May 13, 2013

F18 Young Guns for Grossetto Worlds: Bellet bros & Reiss-Whitehead

I've been following the career of some kids for a while.  Among them Romain & Valentin Bellet and Taylor Reiss & Matthew Whitehead.
The french bros (1st pic above at past weekend French Nats) are building a strong path coming from a SL16 World title and a vice H16 Youth , now racing F18 together, I labeled them 'Dark Horses' for the French Nats and they ended on great 3rd overall.

Reiss & Whitehead also with a solid base coming from the Viper/F16 scene and already accomplished top F18 sailors ending 12th overall at LA.They are indeed my bet for 'Dark Horses' for Grossetto.

Already named these 4 kids in Apr 2010 . Now they are starting to make noise in the big leagues and along other youths, they will rule Catracing waters in a near future...... like in 2 months? at next F18 Worlds at Grossetto.

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