Jul 17, 2013

AC34: New Zealand AC72 F1 Power Drift

In the first two boat race of this Cup, New Zealand went airborne +41knots, and at one mark rounding, they made one of the most impressive display of speed and control any water sailing craft has ever achieved, I was astonished when I saw it live, photographer Gilles Martin Raget also thought the same and that day he published the entire sequence. Check the tracks and position of the center image.
It was literally a Formula 1 drifting power turn a la Fangio, here pictured above on his Lancia-Ferrari D50 at Silverstone , 1956.

The AC72s are too big, not much challengers, not close racing (yet) and blablalba , but one this is certain, this Cup is pure History in the Making. Images Gilles Martin Raget, click for HQ.

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