Apr 8, 2013

Raid de l'Espace 2013, April 20-21 at St Martin de Brehal

Sent by Benoit Daval. "Hi Martin. I know we share the opinion that the larger the “base of the pyramid” is, the stronger our sport will be. With this in mind and the support of my club “Espace Voile Brehal” here in St Martin de Brehal (Lower Normandy), we launched a new regatta in 2011: “le Raid de l’Espace”.

The goal is to held an F18 regional event but also to have the young sailors racing at the same time on their smaller cats : SL16, HC16, Dart18, Tyka, Kl15.5… Club racing is the earth of the sport and the kids are the future of it!

The 3rd edition of the “Raid de l’Espace” will be held on april 20-21th in St Martin de Brehal, we hope to gather a maximum of boats from Normandy, Brittany and perhaps Jersey (40 cats in 2011 and 2012)

All info on the race’s blog: http://raidespace.over-blog.fr/"

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