Jul 31, 2013

AC72 Polars & Penalties

Hobie Multi Worlds @Travemunde : Final Report

AC34, Artemis Big Blue launch vid wrap up

If Oracle recovery after their pitch was an incredible comeback, what is left for Artemis Racing? Saying that the best tribute Bart can have was for the team to try to continue was pure wishful thinking for  me and all I guess, but these guys made it a reality.  Nicely put video as all from Artemis , check Adam May and Nathan Outteridge comments.
Mission accomplished , the rest to come  is pure bonus.

Jul 30, 2013

Ride of the Valkyries

Image Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA. Oracle continues intensive 2 boat training and development (See their Loft work here), LV races are too one sided as ENTZ is untouchable right now. Artemis will get some race hours in days to come and anything can happen against Luna Rossa, but one thing is granted, Oracle Team know who they will eventually face in the AC Finals. 

This great image from Grenier reminded me of Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now' Copter squadron beach attack .

A-Class: Travemunde 2013 Week for Thilo Keller

Report, Results and Images by Jasper van Staveren at www.a-cat.org

Jul 29, 2013

EXSS @Porto 2013: Win for Muscat, Alinghi 2nd.

Image Joao Ferrand . Full report and results at Extremesailingseries.com - Video Highlights below

Jul 28, 2013

12yrs old Henri Demesmaeker & Jeroen van Leeuwen F16 World Champs

Nacra 17 Worlds: Billy Besson & Marie Riou Inaugural World Champs

AC34 , Louis Vuitton Cup: New Zealand vs Luna Rossa MR #4 Live

Image Chris Cameron clikc for HD. Glenn Ashby helming the beast through the Course yesterday. Quite a 'backup' and 'Plan B' for the Kiwis. Below Live Broadcast MR between Luna Rossa & Emirates Team New Zealand, Sunday 28 , 12,15pm SF Time.

EXSS Porto 2013: Day 4 Live

Image extremesailingseries.com . Live Broadcast below

Jul 27, 2013

Formula 16 Worlds 2013 @Travemunde: Report by Gill de Bruyne

Great work done by the Belgian sailors to support local kids and youths. Report by Gill de Bruyne / TheBoatShop.be -
"What an awesome week. Lots of sun, great sailing conditions, the SAP live races and the short races in the Trave river and of course great results! Well done Henri & Jeroen taking home the gold!
I would like to start with a big thanks to the organizations and all the sailors for a great week, Antoine for getting the F16 class on the rails and Christophe Colpaert, McDonalds, RBSC and Sebbe for getting such a great youth team in place on the F16 in just over a year.

Hobie Dragoon & H14 Worlds @Travemunde

Nacra 17 Worlds @The Hague: Final Day

No racing at all today thus Billy Besson & Marie Riou are first Nacra 17 World Champs, the new Olympic class debuted this year and we can say it surpassed the expectations and doubts generated by the mandatory Mixed crews and boat selection.  More info and reports later.

Besson was crowned F18 World Champ at Grosetto 2 weeks ago with Jeremie Lagarrigue, so he is already the main candidate for Catsailor of the Year 2013.

Image Eline Morenhout
Official Website 

Jul 25, 2013

Formula 16 Worlds @Travemunde: Opti -> F16?

Image Seb Godefroid. Optis are the best school sailing can have, but after that what path a kid can follow? For 12yrs Old (Not 14 as I was remarked by Jeroen) an F16 seems to be a good next step, with a little help of some champs in your training and as crew you can be leading at that age an International Class World Championship.

Not over yet, but comfortable lead for Henri Demesmaeker & Jeroen Van Leeuwen.
Tight battle for 3rd. Event ends tomorrow.   Formula 16 is being used form youths to be future champs in USA and Belguim, programs supported by Ahpc & Falcon Marine and more surely will follow their path.

Top Ten below Full results at http://www.travemuender-woche.com/en/races/2013/lists/index.html

Nacra 17 Worlds @The Hague: Day 4 , Besson-Riou Lead

Image Laurens Morel. Update: Billy Besson & Marie Riou won the only race completed today, and it was not on pure speed supremacy but also on choosing the right side of the course and keeping the pace with the leading group.  Silver fleet stayed at the beach. Results after 1F for Gold Fleet here. 1F Replay Link

No wind earlier today, boats are going out again just now.  Gold and Silver fleets. First 25 will race for the top spots. Official Web nacra17class.com

Above: Webcam at Scheveningen, good to see wind conditions.  Base Webcam at zeewebcamscheveningen.nl/
- Report from yesterday  Here
- Follow Tracking  Here
- Current Overall Results  Here 

- Refresh for updates , also check Twitter right bar
- Weather station link thanks to Tony Mels here.

Gold Fleet Overal after 6 Races:

Jul 24, 2013

AC34, Artemis Big Blue Airborne: Welcome to the Club

Never say never. Flying high and stable out of the box just like their AC45. Great job done by this group of sailors and workers. Worth the effort & keep going Artemis. Keep the Faith.
Images by Sander Van der Borch. Perfect trim for Big Blue and Nathan Outteridge. Check Full Gallery at  Artemis FB Video below.

Hey Adam , you owe me an Interview... !

F16 Worlds: Demesmaeker - Van Leeuwen still lead after 11 Races

Hobie Multi Worlds @Travemunde: Day 2

Nacra 17 Worlds @The Hague: Day 3

Jul 22, 2013

Olympic Multis, Nacra 17 first Worlds @ The Hague: No wind for Day 1

No wind today at The Hague , Netherlands. Yellow fleet went out but 3knots of wind and 5knots of current didn´t added up good conditions for racing.

The Man & the Machine: Bundock & Oracle AC72

Nick Dewhirst , Key player for Multi Olympic Comeback passes Away

Just when the first Worlds of the new Olympic Cat class is being taking place at The Hague in Netherlands  where more than 60 crews from all over the globe are seeking for their Olympic dream, one of the key characters in the process of having Multis back to the Games, died at on a sudden heart attack.

I know first hand the work done by Nick Dewhirst as I was included the reports and updates he prepared through that obscure period where many of us wanted to even break bonds with ISAF. 

A Multihull World  Council was formed in that direction, but also Nick and others continued to lobby hard inside ISAF committees sending reports, explaining to office people totally out of touch on what was going on in the sailing world  that from 10 classes spots at least one should went for Multis, as 10 monohulls were not a real life representantion of Sailing racing scene. Image: Bob Carter via Yachts&Yachting.

Nick was chairman of the UK Catamaran Association , President of  WC  on International Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System, and the leading voice to organize the different cats classes efforts on the comeback operation

Imagine what we have now with the AC, the several new 30' classes, the continued growth of the small cats scene and an overall high exposure and not having Multis as an Olympic sailing event.
What would be sailing in 2013 without Multis?
Easy to picture that the chance of becoming more popular would reach zero, in the Era of extreme sports, Sailing had its own gem that some people wanted to hide and force to oblivion , but thanks to people like Nick Dewhirst and specially on his excellent work maintaining the troops together we still have Cats as the Flag Ship of Olympic Sailing.

At the first event in Palma I mentioned him as many other times, destiny wanted us to remember his work again on this special day too. 

Thanks Nick for your work, the Nacra 17 Olympic Class Worlds this week will be surely held in your Memory.
Comments from Darren Bundock: "Saddened to read about the passing of Nick Dewhirst over the weekend. A great loss to the multihull community. The man that united the fight to get multihulls back into the Olympic Games.

I first met Nick at Eurocat regatta in 2008 when he presented me with a T-shirt stating "Cat sailors too fast for the Olympics". Nick led the fight and kept my inbox full for the next 4 years with his tireless work to get multihulls back to where they belong. It's ashame he won't see the Americas Cup this year and multihulls sailing in Rio in 2016."

Jul 17, 2013

AC34: New Zealand AC72 F1 Power Drift

Formula 16 Worlds 2013 at Travemunde Week

A-Class : Piet Saarberg Interview

Piet Saarberg has a broad racing  and building A-Class experience, he manages his own Saarberg carbon spars building company and lately he launched a new A design with Hans Klok from Catamaranparts.nl , the Vision, currently being raced by Chris Field who was crowned European Champion in 2012 after being 2nd overall at 100 boats Garda event.  

Piet has been involved in the Class management, he is the  current Gral Sec of the International A-Class  Assoc. I contacted him after the last Europeans at Barcelona to review current class developments seen through his large experience in the Class with all the R&D cycles and transitions.
- When did you start getting involved with the A Class?
Piet Saarberg: I was fascinated with the speed of the catamaran and tried a Hobie 14 and an A-cat. It was no choice, I fell for A-cat. This type of cat is very rewarding in getting the best of speed if you do it right. I started to build one for myself, designed by me. It was a success and 60 being built professionally at the time. Now we have done one more, the Vision, and it has proven to be up in the ranks again.

- The class has achieved 100 boats at major events , how were the numbers a decade or +20 years ago?
PS: When I started the class had a maximum of 75

Jul 16, 2013

New Sailing Era: Flying AC72 vs Kai Lenny's Kite

Speaking of "Mad Men".. here you have the best piece of promotion for the new generations this Cup has offered till now. Hey @VSAIL, you want promotion for Sailing? here you have some... now get your old AC Monohulls and put them as buoys!

Olympic Class: 1st Nacra 17 Worlds, June 21-27, 2013

AC34: Artemis finished Structural Tests

In the first race we saw that even a proven design won't get you this Cup by itself. 
Artemis didn´t had much time on the AC72s compared to the other teams, but if they manage to fly this second boat as they flew their AC45 out of the box maybe Outteridge, Peyron and their great crew can put some good rides against Luna Rossa in the LV Semi. In this picture they are simulating a hull pitch loading the leeward one with some tones. Image: Sander van der Borch. Video update below

Jul 15, 2013

Raphael Censier Works: A-Class Legal Flight Phase II

Nothing much to add, just watch how this kid is changing the sport by his own. Check his label below for the entire story. On video above: 1:14 at must see frame. Sent by Raphael Censier -
"I've been testing the new class legal foils with the rig up now after the initial tow testing. In the video, when I pressure for speed, I am against the current. Max speed of the day was 20.8 knts so 22-23 knts for speed of through water." 

More info at  http://raphael-censier-en.jimdo.com/catamaran-a-class/7-navigations/
Raphael is sponsored by Forward Sailing.

Jul 13, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Cup : Luna Rossa vs New Zealand Replay

After race Update:'Boring' ? Yes
Design differences to blame? No (Same mold , same development)

But this happened at the first events with the AC45s... all the same comments were published.
And then when the level started rising for the newbies we saw a new type of Match Race: Recovering impossible lost positions from behind to score incredible wins, we saw it many times in the AC45 series, something in the past Monohull races was just plain impossible.

Luna Rossa just seemed to be easy and spreading legs, they had good speed , as fast as TNZ sometimes.
But New Zealand is just too perfect right now, on the boat and the crew.

At the end you can´t blame the Kiwis for being that good. ETNZ doesn´t care if there is close racing or not, they are on a mission to win the Americas Cup Final , is up to the rest to catch up.