 09/30/2013

The following statement was issued by the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC), the defender and trustee of the America's Cup, on Monday, September 30:
Hamilton Island Yacht Club (HIYC), located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, has challenged for the 35th America’s Cup. HIYC’s challenge has been accepted by the Golden Gate Yacht Club,

Sep 27, 2013

Following the Leader they became the Master

A-Class, Dario Valenza: Reversible foils & Paradox Update

I contacted Dario Valenza to have his feedback on the C-Class Hydros solution for the reversibles foils to match wind conditions as he implemented on the Paradox new rudders a similar solution. C-Class image Meredith Block.
By Dario Valenza / Carbonic Boats
..."Hydros C-Class reversible foils An interesting decision. They have obviously done their numbers and decided foil lift had too high a cost in terms of drag below a certain speed. It is an alternative to leveling the 'horizontal' foil at times when heave stability can be controlled by other means.
If the horizontal foil is always angled with the tip higher than the root, you always have the drag penalty from the component to leeward of foil lift - This component only being necessary when automatic heave stability is required.

By contrast, Groupama has aggressive outward bend in the top of their foil so that their foil can be made 'less stable' when boat speeds are too low to fully foil or when heave can be controlled through steering/weight placement. In this mode they get some foil assistance (upward lift) without adding side force. The penalty..."
Read full by article by Dario plus updateds on the Paradox at

C-Class Championships @Falmouth Day 6

All images Meredith Block, Full Gallery at Here
- Live Racing Here (currently postponed due to high winds)
Light weather yesterday again, Cammas is leading 2-0. His C is performing from 4 to 20knots and we might be seeing the birth of the allround foiler.

- Event website
- Cammas & Lagarrigue Interview

Sep 26, 2013

Bundy & his Cup

Lift it up Mate! A chunk of that Cup is fully yours. As pointed yesterday Darren Bundock was called to duty by Oracle after Coutts got to know better the bottom of San Francisco Bay when he hard pitch the 45. After joining the team to coach handling & how to race Cats  Bundy won his first race in the ACWS and also won every single Speed Trial he participated in, then he got some average results in the rest of the series. 

But the best work done by Darren in this Cup beyond coaching Ainslie and the rest of the crew was helping the kids of the Youth Americas Cup. 
Along Glenn Ashby , Bundock represented the small Cat racing scene in this Edition. Ashby got his Cup with Oracle in 2010, and now his mate has won his own 'Old Mug'. +20 World Titles & some Olympic medals between those two, and 1 Americas Cup each. Sailng hall of Fame material , to me both are already Legends-
Photo Oracle Team USA / Sander van der Borch.

Magic Performance?

I'm currently receiving info from some designers & builders that I asked for feedback to see what in heaven Oracle modified to achieve that newly found speed upwind , when I came across this in Sail-World ...

C-Class Championships @Falmouth: Day 5

Image by Nicolas Felix /  . More images by Meredith Block at
Live Stream via SailingAnarchy Here  -  Vimeo Channel with great insights at
Nice interview here by Alan Block with Jeremy Lagarrigue & Billy Besson (2013 F18 World Champs) on the decisions made yesterday by Hydros that cost Mischa a spot in the the Final Match against Cammas.

Day 4 Report by Will Clark - New Little Cup Champion Guaranteed For 2013
France, Switzerland Advance To Finals, Defender Comes Up Short
Mylor Harbour, UK (25 September 2013) – More light air on Falmouth Bay played into the hands of Franck Cammas and his Groupama C as they sailed to two more wins and a third place on the final day of qualifying for the 2013 International C-Class Catamaran Championship. Cammas and crew Louis Viat scored a perfect 7 points from 7 races after dropping their two high scores.

Sep 25, 2013

Oracle Retains the Americas Cup & New Zealand the Respect

All images ACEA / Ricardo Pinto / Abner Knigman / Gilles Martin Raget. More at CSN Fb. Full reports at | What a Final Match to crown the best Americas Cup ever. Another day of full adrenaline right from the Start.
As usual it was a close one , and I'm always watching Oracle on the bareways in the breeze, today was no exception. Reaching Mark 1 OR went on a hard down pitch submerging both bows, but the platform landed pretty flat and the recovery was quite smooth as they could maintain good speed, nevertheless a scary moment for them. Check images below.
New Zealand had a good race and led all the way to Mark 2, they kept speed for a while upwind, but OR sailed error less & faster, just like past 8 races. If NZ were "Perfection" when the Final started Oracle ended being "Perfection ²"

I wanted New Zealand to win on the incredible work done quite earlier on this campaign, on imposing the Flying game and on their Class, even if they were thinking to return to Monos.
Coutts & Ellison deserve another chapter on Oracle choosing Cats for this edition and for those to come from now on. They also owe Darren Bundock some favors, I remember when they called him after Coutts went scuba diving to the bottom of the Bay with the 45..!

For the final outcome the Kiwis literally had bad luck on that key 13th cancelled race where they were a mile or less to win the Cup, nothing can be changed now but this just to remark they did everything they could to grab the victory.
Oracle too did Everything it was (im)possible to recover from the deepest hole, they raised like Phoenix from the ashes to overtake NZ with 11 wins coming from 8-1?. Forcing many of us feeling good with either of them winning.

I'm more than proud to have these two teams representing us in the pinnacle of our sport. Thank you guys (Shore, Design & Sailing Crew)  for the Guts while pushing the limits.
Oracle retained the Cup the hardest way showing what they are made off and Team New Zealand retained at large the well earned Respect through their entire history that includes now this 34th Cup edition.

Saying Barker was a Class Act was not free statement, Dean:  Being respected is no consolation prize, it is about everything a personal legacy should consist of. You have our full Respect for Life, keep going mate!

All being said yesterday on the last analysis which main concept  revolved around New Zealand being the leaders since day 1 and Oracle learning & finally outperforming them in the greatest comeback ever.

To reinforce this concept read these comments below from Ian Percy & Nathan Outteridge.
It is a good resume of what happened in this amazing Americas Cup, a tremendous success beyond the hardest critics and bad vibes pulled from thin air.

Ian Percy:
Truly feel for all at TNZ. Congrats for a excellent campaign, you took our sport to a new generation with your innovation and teamwork #ETNZ

As my best friend Bart Simpson would! Great comeback by Oracle that started over a year ago and finished in style today! #hatsoff #AC34

Nathan Otteridge:
"Like everyone in the world right now I am still in complete shock after watching the last week of this America's Cup. Last week I was in San Francisco watching ETNZ completely smash Oracle and thought they had no chance. This week I'm in France at the 49er worlds and since arriving its been the complete opposite.

Amazing what can change in 1 week. Seriously impressive stuff by Oracle to take risks make changes and improve enough to overcome ETNZ.

Hats off to Dean Barker and all the boys at ETNZ if it wasn't for these guys no one would have known that foiling 72 foot cats at almost 50kts of boat speed with bottom speeds of 35kts in the gybes was even possible. They were clear leaders in this cup every step of the way and could not have come closer to winning. Completely gutter for all Kiwis right now. Really looking forward to seeing where the cup heads now, going to be hard to top this one. Once again massive congratulations to Oracle for there unbelievable comeback"
Later on the week some feedback from the experts we always consult on deep tech matters.

Americas Cup: Oracle vs Team New Zealand Final Race (Replay)

Score Tied 8-8. This is it, Final Race to decide the Champ. New Zealand or Oracle....?

"America's Cup Racing ‏@americascupLIVE 26m
TIM Wind now NW, light. Forecast WSW 18-25 kts at race time, building to 30 kts by late afternoon. Current 1.4 kt flood, wind limit 24.4 kts"

Preview info at
Image: Gilles Martin Raget.

C-Class Championships 2013 @Falmouth: Images by Nicolas Felix

Sep 23, 2013

Americas Cup Finals: Race 16 & Oracle keeps winning...

Image Gilles Martin Raget | This can´t be happening, it is not true, this is nightmare for the Kiwis! This is switching places from first races of the finals with OR as TNZ is unable to win a single Start.
Don´t you even bother to read what I wrote before today's race, this Final has gone beyond any logical analysis.

I will make a final attempt though: Which is the new weak point of the now invincible James 'Achiles' Spithill?? Team New Zealand knows exactly what to do at this point, they just need to win the start + reach run to Mark 1 then hold ground as they've been doing in last races coming from behind, waiting to OR to make an error to take the Cup home once more.

But the 'Oracle' is spelling terrible omens for the Kiwis , their former highest Commander, now fighting against them for foreign lands was required an extreme sacrifice by the Pythias in exchange to protect his perfect winning record achieved in the Battle Fields of past campaigns.
Just seeing current score and after a secure defeat was predicted only a few days ago it seems that sacrifice was fulfilled.......

Two Final thoughts until the 'Never Ending Regatta' (as Bundy named it) reachs to its closure:
- New Zealand Cannot lose this Final
- If Oracle wins, this achievement will match Homer legends from the Iliad and Odyssey altogether.


Race Replay below || Today I changed the header banner. Till some months ago the CSN 2012 Boat of the Year (TNZ Tractor) , and lately Artemis Big Blue occupied that space, Emirates Team New Zealand led the way in this Cup on every aspect. Oracle was always behind, and when the Cup Final started we all saw and foresee that beyond some incredible close racing along the way  New Zealand had an edge.

C-Class International Championships @Falmouth Day 1

Sep 21, 2013

F18 Dutch Nats 2013: Zeekant-Van Hek lead

Americas Cup Finals: Race 14 Postponed

Due to wind direction after heacy rain today racing was postponed for tomorrow Sunday.

Sep 20, 2013

Americas Cup Finals: Sailing Overdose at "Lucky" Race 13

Images Sander van der Borch (Larry can´t believe what he just saw...) ACEA / Gilles Martin Raget & Ricardo Pinto | "This is Madness" I wrote past week on the high level of sailing we were seeing. On current status and with the incredible daily wins by Oracle while being against the wall it is now a complete insanity.
Title post before the race was "Race 13 Live... Lucky one for TNZ?" ... yeah right. 

It all started with calm weather, zero foiling conditions downwind, the scenario was the typical 4-5 knots F18 racing at the start. Code Zeros were up and Spithill led to Mark 1,  the foiling beasts were now slow crawlers , OR went pointing (the thing to do in this conditions) and TNZ decided to luff for speed , passing the now Bolt fast Team USA like they were anchored. That was also another standard move for beachcat racing in those conditions, something the Wildcat does very well, then TNZ simply port crossed with ease and simply disappeared leaving Spithill doing the slowest gybe of his life.

A-Class Rules: To Foil or not to Foil..

Image Denis Lucci. The Class is having a good open discussion on rules modifications with wc submissions being published, along opinions, plus Cons-Pros of each alternative plus a future individual Internet vote. That is what I call a full democratic body organization.  I remember reading in awe how some people in other class said that individual votes were a "dangerous" thing....? The Tornado already has the internet individual method too.

Current development in the As are allowing boats to foil while racing though not one has won a major event yet, as mixed wind conditions are probing to be a challenge.

Early stages though that are triggering two positions in the Class, to keep or remove Rule 8.2 . This rule makes mandatory to insert a daggerboard through the deck, thus restricting the kind of foil you can use. Nevertheless some builders like Dna managed to overcome this limitation with a new "fit-all" dagger case.

Removing Rule 8.2 will allow daggers to be inserted from the bottom and opening a new design scenario that will bring some complications too on the launching , park management etc. but it will make easier for old boats to be updated.
The thing is foiling will put lot of stress on old platforms, so some extra modifications will be needed too.

And there is another key rule that still limitates how far the foils can go or their span, controlling the final lift to be achieved.

In my personal opinion I think we need to be able to sail in any condition from 5 to 25 knots in any Cat class, as that is the real challenge for designers and sailors alike, to be able to show your skills within the entire wind range, showing finally who is the most versatile and best sailor at any given week without having to wait for special conditions.

The Class has posted all the submissions and even comments on their official Website. Too much Pros-Cons involved so please go there to inform yourself on key submissions to be voted that will define the future of the class.

Submissions and proposals :
IACA's President comments:
IACA's Official website

F18 Dutch Nats 2013: September 21-22

Mitch & Jordi Booth and Jorden Veenman/Frank de Waard (image above by Jasper van Staveren / are the top candidates for this 2013 NL crown, as Heemskerk-Tentij are busy with the C-Class Little Americas Cup event. 
Competitors list.
Results can be followed via  Delta Lloyd Open Dutch Championship web:
F18 Dutch web:

Sep 18, 2013

Cirrus R F18 -> TNZAC72: Trickle UP

Beyond all the other key parameters in the AC72, (Foils & Wings...) I always look hulls in more detail, as I've been drawing hundreds of cads since 2005 when I draw my first lines while at the office that ended being the F18 that launched the class here in Arg.
The F18 is still and will be floating mode for years to come so hull design is still king (I proved you that in the AC72 too, with TNZ 40knots pitch & tack handling) . When NZ AC72 was first launched I noticed an extreme rocker line resembling the also radical bottom of the Cirrus R. First glance at "Trickle Up" here.

I made some skecthes to compare finally their bottom lines, with an scaled down TNZ AC72 and without much surprise their rockers matched almost to the mm. This is just a sign of the good work done by Manu Boulogne while going for those features. The Cirrus as mentioned on Monday is one of the new performers in the F18. The Cirrus though has a flatter cross section.

While doing the F18OP I wondered how this extreme concave/negative sections fore & aft would affect their floating performance upwind, doing the CFD tests I started with a standard progressive rocker, to have a proven base (Infusion/C2). After the tests Ronan Currid recommended to apply a negative section aft (Present in the Wildcat, Cirrus R, Phantom and others) to reduce wake. For the fore concave modification I wanted to see how TNZ performed upwind,  and it is clear these features didn´t hold back NZ in any away beyond their lift power provided by the foils.

Check Cirrus R label for previous pics comparisons.
For TNZ the scaled version down gives you a too lower freeboard, so I assigned the typical modern F18 height, width I left it proportional to follow height and matched current F18 designs range too. No control point was modified in anyway from my last TNZ 22mts version.
Will post more next weeks.

Sep 17, 2013

Americas Cup Final: Oracle vs Team New Zealand Races 11 & 12 (Postponed)

Racing Postponed for today due too much wind for the safety limits established after Artemis accident, +24knots. See best Race yet (nr 10) replay here

Formula 18 Nordics 2013

Sep 16, 2013

Raid des Corsaires 2013: Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot Champs

Image Pierrick Contin / .The French Rising Stars, Gurvan Bontemps & Benjamin Amiot have been slowly gaining ground in the F18, winning several raids & regattas, and peaking at Grossetto Worlds were they led the championship. Sadly a Black Flag in the Finals hurt their chances for the Title and Podium but they are my top choice for Ireland 2014.
They race the Cirrus R, one the most radical designs in the F18 that we've analyzed many times here in CSN. Specially when TNZ platform was revealed. It was a case of Trickle-up on the Cirrus negative rocker sections fore & aft. Will post a render later on this.

Guess what? An scaled TNZ hull to the F18 dimensions

Sep 15, 2013

Americas Cup: Out of this World Catamaran Racing

Americas Cup Final: Races 9 & 10 Live

High winds forecast for today, so maybe we'll reach wind limits and maybe some postponement.
Meanwhile read why Dean Barker is a class act along the entire group of AC72 sailors, and try to understand, if you can, why some people are more "Catholic than the pope" regarding the Multi vs Mono discussion.

AC34: Dean Barker is a Class Act

Image Abner Kingman / ACEA. I've been carefully listening & reading the most qualified opinions and positions in this Cup edition for a while now, among them of course you have the voice of the Sailors. They are the ones finally putting themselves on the line racing these beasts.
And I have never heard a bad complain or excuse, not even after AR accident. Contrary to some journalists that used that tragedy to push their agenda.

Yesterday at the press conference one journalist thought he was easy pitching the ball for Barker to hit it out of the park going "These dangerous , fragile boats in those freak conditions" .... Dean instead of saying "yes we are winning this right now, but we think the AC72 are too dangerous" or putting any other excuse for them not taking the Cup after a capsize for ie (great excuse to put) he went easy denying the journalist assessment:

- A: Press Conf Question: "Dean giving your close flip situations today and knowing what happened to Oracle boat and Artemis .. How do you see the potentially dangerousness of these boats , the wisdom or lack of wisdom in organizing a regatta with the ac72s that are too fragile boats on SF bay??"

- R: Dean Barker
"These boats demands a huge amount of respect, for the equipment & preparations, you really need  to learn how to sail them in these conditions.
We don´t think these boats are dangerous, we think you have to manage everything to be completely on top of your game and you can design a boat which is safe.
Ian Murray and the safety review process make for conditions to be a lot safer, with the wind limits put on place and like any other sport there are lot sorts of examples where there is danger involved and when you are pushing each  along the borders it is going to be dangerous at times,
but all know when you need to back off  and both teams are very capable of making that decision so it all comes to the teams to continue to race"   Press conf here

He already put some common sense after AR accident in his blog once. This coming from a sailor and a team pointed out on wanting to return to monohulls.
And they can do it, but it is clearly that NZ will NOT put lame excuses

Sep 14, 2013

NZ Flip Save by Gilles Martin Raget .. & Glenn Ashby

Americas Cup: New Zealand's Flip Save.. Nr #2

After an incredible Cup Final start, after all Multis myths were debunked and crushed , and when it seemed that nothing more was left to see.... the AC72s and both teams put on stage an extra bonus show.

It was win or nothing for the americans, and Oracle pushed hard in +20knots of breeze forcing NZ to the limit. Coming from behind since the Start they reached Mark 3 with a 5 sec gap. They forced a split and managed to keep the pace upwind, they were slowly gaining ground in each cross when in one cross New Zealand made the typical bad high breeze bad tack going for a full sideways flip, Glenn Ashby hanged up there and pull the helm as Barker was also in firm position, the rest of the team also working & grinding as nothing happened. It was close and could have cost NZ the Day and basically the entire Cup when being so close. Edit: Check HD images by Gilles Martin Raget, Glenn Ashby might have saved the Day alone

Today I wrote that it was not possible to match this Cup edition if going back to monos, and after this it is even a joke just thinking on going back.

Those failure lobbiers want promotion for sailing? well what else do yo need?
Oracle won by their own right, going full bore and racing as they were 0-0.  Second race of the day was abandoned due to much wind with the Kiwis leading upwind & 100% focused after almost losing it all  . New Zealand will not be able to win the Cup this weekend. I told I was more than happy to be wrong! Larry Ellison too....

Check flip Video here and below. See also race 8 replay Here

All images Americascup broadcast.
My two kids (4 & 8) went nuts when seeing the flip Live "whoaa , wow"  etc, well, the same effect caused by past cups ... 

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