Feb 26, 2013

GC32 Skimming Flight

Andrew MacPherson sent this video of a new GC32 testing + delivery in Dubai. He reports 19,6knots in 8-9knots pressure, that is a quite efficient machine. In this video we can see for the first time some low flight air time for the GC32 in 12knots true wind. It looks fast, but I would like to see 2 minutes of this system fully airborne a la Oracle AC72!

The interesting match up in current AC was going to be Artemis concept against the supposedly draggy conf below 20knots of  TNZ, PRADA & OR .
But sadly it seems they are all going to fly high, although Artemis might go for a Fischer GC32 'S+L' kind of intermediate solution? The GC32 camp reports also minimum drag in calm. 

For more info on the GC32: www.thegreatcup.comwww.facebook.com/GC32Racing

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