Feb 28, 2013

Oracle AC72 : Aereal View

All Images Guilain GRENIER / ORACLE TEAM USA. Click for HQ

A-Cat: Guess who is Flying?

The first racing flying ACat that I saw was Martin Fischer's Mayfly test in Noumea, we all know the story, it didn´t work at Aarhus in the low-medium range, but now many are trying to improve Martin's concept, to go faster reducing wet surface. Some are currently using J boards, S foils, etc, etc just check the A-Class label. But this is the best image so far I've seen of a racing beachcat flying, if class legal we'll find out soon. 
This kid is a hidden genius home builder, but we are going to put him on the limelight now.

His name is Raphael Censier, 19 years Old. Interview on Monday.

Feb 26, 2013

Catamaran Factory: Interview with Valerio Petrucci from Bimare

GC32 Skimming Flight

Andrew MacPherson sent this video of a new GC32 testing + delivery in Dubai. He reports 19,6knots in 8-9knots pressure, that is a quite efficient machine. In this video we can see for the first time some low flight air time for the GC32 in 12knots true wind. It looks fast, but I would like to see 2 minutes of this system fully airborne a la Oracle AC72!

The interesting match up in current AC was going to be Artemis concept against the supposedly draggy conf below 20knots of  TNZ, PRADA & OR .
But sadly it seems they are all going to fly high, although Artemis might go for a Fischer GC32 'S+L' kind of intermediate solution? The GC32 camp reports also minimum drag in calm. 

For more info on the GC32: www.thegreatcup.comwww.facebook.com/GC32Racing

Feb 24, 2013

AC Youth Final Day: Live Stream by ARG Youth Team

livestream.comtwitter.com/argyouthteam  Tomas Ocampo and Feli Roldán, members of the ARG Youth reported 3 days of racing and now they will stream Live final selection, RB should hire them...

Really proud of the whole Team, they had several incredible comebacks meters from the finish line, and were short for a triple tie for 2nd. Decision later, tough call for Hagara-Steinacher, I would go for 5 teams.  Image Gilles Martin-Raget - Results Update:

ACYouth Week #2: Racing Day 2

Feb 23, 2013

ACYouth: Live Stream attempt by ARG Youth Crew

Check LiveStream for Live Video http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2992426/events/1906042

Great work from the ARG YouthTeam broadcasting Live, some good moments were seen. Hope the Org can stream the Youth finals...

AC Youth: GBR Racing Vid

Only available footage of Friday's racing by GBR Youth, really good, thought it was done by AC at first glance.

AC Youth: Fun & Hard Work

Check these great images of the ARG Youth courtesy of Luni Mariani, you can almost feel how focused & tired  they look, also wanting to emprove, but enjoying big time with two legends, Bundy& Hagara, onboard. Today more work awaits the 6 teams, GBR & SUI to maintain and the rest to improve. 7 races scheduled.

AC Youth Week #2, Race Day 1: Images by Martin-Raget

Feb 22, 2013

AC Youth Week #2: Racing Day 1

Image Left @RBYAC: Nice start for ARG but GBR won this one. Some results below to confirm, I will update as info is available, check CSN Twitter or  ARG Youth for updates too. GBR leads with two bullets and a 2nd:
Race 1: GBR, ARG, ITA
Race 2: SUI, GBR, ARG
Race 3: POR, ARG, NZ
Race 4: GBR, NZ, POR
Race 5: SUI, NZ, ITA

Arg had an issue with the spi on race 2,  ITA too on black 45 in 5th race,  Race 6 cancelled on this
reported by Farevela .

Team Australia. Sidney-Hobart: “Holding on and sending it”

Update sent by Lisa Ratcliff - Team Australia successfully crossed Bass Strait overnight and is now making its way down the Tasmanian East Coast. At 7am their Yellowbrick tracker had them doing 26 knots of boat speed off St. Helens with two thirds of their attempt and the worst conditions in their wake. Image Andrea Francolini.

North-east winds 20-25 knots and a following sea is the perfect combination for Team Australia to successfully complete its record attempt on the 630 nautical mile Sydney to Hobart passage record set by Bob Oatley’s supermaxi Wild Oats XI less than two months ago.

To follow Team Australia’s record attempt go to http://my.yb.tl/teamaustralia/

AC Youth: 2nd Best boat he will ever steer in his Life.

Team Australia: Sidney-Hobart Record Attempt

Sent by Lisa Ratcliff  -- Team Australia unleashed on Sydney to Hobart passage record - GPS here
The leash was firmly on Team Australia when it began its Sydney to Hobart record attempt this morning from between Sydney Heads, but once the giant trimaran made it through the worst of the nasty chop between Sydney Heads and hit open water, the speed machine was given its head.

With an 18-20 knot sou’easter blowing, the Orma 60 trimaran began its passage record attempt conservatively, skipper Sean Langman slowly easing the boat through the huge swell and whitewater at Sydney Heads.
With very little sail up Langman found he was short of power to drive through the swell so the reefs were soon shaken out of the mainsail and the boat freed.

Feb 21, 2013

ACYouth Week #2: Young Kids making History

Yesterday ARG, GBR, POR, ITA, SUI, NZ(II) youth had their first sail on the 45s.
Their a having the time of their lives. More pics from all teams at CSN FB.

Darren Bundock: "I had the pleasure to sail with both the ARG (Arg Youth Team) and NZL (36 Below Racing Youth Americas Cup Quest) teams today. Both impressive performances for their first day on the AC45."

Olympics& N17: Sweden Racing Flight Control

Sweden Racing were training with Bissaro-Sicouri in Italy, both teams with two top level helms and two hardcore girl crewing. Silvia Sicouri has lots of experience in the F16/F18 and Hanna Klinga is showing in this video an impressive way of controlling the spi on a flighting lift. This is the first video where the N17 crews manage to control and continue in full speed.

They are going for double trapeze downwind, later will publish an update from Bissaro-Sicouri with more details.

Maybe for 2020 we will have the Winglets? Why not for Rio? Easy add on for all boats and having these boats with controlled airborne moments could boost Multis exposure.

Feb 20, 2013

State of Artemis? Back to the Drawing Board

As always good video from Artemis, this time on being quite honest and realistic on their performance against Oracle past week. We said here the difference was huge, and many others pointed out on the webcam, Webb twits and other sources.
It is true you don´t know your capabilities until you match against other boat, but Artemis design head went for a concept that failed, and I it has to do more with their competition going farther on the foiling  level.
This status quo reinforce the fact on how advanced ETNZ is right now, beyond some saying Oracle being lighter & having the advantage of low aero drag, it is clear that New Zealand nailed the foiling concept on their first try, and been fine tuning since then.

Artemis has a long way to go, but they have lots of talented people, although some left the design camp  past months. The good news is  Oracle modified their straight L boards copying ETNZ and went flying in an impressive way.

So now Artemis can focus on improving their competition concept, not an easy thing to do at this stage, but feasible as they have the resources. Hope they can get going again quickly to have a good competitive LV Cup.

New 25-33' Multi Range: Cat or Tri?

Lots of projects on the market in the from 25 to 33': Seakarts 30 & 26, Multi 26,  Motive 25, SL33, GC32, M32 , Box Boat and many more.
For catsailors going for a Tri, which are the benefits of a non cabin one?
You are not going to go faster either, I spoke with Peter Ansel from Motive Trimarans and he made some good points, like safety and opening the options for those non racing or experienced multi sailors to enjoy speed as we do.

All this options are day cruisers or racing packages with no cabin space.
 Depending on the price range you also have the Farrier Tri range, with some space to make short range trips too and a cool efficient folding system. Ian Farrier has stop selling plans and now he is only selling production boats like the F-22.
I also like the New Zealand 8,5mt Box Rule, I think that is a good option too.

Price range are  also a limiting factor when deciding.
The bottom line is that the market is offering lots of alternatives and Multis are gaining more acceptance at every corner of the sailing World.

Peter Ansel from Motive Trimarans on Pros/Cons of Tris vs Cats:
"I think your critique of trimarans like the Motive 25R is accurate. For hardcore, adrenaline seeking racers, a high performance, beach cat should always be the choice, but the tris offer versatility, comfort, and extended range. You can have almost the same adrenaline fueled race experience one day, then take family or friends out the next and just relax, with almost no risk of capsize.
On a cat of similar size, there can be no passive passengers. Everyone must react quickly to trim the boat with their body weight. Plus, on a modern tri (with twin rudders) the center hull transom makes a perfect place for a small auxiliary outboard, which can be integral to the design from the start and not an ugly afterthought hanging from a crossbeam bracket.

To make our boat more accessible to intermediate beach cat, and monohull sailors considering the switch to multis, we've combined this versatility with a base, 'easy performance' package, which can be easily 'pimped out' for advanced multihull sailors with a few high performance options. We've also tried to keep the Motive 25R feeling like a big beach cat with very low freeboard, to capture that, 'close to the water experience' that we all fell in love with from our first days on a Hobie 14 or 16."

AC Youth Week #2: No sailing yedterday due to bad weather

No sailing yesterday for the youths, bad weather at the Bay and hope they launch the 45s today. They a Q&A with Bundy, Ainsle and Slingby though. Just being there is pure learning process.
Photos Felicitias Roldán-

Feb 19, 2013

Olympic Campaign: Newberry-Casey 'sending' the N17

Best video so far on the Nacra 17. Sarah Newberry & John Casey are already a strong team on their joined ability and experience. Interesting on John comments on the weight placement, as the boat looks quite sensitive and powerfull with its weight ratio using the same rig of an F18 plus curved boards. 
Maybe for 2020 we will see Landy's rudder winglets to stabilize downwind overpowered lift flights and L foils? By then all ACup development will be pretty amazing with what we are seeing right now.

Sarah had a great start at Long Beach F18 Worlds with 1 & 2, and John is an F18 'veteran' with plenty of experience in Catracing in Europe & USA. Sarah & John won the first official N17 event in Miami, with Carranza-Blando excellent F18 win at Mar del Plata, I think the level of Mixed racing will be quite high and the female helm is going to be key, I hope they can race in the F18 events too, I think we might have some surprises in the class with these strong contenders for Rio.
Check Newberry-Casey website at facebook.com/NewberryCasey2016 & www.usamultihull2016.com/

AC Youth Week II: Argentina's Pride

When the Americas Cup Youth was announced, Gaston Terrab & Nico Aragones were already racing F18 for a while at the highest level. Coming from the strong 29er fleet, they were among the first to join our fleet after Juan Martín & Juan Cruz Benitez, also '29ers'.

It was definitely a quality boost for the Class, having young kids crewing for the Old guys. Of course there was a pre concept on racing cats from the traditional local monohull fleet, remember we've never had any multihull class here, so it was 100% 'mono' sailing community with their all too common attitude with 'beachcats'.

But when these young kids entered the fleet it was a key milestone for Catracing, as it was easy to convert grownup kiters , windsurfers and even ex Laser sailors, but we were missing entering the base of the pyramid, that here in Argentina it is a huge Optimist fleet followed by 420, 29ers on the way up to Lasers, 470s & Snipe.

The Red Bull call bounced on Nico & Gaston heads, and caught them racing Cats, of course they immediately started thinking to form a team and called their buddies, friends, contacts and everyone who can help them to make that bid a reality. They managed to get a budget and they started planning ahead. After months of hard training and fighting for budget their dream came true.

Today they are at San Francisco along Juan Martin Benitez, Pablo Volker, Mateo Madjalani, Agustín Cunnill & Pedro Koukurek. Felicitas Roldán also there helping with management & logistics. All talented and successful sailors as mentioned in previous posts.

Special mention to Nico, that lost his father while in SF this past week. Nicolas is the only double F18 Arg Champ and a truly talented and motivated kid, as many on the team studying Naval Architecture thus following  Santi Lange's path. We have our future in good hands.

We are more than proud on their sole achievement of being there, learning from the best. And it will be one of the greatest milestones in Argentine sailing history looking forward for a future generation of Catsailors, and a clear path for an all Arg Americas Cup team.

Needless to say in Multihulls...

All Images Martin-Raget / www.americascup.com
Check CSN FB for images from all Teams https://www.facebook.com/catsailingnews

Feb 17, 2013

Darren Bundock on AC Youth Week #1: 'Wish I was 20 again'

I contacted Darren Bundock to see how the RBYAC week one went, he was really happy on the teams level and his work in this program. Funny when he told me he wish he was 20 again as I wrote in the last post. And this coming from a sailor with his crowns & experience, this AC edition included. That phrase was an eyeopener for what is going on right now with these young sailors at San Francisco. 

The work being done by Darren and the rest of the people involved is a truly great long lasting legacy for the sport, as next generation of Cat & ACup sailors is already granted.  Image Balaz Gardi.

Darren Bundock on Week #1:
"If only I was 20 again! I am really enjoying doing this as the reaction from the young guys is incredible. They are all grinning from ear to ear every day and learning so much, so keen and wanting to know everything. There is some talent here and they are not shy at pushing the boats.

F18 & Mixed Olympics: Mar del Plata Sailing Week for Carranza-Blando

First event , first win for one of the 3 Argentine mixed crews campaigning for Rio. Image Matías Capizzano. 7 bullets for them, full Results here.
Impressive debut for Cecilia Carranza, ex Laser Olympic sailor, now sailing F18/N17 with 2011 F18 Arg champ Esteban Blando.
Cecilia adapted herself to every condition, from 5 to 25 knots in the tough sea waters of Mar del Plata against the very best of the local & experienced F18 fleet, now you can relate more to this crew when I labeled them as 'Argentina´s best bet for Rio'. Still much to come, but you can´t have a better start. The other mixed crew Piñeyrua-Greggi also had a good debut, but couldn´t race half event as Franco returned to BA. Lucas Gonzalez Smith is recovering from his injured leg before LA Worlds, so it was his return to racing. All the rest were the best local teams.

Imagine our best crews , all male teams, being dominated by a rookie girl helm! Of course Cecilia has an Olympic experience no other in the fleet has, but nevertheless an impressive multihull racing debut for her. Also having the best boat handling sailor in the fleet helps...

So watch out for the new Olympic mixed teams, Cecilia is following Carolijn Brouwer's path, coming from Olympic monohull classes, hope we can see Carolijn a Rio too.
Next Nacra 17 event is Palma in March.

Feb 15, 2013

Oracle AC72: Impressive Steady Foiling Vid

Now we can understand better some twits, and have a clearer first hand view of the progress on this new modified version.
Amazing video, this is an incredible footage. But still I put money on ETNZ! at the moment. But Oracle is progressing fast, still shaky platform as we posted earlier, and still bareaway danger, but hey! I'll make radio silence for the weekend to see this video over and over again...

AC Youth Racing

The kids were racing yesterday, already some results in, but not much info at the official website. Objective Australia with Jason Waterhouse at helm did good,  NZL Full Metal Jacket also. 
Yesterday I saw the Arg team training hard with the X40, they did a great job with their program, we are proud of them. Incredible time for all the youth, learning from Bundy, Hagara & Steinacher, sailing the best production sailing machines ever buil...wish I was 20 again!  
This event is forming future AC sailors, single best achievement for this edition by far. Image Gilles Martin Raget. 
More images at CSN FB // @RBYAC Twitter //  ACYouth Official Website

Provisional Final Results after Friday's racing:
1. NZL 2,2,2,2,1,1,3,2,1 (16 points)
1. GER 3,1,3,1,3,1,1,2,1 (16 points)
3. AUT 1,2,1,3,3,2,3,1,2 (18 points)
3. DEN 3,3,3,2,2,1,2,1,1 (18 points)
5. AUS 2,1,1,2,2,3,2,3,3 (19 points)
6. RSA 3,2,1,3,3,1,3,2,3 (21 points)

AC  Youth Team Webs
Danish Vikings
Objetive Australia
NZ Full Metal Jacket Racing 
ARG Youth Team

Feb 14, 2013

ETNZ AC72 MKII: Stradivarius

Boat #2 in action, these guys made just a perfect job based on their design concept, I never saw any boat of any kind going as smooth as ETNZ AC72 videos. Compare platform flex/twist with previous Oracle post.

To me the only question that remains is: Can they match Artemis in the medium range as Oracle is doing right now? If so, we have a winner. Perfect flying, modern F18 high volume like hulls for the tricky and Cup defning bareaways (Imagine Oracle in that bareaway in 20-25knots..), one of the most experienced teams and best crews around, Catracing Designers involved, an ACup/monohull helm that has put lots of A-Class/Multi hours, and taught by surely the best trimmer on Earth makes this team the right package at the moment.

Still much to come, 'they need to race', 'not a drag race', 'short course', 'you have to tack' and ballablalbla...but right now these guys will eat the competition for breakfast.
Image Chris Cameron / etnzblog.com

Oracle AC72: Rocking with a touch of Twist

Great work for Oracle shore and crew team, incredible comeback, they even managed to match Artemis in the mid range while 'floating', and left them wondering while foiling. Flex was reduced but the 'twist' and the bareaway devil are still there. Foiling fast & early but with a 'flat tire' ... not nearly as smooth as ETNZ. I really hope also they'll add more volume/error margin to the 2nd boat, but sometimes high tech & unlimited design resources blinds common sense and 25knots bareaways with this version is still high risk. Image Gilles Martin Raget. Click for hq.

Prolific Class.. New French A-Cat: Addiction

Yet another design for 2013, Landy's Winglets are now standard production feature in new laucnhs. This new A comes from France, check A-Cat.org for more info.

ACYouth: Swiss Team Tilt by Juerg Kaufmann

All Images by Juerg Kaufmann go4image.com, Swiss ACYouth Team traning at home on a D35. Qualifcation Series started today, more at AmericasCup.com

Project SF Bay Webcam II

These days I've been watching the AC72 training Live at the bay with a local webcam. Really good tool and quality for being something that someone put to view the scenery.
So I thought what a great service an additional HQ ip Webcam could be for all interested in following the Cup in next months.
At SA Forums TCat went with the idea asking ACEA for one, don´t think they will do it, so I'm thinking to place a new webcam for us to follow Bay action.
When working in IT we use to provide this ip webcam service to construction companies with Axis cameras, but technology now is even better. I mail yesterday a contact in the area to see what can be done, and also told SA guys they could do it in no time too.

Being able to see this still R&D and design stage Live is quite interesting leading to future races.
Check Sailing Anarchy AC Forums for how the boats are doing with several sequences, no speculation , just seeing live what is going on right now at SF.

Feb 13, 2013

Mar del Plata Sailing Week: Day 2 , Images by Matias Capizzano

All Images Matias Capizzano www.capizzano.com. 1st day was 10 knots and the two Olympic mixed crews were in front of the fleet after 4 races. Yesterday with 20knots the experience started to count, Cruz Smith -Mariano Heuser put their international hours to the game and grab 3 bullets, nevertheless the F18 rookie & ex Laser Olympic sailor, Cecilia Carranza with Esteban Blando managed to stand the conditions with 3,3 & 2 to retain the overall lead. 
As expected the ex 29er Mixed crew , Piñeyrua-Greggi,  had some trouble and pitch in the hard conditions, they of course more hours in two hulls. Last Arg F18 champ, Sergio Mehl, sailing here with Julio Saubidet are currently 3rd. The top 3 positions have the last 3 Arg champs onboard, along Lucas Smith that will be campaigning too for Rio & Ian Rodger you have the very best of the Arg fleet racing in Mar del Plata, making it a great competitive event and an excellent first challenge for the Mixed Olympic hopes

2 ARG 1569 IRINA PIÑEYRUA / FRANCO GREGGI CNAS 1 3 4 2 7 11 11 28
9 ARG 666 IAN RODGER / MARIO SEGERS CUBA 7 8 9 9 2 5 5 36
10 ARG 2304 ANDRÉS SCHAPIRA / MARIANO VALDORA CUBA 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 66

2012 F18 Worlds: Updated Image Gallery by Jasper Van Staveren

Schoelcher Sailng Week 2013 @Martinique: Images by Pierrick Contin

Pierrick Contin always with the 'tough' task of shooting paradise locations, after making famous St Barth CataCup now Pierrick goes for Martinique with their CataRaid I published days ago a now with the Schoelcher Week. Ingrid Petitjean & Olivier Backes were there racing too. All images PierrickContin.com

Feb 12, 2013

AC72s @SF: First Clash of Concepts

ACYouth: Arg team training in X40

Great effort for the ARG Youth Team in chartering an ultra expensive X40 in SF. Beyond all the hours, training and commitment they had to put some hard cash for the event fees and this training. But surely is worth it, as they can reach the AC45 training days with more confidence. Follow them here
San Francisco is fully packed with catsailing action these days, later some images of Artemis and Oracle training, it seems downwind the non flyers were 'done'....

F18 Arg & Rio Campaign: Girls Rule on first day at Mar del Plata Sailing Week

Few days ago I posted the Mixed Argentine crews that will campaign for Rio. Now they are racing first F18 event of the 2013 season, that is being held in Mar del Plata, location of the famous insane Optimist images by Matias Capizzano.
First day with 7-12 knots , Cecilia Carranza-Esteban Blando took 3 bullets and a 2nd followed by another mixed crew, Irina Piñeyrua-Franco Greggi, coming from the 29er they had great day too.

Mar del Plata is 400km from BA, and we are in the middle of vacations, so we do not race here in high summer beyond this event. Nevertheless the best crews are present, so the initial performance of the mixed crews is quite impressive taking account this is the first F18 event for the helm girls.

Still a week of racing and surely more wind and waves will come, but this is a great start and confidence boost for them looking forward to the hard long  coming Olympic campaign.

1 2016 CECILIA CARRANZA SAROLI / ESTEBAN BLANDO YCR 2-2.00 1-1.00 1-1.00 1-1.00 5
2 1569 IRINA PIÑEYRUA / FRANCO GREGGI CNAS 1-1.00 3-3.00 4-4.00 2-2.00 10
3 36 SERGIO MEHL / JULIO SAUVIDET AGUILA 6-6.00 2-2.00 2-2.00 3-3.00 13
4 1496 LUCAS GONZALEZ SMITH / MARTIN TOMAS OTERO YCA 4-4.00 4-4.00 3-3.00 4-4.00 15
5 1643 CRUZ GONZALEZ SMITH / MARIANO HEUSER YCA 3-3.00 5-5.00 7-7.00 5-5.00 20
6 360 HERNAN SALERNO / GUSTAVO RIZZI CNMP 5-5.00 6-6.00 6-6.00 6-6.00 23
7 1647 CHRISTIOAN VILATE/JUAN CRUZ BENITEZ AGUILA 8-8.00 7-7.00 5-5.00 8-8.00 28
8 300 SERGIO ARMESTO / FRANCO RIQUELME ANTONETTI YCA 9-9.00 9-9.00 8-8.00 7-7.00 33
9 666 IAN RODGER / MARIO SEGERS CUBA 7-7.00 8-8.00 9-9.00 9-9.00 33

Feb 11, 2013

AC Youth: AC45 Training with Darren Bundock

Left: Past, present and future of Catamaran Racing plus a great part of the Australian legacy in one picture, Darren Bundock teaching Aussie future legend Jason Waterhouse. Double Olympic medalists Hagara & Steinacher managing this event for the Youth. More info at AmericasCup.com All images Balazs Gardi - Quote by Jason "Words can´t describe the feeling, I can´t get the smile off my face"

Feb 7, 2013

F18 Americas: 1st Continental Championship. Oct 19-26, 2013, Sarasota, Florida.

Last year within some conversations with the US class reps I proposed to have an American Continental event to join forces between the North well established fleets and the fast growing Arg fleet.  We held the first South Americans in 2011 along our new hardcore fanatics in Chile and Uruguay, now these two countries have their own local classes. 

And due to the 2012 Long Beach Worlds success, where I think North/South America filled almost 90 of the 120 slots the idea took form for the US members and John Casey along the US F18 Class and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron have  put together this Continental event, the first Americas F18 Championship is now a reality.

Below preliminary Schedule by the organizers, more info to come, official web facebook.com/2013F18AmericasChampionship.

GC32 Racing in Austria

It seems Roland Gaebler is not going to campaign for Rio, but he managed to continue racing with the latest generation 30' footer. -------------
Sent by Heinz Derflinger - www.gc32.at
"Within the  Allianz Traunsee Week to be held 9-12 May at Lake Traunsee, Austria ,the GC32 will have their own event.

The "Allianz Traunsee Week" celebrates its 10th anniversary. The countdown has already started, the dates are set. Everybody is invited to be part of the sailing festival at lake Traunsee.

There are already 15 boat classes named and hopefully, some more will come. With the Soling Masters World Championships and the Seascape Euro, there are already two international top-events at lake Traunsee. Beside the Austrian "TopCat-Championships" , there will be also the Italian and German Championships. The traditional and liked Startevent for the sailors will take place on the 10th May 2013 in the lake castle "Ort" in Gmunden.

Allianz Traunsee Woche presented by BMW 2013:

Feb 6, 2013

Oracle AC72: Back to foil vid

Sailing footage starts at 1:52 , at 4:45 USA17 starts lifting with new shape L foils. For boat #2 expect something 'a la' ETNZ?

Hobie 16 Racing vid

There is no better racing school than the Hobie 16, competitive fleet and if you can manage the H16 in 20knots you can sail and race an Formula cat like a walk in the park.
Video sent by Tim Michaelis

Feb 5, 2013

Oracle AC72 sails again

New longer rudders? New steering system. I guess we'll see a total diff boat #2 also.
Oracle Press release -
ORACLE TEAM USA ‘17’ was back in the San Francisco Bay today, beginning the next phase of training for the 34th America’s Cup. A crew of 11 sailors, plus members of the design and performance team, took ORACLE TEAM USA’s AC72 racing yacht on the water for testing and commissioning of the boat and new wing.

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