Aug 5, 2013

AC34 , Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinal: Artemis First race

Image: Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. The day has come for Artemis. Yesterday they achieved their first foiling gybe, they also made starts and race training with ETNZ. The logic caqlls for Luna Rossa to win on Tuesday, and for this race the most important aspect for Artemis will not be handling but final speed. If they have the speed range needed to match at least TNZ/Luna Rossa low end range they will have some chance in next matches as their handling will get better, but if they are too far way from that range .... it is going to be tough but my guess the speed will indeed be there downwind  while foiling stable, and the question mark will be upwind.

For Luna Rossa is going to be a tense first Semi Final match, as although they should be confident they just can´t loose this race no matter what.

Handling is always key floating or flying and I've received interesting data on timed tack/gybe vmg loss that I will publish later.
Below Artemis making progress and enjoying the hard work on their first foiling gybe. 'Big Blue' new colors reminds me of the US Navy Blue Angels....

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