Feb 12, 2013

AC72s @SF: First Clash of Concepts

These pics, some video footage from a Webcam (check SA forums for stills)  and a twitter by Oracle bowman Brad Webb, are the only available sources till now on yesterdays casual matchup between Artemis and Oracle. Not much wind, OR was foiling for moments downwind and they left Artemis wondering when flying... the key here to me is that not much wind was present on the Bay. This is where Grant Simmer's description of their design choice for light, low aero drag platform (and flexy, and dangerous in high winds) might payoff ?

But this is a known scenario for Artemis design team, the answer I got for this once was: well but you also have to excel upwind in these conditions. And the series of images taken by Raget shows lots of floating moments for Oracle.
The good news for Artemis is that they still have their boat #2 on the bench.  Juan K is putting his reputation at stake in this Cup.
Oracle is progressing but their flying seems not as stable as ETNZ.

Images Gilles Martin Raget.
Update: Just talked with one of the Arg Youths, they are training in the Bay and he saw both AC72s, he confirmed the rumour: both boats pretty square upwind, and downwind too until Oracle started flying... 

fb video