Apr 26, 2013

Hyeres World Cup: Besson-Riou lead to the Medal Race

Constant change in the top 3 spots. So nothing is granted until the last race. Achieving a top ten overall in this fleet is quite a challenge, and the Arg team went 1 point short after a very good final stage with several top ten results.
The Italians Bissaro-Sicouri had a hull issue (don´t know the reason yet) and lost any chance to qualify.  Shuwalow-Klinga are the only ones maintaining their spot , 2nd overall, ready to take it all tomorrow. Vaireux-Audinet finished this stage with 2 -1 for a third overall. GBR Saxton-Diamond won 9 and the lead but had a '30' (dnf?) in the last one.
Young Aussies improving in every race as this is their first event.
Super competitive fleet once more making this class and the mixed format a success.

Top 10 below, Full results at http://sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

Apr 25, 2013

Spithill after flying Oracle AC72 #2: "Very Stiff , very Responsive"

A full structural redesign beyond moving the front beam forward and daggercase backwards. Oracle has now a pretty refined/stiffer machine (what happened to those saying that the extreme scary flex was a design goal????) and if they can escape pitchs they might be faster enough to retain the Cup. Still betting on ETNZ though as clearly OR is trailing behind the Kiwis key flying concepts.
Although Oracle is quite confident on their comparative performance, check this AC Uncut video on their thoughts on where they stand, the only problem is hearing how they have performed virtual races between all boats ... for sure it will help them to know where they stand, more after their test with AR #1 but they must remember that AR trusted 100% on those predictions too...

Hyeres World Cup: Buhler-Brugger 1st overall after 5 Final Races

Image: Jean Marie Liot /DPPI / FFVOILE | Matías Buhler is an Argentine sailor and coach (check his bio at buhler-sailing.com), and like many others , representing foreign countries on some blood connection. For ie Diego Romero grabbed Laser Bronze for Italy in 2008 after representing Argentina for several years. I think N17 is his first experience on cats as he sailed dinghies in the past specially 470. With Nathalie Brugger they been sailing the N17 for months and after being 19th at Palma it seems they have dialed in and achieved some incredible consistent results in these final races, with 5 top 3 resulst and a 9th as a discard.

The other born Argie sailors in the fleet, Cecilia Carranza & Esteban Blando,

Bolster Team Race Vid by Sail Video System

Check the great drone aereal images.

Apr 24, 2013

Hyeres World Cup: Shuwalow-Klinga take the lead in the breeze

Tim Shuwalow & Hannah Klinga from Sweden are leading after three Final races and the Carry Forward points of the qualyfiers. Swiss Matías Buhler (Arg sailor) & Nathalie Brugger in a great 2nd and Billy Besson & Marie Riou 3rd tied in points with the expert tamming N17 sailors Thomas Zajak-Tanja Frank from Austria. So the four top spots right now are being taken by Male helms. Windy conditions today after two with calm and tricky weather. As we remarked yesterday in the breeze the boat handling is key and Cammas went from 2nd to 16th overall, on the needed adaptation for his crew.

Below top ten. Full results at http://sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

Schweriner Cat Cup 2013: F18, A-Class, H16 & Topcat

4 Classes racing at the Schweriner Catcup 2013. Full results at segeln-in-schwerin.de/de/reg/2013/scc/erg.htm
More images at facebook.com/pages/Schweriner-CAT-CUP/

A-Class: Thomas Paasch Dominates Schweriner Cat Cup 2013

IACA's webmaster and responsible for the new Class website also knows how to race. 4 Bullets and 2 seconds for Thomas on the Class return to the Schweriner Cup.  Thomas told me he started the first race on port tack in front of the fleet! His equipment: Nikita/Saarberg/Landenberger Membrane. Report by Guido Schulte at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/220

Bolster Team Race 2013: Report & Images

Sent  by Mischa de Munck-- Sailing as a spectator sport
Last Saturday the third Teamrace Knockout edition was held on Marina Muiderzand. The event presented some of the top F18 sailors in the world. Bright blue skies, gusting winds up to 20 knots and enthusiastic spectators, made the scenery just perfect. 'The aim of the Teamrace Knockout is to make sailing a spectator sport. If we as a sport want to be competitive vice a vis other more media friendly sports we have to make it more understandable to watch, this does not mean changing the concept of our races, it means making smaller steps for non-sailors to come to understand sailing' says organizer Mischa de Munck

Catamaran Limbodancing

In the preprogram the catamaran teams

Apr 23, 2013

Hyeres World Cup: 'Rookies' leading the pack

Three races today, and the rookies are on fire. Elke Delnooz-Coen de Koning lead, followed 1 point behind by Franck Cammas-Sophie de Turckheim . Groeneveld-Begemman & Zajak-Franck tied with Cammas in points for 3rd/4th.
Close racing at the top, and this class is becoming a tough field with too many talented sailors aiming for an Olympic slot.
Petitjean-Backes struggling in their racing debut being 24thh overal after 5 races.
I think Cammas should race the F18 & A-Class Worlds this year to have a complete catracing schedule. Image: Jean Marie Liot / DPPI / FFVOILE. Full results at http://sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

3eme Raid l'Espace: Report & Results

Sent by Benoit Daval --- Club racing at its best !
"Optimum conditions for this 3rd Raid de l’Espace: 39 boats (from small Tyka up to F18) nice breeze and blue sky. As some said on the parking “we have St Barth’ in November and now St Mart’ in April: it is as good, maybe just not as warm…!)
The F18 division was dominated by the Nacra squad from Jullouville.
F.Walhain/T.Pelissier won 4 races over 5 on the Saturday so they were in a strong position before starting the long distance raid on Sunday. But only 3 points separated the Lesguillier brothers, 2nd on their Nacra MKII, from the 5thplace, so on Sunday, several crews tried hard their chance.

Apr 22, 2013

ETNZ & Oracle AC72 MKII: Follow the Leader

What you are seeing here is this (click image):
- Images backgrounds are from Oracle & ETNZ Boats #2
- CADs are the same I made for the renders I once published and are both Oracle & ETNZ Boats #1

- ETNZ MKII Hull and dagger/beams positions are a ""Copy-Paste"" of their MK1 Version.

- Oracle MKII Hull has a subtle bow freeboard difference.
- Oracle MKII Dagger Case AND Front Beam positions are a Copy-Paste , without any quote whatsoever, of ETNZ Boats foil/beam position setups.

Oracle will gain structural stiffness moving the front beam forward, and thus they will reduce the scary flex even more.
Basically ETNZ won the design game since day 1. If  ETNZ wins the LV and if conditions at the Finals are the ones expected... well you know what is going to happen....
Images: Oracle MKII: Kitemare (Check his album here) from SA Forums (I posted this combo there first)  and  ETNZ MKII : Chris Cameron.

Hyeres World Cup: Groeneveld-Begemann lead after 2 races

Calm wind conditions today at Hyeres, 2 completed with a third that was cancelled in mid race.  Renee Groenelved & Charlie Begemann kept the Palma flow intact and started Hyeres leading the fleet. Regarding the 'Heavyweights' debut, Cammas had the best one with an 8 & 4th.  2 x F18 World Champ, Coen de Koning crewing for Elke Delnooz who already race at Palma with Heemskerk, are currently 11th overall and Petitjean-Backes 19th.  Cammas is having a full agenda with the C-Class , Luna Rossa training, now the Olympics and surely next ACup with his own team.

The french teams as the dutchs have quite a lineup. Lets wait for the end of the week to asses the 'rookies', although Rio will possibly have calm weather conditions, the qualification events are going to be held for sure in more wind, where the N17 becomes more tricky and boat handling is key. Images: Jean Marie Liot / DPPI / FFVOILE - Cammas / Fleet / Backes / Fleet

Full results at sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

F18 New Game: "Avoiding raining Masts while Course Racing"

This video is just great, and a very good reason to have a Go Pro on board!

Cammas, Backes & de Koning racing @Hyeres ISAF World Cup

Catracing Heavyweights are debuting at Hyeres today. Backes will crew for Ingrid Petitjean, Cammas is helming for a Laser girl sailor and Coen de Koning will replace Mischa Heemskerk as Elke Delnooz crew. 
The dutch team is having a great program and the one classifying will be in my view a fixed candidate for Rio.
Check races updates on csn Twitter bar above.
Image Claire ADB / ISAF Hyeres WC , Coen training at Hyeres. 
Update: Australia finally having a N17 team with their youth winning team (F16/H16) : Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin.

Apr 21, 2013

ACWS @Naples: AC45 Graduation Day for Bruni & Slingby

Oracle AC72 #2 Revealed

Photos: ORACLE TEAM USA / Photo: Guilain Grenier.
At first glance same mold for hulls? I will compare later. Of course it has all the new modifications of boat #1, lets see if the famous bend is still there. Launch this Tuesday.

AC45s @Naples 2013, Final Day Live

Apr 20, 2013

Bolster Team Race 2013: Saturday April 20th

Live stream link available at new.livestream.com/accounts/250152/events/2043611  Embeded not available.

Watch the Teamrace Knockout live. Central European Time:
15:00 rigging the boats
15:30 Limbodancing contest
16:00 Teamrace Knockout round one
17:00 (aprox) final round
17:30 (aprox) Prive giving ceremony

AC45s @Naples Day 3 Live

Apr 19, 2013

AC45s @Naples 2013: Day 2 Live

AC45s @Naples 2013: Ainslie leads

The AC45sare definitely the standard nowadays for this kind of events. I think Turner and Bertarelli should buy the entire fleet for next year and unify the two series, all beyond any ACup future deal.

The broadcast was good as always, although Mitch was training the China Team guys on the water,  and again Ben Ainslie showed he has an extra gear. First in the MR against Energy, where Guichard left humiliated the Olympic master with a perfect start. Way behind BAR racing chose the other side of the course and manage to recover in great form, but it was also Energy team fault too as they didn´t cover.

Then in the race fleets another excellent performance winning the second race to grab lead overall.
As seen in his debut and looking forward to AC35 and a british team, Ainslie is looking quite good at Catracing.

Bundock is coaching OR and Slingby did well too, although he blew out a good lead on the lack of experience with boundaries.

Full Live replay in previous post. Image Gilles Martin Raget. More info a full resutls at http://www.americascup.com/

A-Class: 'Championnat de France' 2013 , May 9-12 , Hyeres

51 entries already for the French Nats to be held at Hyeres, location of the next ISAF N17 event.
Hope to see Raphael there and the two new French built boat by Dorian le Pluart and the Addiction.

Entry List www.afcca.org/jy-vais/
More info and NOR at ducdalbe.oxatis.com

Apr 17, 2013

F18 Eurocat 2013 @YCCarnac : April 28th - May 1st

Season begins for the F18 in Europe. The Eurocat organized every year by the Yacht Club Carnac is one of the class event 'Majors' (Did you see Augusta Masters? It was a gift from Argies to Aussies for their first jacket, as Cabrera already had his..f!). 
Image above by Franck Gicquiaud www.littoral-ouest-photos.com, Mitch Booth & Pim Nieuwenhuis killing the competition at start in 2010.
This event it is always a good preview on things to come in the F18, this year we will not have new boats (Maybe Luca Banga will be ready?) , but it will be interesting to see how the Vendee Globe winner, Francois Gabart  will do with 2012 Eurocat/Worlds champ Matthiew Vandame, looking forward to Grossetto Worlds in July. Backes is campaigning with Ingrid Petitjean on the N17.
I don´t have a preview on candidates this year due some doing the Olympic campaign, so lets see which crews race at Carnac, although I already have my Dark Horses for Italy Worlds, the wonder kids from USA: Taylor Reiss-Matthew Whitehead.
NOR at www.yccarnac.com
Entry list here

Apr 15, 2013

Austrian, Swiss & German Nats 2013: May 17-20, Lake Constance

Nice initiative on the three Alpine A-Class associations to run together their Nats at Lake Constance on 17-20  organized by the Yacht Club Rheindelta and the Austrian Assoc. Image from the great A-Class Shortfilm by Johannes Obermaier  and produced by Catarina Jentzsch for German A-Class.  If you haven't seen it yet do it now (below),  as it is the best sailing short film ever made.
Full NOR at saca.ch/dp/files/2013_A-Cat_Ausschreibung_English.pdf

1st Nacra 17 Worlds: July 21-28, 2013

AC45 @Naples: ETNZ wins Coastal Race

Extreme Series Singapore: Win for Alinghi

No wind again for the Series. And although they are putting together a great event they must review locations. I mean, if not change the 'Extreme' name, no need to use it at this point I think, as it is a too strong word to contrast with the action.  Results, report and images at www.extremesailingseries.com/

F18 Argentina: Change of Guard

Pablo Volker & Nico Aragones were part of the Youth Americas Cup Arg team. Pablo is 420 World Champ & Nico, and also Mariano Heuser, is double F18 Arg Champ both as crews. These two past weekends they race together for the first time in the local class on a lended C2. They finished 2nd overall behind veterans Smith-Heuser after 14 races with 4 final bullets. Making an impressive improvement since their first races together a week ago.

We formed the local class with some +35-40yrs old guys, and some young 29er crews started to fill the crews spots. Now they are racing together and the old guard will start struggling in the future to keep their pace.
Really happy for them as they represent the future of local multihull racing. Left: part of the Arg Youth team: Pablo, Juan Martin, Nico & Mateo with Santi Lange at Artemis base.

Apr 11, 2013

GC32: Medemblik Session by Jasper Van Staveren

Nice session in Europe today for the GC32, 8knots of wind and some fog too, but Macca managed to peak 16,5knots boat speed. This 32' looks good, even more if you have a Pro like Jasper taking pics. More at CSN FB. More pics below, all Images Jasper Van Staveren / sailshoot.com , click for hq.

Bissaro-Sicouri sailing at Palma

Vittorio Bissaro & Silvia Sicouri ended 9th at Palma. They also had the pressure of fighting for the last spot for the medal race, and in the finals they grabbed a 1st to end a good week for them. Above some sailing footage from Palma. Double trapeze downwind is mandatory in the N17 above certain range, a trend also seen in the A-Class (Single trap... downwind with  higher angles & +speed ) . Maybe it will be used in the F18 too?

Registration for St Barth CataCup 2013 lasted 9 minutes

I began promoting St Barth Catacup thanks to the great images Pierrick Contin started sending in 2009. Now St Barth Catacup is the most exclusive event in the Catracing scene, as only 50 slots are available each year, and the last registration period from last week was over in 9 minutes. So There is a bunch of people waiting to shoot the keyboard to get a spot.

Pierrick Contin's images are the reason for this event success.

So if you were planning to go this year, better start thinking ahead for 2020...? Maybe they should start making local qualis!?  I 'demanded' several times for an F18 Worlds there, but they won´t listen!  Kidding, there are some logistics issues, but I think we can reserve the entire Island for the F18 Class for two weeks?

AC45 Series at Naples: Mitch Booth returns

Mitch Booth's team was the early stars of the circuit. They grabbed China Team's AC45 on the very same week series debut at Cascais, and taught all the newbiews how to race Multis. Later as they were the same doing racing & shore tasks, it became a tough endeavour, but imagine what Mitch could have achieved if he still be involved in any ACup team by now.
After leaving CT Mitch became the best voice at AC45 Series broadcasts.
Now Mitch returns to CT to race at Naples.

Last win for his record of World Titles & Olympic medals was 2011 Texel Line Honours with his son Taylor. Photo Thom Touw

Apr 10, 2013

Artemis AC45 Onboard Foiling Vid: Late but Stable

With all the background and R&D made by the other teams, Artemis can go straight forward to some proven solution, and it shows cause that AC45 is as steady and smooth as ETNZ. The first images already showed some good trim. Maybe we'll have a Challenger after all, c'mon Artemis, deliver a powerfull flying AC72, so Nathan & Loick can send it!

A-Class Europeans 2013: June 22-29 , Barcelona

Image: Roberto Vuilleumier/Promovideo.tv || The Class will be accepting 120 Entries this year after topping 100 at Garda in 2012. Mischa, Landy, Field, Brewin, Anderson, Calavia, Baier and many others fighting for the title and with lots of new boat alternatives this could be the biggest Class event to date. Next Worlds will held at Takapuna NZ , February 2014 . Previous event for Barcelona is French Nats to held in May 9-12th at Hyeres, more info next week.  Check the excellent video of last Europeans below.

Apr 9, 2013

Gaastra to sponsor Round Texel

Good news for the organization of the biggest cat race on Earth. release sent by Jasper Van Staveren.
Gaastra committed for 3 years for 36th edition of Round Texel
"Focus on quality and content for 'The biggest cat race'

The omens are favorable when it comes to the 36th Round Texel. Besides many enthusiastic sailors who applaud the new design and the positive enrollment to date, also gets Gaastra as clothing sponsor for the largest catamaran race worldwide. Gaastra committed for this sponsorship for a period of three years. Nothing seems to stop a succesful 36th edition of Round Texel.

"Best and Biggest '- Round remains King Song

Apr 8, 2013

Artemis Continues AC45 Flight Training

Don´t cry for the Argies at Artemis yet. Image Artemis Racing.

Vendee Globe Winner Francois Gabart will race F18 season

Image © Vincent Curutchet / DPPI ||  Vendee Globe Winner joins the F18. This is excellent news for the F18 Class. Left: Francois was honored today by French president.See Vendee Globe website
Below release sent by Udin.
Team Sail Innovation signs with Francois Gabart.
Sail Innovation is proud to announce the venue of the recent Vendée Globe winner in his team. Francois wanted to come back to his first love, beach cat. Before his successful career in off shore sailing, Francois did several years of Tornado catamaran, training together with his friend Olivier Backes. Francois will sail this season with Olivier's crew, Matthieu Vandame, they will notably participate to the Eurocat and the F18 world championship this summer in Italy.

Raid de l'Espace 2013, April 20-21 at St Martin de Brehal

Sent by Benoit Daval. "Hi Martin. I know we share the opinion that the larger the “base of the pyramid” is, the stronger our sport will be. With this in mind and the support of my club “Espace Voile Brehal” here in St Martin de Brehal (Lower Normandy), we launched a new regatta in 2011: “le Raid de l’Espace”.

The goal is to held an F18 regional event but also to have the young sailors racing at the same time on their smaller cats : SL16, HC16, Dart18, Tyka, Kl15.5… Club racing is the earth of the sport and the kids are the future of it!

The 3rd edition of the “Raid de l’Espace” will be held on april 20-21th in St Martin de Brehal, we hope to gather a maximum of boats from Normandy, Brittany and perhaps Jersey (40 cats in 2011 and 2012)

All info on the race’s blog: http://raidespace.over-blog.fr/"

Palma World Cup: 'Start' by Jesus Renedo

One of the best images of the event by Jesús Renedo.  Check his site for more images Sailingstock.com

Apr 7, 2013

Palma World Cup 2013 Wrap Up

Image MartinezStudio.es/MapfreSofia | What a great way to return to the Olympic arena. As always just looking at the images you can see how fast, dynamic and changing Multihull racing is. Focusing on images, it is incredible how many angles, crew and boat positions you can have, even a super fast class like RSX can´t stand 200 pics on the same event, but with catamarans, you have so many boat trims and situations that are really unique. Not even mentioning sailing them of course, beyond some Dinos complains.

In the preview it was rather easy to guess a group of favorites, and the results confirms it. Reviewing the teams, I detected several Olympic sailors coming from other dinghy classes like Mandy Mulder (470), Renee Groenenveld (Elliot 2012) , Cecilia Carranza (Laser 2012) and surely many others.
The mixed mandatory option resulted finally in an unique and fantastic ingredient to make Catamaran racing even more interesting. For results and images check previous posts and CSN Fb page

Full results at N17 Tab http://www.trofeoprincesasofia.org/en/default/laregata/vertodoslosresultados/id/1/idsc2r/43

Regarding the advantage I assumed on girls helming,

F18 Argentina: Rest of Arg Mixed Olympic crews continue preparations

Argentina will have two more mixed crews representing us for the 2016 Rio Campaign. Lucas Gonzalez Smith and his sister Moira are leading here in BA an F18 event, several boats missing but Arg 2011 champs Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser are there so it is a good reference on their performance.

Blown out conditions on Saturday with some rescues plus boats not racing, and 7-9 knots yesterday. In both conditions Lucas and Moira (crewing) managed to lead the pack.

The Future of Sailing

Vsail.info it is a great sailing site, with lots of inside info & breaking news. But when they attack Multihulls they just resemble those same people that banned Herreshoff Amaryllis 100yrs ago.
Imagine where we would be in terms of developments by now...

Vsail published: "Is this the future of sailing? Crash & burn catamarans" along the great Arg N17 pitch image by Nico Martinez.

Following Vsail continuous and valid concern on the lack of sponsorship in sailing, I posted in twitter this exciting Star image... and later on his concern on "Crash & Burn"  the Finn one....
Follow link above and check this comment: "Why always such a negative approach to multihull sailing Pierre?
You must really hate your job right now since all of the interesting classes are multi right now, maybe its time to start reporting about another sport? Golf or Curling maybe? "

 ..and I rest my case.

Disclaimer: All Ok with Star & Finn classes, but these images a really good to constrast Vsail's positions.

Apr 6, 2013

Palma World Cup Final Day: Mandy Mulder & Thijs Visser Champs

Image Jesus Renedo / Mpfre Sofia Two Medal Races today. Mandy & Thijs dominated this event from race 1. And they been wearing the yellow jacket a la Tour de France for several days too. More info and reports later.

Full results at N17 Tab http://www.trofeoprincesasofia.org/en/default/laregata/vertodoslosresultados/id/1/idsc2r/43

Top Ten below

Apr 5, 2013

Palma World Cup Day 5: Mulder-Visser lead to the Medal Race

Business as usual in day 5 with the Dutch & French teams exchanging top positions. Although Mandy Mulder & Thijs Visser continue to protect their lead based on a bullet, a 2nd and the discarded 20th.
Moana Vaireux-Manon Audinet recovering 2nd pos overall with 2,6,3 and Billy Besson-Marie Riou in third position but ten points behind with Renee Gronenveld-Charlie Begemann 1 point apart in 4th.

Nice to see the two different concepts in the Dutch vs French leading teams, with Female helms for Ned and viceversa for Fra, both conf equally competitive.

The favorites are all inside the top ten, surprise could be the two GBR teams, nice work there. Then Shuwalow-Klinga and Newberry-Casey showing their win at Miami was not casual.

Tomorrow Medal Race  and anything can happen.  Images: Besson-Riou and Mulder-Visser Jesus Renedo / SofiaMapfre

Full Results at (Click N17 Tab) http://www.trofeoprincesasofia.org

1 NED 040 Mandy Mulder 12 6 NED 046 Elke Delnooz 37
2 FRA 065 Moana Vaireaux 20 7 GBR 56 Lucy Macgregor 50
3 FRA 39 Billy Besson 30 8 USA 104 Sarah Newberry 54
4 NED 44 Renee Groeneveld 31 9 GBR 58 Pippa Wilson 56
5 SWE 012 Tim Shuwalow 36 10 ITA 037 Vittorio Bissaro 59