Apr 17, 2013

F18 Eurocat 2013 @YCCarnac : April 28th - May 1st

Season begins for the F18 in Europe. The Eurocat organized every year by the Yacht Club Carnac is one of the class event 'Majors' (Did you see Augusta Masters? It was a gift from Argies to Aussies for their first jacket, as Cabrera already had his..f!). 
Image above by Franck Gicquiaud www.littoral-ouest-photos.com, Mitch Booth & Pim Nieuwenhuis killing the competition at start in 2010.
This event it is always a good preview on things to come in the F18, this year we will not have new boats (Maybe Luca Banga will be ready?) , but it will be interesting to see how the Vendee Globe winner, Francois Gabart  will do with 2012 Eurocat/Worlds champ Matthiew Vandame, looking forward to Grossetto Worlds in July. Backes is campaigning with Ingrid Petitjean on the N17.
I don´t have a preview on candidates this year due some doing the Olympic campaign, so lets see which crews race at Carnac, although I already have my Dark Horses for Italy Worlds, the wonder kids from USA: Taylor Reiss-Matthew Whitehead.
NOR at www.yccarnac.com
Entry list here

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