Jul 31, 2013

Hobie Multi Worlds @Travemunde : Final Report

Report sent by Jens Hanneman / Images by Segel-bilder.de -- Four new Hobie World Champions 2013:
"No better end for the Hobie Worlds could be completed in 2013 on the Travemünder Week. Four new World Champions in  Hobie Cat 14, Hobie Dragoon Hobie Tiger and Hobie Wild Cat.

84 Hobie catamarans came to Travemünde to face the strong international fields from 9 nations. Most of them had expected in the north of Germany winds and waves, but all participants were greeted with heat and light winds. AP up in the morning every dayuntil the end of the week and one canceled racing day due to high winds. Nevertheless, all classes could be started to 64 races. That´s great.

The 14 years young Hobie Dragoon sailor Tom Heinrich grinned all over his face and was full of joy. "I'm so happy," said Tom from neighboring city Scharbeutz. Even in the middle of the World Cup of his impressive series of first places he has a hangover with a fifth place and a unfinished race. The young team, crew Lea Selin Zisler is just 12 years old, could not be stopped by anyone. Ten of the 17 races completed first. 

The two newcomers in the Hobie Cat scene finished with a gold medal and the title of world champion Hobie Dragoon 2013. Silver medal goes to Brandon Wijtenburg / Todd Fisher from South Africa and bronze medal to Luke Vermeulen / Alexander van Grotenhuis from Belgium.

It was so exciting to Hobie Cat 14 as well. "It was ten years ago that I´ve been visited Travemünde for the Hobie 14 World Championships and three years prior to the European Championships. When I heard that the Worlds would be held again here, I wanted to be here again, "said the new Hobie 14 World Champion Arnaud Thieme from France. Second to Oliver Stoltenberg from Germany rejoiced no less than silver, it was his biggest international success until this championships. The bronze medal went to Georgia Warren-Myers from Australia. Husband Fletcher was ranked 6 in internal family duel on the Baltic Sea.

The last day of the first world championships in the Hobie Wild Cat class promised great power. The weather should be very different than in all the previous days. No postponement from the race officer, but later on the RC had to cancel of all races due to strong winds. Emeric Dary / Maxim Blondeau of France were happy allover winning the title. "We would like to sail and would also want to show on the water, that we are the best," said Emeric Dary. Closely followed by the fast brothers from Denmark Daniel / Nicolaj Bjornholt. The bronze medal went to Germany. Daniel Paysen / Nico Heinrich, whose son Tom was yesterday already become World Champion in Hobie Dragoon.

New world champion Hobie Tiger Robbie Lovig / Andy Dinsdale. Without training and with borrowed boat to the world title. So you can write down easily their story. The Australian and the German-French friends known each other for quiet a long time and sailed many races against each other in Hobie 16. Together, however, they never sit on a boat. " Hobie worlds here have been fantastic so far! Weather has been terrific! Have a range of breeze which is great for a fair regatta letting all the teams have a chance I'm really enjoying my time here in Germany. It's a wonderful country and you have the correct Hobie culture! Which is have fun! Live slow- sail fast. I've learnt a lot from the way you guys run your events like the Prosail Super Sail Tour. It's the correct way to build a fleet. Back in Australia I will endeavour to duplicate the German Hobie way”, Lovig said after price giving ceremony.

The Hobie Village at the Grünstrand of Travemünde in the middle of the party area was just right for all Hobie participants. The short distance to the water and an attractive route along many visitors. The Multi Hobie Worlds 2013 will remain terrific in the memories of all saiors. It has been an excellent advertisement for the colorful and fast catamarans of Hobie Cat worldwide. Certainly, the live sailing in the SAP Sailing Center will contribute to even more interest. "For the visitors, this is a fantastic service, but also for us sailors. Can we check our own sailing after the race once again and learn from it, "said Andy Dinsdale. Even at the Kiel Week regatta, the last races of the Hobie 16 was presented live on shore and gave many visitors a completely new insight into the Hobie world. Fun, excitement and high-class sailing.

Starting in two weeks, another highlight of the season for the Hobie 16 class in Westerland on Sylt takes place. The Hobie World Cat from 9th – 12th August and the final race of the 2013 Super Sail Tour on 16th – 18th August. Germany moves once more the focus of the Hobie world."

Final results: travemuender-woche.com/de/races/2013/lists/index.html
Pictures: C. Beeck – www.segel-bilder.de

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