May 14, 2013

The Cup and Red Bull Youth will continue as scheduled

The Cup and RBYAC will continue as scheduled was the main information that came out today from the press conference made by Tom Ehman & Ian Murray
Also that a special expert committee will review facts to provide  further recommendations.
All 4 teams confirmed to be willing to go on.

On the actual events, they said they are waiting for the Police report, so they don´t to get any info out before them.
The Coast Guard will continue to support the event, and they still must provide the permit for the event to take place.

Some interesting concepts were exposed on the conference that are somehow a lead on things to come. Specially Ian Murray's  point on the AC72 rule box, and how all boats are different, and how the teams manage their design / structural decisions.
This is something that can be said now, the AC72 are maybe too big, but it is fair to say how ETNZ have been testing and training to date with no major issues.
Assigning responsibility to the organization I think is not right, it is the same analogy on us sailors wanting to participate or not.

So no one forced any team to enter this Cup, and being a rule box the organization cannot be responsible for each team decision and work plan.

Can smaller cats be raced in the A Cup? of course, the AC45s have put on a show. But right now as remarked in press conference 7 AC72 were built and is the intention of the 4 teams , as per Tom Ehman & Murrays confirmation, that they are willing to race and continue participating in this Cup edition.

On the RBYAC it was confirmed that the German Federation don´t want to participate, but they indicated that the actual youth team still wants to race. And they also confirmed that there are several teams, as I wrote today, willing to participate if the Germans are out.

The Coast Guard Captain also pointed as we all know, is impossible to prevent a 100% issue free event in the sport of sailing.

But that is no excuse of course to review any failures in all areas, technical, rescue and so one to gather info to be passed as feedback to other teams and to be used as a learning process to provide the best assurance to the most important asset of this event, that of course are the sailors themselves.

I hope again, that Artemis can be able to participate in good shape, for Andrew Simpson crew mates to honor him in the best way possible.

Needless to say with sufficient guarantees on their safety on board plus adequate support logistics.


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