Jun 18, 2013

GT300: John Tomko & Ian Billings 1st

John Tomko & Ian Billings (C2) won the 2013 Great Texas 300 raid edition after 4 days/legs. This is one of the few remaining raids in the US, in contrast with the several being organized only in France.

This year the F18 Class will organize the first  Americas Continental Championship at Sarasota FL. More details this week.

For full reports & videos of the GT300 go to Sailrevolution.com & GT300.com

Rank Boat HelmName CrewName Fleet Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 2WIRESAILING John Tomko Ian Billings F18 AHPC C2 .624 21.57.23
2 QUIKSILVER Mike Beuerlein Philippe Bettler F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.15.30
3 CHUMS Lee Wicklund David Cerdas Open Nacra N20 .593 22.31.25
4 MONKEY BUSINESS Steve Piche Juke Ball F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.45.47
5 SAILBOAT SHOP Mike Rohrer Chris Holt F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.47.31
6 Ki-Hara Ingrid Bakker Aaron McCulley F18 Hobie F18 .624
7 YO BABY! Shannon Galway Jonathan Atwood F18 AHPC C2 .624

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