Aug 31, 2013

AC34, Team New Zealand: Optimizing Aero

So that idea I got that in the future a cat will literally fly over and without touching the water it is not that crazy at this evolution rate? How about next Cup edition???!

Aug 29, 2013

Bundock: "If you're gonna go somewhere you might as well go there Fast"

C-Class "Little Americas Cup": Hydros Team Flying

Image by ©ADImages. C-Class major event was always refered as "Little Americas Cup" , but never deserved that label as in 2013.  Billy Besson & Jeremy Lagarrigue flying good. Heemskerk & Tentij will race Hydros second C.
Report Sent by  Florent Gaillard: "The Swiss team Hydros will be competing the Internation C Class Championship is now settled in Falmouth.
Our tent and containers are on the spot, and the team has been sailing for the first time in the bay with its 2 C Class Cat. They've made some fantastic speed tests reaching and downwind at 25 knots with a 9-10 kts breeze and the sensations appeared to be great.
Both boats are flying and the sailors were really happy about the performances and the sensations.
Here are a few pictures of a sunny session in La Grande Motte just before leaving to the UK."
More info at

Aug 28, 2013

F18 Americas Championship @Sarasota : October 19-26 , 2013

Press Release sent by Deb St James.--
Sarasota Sailing Squadron Prepares to host the 2013 Formula 18 Americas Championship Regatta
Sarasota, Florida USA (23 August 2013) – The Sarasota Sailing Squadron (SSS) is gearing up to host the inaugural F18 Americas Championship Regatta. The regatta opens on Saturday, October 19 and runs through Saturday, October 26.

The Americas regatta represents the equivalent of the European F18 championship and is intended to bring the fast growing F18 fleets from North and South America together to crown the 2013 Americas champion. Both the European and Americas events are just one step below a World title. In addition to crowning the 2013 F18 Americas Champion, this regatta will also crown the 2013 US F18 National Champions as well as the 2013 Masters and Junior F18 Champions.

The F18 Americas races will be held in both Sarasota Bay and just offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Weigh in and registration dates are Oct 19-21, practice racing on Oct 21 and regatta racing on Oct. 22-26. Early registration ends October 1st. Register at :

Want to come to town early and get some racing in before the Americas Championship?? The SSS is also hosting the 7th Annual Buzzelli Multihull Rendezvous from October 18-20 and has offered F18 Americas sailors a discounted rate of entry. Event details for the Buzzelli can be found at

Located on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron is a 1200+ membership, community sailing club. The SSS is a place that prides itself on its old Florida charm, where you can “come as you” are and feel welcomed and at the same time manages to pull together to host world class, international events and sailors. Want to ship your boats in advance? We are ready to start receiving them now – just call the office and speak to club Manager, Craig Bridges at 941-388-2355.

Charter boats are available through Fun in the Sun, Attention Jill Nickerson at Tel: 727-734-0799 Email:

Event details can be found at
Twitter: @2013F18Americas
Image LA 2012 by Christophe Favreu.

Tornado Worlds 2013: Sep 27 - Oct 5 @Ibiza

Nice move by the Tornado Assoc, selecting a la Hobie 16 a special venue to race and more than ever party!? at Ibiza. Press Release sent by Andrew Dowley:
"It’s now just one month until the Tornado Class sailors will be hitting Ibiza for the annual Tornado Open and Mixed World Championships. The island is ready to greet the sailors and their families, there is going to be lots of action on the sailing side, but also loads to do for everyone, including a Ibicencan paella night, a barbecue night, concerts, a special day for the kids and every afternoon after the racing a relaxing drink in the chill out area enjoying the famous sunset.

The event is being held in the village of Santa Eulària des Riu on the Eastern side of the island, between the 28th September and 5th October with a full weeks schedule. Already there are 34 boats registered and the Tornado Class are expecting between 40 and 45 entrants in total.

Aug 25, 2013

The New Catracing Power House: Team New Zealand wins Louis Vuitton Cup

Favorites in my mind for a long time now, Team New Zealand is simply a Machine. Just when you think they have a too good design, build & shore crew to be true , these top notch ex monohull guys, including the 'old grumpy' Grant Dalton, manage to excel in the new two hull game proposed by Oracle for these two past Cups.

To win the Americas Cup you needed to learn how to sail multihulls.
And this team has learned pretty quick. Having Glenn Ashby didn´t 'hurt' that process either...
People are assigning too much weight on TNZ boat advantage over Luna Rossa, but my view is the Kiwis just sailed flawless perfection in each race.

Looking the stats also proves this in a way,

Nacra 17 Europeans @Dervio: Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning

A-Class Dutch Nats 2013 for Thilo Keller

Photos Jasper Van Staveren / . Travemunde 2013 , Thilo & Dietz. || Thilo is having a great year towards New Zealand Worlds at Takapuna in February 2013. He won the German Nats in May ago and now after a "low" start on Friday with 5th and a 7th , he went dominating with 4 bullets and three 2nds in the last 8 races.
German countrymen Sebastian Moser and Mathias Dietz completed the podium. With Erwin Kerstens debuting at the Dutch Nats as first local in 4th place.

The Class continue to show excellent mix in the designs on the top spots with 5 dfferent platforms in the top 5. And also the great chance for +60 sailors like Piet Saarberg that dominate day 1 and Mathias Dietz that ended 3rd to keep sailing after your office days retirement. More on the Class later with an Arno Terra interview.

Louis Vuitton Cup Final: Luna Rossa & New Zealand (Final Race?) Live

How far TNZ can go in terms of speed and handling?? In contrast  Luna Rossa is lacking Multihull expertise in that boat.

Aug 24, 2013

Louis Vuitton Finals: Race 7 (Replay)

TNZ 6 - 1  Luna Rossa. Race 7 Replay below.

Aug 23, 2013

Louis Vuitton Finals: Race 6 (Replay)

5-1 For ETNZ . Luna Rossa not even close again but the ACup Finals with Oracle are going to be a Blast. ETNZ vs LR Race 6 Replay Below.

A-Class Nats 2013, Day 1: Piet Saarberg Leads

IACA's Gral Sec and long time sailor and builder, Piet Saarberg is leading Dutch Nationals after Day 1 with two bullets. 35 sailors participating including current World Champ Mischa Heemskerk.
Piet is sailing his own Catamaran Parts Vision &  Saarberg mast combo.

Top Ten below - Full resutls at

Rank SailNo Club HelmName R1 R2 Total Nett
1st NED1 Hellecat Piet Saarberg 1 1 2 2
2nd GER84 Segelverein Schluchsee Sebastian Moser 2 4 6 6
3rd 108 Catclub Zeeland Jaap Straakenbroek 4 3 7 7
4th ESP7 CAR Murica Espana Micky Todd 7 5 12 12
5th GER45 BYC Thilo Keller 5 7 12 12
6th NED8 Hellecat Theo van Hilten 6 6 12 12
7th 117 De Roerkoning Jan Groot 13 2 15 15
8th NED95 Hellecat Roeland Wentholt 3 15 18 18
9th NED3 Omaho Sjoerd Hoekstra 11 8 19 19
10th GER3 PSG Matthias Dietz 9 12 21 21

Aug 21, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Cup Finals: Race 4 &...5 (Replay)

New Zealand without any breakage is simply untouchable for LR. They also foiled upwind again 

Aug 19, 2013

New Zealand 40knots Pitch: Saved by Design

AC34, Louis Vuitton Finals: Weekend Wrapup

- Louis Vuitton Final  between Luna Rossa & New Zealand is tied 1-1
- Both raced and won in solo mode, as both had issues in the races each abandoned. Daggerboards problems for LR and TNZ with failing hydraulics.
- Yesterday 3rd race was cancelled due to wind average above 20knots.
- Emirates Team New Zealand literally survived the most impressive pitch ever in Sailing History. Confirmed by Telemetry they went from 40knots while bearing away airborne to zero in a few seconds , submerging more than 60% of the entire platform (minus wing...)  and two men overboard, no one injured.
- Oracle and TNZ matched forces on a downwind informal run and Oracle blasted the Kiwis.
- TNZ  FOILED UPWIND while racing yesterday before abandoning the race, +25,5 knots upwind.
- Oracle 'Ainslie' lost a rudder while starting a practice race against Spithill while doing a -10knots turn.
- Both Oracle AC72 were speeding (floating mode) upwind in unsteady 15knots TWS: +-23knots
- Both Oracle AC72 were lame in the same 15knots TWS unsteady conditions while going downwind. (Check Sat final leg and mark rounding...)
- Oracle broadcasted practice race from Saturday was really good entertaining with lead changes and a final 30 sec gap that was only due to an awful last mark rounding by OR Ainslie.
- In the end I think we will see some incredible Cup Finals...

Video Replays & links of each item above plus more info, in previous posts and CSN Twitter bar to the right.
More details later.
Today Monday, LV Finals will continue with two races scheduled for LR & TNZ.

Images ACEA / Gilles Martin Raget & Abner Kingman . Click for HD

Aug 18, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Finals: Luna Rossa vs New Zealand Race 2 Replay

Embedded Replay  Below:

AC34, Oracle Spithill vs Ainslie Training Race , Replay

Oracle showed yesterday they are fast upwind in 15knots, but they are still struggling downwind at least in that wind range.
Surprisingly minutes later and with more wind Oracle matched TNZ downwind and left the Kiwis wondering about their performance. Embedded Replay below:

AC34 LV Finals: New Zealand reviews the Pitch of the Ages...

Reading some comments on people saying that pitchpoles are dangerous it is almost hilarious, as strange as others discovering after two years that you need to avoid them... forcing last minute rule changes.

Pitch Poles are basically an indivisible part of Catamaran Racing. There is NO way you can avoid them 100% , the only thing you can do is try to reduce the chances of a full flip over, choosing the right design compromises that will give you additional error margin to let you continue racing and having a safer ride at the end of the day.

No magical winglet could have avoided a similar bareaway / strong puff situation as once both rudders went airborne, as it happens even with floating mode cats, you are done for good and your faith is left only to the designer hands. --

TNZ  also met Oracle at the Course racing area before LV Finals and after OR training races, both went to match up their cards and TNZ got blasted by the US team downwind! Watch the clip here 

Aug 16, 2013

AC34, ETNZ Foiling Upwind?: 'Catch Me if you Can'

Images Abner Kingman / Source Americas - Just when things could have reach a level of close racing for the LV Finals, New Zealand starts showing upwind foiling, that was , as posted this week, the only remaining critical game changer comparing speed and handling between the teams with chances to win this Cup.
Luna Rossa didn´t had good starts against Artemis, and if the Kiwis get to foil to the windward mark it is almost a too high mountain to climb for the Italians.

And of course so long for the upwind floating drag advantage for Oracle hulls if this mode can be applied while racing. 
With Oracle getting comfortable with foiling gybes they now have to master upwind flight too to keep the pace with Barker , Ashby  & Dalton endless bag of tricks.

First Louis Vuitton Final will start tomorrow Saturday 17 2:10PM SF Time. Follow Live here in CSN.
Full Schedule

Aug 15, 2013

Dona Bertarelli Spindrift 2 wins Rolex Fastnet 2013

AC34, Oracle AC72 & Foiling Gybes: Yes we Can.....

Speaking of handling ... Oracle Team felt the necessity to show in a special short clip that they can also do foiling gybes . It looks good but New Zealand seems to be a step higher.

Aug 13, 2013

AC34, Timed Loss on Tacks & Gybes

RBYAC : AC45s delivered to Youth Teams

Image ACEA/Gilles Martin Raget. The kids are back in SF as they will race the floating OD AC45s just like in the ACWS Series (well.. not that much with Oracle ones) . The organizers have put on schedule some good side events , and this is without a doubt one of the most important and appreciated. Delivering these machines to the Youths is a great move by Coutts and it will be in the future remembered as milestone in their careers of all the young sailors participating in the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup. Hope next Cups organizers can continue to promote it.
Press Release Americas Cup : "The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is scheduled Sept. 1-4 on San Francisco Bay, just off the America’s Cup Village, at Marina Green. The 10 teams of national sailors, aged 19-24, represent eight countries: Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United States. New Zealand and the U.S. have two teams each. Each AC45 has been branded with the familiar Red Bull logo and flags of the representative nations.

Full text at

Aug 12, 2013

GC32s at Cowes Week

Groupama C-Class : TNZ "Mini Me"

Images by Ian Riou sent by Alex Udin that reports "27,4 knots with 12 knots of wind"
Last post I described the similar looks on Groupama C and TNZ AC72 and with the platform airborne it is even more clear, check the beams shape & fitting. The relation has some logic as TNZ & Groupama have Guillaume Verdier in their design teams

These of foils are like the ones tested on the F Phantom,  different from the foiils used on the C launch past week, Check previous post here.
Hydros has been flying for a month now, the Canadians are making some extreme experiments with their foils too, the Portuguese team is launching theirs soon, and I hope to see Steve Clark giving the rookie but well funded teams a run for their money.

Aug 10, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinal: Artemis vs Luna Rossa Match #4 Replay

Artemis gave all they had, at the start Outteridge went hunting Draper, and for some long seconds it looked like Artemis was pulling out an impressive display  leaving LR with a penalty and leading to the first mark. But some moments later the screen showed a penalty for Artemis, they took too much time to digest it, and LR passed them to make another error less race to win the Semis. They will face the almighty New Zealand team in the Louis Vuitton Finals.
All been said about Artemis already, they leave this journey head high and honoring a friend and sailor in the best way the could.

On the race format San Francisco it is just a wind machine , a perfect venue, the only concern so far is the course diagram , once ahead and following the virtual map defined by the dominant current and wind patterns , Luna Rossa showed you can play safe every time leaving no option to the trailing boat. 
Something the organizers must review for LV & ACup Finals . Replay Below.

Aug 9, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinal: Artemis vs Luna Rossa Match #3 Replay

Best race overall for Artemis with only 1 min behind and foiling gybes but Luna Rossa had their own best too. Not a single error for the Italians that even won the start for the first time on Draper's aggressive move.

Hurts the soul how close Artemis crew was to get things sorted out on their hybrid last minute creation after all they've been through.
If AR owner Torbjörn Törnqvist, wants to keep campaigning for the future Americas Cup, he'd better take good care of the entire remaining Artemis Team, what they have achieved and in this tremendous special context is beyond belief.

Meanwhile Oracle withdraws from past AC45s events and the Kiwis are not happy at all. This is not good news for OR, more after the intention of forcing new rules by Regatta Director.

Today at 1:15pm Race 4 of this LV Semi Final. Race 3 Highlights here, replay below.
More wind and a 'Miracle' will get Artemis a new chance to continue their incredible improvement.

Never say Never....

A-Class to vote 2015 Worlds Venue

Image Paula Kopylowicz . 2013 Euros at Barcelona. The IACA has decided to hold an Extra Ordinary meeting to decide who will host 2015 Worlds. With New Zealand turn at Takapuna only 6 months away the Class is urging it is members to vote.

Excerpt from IACA's President the Andrew Landenberger:
"...IACA committee and I have agreed that we need to run an extra ordinary WGM as soon as possible, solely to vote on the venue for the for the 2015 World Championships. We feel that waiting until the NZ worlds does not allow enough time for the potential organisers to prepare properly.

At this point we have bids from the UK and Poland. Until this point there has been no indication from any other country so unless another nation comes forward immediately we should consider the bids closed..."
Read full details at


- Italian Bid Presentation
- Polish Bid Presentation
- British Bid Presentation

Takapuna Worlds NOR & Entry Form at

Aug 7, 2013

Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Final Race 2 Live

This sequence shows why New Zealand / Luna Rossa design approach is the most versatile and fully optimized for a high wind venue like San Francisco.

This gybe pitch while floating is already tough, but adding two meters height to the bow to accelerate at 35knots it is even harder, in fact it cannot get any tougher than this. But Luna Rossa went through it as nothing happened and although Chris Draper and crew are showing some nice handling, once the bow goes down there is an instance where you don´t have control and you must rely on the design.

I cannot see Oracle going that easy on a similar situation. Check this sequence video replay at

AC34: Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinal: Artemis Shockwave

Aug 5, 2013

AC34 , Louis Vuitton Cup Semifinal: Artemis First race

Image: Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. The day has come for Artemis. Yesterday they achieved their first foiling gybe, they also made starts and race training with ETNZ. The logic caqlls for Luna Rossa to win on Tuesday, and for this race the most important aspect for Artemis will not be handling but final speed. If they have the speed range needed to match at least TNZ/Luna Rossa low end range they will have some chance in next matches as their handling will get better, but if they are too far way from that range .... it is going to be tough but my guess the speed will indeed be there downwind  while foiling stable, and the question mark will be upwind.

For Luna Rossa is going to be a tense first Semi Final match, as although they should be confident they just can´t loose this race no matter what.

Handling is always key floating or flying and I've received interesting data on timed tack/gybe vmg loss that I will publish later.
Below Artemis making progress and enjoying the hard work on their first foiling gybe. 'Big Blue' new colors reminds me of the US Navy Blue Angels....

La Costarmoricaine Raid, French Long Distance Cup 2013

Aug 1, 2013

First F18 Americas Continental: October 19-26, 2013 , Sarasota FL

Image Jasper van Staveren , LA 2012 Worlds. -- Americas first Continental will be taken place at Sarasota Florida this October 19-26. The Class had a first successful Worlds held in our side of the World in Long Beach in Sep 2012 with 120 boats. Recently at Grosseto 180 boats registered mark another good mark for the Class beyond current economical times.
The class is growing strong in America with the major fleets located in USA & Canada followed by us,  Argentine fanatics, and the recently formed fleets in Chile and Uruguay. Next frontier should be Mexico and Caribbean plus Brazil.

F18 North Americans have some history already and first South Ams  were held in 2011 with 20 boats here in BA, so this continental crown will be only one step below a World Title , paired with the Europeans.
AHPC C2 charters will be available 
at Sarasota provided by 'Fun in the Sun'.
For more info go to &

In August 25 at SF the west coast F18 will be organizing within the Americas event an "F18 AC Open" , check for details.