May 16, 2013

Foiling Frenzy: Custom F20C Flying Project

Sent by Diederik Pauli & John de Vries - Super custom project and the flying frenzy continues, 2013 will be remembered as the early days of Catracing flights , a la Wright bros first attempts.
I remember saying Artemis AC45 foiling daggers were a "simple" solution. These guys thought the same as they put the concept to work.
Artemis AC45 is the best foiling I´ve seen after ETNZ.
This custom & home made kind of projects are really the best, there is nothing like sailing your own ideas, nothing come close.

"They are jumping, it is not stable etc, etc, etc."... but they just launched it, and many sailing hours & work pending. They've done a really clever job, and they intend to race the Texel too.

Great work guys, keep going! More info at

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