Aug 30, 2013

A-Class, Polish Nats 2013: Jacek Noetzel Champ

Report sent by Jacek Noetzel -- "This past August 25th, at Sopot, the Polish Catamaran Championships were organised by UKS NAVIGO. We invited all catamaran classes: As, F-18 & Open. There were also Finn and Hornet regattas.

During 3 days we had 8 races. The weather was very nice as always in Sopot. 19 A-Cat competitors fighted strongly. Jacek Noetzel plus two Junior sailors: Marcin Badzio and Tymek Bendyk as well as Piotr Baryżewski and Marek Żebrowski were the favourites. Jacek Noetzel sailed on brand new Exploder A13. Another Exploder A13 were sailed by Paweł Kacprowski famous former 49er Olympian.

The Polish Catamaran Championships’ competitors agreed that Sopot would be a wonderful place to host the 2015  A-class Worlds. Our bid can be found at:

Full results:

Final Top Ten results were as follows:
1. Jacek Noetzel
2. Marcin Badzio - JUNIOR
3. Piotr Baryżewski
4. Marek Żebrowski
5. Tymek Bendyk - JUNIOR
6. Paweł Kacprowski
7. Karol Kwiatkowski
8. Piotr Weltrowski - JUNIOR
9. Michał Baluta - JUNIOR
10. Marcin Kamiński - JUNIOR

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