Mar 31, 2013

Olympics: Trofeo Princesa Sofia starts on Monday April 1st

Great milestone for Multis after first official event in Miami. But here in Palma the N17 fleet will have +35 boats, with the majority of the 2016 candidates excluding Petitjean-Backes and the Gaeblers that withdraw due to Roland's mother passing away this past weekend.

Today they had the practice race, and tomorrow Monday the 1st official Multihull event in Europe will take place after the shameless boycot suffered in 2006.
Seeing these great images is such a nice feeling for those that lobbied hard within ISAF to get multis back.

One person that worked hard in the background was Nick Dewhirst, at the time chairman of the UK Catamaran Racing Association and Gral Sec of the commando formed  Multihull World Council, he must be remembered, among others, as one of the key player on this comeback.
All crews racing:

And I'm more than proud to have 3 Argentine crews (two with pending debut) following Santi Lange-Camau Espinola Olympic path... Let me stay out of the etiquette for a second and yell: "Vamos Argentina Carajo!"
Photo above: Sunday practice race start and Arg Team Carranza-Blando at the mark by MartinezSutudio/SofiaMapfre

Traning at Palma by Jesús Renedo

Great action in Palma this weekend by Jesús Renedo /

Olympics: Iker Martinez & Tara Pacheco to represent Spain

Sailing images Jesús Renedo/
Two Olympic medals in 49er for Iker & a 470 WC for Tara. This is a strong crew for Spain. And as we already saw with Nathan Outteridge and Chris Draper, 49er sailors can make an almost transparent transition to multis. Although the info I have is that the N17 is even tougher than an F18 regarding physical demand, and of course more tricky to sail due to is light weight and curved boards.

They will have time to adapt, but it is not going to be a simple task, more after the latest feedback I reveived this past days on the crewing and double trapeze mandatory setup above 10knots.
But they have an additional secret weapon, last Tornado Gold medalist, Fernando Echavarri will be their coach, making a too good team to overlook.

This crew gives even more prestige to the Olympic Multihull and the Mixed choice I think it was a bless finally for this next edition at least. Just seeing current action pictures only make the other classes almost obselete.

Mar 28, 2013

2013 version of Maitre Jaques Tri by Pierrick Contin

All Images Pierrrick Contin. Check this incredible pitch sequence from this Multi 50, taken by Pierrick last year:

Artemis AC45 Foiling Vid

All already being said about this in previous posts, so I just will tell them: Welcome to the Club!.

Best thing is how they made the foils, they are like a chopped straight dagger joined in angles to form a similar shape used by ETNZ and then Oracle.
It is a great solution for beachcats. Yesterday Ralph Moolenaar told me he wanted to do some CFD tests for a foiling system. The tooling to make this board is pretty 'simple', you don´t need one, although some kind of support for joining sections (edit: check at 1:00, they have a mold for the horizontal section) and excellent carbon/epoxy workmanship are needed. Whichever the case they look more stable than a standard 'L' foil, and you could transform your current dagger into something pretty similar due to the angular shape.

Just one final remark: Best simulating soft around, some of the best designers in the bussines and they end flying with a 'home made' 'copy-paste' solution! This is just great to remind that actual real life testing might never be replaced. Empirical approachs are yet to be surpassed to achieve x final goal or solution.

Now Nathan and the sailing team have something to work with, and still much to come...

Vele di Pasqua 2013, 39th Edition: March 30th - April 1st

Vele di Pasqua is by now a true Classic , this year edition nr 39. 
The org published some cool pics from the past. More at VdP fb page .

Also a key event for DNA on their racing debut with Roland Wentholt grabbing 3rd, 2010 report by Arno here
Congrega Velisti Cesenatico official webiste
41 As registered , entry list here. 2013 NOR here.
2012 Edition won by Mathias Dietz

Mar 27, 2013

SIG 45: Racer Cruiser

In the past people were buying monos to cruise & occasionally race. And now they are buying pure racing yachts like Soto 33/40s and the like.
But for those in the 'Grey Poupon' range (famous commercials/movie phrase is quite suited for photo above) there is nothing like a SIG 45,  simply the Perfect Cat.

This boat is sick in every sense.  They started this project several years ago, and they lost some momentum, but the yard is back delivering 45s and also with bigger cats in mind. More pics below, full gallery later at CSN FB.
SIG 45 Website

Mar 26, 2013

F18 Worlds 2013 @Grossetto: Book Early

F18 Worlds returns to Europe in 2013, and Grossetto will explode this northern summer. The organization is asking for you to book early your accommodation. They also have a contact to request info. Check the official website at

And here you can register and ask for recommendations on where to stay.

Several crews already registered and many others, like the Arg fleet, is waiting for their local qualifications. We have 8 slots and I think we will fill them, although I will not be traveling this time.

Good to see in the entry list Andrea Lutz & Sandro Caviezel , also the 2013 'Dark Horses': Taylor Reiss-Matthew Whitehead. Heemskerk already listed with Bastiaan. And I hope to see many Olympic mixed crews participating.

Images from Italian F18 Nats 2012 at Grossetto, Bissaro-de Paoli  and the ITA fleet.

Stable foiling and then... you are Not!

Oracle AC45 vertical diving, will ask Darren if this is from now or the early days. Pic published by Darren Bundock. 
Edit: This pitch is from this week 
Ben Aislie capized,  Bundy onboard. Pictures show two diff foiling 45s. More images by Guilain Greiner here

Design: SurfSki MV605wp

My brother builds kayaks & Hawaiian style racing canoes (pic below). He asked me to design for him a Surfski, for a change not one available here so I started checking current designs, and they all look 'antique' beyond performance. Only the Point 65 Bourbon Orca look somehow updated, but after some research it didn´t had that much success, at least on the info I've found in the web.

After reading and researching current designs, I reach the point where I thought 6,40mts was too long for the average racers, those Surfskis are designed for some Olympic champions in mind, weighting 90kgs.

Lighter paddlers might have too much boat to handle, although being a displacement hull, lenght was key on speed, but you also had drag,  an intermediate solution was possible aiming for the average paddler. Then I found a really good technical lenght optimization paper by William Baker, supporting my initial thoughts.

The other key variable was transportation and I decided to go for a 605cm hull. Some other builders also offer the 640m and a shorter model.

Then my local sailmaker told me about the raids he usually makes with his kayaking friends, and how upwind chop was killing their speed and making a tough ride, he thought on current F18s designs... I told him I was just designing what he needed.

Surfskis are used in many different conditions: open waters & lakes,  flat or choppy,  even surf launches plus shorebreak actual surfing back to the beach to end a race depending location. They also use them for fun, training & most of the time downwind races.

With all this feedback I went for a wp bow volume distribution plus good initial stability using some extra width aft to take advantage also on the downwind runs.
Racing or paddling downwind you can experience some deep bow submerging too (check pic left, image by, the Epics and other top brands have some good reserve volume with a 'V' cross section shape as the majority of other standard kayaks,  but to have a stable ride both downwind-upwind  the modern wp volume distribution I though was a really good solution together with a little more rocker.

I also draw current industry standard, the Epic V10/12/14 Series with the 6,40m standard lenght, and asked Ralph Moolenaar from Marine CFD to make some comparative speed/drag tests between both models. Ralph is part of the F18 Open Project, and he is been working hard lately so he was my first choice for these new tests.

We entered some realistic values on weight for an full carbon 6,40mt Epic V12 with a 90kg Pro, against a standard coremat built construction of the 605mts WP with a lighter paddler.

Results were within expected range. And additional features must be taken into account, as current design go for slim , fast and unstable rides, trying to emulate the K1 speeds, the problem with this is that you paddle your Surfski in open waters, and having more stability may translate in more effective rowing.

Quite an interesting project, looking forward to paddle soon as it is going to be a nice and cool ride, lets see if I remember how to paddle, as a kid I trained in K1/K2, hulls with almos zero stability for newbies. I've paddling the super stable 'proa' like canoe (my bro pic above) and it was lot of fun.

I hope to be sending this to the router on our off season (June/July). Next project I'm working on is a Racing SUP--

The F18 Open Project continues in good shape and I already have some excellent quotes on model/molds and even hull/foils builds in Europe. It is more practical/cheaper to make the model/mold/2 hull combo than to make 2 oneoff hulls. More info soon.

Mar 24, 2013

Arg team Carranza-Blando training at Palma

First rides on the N17 this weekend for this recently formed crew. Before they participated in any event I labeled them "Argentina's best bet", and in their racing debut they won the first  F18 Worlds local qualifier held in Mar del Plata in tough conditions.

That only confirmed they are a team with good possibilities, as the objective, Rio 2016, is quite a hard path. 

They like how boat sails and they managed to participate in some practice races in 5-7knots with good speed. Yesterday the had 15knots and the first jumps downwind.
First challenge for the Europeans teams will be Palma Olympic week in days to come. Practice race video in calm weather below.

Artemis Finally Flying , an AC45

I can´t believe such a talented group of people involved in this team couldn't or didn´t wanted to have an alternative scaled down full flying solution, more when one year ago, Oracle was already showing their AC45 on foils. Ok so you opted for for plan A but nothing was not allowing you to have a real life test plan B on their own 45, or even a SL33 or even a F20c or even an F18..

But well, all done now and nothing can be changed, so no point on continue wondering what happened. Now they need to work harder and recover, and with these images they are in the right path. Photo: Nathan Outteridge FB
As I posted the other day: "If the design/shore/build crew can give Nathan & Loick some decent boat"... Artemis might be acting like the wounded wolf, with nothing to lose and Outteridge sending their AC72 in full bore in the breeze, with Peyron acting as an experienced 'controller'.

Chapter 1 closed. A new great period begins for Artemis.

Left, Nathan alternative foil training

Mar 22, 2013

Bundy, what did you get for your birthday? ..An AC72

More Images from Guilain Grenier at --
Let me tell you something about Darren Bundock, from all these years I've been interacting with many people in the catsailing scene world wide, trying to promote the sport and helping in any way I can (in the background I manage a global connection network on requests from all over the world) Bundy is one of the very few that has offered me a total flat & too generous uninterested help.

You also have the RB Youth teams thanking Darren for his help in the trials, we talked about his work with them weeks ago  and how he wanted to be 20 again, and many other reports I have on him helping sailors worldwide, confirms he is just a Good guy, as good as they come, beyond being already a living legend.

Now seeing his face driving the AC72 in his birthday yesterday, just like a kid with a new 'toy',  it is like a really nice reward on his professional work and a good momentary pinnacle for his carreer.

Just look at his face... Happy birthday Bundy!
Check vids of Oracle AC72 rides from yesterday in SA Forums , can´t confirm who is helming in those videos though.

Mar 21, 2013

A-Class: IACA's Measurers Guidelines updated

Above: Chris Field & the Vision at the RYA Dinghy Show, Bristish Assoc Stand
The IACA has published an updated guideline along latest Rule 3 Clarification.
Check  new guideline details at
Rule 3 Clarification

Also news regarding Tracking system options at

Heemskerk & Tentij training for Hydros flying CClass

F18 top sailors, Mischa Heemskerk & Bastian Tentij, were the crew selected to race the Hydros CClass project. Of course you can imagine by now this machine is going to fly too. They are testing the foil conf on a F20C.
The other day someone commented that the C-Class was all amateur spirit, well that has changed now with several Pro teams entering the game like Hydros and Cammas. And I think people like Steve Clark are going to get quite happy to see how all their past & current work has payed off with the C-Class becoming more popular and the highest pinnacle on design only behind the Americas Cup.

C-Class has always been a design game with their Wings, and now they will start flying. We'll see how soon.
Mischa was also requested not to capsize due to the Wing possible damage. But I think as proven in the F18, design is key in this critical aspect. 

And if someone right now has the capability to avoid capsize, well no one is better than current A-Class World Champ, crowned in pre hurricane conditions at Isla Morada, FL. 

So the great compromise design question arise again, more in Winged cats: Do we design to the limit risking the whole project on a single capsize or we just add some margin that will give us higher chances to avoid non productive reparing hours?
Jeremy Lagarrigue is involved in this project too. Hydros website

Mar 20, 2013

Grand-Maître Loick Peyron, training to fly Artemis #2

This guy is the our Grand Maestre. Humble, talented, experienced & always expressing good vibes.
If the design/build crew manages to give Nathan and Loick a decent competitive boat....
Images Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing . More pics at CSN fb

A-Class: Paradox 'Renders'

Dario is currently tuning the Paradox, 2nd boat coming to test additional setups. He sent me yesterday these pics, I thought they were renders at first glance. Really high quality built by Dario & nice photography work.

Mar 19, 2013

AC72: Finally an official video of Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa made the best design deal with ENTZ but they don´t talk/show too much of their work compared with the other teams, and I think is the right approach for them. They also have an excellent team including Chris Draper. Chris has shown he is capable of race one on one with the best of them in the AC45 Series and has a 'send it' drive style a la Outteridge, both coming from the 49er camp.

Luna Rossa / Prada are surely the Dark Horses of this ACup. Artemis is way behind in every aspect and I think only a Pope Francis miracle can help Argie Juan K at the moment...

Polls to the right shows ETNZ as clear favorite, but I would say Luna Rossa will turn some heads in the LV Cup. 
- Artemis Racing   20 (7%)
- Emirates Team New Zealand 223 (86%)
- Luna Rossa Challenge  15 (5%)

Oracle AC72: Foiling Vid take II

Last Oracle video was just amazing, but after seeing some unofficial footage we have a clearer view on where they are standing right now.

Mar 18, 2013

N17 Palma Training Camp Trophy results

Great images by Jesus Renedo / Club Nautic Arenal, gallery here. Pitch images by Micha Heemskerk. Palma Olympic Week is coming on March 30. This weekend a training regatta was raced, first European matchup for ten N17 crews (+30 registered for Palma). Results below and here.  I like the '0' points for first place.
Check Mischa's Baryshnikov style like pitch.
Mischa is racing with Elke Delnooz,  helm with lots of F18 / Wildcat hours, although the N17 seems to be even trickier in the breeze? 

We are lucky to sail cats, just checking images you can feel how dynamic and powerful this class is. Also interesting how experienced helms like Mischa or Backes will have to adapt to crew.   Thanks ISAF for that mixed mandatory option, you made multihulls for 2016 even more attractive.

F18 Racing at Oman: Mussanah Race Week

All pics Lloyd Images / Oman Sail. Very light conditions in Mussanah, the Cirrus teams manage to take 1 & 3rd, confirming that design optimization for x range in the F18 are not defining while racing, and sailors still make the difference in this class.
Good to see Oman promoting sailing, they are doing an excellent job. Coen de Koning and Hugh Styles were giving some clinics too, more images at CSN FB.

Report by BCM: "Team Cirrus is back from Oman: Mussanah Race week!Conditions were light to very light. Gurvan and Ben won the race and Tanguy Kervyn with Manu (as crew for coaching) are 3rd! Great training session with really interresting coaching by Koen, thanks to him! Mussanah is a nice place to sail and sailing organisation was really professional."

Mar 17, 2013

Oracle AC72: Alienware

History Channel has been showing a sometimes funny Alien visitor in our Past series, I read the original book by Erich Von Danniken when I was a kid, and somehow thought it was an interesting theory, as there is quite a little chance in almost infinite possibilities on being the only ones in the entire Universe.
Another theory is that those ancient Alien visitors were time travelers from our own future.

Whichever the case, imagine if that the native Americans treated the Spaniards as 'Gods' or visitors from the Stars on their  antique equipment, what would they  have thought on seeing this vessel arriving their coasts?
Quantum Physics and other theories also validates the possibilities of parallel universes and time travel. Although if we go 100-200 years in the future I can´t figure out any further conceptual development on a wind powered yatch than foiling, next step would be literally flying above the water, but that would become just a glider.

The level of technology being developed in this Cup is just amazing, if an Alien lands tomorrow, we would ask him many unsolved mysteries, tehcnical & energy related matters... and sailing fanatics will surely ask them how about the latest technologies being applied in their local waters, and I can´t imagine the concept being too much different from this.

Photo: Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA

Falcon F18 Promo Vid

Sent by Jason D'Agostino

Mar 15, 2013

Hobie Worlds 2013/2014

As informed some months Hobie USA has acquired Hobie Europe, and now the company is launching a series of  racing events including  the H14, Dragoon, Tiger & Wildcat Worlds on July 19-28 at Travemunde , Ger. And the return of the Hobie 16 Worlds, which will be held in Australia in January 31, 2014.

NOR for Travemunde

Website for Hobie 16  Worlds at NSW, Australia

Mar 14, 2013

Nacra Infusion French Association

Sent by Francois Michel-Dubourg | The OFNI 18 (Organisation Française des Nacra Infusion 18) is born. This is the french association for Nacra Infusion 18 sailors.
We don't want to emancipate from F18 (we really encourage all Infusion sailors to join F18 regattas)

We just would like to organize in France three One-design events every year :

Oracle 72 Training 13-3-2013, vid by Andrew Wisner

Better than having a webcam, is having these videos from Andrew Wisner, currently filming in HD Oracle 72 Sessions.
In  last videos from the NZ camp,  ETNZ was performing a la Oracle, super fast but without much control, and Luna Rossa was somehow slower but quite steady, like ETNZ previous mode.
Don´t take me wrong, I like Oracle and what they are doing, but I have like a constant sense of fragility from them, check this video for instance.
We all want to have several races in the Finals, and not a demolition Derby. 

It is great though seeing crude unedited footage, as the one published by Sail-World, gives a real status of how the teams are doing, but worst is not sailing at all, tough task ahead for Artemis.

Also check this webcam posted in comments

Edit:: Maybe the lack of smoothness on Oracle AC72 is caused by the catfoling learning curve? @Vsail vid of Spithill Moth ride :

Glenn Ashby on trimming ETNZ Wing

Best double handed crew ever? Best single handed helm ever? Beyond all the R&D at the ETNZ camp, having Glenn Ashby as their wing trimmer is one this team greatest assets.

Also not many things in life are pure luck, Glenn regarding foiling : “It had been something that we had been working on for a very long time and to see it at AC72 scale was pretty awesome and a great feeling.”
From ETNZ blog: "Glenn Ashby (pictured above with the wing sheet in his hand) describes his job as wing trimmer on the AC72 as a bit like driving a truck.

He is talking a really big truck with a 32-speed gearbox and it’s traveling up and down a series of hills and turns.
The driver, he says, must always think ahead, two or three moves ahead. And that’s what he does on board the AC72.
Glenn’s changing gears (adjusting the wing trim) almost constantly, either with the Driving a truck + trimming the wingsheet or with the hydraulics so there’s never a time when he’s not thinking, looking for the breeze ahead and changes in wind patterns – thinking about the next gear change to achieve best performance.

Mar 13, 2013

Meanwhile in Valencia...

Hard at work in Valencia. #fullteameffort #allinittogether…
— Artemis Racing (@ArtemisRacing)
Artemis might need a little divine help to get boat #2 ready and flying, Juan K might have some good intercessor now.

Habemus Papam...Argentine Pope

Well that´s your proof that Maradona (Disclaimer: 100% inside a playflied) and Messi descent from God...  the F18 Open Project will Fly too and Artemis might also have some little help from above, they need it for sure..!

Olympics: Palma Preview

Image Jesus Renedo/ Mandy Mulder & Thijs Visser . //Lots of talented sailors will be racing at Palma. 

Just to name a fiew we have the 3 strong French crews, plus 3 Dutch power tanks, plus 2 Italian experienced teams (Bissaro-Sicouri & Sorrentino-Pennati), the Gaeblers for Ger, Newberry-Casey for usa, then the 'Flight Control' Swedes with Tim Shuwalow-Hanna Klinga, for GBR Tom Phipps is a hidden talent, he will be crewing for Lucy McGregor. 

Our own Arg team, ex Olympic Laser sailor Ceci Carranza, with former Arg F18 Champ Esteban Blando, we have two more crews also not registered at Palma. And many others that I don´t know that well but they'll surprise for sure. But where are the Aussies?

No predictions this time, as it would be the first major event, with Sarah and John with a little racing hours advantage from Miami.
This class is clearly the most interesting with great mixed teams, and of course we have the best boat of the classes lineup. With the ACup exposure, the real Star of the event should be Mixed Multihull Racing.

All entries below, AUT crew Tanja Frank suffered some bruises while training and it seems she wont be racing this time, all the best for her and prompt recovery.
And to Vittorio and Silvia, come on guys, you are one strong team, and I'm sure you'll come back with a recovery a la Oracle, performing even better.