Jun 30, 2013

Steve Brewin wins A-Cat Europeans 2013

Steve Brewin won on Saturday the 2013 Europeans, Andrew Landenberger was second, and Manuel Calavia from Spain 3rd and grabs Euro Crown.

Full reports, results & details at A-Cat.org
Below Equipment used at Barcelona, the "Box" still Rules...  In the top 12 there is only 2 boat repeating platform and sails, all the others are integrated by a combination of 6 different boat platforms:
- Nikita
- Scheurer G6
- Exploder

- Arrow MKII
- Vision

 & 5 different sails lofts
- Brewin Sails
- Landenberger Sails
- Ashby Sails
- Mischa sails
- Hammer Sails

AC34 & the "Rudder Gate": ETNZ Already Won...

Above: Dean Barker on the incoming racing and a little frustrated on the latests rules developments--
There is a simple way to view in perspective these last minute design rule changes
Who ever needs them has failed in the Design competition, as having a Regatta Director coming to rescue 4 days before the start of the event it is a flat shame for all the R&D hours and hard work invested in this Cup edition.

If these changes are not overruled by the International Jury we can affirm that Team New Zealand has won the Design competition established with the original rules beyond any further racing result.
I'm preparing a post with a known Naval Architect/Design Studio, to have a professional view of the details & implications of these last minutes design changes.

There is No excuse whatsoever to discover after all this time that you need a safe design to ride at San Francisco in 25knots. All knew it, and all took their chances and design compromises.
If some have discover or think  they are not prepared, they should not race if conditions not suit them.
End of the Story.

Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile you can read Dean Barker comments on this at kiwiyachting.co.nz/dean-barkers-blog/8-days-lvc : "....We also took design compromises to allow us to build a boat which would foil in a stable and reliable fashion. The compromise was often straight line speed, but a compromise we felt necessary for safety and the ability to push the boat hard...."

I have wrote like 100 post remarking the the exact same concept since the boat dimensions & venue were announced. 

You don´t need to be Einstein not even a Engineer genius to preview what was going to happen, and you had 2 options: 
1- Going for control in 25knots 
2- Gambling to optimize drag & speed to the max

Luna Rossa & New Zealand chose the first one, Oracle chose the latter. So lets just see who has done the best homework to race at San Francisco, but on the water and as established by the original rules.

Jun 28, 2013

A-Class Europeans 2013: Day 4 Video

Good video by Panaromanautico.com Some words by Steve Brewin at the end.

A-Class Europeans @Barcelona: Day 4 Images by Cristayn Fletcher

Brewin leads, Landy will try to defend the vice crown against Calavia. All Images by Cristayn Fletcher. Results in previous post-
More images below & at IACA's FB Page

A-Class Europeans 2013: Steve Brewin secures Title (Prov results)

On more race scheduled for tomorrow, so with provisional Results it seems Steve Brewin is new European Champ with one race to spare. Landy and Calavia will fight tomorrow for 2nd & 3rd, As Manuel will be able to discard his dns with 9 races.
Steve is racing with the 'old' trustful Nikita , design by Nils Bunkenburg (2001) and his own Brewin Sails

More info and details soon. Image Brewin & Doreste by Cristayn Fletcher.

Top 13 Below - Full Results at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130625_clas_PROV_7i8.pdf

Oracle AC72 x 2 Video footage

This is what I'm talking about on supporting this Edition, great video by Oracle.
This is not sailing as some knew it before, this is just another sport all together, with amped sensantions & vibes just from seeing it in film.

Having Darren Bundock involved is just a nice feeling and a big reward for his long carreer racing two hulls.
Cards are on the table, no time , no need to spend efforts in rules discussion, Oracle should stick to their project and race as intended by the Original rules, they look good, so define this on the water, we don´t want more legal nonsense.

Jun 27, 2013

AC34: Rudder 'Elevators' new rule will damage ETNZ Design Advantage

Till now I didn´t had many complains on the organization as I totally supported the format , the boats and all the good work done with the AC45 Series. Although of course Artemis accident has triggered some more than reasonable security & safety concerns. The sailors were always the main asset, I demand helmets already on the AC45 even when some claimed that pitchs were the show all wanted to see.

But focusing for a moment on design aspects, and specifically on this key design change proposed by regatta Director Ian Murray,  it is really not fair play for those doing their homework or at least reaching a confidence status like Emirates Team New Zealand has achieved. ETNZ has been my favorite since day 1 just on their design choices and on their out of the box stable flight, add to that they didn´t had any issues in strong heavy winds while digging the bow hard, due to their correct assessment on hull volume to manage all that Wing power and inertia in the floating bareaways or sudden pitchs while airborne.
I remarked 100 times on this pitching, and even Dalton later recognized it the bareaway was a key moment for these boats, and as we all know for every Cat.

Oracle has done a great job too, and they might be even faster, but it is clear that ETNZ has mastered a key design component in a venue with  gusty +20-25knots expected mixed with strong currents, that is not precisely being the faster but gaining control.

ETNZ clearly does not need any rudder elevator comparing their performance to their competitors.
Of course safety it is nr 1 concern right now, but this is also a Design game, and you cannot level the field with a forced rule change. That is simply unacceptable.

Emirates will fill a protest the ACup Jury on this, and if common sense and fair racing prevail they should win the protest, there is no other possible outcome.

Check ETNZ statement at http://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/news/51291/etnz-to-file-protest-on-ac72-rule-changes

Below some statements from Ian Murray , the last paragraph it is really a joke to be noted at this stage, when we all knew since day one this was to become a key and defining moment of this Cup Edition:  The pitch pole and how to optimize design targeting to avoid it or reduce the chances to happen as Emirates Team New Zealand has done, as remarked with their platform & hulls and their foiling solution.

Ian Murray from Americascup.com
"In simple terms rudder elevators are winglets on the rudder blade which act as control surfaces. The elevators are horizontal and control the pitch of the yacht. As with any rudder, a large surface area provides better control but comes with a drag cost.
My safety recommendations increase the span of the rudders to a minimum of 2.1 metres and stipulate a minimum size of the elevators at .32 square metres, attached to the bottom of the rudder in the most submerged position possible.

The aim is to minimise the chance of a pitch-pole (when the bow of the boat submerges and the stern rises out of the water). The AC72s need control at all times as they are travelling in excess of 40 knots and the hydrodynamic loads when turning the rudders /elevators at speed is substantial."

Complete article at http://www.americascup.com/en/news/3/news/16127/iain-murray-on-rudder-changes-it-simply-makes-the-boats-safer

A-Class Europeans 2013 @Barcelona: Lay Day

Rest day today for the fleet after 6 races completed. Brewin leads, check previous A-Cat post.
I contacted Manuel Calavia to know what is going on at Barcelona and what happened with his scores, a bfd, dns , 4, 1,1, 6 . Manolo's report at www.a-cat.org/?q=node/241 

Also some comments from Arno Terra at DNA blog 

One thing I realized at F18 LA Worlds last year when we were hit from behind in the start and my stick ended like this pic by Cristayn Fletcher of Calavia above, is that being a light Ronstan alu one I could continue racing even though it was bended in the same angle. In large fleets or to prevent not completing a race it can be a good alternative to carbon ones, and it even felt a better helm due to the leverage...!

Also Piet Saarberg, IACA' s Gral Sec,  has been sending complete reports every day this week, in his last one he also talks some interesting comment about new developments and combined conditions this week.
Check report at his Saarberg Masts & Vision A-Cat  Catamaranparts.nl website

Oracle AC72 X 2

Image Guilain Grenier. On my IT days this was called a "Mirror" , and I have to say Oracle databases were super robust and reliable. And I could duplicate them in Linux quite easy as a copy-paste.. just like these two , with some additional improvements. More images at CSN FB.--  

Right there is when you start playing with all your resources, Oracle campaign might boost with this, Bundock was onboard and reported best day ever for the Team.

Some anon put a rather bad vibe comment on OR related to pich and rudder rule modifications, at this stage I think no one wants to see any boat pitching again just for the safety of the sailors. 
But I must agree that changing rudders setup rules, (adding mechanic stabilizers) is not fair for other teams like NZ that has no urge in their opinion to change their design at this stage. Edit: The rule as remarked in a comment does not adds mechanical trim while racing, nevertheless the goal and results of changing the rule are exactly the same.

Oracle now with this two boat test can maximize all board tests, although beam and dagger position has changed in boat #2. But they surely will refine and tune both machines. They have a good record on comebacks even in 2010 when their mast was destroyed quite near the event at Valencia.

Nacra 17 @Kieler-Woche: Iker Martinez & Tara Pacheco 1st

Image: Jesus Renedo / Sailingstock.com - Although Iker Martinez had lots of experience and Olympic medals in the 49er, I thought he would take some more time to get used to cats. Ned & French & Gbr top teams were not here, but still many others like Shuwalow, Zajac, Buhler, Bissaro did. Conditions were flat gusty offshore and changing conditions, Iker & Tara managed to score all top 10 spots with only a 21st and an 11th through the entire week.

Waterhouse-Darmanin entered the Medal race leading , and finally tied in points with the Spanish team ending 2nd in the last race decided the tie for Martinez.

In the top ten the news were the two Arg fleets , NZL Gemma Jones &  ITA / GER Pietro Sibello , another ex 49er.
The scoring system is a joke as I remarked last post and since day 1. Just check how Tony Rivas, that for sure had some hardware failure didn´t race 5 Q races, and even so , he could have end entering the top ten and the Medal race when they 10 was the number to participate.

Next event Nacra 17 Worlds
Top ten results below , Full table Here

Jun 26, 2013

A-Class Europeans 2013 @Barcelona: Day 3, Brewin maintains Lead

Image from yesterday: Cristayn Fletcher . Steve Brewin showing the fleet how to start.--
I've been out today laminating some hulls.... More detail in some minutes.--
Top 12 below, Full Results after 6 Races at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130625_clas_PROV_5i6.pdf

Only 2 races as always, and tomorrow they have lay day...? I understand that the As have lots 'Old' guard sailors as Landy defines himself! But come on! 2 races per day and they take an entire day to rest?  

In the F18 you race 4 a day no rest at all. I also understand the 2 races per day limit on breakages , but I think they need at least to take advantage of every consecutive day allowing  them to race.

6-6knots today, and Steve Brewin (Nikita/ Brewin Sails) still in front with a good 10 point lead over Landy (Scheurer G6/Landenberger) , that managed to grab 2nd with a 9 & 3 as Mischa (DNA/Mischa Sails) didn´t had a good day with a 31 & 9.
The Polish Rocket, Jacek Noetzel (Exploder/Landenberger),  continues to perform in 4th place although he score a  discarded 37 today. Bob Baier  (Nikita/Landy)  emerges as his initial BFD is off now with 4 & 2 for the day.

My candidate Manuel Calavia (DNA/Ashby) with two bullets now for a  BFD, 4 , DNS, 1 ,1 , 6 . If Manolo continues to complete valid races he will be top 3 just like that.
Another good performance is for Sandro Caviezel, used to race light carbon cats with his F18HT, Sandro is showing some excellent skills as a 'rookie' in A major events to my knowledge. He is also racing F18 now.
Thilo Keller (Arrow MKII / Landy)  with a bad today socring 56 & 35, but he might come back also with another discard.

I always like to put equipment, as like in the F18 it is incredible how many different boat / sails / masts designs are present in the top 3 and even the top 10.
At least till now, June 23 , 2013 sailors are making the difference in both classes, and those complaining should train a little more.

Great racing at Barcelona, we just need more daily pics... Although there are some excellent ones from yesterday I published at IACA's Official FB Page

Top 12 below, Full Results after 6 Races at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130625_clas_PROV_5i6.pdf

Jun 25, 2013

A-Class Europeans 2013 @Barcelona: Day 2

Images: Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder Team & Reial Club Maritim Barcelona. More images at IACA FB
Steve Brewin, 2001 World Champ, regaining shape against the top contenders, he scored 1,2,1,2 for a 7 point lead in only 4 races completed. He also suffered a dangerous back injury last year while racing F18, when another boat hit his boat.

Another good day of breeze with 8-12knots reported. Landy still in 3rd followed close behind by Brayshaw and Noetzel and his Exploder (3,3 today) , Thilo with his Arrow MKII in 6th place.

Steve on Nikita, Mischa  Dna, Landy Scheurer G6, Brayshaw couldn´t race the D3 and changed to a chartered dna, Ben Moon couldn´t even participate, rare he hadn´t his Nikita as backup. 
Jacek and the Exploder already an excellent surprise, as it is possible to race at top level in a 100 boat fleet without spending on the most expensive boats.

Close competition in the top five, but Brewin seems a step above on consistency.  Manuel Calavia with some bad luck on a BFD, DNS and a 4 & 1 in the other two.

Photo Left: Another way to start!  I've never ever seen something like this! Check the entire sequence and more images at IACAs FB page.

Report by Piet Saarbeg at http://www.catamaranparts.nl/news/
Report by Arno Terra at dnacat.blogspot.com
Top ten below , Full results at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130625_clas_PROV_3i4.pdf

Nacra 17 @Kieler Woche: Day 4

Some of the top French & Dutch teams were not present at Kieler Woche, nevertheless the level of competition remained strong. With offshore gusty conditions, making a tricky race course to complete. After 12 races Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin are leading entering the Medal race, followed by Iker Martinez-Tara Pacheco and Zajak-Frank.
Good debut for the 2nd ARG crew, Gonzalez Smith brothers, Lucas & Moira, coming from the F18 and H16 Panam experience, that for sure helped them to manage this speedy and sensitive Nacra 17.

Cecilia Carranza & Esteban Blando were performing all week, yesterday were 2nd overall, and today 4th before the final 6th race, they scored a rather high 12th and ended 7th finally losing once more the medal race by a spot as this time ISAF has changed the scoring game one more time ... and only 6 crews will participate in the Medal race... next event they will make it with 3 crews, and next with 1.....

Having good level across the same flag team it is a nice scenario, like the Dutch & French crews, as  all the pressure and competition will benefit all. And there is a 3rd Arg young crew Piñeyrua-Greggi, that for sure will improve in next events.

Interesting definition tomorrow with the Aussie Young Guns and the Olyumpic 49er Veteran.

The less crews in a final medal race the easier for the leaders to maintain their spot, so reducing the number is going back to the old system and having a Medal race is almost non sense. Needless to say that as I remarked at Palma that you could not participate in the entire qualifying series and still win the event, something similar happened here, and for ie Bissaro-Sicouri had 2 DNF in the final races making their entire previous top 5-10 efforts futile.

Next event will be Nacra 17 World Cup in July, more info later.

Top Ten below..  Full results at Here
Tracks at http://livecenter.kieler-woche.de/classes/nacra-17/

Jun 24, 2013

A-Class Europeans 2013 @Barcelona: Day 1

2 Races completed today at the Barcelona International Sailing Center.
More info & Complete results later. No pics available yet.

- Complete report by Piet Saarberg / Vision-Saarberg camp http://www.catamaranparts.nl/news/

- Report from Arno  Terra / DNA camp http://dnacat.blogspot.com.ar/2013/06/mischa-wins-second-race.html
- Some images from the Exploder Team here, Jacek Noetzel 4th overall. And although still much to come I'm really happy for them as they are always trying to offer great value on their boats. I told you I liked that Exploder!  

- Full Provisional Results at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130624_clas_PROV_1i2.pdf

Checking the results above, lots of BFD in the first race inllcuding Baier, Calavia & Calabria.  Heemskerk is speeding downwind as reported by Arno, coming from the back in the first to score a 3rd and winning the second race over Brewin that is currently leading by one point.

2012 Euro Champ Andrew Landenberger on a good initial third overall. Another excellent start for Jacek Noetzel , Brayshaw and Keller. A pitty the As have only 2 races scheduled per day at major events, as today they had some good breeze with 10-12 knots. The BFD has affected the overall score table, but the many favorites including the top 3 are leading the pack. 

Race 1:
1- AUS 4 Steve Brewin
2- AUS 25 Stephen Brayshaw
3- NED 007 Mischa Heemskerk

Race 2:
1- NED 007 Mischa Heemskerk
2- AUS 4 Steve Brewin
3- AUS 308 Andrew Landenberger 

Full Provisional Results at http://www.vela.cat/bisc/ClassA/130624_clas_PROV_1i2.pdf
Below Top 15 after 2 Races

Nacra 17 @Kieler Woche: Day 3

Best coverage ever for a Sailing event, in 2011 the A-Class Worlds in Denmark provided Track and live cams marking a milestone. And now the Kieler Woche organization has provided the most complete and high quality Live broadcast I ever seen. with air cams and boatcams following the action . In contrast not many phots , but a minor detail when having that level of Live feed.

On the racing ground after 3 Final races Shuwalow-Klinga lead over  Iker Martinez and Bissaro-Sicouri.
Official results here

Kieler Woche Website http://www.kieler-woche.de/english/sailing/index.php

Links to Tracks & Live Broadcast:
Live Tracking http://livecenter.kieler-woche.de/classes/nacra-17/

Jun 23, 2013

Nacra 17 @Kieler Woche: Day 2

Australian young stars had a quick transition to the N17 coming from the H16 , F16 & F18. After having several top sailors in the Tornado Olympic ground, the Aussies are changing names from the 'old guard' Bundy, Ashby, Booth, Landy and others, all Olympic medalists. Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin will carry their Torch. And although in this event the 2 major teams (FRA & NED) are not present lot of talented crews racing, like Shuwalow-Klinga that won at Hyeres.
Argentina is finally present with 3 boats and 4 helms (SUI Buhler).
Italian ex 49er Olympic sailor, Pietro Sibello representing Germany and doing quite well in his first event. Iker Martinez is also grabbing the pace coming from the 49er.

Top ten below, Full results at kielerwoche2013.sapsailing.com

Jun 21, 2013

Cammas training on the Flying Phantom

Full disclosure of their dagger foils, that were blurred in past videos and photos. Groupama preparations for their future flying C-Class. Check the C platform insside the yard next to the Phantom. This next LACup is going to be the best ever , in parallel with AC34.

Jun 20, 2013

Oracle AC72: Flying good & ....

Several post been written by now on this but worth a reminder, check this great video at 0:40  . Video by Ty Barnes published in SA Forums.

Jun 19, 2013

A-Class Europeans 2013 @Barcelona , June 22-29th

New teams and sailors are getting ready for the biggest A-Class event for 2013 as next Worlds will be held in New Zealand in early 2014. Above the new D3 A-Cat at Barcelona International Sailing Center.
Builders Preview reports at IACA's official website http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/232

Jun 18, 2013

Bol d'Or 2013, 75th Edition: Images by Loris von Siebenthal

The boats, the scenery, the event and Loris Lens.... All images courtesy of official Bol d'Or Photographer: Loris von Siebenthal. Check HQ Selection at CSN FB and the entire gallery at Myimage.ch
Report & Results at http://www.catsailingnews.com/2013/06/boldor-2013-75th-edition-ventilo-m1.html

F18 Italian Nats 2013: Bissaro-Cesari Champs

The original 2011 Dark Horses are back. Vittorio Bissaro & Lamberto Cesari were F18 Youth World Champs and I labeled them as DH candidates for 2011 Worlds at Balaton, where they delivered a great 3rd behind Bundock-Van Leeuwen and Heemskerk-Tentij. Later on Cesari abandoned racing to complete his studies, and Vittorio continued sailing with an ex Laser sailor, Carlo de Paoli. Recently Vittorio also embarked in the Olympic dream with Silvia Sicouri.

But for this Nats and next Worlds at Grosseto, Italy Bissaro & Cesari gathered together again for the old good times. A win in the Nats on their Hobie Wildcat will get them amped for the Worlds, and they are one of the Italian hopes to grab the title for the locals.
Carlo de Paoli (Wildcat) helmed for Stella (2006 Nat Champ) this time and ended on an excellent 3th place overall... putting presure on their friends with a bullet , two 2nds some other top results. 2nd place was for Paschalidis-Dyrssen (C2)

Full results only available here  

Also Luca Filippi's Banga custom F18 (Photo above) was launched in this event, the boat looks good and they will work to refine tuning for the Worlds.

The Italian fleet is getting ready for July 5th, 181 boats already registered for Grosseto http://2013.f18worlds.com/
One detail, this time Bissaro & Cesari will not go as Dark Horses, the experience is already there so they will have the pressure to excel in home waters infront their own crowd.

Italy has one of the largest F18 fleets in the World thanks to the hard work of the local class members, and it is time for them to have an F18 World Champ. Pierre Sicouri for sure will be cheering & following them from above...

GT300: John Tomko & Ian Billings 1st

John Tomko & Ian Billings (C2) won the 2013 Great Texas 300 raid edition after 4 days/legs. This is one of the few remaining raids in the US, in contrast with the several being organized only in France.

This year the F18 Class will organize the first  Americas Continental Championship at Sarasota FL. More details this week.

For full reports & videos of the GT300 go to Sailrevolution.com & GT300.com

Rank Boat HelmName CrewName Fleet Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 2WIRESAILING John Tomko Ian Billings F18 AHPC C2 .624 21.57.23
2 QUIKSILVER Mike Beuerlein Philippe Bettler F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.15.30
3 CHUMS Lee Wicklund David Cerdas Open Nacra N20 .593 22.31.25
4 MONKEY BUSINESS Steve Piche Juke Ball F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.45.47
5 SAILBOAT SHOP Mike Rohrer Chris Holt F18 AHPC C2 .624 23.47.31
6 Ki-Hara Ingrid Bakker Aaron McCulley F18 Hobie F18 .624
7 YO BABY! Shannon Galway Jonathan Atwood F18 AHPC C2 .624

Jun 16, 2013

Round Texel 2013: Oscar Zeekant & Charlie Begemann Champs

Bol d'Or 2013, 75th Edition: Ventilo M1 "Zenith" 1st

The D35 fleet has been dominating the Boldor since 2004. Ventilo has a good fleet and a Tour of smaller M2, in 2010 they launched an 35 feet  Ventilo M1 to compete against Bertarelli's D35 fleet and three years later Ventilo M1 team Zenith managed to take this legendary race away from the D35 dominance. The Vulcain Trophy features the D35 on a racing circuit, someone needs to make a joint course racing event, as the Lake long distance they usually races together are not a good match on performance, although I think the Ventilo M1 is  400kg lighter, it could be interesting.   Image:  Boldor winner Zenith.
 Press Release Bol d'Or Mirabaud:
A 75 th marked by indisputable victory Zenith Fresh edition 12h30'29''
Zenith Fresh Fan M1, has defied the odds by winning the high hand 75th Bol d'Or Mirabaud. It is not only imposed before the fleet Decision 35, but has also opened up a substantial gap of nearly two hours with the second, Team SUI 9, helmed by Christian Wahl and third, Alinghi, helmed by Ernesto Bertarelli. Always placed in the first half of the race, Zenith has spent Fresh First the barge Bouveret to definitely take the lead in the race. The Libera Raffica successfully defended his title first monohull. He crossed the line Arrival after 15h01'44'' and was awarded the Bol de Vermeil.

Composed of Christophe Péclard (at the bar), Jean-Philippe Bucher, Thierry Froidevaux,Nicolas Kauffmann and Daniel Schmaech, Zenith Fresh crew showed great serenity and a perfect technique throughout the race. It is in the areas less windy than Zenith Fresh fetched his victory wielding perfectly delicate transitions, also helped by a relatively small boat. Zenith Fresh is
first boat to dispel the continuing dominance of D35 at the Bol d'Or in 2004...  Full Original Press Release at boldormirabaud.com

More info at http://www.boldormirabaud.com
Full Results at http://www.boldormirabaud.com/fr-ch/index.cfm?page=/boldor/home/course/arrivee_reel&classement=nautique
Images by Loris von siebenthal at http://myimage.photoshelter.com/gallery/Bol-dOr-Mirabaud-2013/G0000b1Qcs4qlEvQ

Top Ten

Rang Up Temps Up Carton Up Voile Up Bateau Up Barreur Up Classe
1 12:30:29 1313 SUI 2 Zenith Fresh...! Bucher M1
2 14:27:27 909 SUI 009 TEAM SUI-9 WAHL M1
3 14:28:07 901 SUI 1 Alinghi 1 Bertarelli M1
4 14:29:41 907 SUI 7 Realstone Sailing CLERC M1
5 14:29:56 910 SUI 10 Ladycat Bertarelli M1
6 14:30:55 902 SUI 2 Okalys-Corum Grange M1
7 14:31:41 904 SUI 4 Zen Too LE PEUTREC M1
8 14:32:30 905 SUI 5 Team Tilt PSAROFAGHIS M1
9 14:33:45 796 SUI 20 Teamwork Thorens M2
10 14:34:03 8030 GER 1 BLACK JACK HEMMETER M1

Jun 14, 2013

Texel Dutch Open: Heemskerk-Tentij 1st & F18 Wins over Nacra 17

Close racing between Heemskerk-Tentij vs N17 Olympic top sailors Groeneveld-Begemann. Mischa & Bastian prevailed on their Cirrus R, against two ultra competitive and trained Nacra 17 crews. Both Classes were ranked 100 for the Texel Rating but surely the boat handicap was on the F18 on its weight and foils, nevertheless the F18 crew managed to win the event in the breeze.
So it will be interesting to see both classes racing in the mid range and

AC34: Race training between New Zealand & Luna Rossa

We don´t know the speed yet, Oracle looks somehow faster, but the continue to have some forward unbalanced motion while airborne with that tiny bow digging too much , TNZ & Luna Rossa have a much more stable ride.

Below check video published in Sailing Anarchy by JNAVAS, with Oracle and TNZ. Check OR foil a la Artemis AC45. More details later.

M32 Cup @Oslo, Norway

GT300 Update

John Tomko & Ian Billings are leading after Leg 2. Long distance shore racing has a key ingredient, double trap dowwind, Reachers cut spis are ideal for this, and the speed is just pure adrenaline. Check this short vid and the wake been left behind.

Jeremy Leonard from Sail Revolution is broadcasting Liv.
Partial results & more info at www.gt300.com & facebook.com/GreatTexas300

Jun 12, 2013

AC34: AC72s Training by Gilles Martin Raget

After shooting this session, Gilles Martin Raget got amped: "Gilles has covered the America’s Cup since 1983. Today, when he emailed us his shots, he wrote: “You guys stuck behind your desks need to get down here. The show is unbelievable. I can’t wait for the racing.”   All  Images ACEA/ Gilles Martin Raget . Click pics for HQ. More below.

Falcon F18 arrives to Europe

Gill de Bruyne has been racing and promoting the the Falcon F16 for years now, specially with the Belgian Youths. Now through his boat shop he will be offering the F18 version.
I sailed the Falcon F18 at LA, and although we hadn´t that much time on it we felt it was an incredible fast boat upwind in any condition with good volume a la Infusion for margin downwind in the breeze.

Left, Gill on their first sail in Belguim.
The German Falcon F18 , sailed by Joerg Gosche -- German Champion F18 2012 -- and Michael Walther -- extreme 40 sailor, German Champion 2007/2008 (www.zeroemissions.eu) --, will be sailing Round Texel and later in the year the F18 worlds.

For more info contact Gill at TheBoatShop.be

Jun 11, 2013

Raid des Baleines, Interseries: Vincent Domand & Fanny Merelle 1st

Raid Emeraud 2013: June 28-30th at St Lunaire

Images from the Raid Emeraud 2012 edition by Pierrick Contin. Check full 2012 gallery at CSN FB.  Classes participating are F18 , Interseries & Viper.  For more info check Raidemeraude.com .