May 12, 2013


I've been trying to find the right words to write something about what happened, but I desisted after reading some bitter people and finger pointing as their first reaction, forgetting about the real important thing these days, that was only showing some respect and remembering Andrew Simpson while supporting his family, crew mates and basically all the sailors and professionals involved in this Cup.

Behind the scenes a detailed investigation is taking place as informed. Main goal should be knowing what exactly  happened and analyzing how to try to prevent or minimize this in the future at every level of the sport.

After knowing the real facts we can express our views on technical matters and what path to follow.

Writing about technical and sport details on a top level event like the ACup is a thing, but when someone dies, the critic and opinion game is over.

Plenty of time to assign responsibilities if any, plenty of time to criticize or to decide what to do next. Lets waits for the official facts. 

At least I can´t start writing & speculating on the circulating rumours.
For now lets remember Andrew Simpson with respect.

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