Jan 31, 2013

Martinique Cata Raid 2013

I've been promoting St Barts Catacup for years thanks to Pierrick Contin great images, now Pierrick along Manu Boulogne got another great place to race in Martinique. All Images Pierrick Contin

Sailing ETNZ AC72 Sensations: Fear & Joy

New Zealand Paper Tiger Nats 2013

Although many may question the number of challengers on this Cup, that certainly would have made the LV Series more interesting, the multihull community is peaking with exposure at every level. And a new generation of catsailors is being formed right now thanks to this level of promotion.

Check Paper Tiger NZ Nats clip by TVNZ One News, with Luna Rossa foiling just like that behind them.

Report sent by Ryan Leatham
Shaw dominates 2013 New Zealand Paper Tiger National Title
There was plenty of action off Maraetai Beach over Auckland Anniversary Weekend when the Maraetai Sailing Club hosted the 2013 New Zealand Paper Tiger National Championships from January 24 to 28.
The event saw over 47 boats from all over the country competing in spectacular fashion in the Tamaki Straits with the racing producing some very tight results.

Jan 30, 2013

12 Feet Fun

This is a fun personal project by Michele Petrucci from Bimare. Having a Catamaran factory at your disposition you are able to play with these projects. A planning , curved dagger , 12 feet Acat "Mini me".
I once showed them my RC16, that has a full planning transom with channels, and I can tell you just fly with the right conditions. Check his video below.

Artemis: Confidence building Up

It is interesting to see in these videos when things are going right and when not. In this last update from Artemis, countrymen faces of  Lange and Juan K plus the added smile on Loick's constant grin  are a good sign for the team sailing Wing 2, Artemis has a slow start but is catching up. They all look too happy with unmentioned upwind speed.

Loick mentioned a second set of boards and I wonder if they will stick to the foil assisted conf. I would, as it is the winning hidden card for Artemis. As mentioned many times, ETNZ is literally flying but the key will be climate conditions and wind range. The AC45 races at SF were not all with 25knots...

Jan 29, 2013

Nacra 17: Olympic new Cylcle has officially began at Miami OCR

Images: Miami OCR. After a great setback post Beijing where the Tornados had their last Olympic appearance, Miami OCR 2013 can be put as a great milestone in Multis Olympic history. 5 boats from USA, 1 for PUR and CAN.
All boats equipped with Alu mast until further notice. Beyond that Gunnar's projected numbers are likely to be quite certain, 5 boats for USA being mixed class it is a good sign. Of course this is not 'free' for other classes, but well, everyone played their cards already and the long term results and decisions taken can be analyzed for Rio 2016 as well as Nacra work.

Argentina has already confirmed and payed 3 Nacra 17s. With
- Cecilia Carranza (8th Laser Beijing) / Esteban Blando (2011 Arg F18 Champ / ex Tornado Sailor)
- Lucas Gonzalez Smith (F18 & H16 Panamerican , ex Laser rep for Arg) & Moira Gonzalez Smith
- Iriña Piñeryua - Franco Greggi (Local top 29er sailors)

In the meantime, it seems some crews are still taming the N17 judging for the photos, an upwind hard pitch is not that common at this level, together with the 90° we have seen  the Nacra 17 can be labeled as challenging boat.

Sarah Newberry & John Casey lead. It seems Quique Figueroa will also campaign, and watch out with Taylor Reiss for the US selection.

Miami OCR website http://mocr.ussailing.org/

1 USA 31 NEWBERRY, Sarah CASEY, John [3] 1 1 1
2 USA 38 STREATER, Sarah WHITEHEAD, Matthew 1 [4] 1 2
3 PUR 29 FIGUEROA, Enrique MALATRASI, Carla [4] 2 2 3
4 USA 23 REISS, Taylor LIHAN, Sarah 2 [6] 2 4
5 USA 42 TARTAGLINO, Sandra FARRAR, Jonathan [5] 4 4 5
6 USA 25 BERGAN, Lindsay BERGAN, Dalton [8] 5 5 6
7 CAN 30 RAMSAY, Luke GIRKE, Nikola 6 [7] 6 7

A-Class New Zealand Nats 2013

Check results & images at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/164

Jan 28, 2013

F18 Australian Nats 2013: Waterhouse-Goodall Champs

Jason Waterhouse & Brett Goodall  were crowned 2013 F18 Australian Champs. No racing today so Final results remain as published yesterday  At LA they were having a good event being 9th in the finals, when they suffered a direct hit by an argie boat with no right in the start, it was really a shameless situation as they could have delivered a top 5.
This time they could manage the harsh conditions, although Steve Brewin was hit by the Oman team on the practice day, to crown themselves as the Nr1 Aussie crew on their C2.

Good to see Australia having 3 local made competitive F18s (AHPC C2, Windrush Edge, PSA Capricorn), with Brett Burvill & Ryan Duffiel ending 2nd with their Edge, plus the excellent performance of the Youth Italian team member Mateo Ferraglia with  Lorenzo Bianchini, also on a Windrush/Ullman.

Below final report by Mark Rothfield

Jan 27, 2013

Australian F18 Nats 2013: Day 2, Waterhouse-Goodall lead

If you need a recipe/template on how to cover and report events , just take a good look to the Images and reports Mark Rothfield is sending from the Aus F18 Nats. Just perfect: images already selected so I just need to do a little touch/crop for more clarity and that's it. Then you add some excellent report and results link and you are done.
Images & Report by Mark Rothfield
DAY 2 – Australian Formula 18 National Championships - Partial results here . Waterhouse-Goodall are riding a C2.
There were card games all morning and snakes’n’ladders on the race course during an intriguing, rain-interrupted second day of the 2013 Australian Formula 18 National Championships on Lake Macquarie NSW.
After a bright and breezy start to the regatta, where racing was eventually suspended due to 25-knot winds, the scene at Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club was one of complete contrast – steady rain and glassy waters beneath a

Jan 26, 2013

Australian F18 Nats 2013: Day 1

Images & Report by Mark Rothfield. Steve Brewin injured.
F18 Australian Nats DAY 1 WRAP

In a day of thrills and spills at the 2013 Australian Formula 18 National Championships, young guns Jason Waterhouse and Brett Goodall displayed remarkable maturity and consistency to take the lead after three races.
The pair posted a first and two seconds to gain a four-point advantage over the equally consistent Western Australian crew of Brett Burvill/Ryan Duffield (three thirds) and Queenslanders Mick Guinea/Viv Haydon.
Waterhouse and Goodall were satisfied with their effort as they gave away considerable kilos to some of their opponents in a breeze that left competitors in an Australia daze.

Jan 25, 2013

Tradewinds 2013: Win for Falcon F18 & F16

Having a local committed builder is key for cat sailing health and development. And if it happens to be a good builder providing performance cats able to help winning sailor, it is even better.

I knew Matt McDonald at Long Beach, but before that we exchanged several mails on his F18 project, and later I asked him for a charter on the new Falcon F18. 

It was a great experience and challenge making a brand new boat debuting on a Worlds event, and as reported the boat felt super fast, with Matt seeing live some excellent moments in our training and some good individual positions while racing, that showed the boat potential.

So now the Falcon F18 grabs it first championship with Jason D'Agostino & Dalton Tebo, together with a top 3 on the F16 class, and  I'm confident the first of many to come. Congrats to Matt and his team at Falcon Marine for a well done job. Image Rick White.
Full report and images by Rick White at Catsailor.com

Jan 24, 2013

Armignton-Herrin: Young guns & A-cat builders

Sam Armingston and Jeremy Herrin have been sailing F16 with great success on their Falcon, but they also got involved with their parents help on an A-Cat building project. This past week Jeremy participate in 2 races at Islamorada for the first time with his own built boat and took home a 1st overall in one event plus some truly major experience for his future sailing, racing and building projects.
Having a Class that encourage sailors to home builts, beyond having access to moulds as they did + pro dad help, and then racing them is truly an impressive achievement.

Jan 23, 2013

Pablo Soldano Interview

I met Pablo at the 2012 F18 Worlds in Long Beach , being 'Argie' too, he saw me at the Club and shouted "Martín" with our typical accent. We went for some beers and started  talking on the loft founded by Georgio Zuccoli , Ullman GZ, that led the Catamaran Racing innovation for years with the Tornado developments and later with the F18.

Pablo worked with Georgio until he sadly passed away. Now Pablo continues their legacy with the loft to the point of being the choice of the Olympic Tornado Champions and also selected as OD in recent vote in the T Class. Also Pablo implemented a key in-house ISAF approved certificate for several classes. And the loft is responsible for the Hobie racing sails.

Beyond that Pablo also is part of the F18 TechComittee, and of course we talked about the issues the class had in past years.

While chatting at the ABYC 2nd floor bar, Dave Ullman joined the conversation and I took advantage to ask him about the current Multihull explosion scene, being an experienced monohull and Americas Cup sailor, it was interesting to see how open was to this new game. Images ISAF/Pierrick Contin

Interview made in September 2012 at the Long Beach F18 Worlds held by the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
-CSN: I saw you some minutes ago with Dave Ullman –what is the story of Ullman Sails?

Jan 22, 2013

2012 in review by Christophe Launay

Christophe Launay is one of the main contributors of CSN. Visit his site at

Jan 20, 2013

F18 Worlds 2013: July 5-12, Marina di Grosseto, Italy

F18 Worlds return to Europe in 2013 after a great first event in America. Check the venue on video above of the 2012 Italian Nats. This year I don´t think I'm gonna be able to attend, but I'm sure the class will get those 200 slots covered as in LA the US F18 Assoc gathered 120 without the majority of the European huge local classes and their members. 
Part of the Argentine fleet will make a great effort again and some will travel to Italy. We will have the first qualifier event in February at Mar del Plata, our nice ocean spot 400kms from Buenos Aires.

2013 Worlds Official Website is http://mondialivela.netspring.it/home/

Date Time Programme
Friday, July 5th 14.30 – 18.30 Registration, measurement, and inspection
Saturday, July 6th 09.30 – 18.30 Registration, measurement, and inspection
Sunday, July 7th 09.00 – 13.00 Registration, measurement, and inspection
14.00 Warning Signal For the practice race
18.30 Open Ceremony

Monday, July 8th 10.00 Competitors’ Briefing
13.00 Warning signal for the first race

Tuesday, July 9th Racing
Wednesday, July 10th Racing
Thursday, July 11th Racing
Friday, July 12th Racing
18.00 Prize giving ceremony

Cat Racing new trends @Dusseldorf Boat Show 2013

The German A-Class with DNA & Landenberger were present at Dusseldorf. Below 'Landys' winglets on DNAs production rudders and the J boards left. More images and the J dagger case at DNA blog. Also Andrew MacPherson took the GC32 and the Phantom F18. If the Americas Cup is won by a flying 72, then the concept will be further developed and will trickle down to beachcat racing. Although in parallel some are already pushing the limits from 18 to 33 racing multis. The Nacra 17 is there too, but image available at the moment. 
Dusseldorf Boat Show web http://www.boat-duesseldorf.com/

Jan 18, 2013

Box Boat

Beyond the size the interesting about this new cat from Australia is the building method. I will sent Matt some Q&A on it later, as it can be a good cost solution if  structurally reliable. Production Windsurf /Paddleboard and expoxy Surfbaords are made in this way. Never saw this on a Cat. Below details by the builder.

Motive Tri 25R Update

This is another project that appeared first in CSN with some renders and project goals. Now after a successful launch the boat looks good. My doubt always with these Tris (like the Seacart 26 also),  is comparing the pro/cons against cats of similar size.  For more info about the Motive 25R go to motivetrimarans.com

Jan 16, 2013

Australian Viper & Taipan Nats 2012: Report , Results & Images

Report by AHPC --14 crews raced at the Australian Viper Nationals from Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, Victoria last week. Congratulations to brothers Nathan and Dan Van Kerkhoff who took out the regatta with one point over Miranda Powrie and James Weirzbowski.

The strong sea breezes made for thrills and spills and the tight racing kept it interesting and fun for those who have got used to the speed of the boats! The close and tactical racing at speed is seriously addictive.

Argentina ACup Youth Team: Do you have what it Takes?

We don´t have a local big cat here in Argentina for them to train, glad we have the F18 fleet now,  where all these 29er, 420, Opti young sailors made they first steps on multihulls.
But the lack of big cats wont stop them, they are training mostly on F18s and J24s for team building, and physical training every single day.

Right now they are the best crews of the fleet, and every year the local F18 gets more talented youth, that are going to the future of the Arg Catamaran Racing Armada folowing the Lange-espinola legacy.

Right now I'm trying to help them to book a training 32' feet, nothing confirmed yet,   but I hope we can close the deal this week as the trials starts February 15 at SF.

 Having in mind that some teams already fail to confirm, the Argentine youths are fully committed for the trials, and beyond final results, they will have lifetime experience that will mark them for ever.

Jan 15, 2013

'2012 CSN Sailor of the Year' for Olivier Backes ..& Matthieu Vandame

As we described in his achievement list, and Bundock also noted on the poll, the 2012 Triple Crown went to Olivier Backes. Matthew Vandame contributed with two of those titles and also was 2nd at the F18 Europeans, making his performance almost as perfect.

Backes Triple Crown 2012:
- Europeans 2012 At Canaria (with Arnaud Jarlegan, Matthew was 2nd)
- Eurocat at Carnac with Matthew Vandame
- F18 Worlds at LA with Matthiew Vandame

647 unique votes you can check votes at https://www.facebook.com/catsailingnews.
317 Oliver Backes
267 Mischa Heemskerk
63 Carolijn Brouwer

Olivier Backes is voted "2012 CSN Sailor of the Year"

Mischa also was elected president of the Dutch F18 Assoc and Carolijn contributed and always present on the isaf meetings. Another sailor I didn´t put on the poll was Andrew Landenberger with an A-Cat European crown , a 2nd behind Mischa at IslaMorada Worlds and an elected Chair position on the A-Class Assoc.
John Williams was mentioned also on bringing the F18 Worlds to America for the first time.
So Next year people can send their candidates not only on their water achievements, but on their contribution for the sport, or we can have two separate Polls.

Congrats Olivier and Matthew for a great and perfect year, this Triple Crown is going to be hard to achieve for others in the future. Backes campaigning with Ingrid PetitJean for Rio 2016, and I think Matthew also will with Audrey Ogerau.


AC Youth: Team Italy

Images: Team Italy/Farevela. The Italian Youth Team is training at Marina di Loana on an X40 for the trials to be held at SF in February 18-24th. Their sailing coach is Lorenzo Mazza. More info at www.team-italy.it

Jan 14, 2013

Design Dynamics: Gonzalo Redondo Interview

Gonzalo Redondo has an inside view of current yacht design at the highest level. Being involved in several projects but specially on latest Volvo and Acup campaigns, he has developed a great knowledge and experience on the Fluid Dynamics and Engineering of top performance vessels. Gonzalo has left Artemis design team recently to found his own CFD company,  D3 Applied Techonologies. An A Class sailor  also currently working on a new A-Cat, the D3 with Dominik Scheurer. 
Good to have young designers investing on development, and I also like his approach on also relying in scaled tests, as TNZ did with the SL33s. As in my view and at  least in our sport, nothing will replace 100% the exprience of trial & error, actual sailing and Common sense. State of Art tech resources, like the ones Gonzalo is using, are only as good as the designer's input. Image: Maria Muiña - Gonzalo racing A-Cat at home.
- You recently left Artemis to found your own CFD company. What is your academic and past working background?
I studied Physics between Spain and the UK. After that I graduated in Marine Engineering in the University of Southampton specializing in wind tunnel testing and fluid dynamics. Before going to JYD I worked as a Naval Architect in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, together with my colleague Marco Kramer, from Kramer Marine Engineering B.V. ( http://www.kmebv.nl/). As you can see in D3's Network, he's one of my partners. In any case, when JYD called me I did not hesitate because it was a great challenge.

Jan 11, 2013

M32 Miami Test Tour: February 1-15th, 2013

Sent by Hakan Mann - After Ken Read announced that five M32 were acquired by a group from Newport, now Marstrom will held a series of tests & trials in Miami.
Marstrom M-32 test sailing session in Miami will take place on February 1st to February 15th 2013
Read more on http://m32.marstrom.com/

Jan 10, 2013

Artemis: Back on Track

Artemis AC72 sailing again after some days off for the crew, surely gaining confidence. Don´t discard this team yet. Photo © John McDermott - More images at https://www.facebook.com/ArtemisRacing

A-Class: Arrow MKII

The A is going highly prolific right now, for 2013 we already have the new Bimare, Paradox, D3 and now the Arrow MKII, but Thilo: where is the Wing ?
Sent by Thilo Keller - www.arrowmk2.de  

 "The Arrow was always the stiffest boat available and now sets a new level. The boat is built in all carbon and hulls are built in honeycomb sandwich. It comes with approved boards and rudders.

The boat is build close to Berlin in Germany.
I made the design, development and the prototyping.
I did some expansive tank testing as well to validate the CFD.

The serial production is now made by MX-Composys. They are 20min from Berlin at Werneuchen.
- Improved platform stiffness
- Slightly more volume for lightwind performance
- Carbon wet-preg honeycomb hulls (stiffer, stronger and more durable than foam sandwich)
- Hull colour of your choice (all RAL colours available)
- High module carbon pre-preg beams for more stiffness
- Approved deck layout for with rail for maximum boat width to improve the righting moment when on the wire
- Reversed  / wave piercing bows for less drag and best sea keeping
- Carbon asymmetric dagger boards
- Push rod kick-up rudder system with carbon stocks and rudder blades
- Carbon tiller bar , Carbon joystick
- Landenberger trampoline (both grey and black possible)
- Mid sheeting (rear sheeting possible, too)
- Mast rotation to trampoline incl. cleats
-  Rudder and dagger board covers

Stern supports
Trolly (small or big wheels)

We now offer the early bird boats for 16000€ (Platform). For an aditional fee you can get Marström boards. All hardware is Harken or Ronstan.

Visit www.arrowmk2.de for further information.
Make sure you have a look on site as well: www.mx-composys.de "

Jan 9, 2013

Hobie Australian Nats 2012

Hobie 16s, 17s, 18s, Tigers & Wildcats at the Hobie Aus Nats 2012
Series 1 Final Results 
Series 2 Final  Results
Check Full Gallery Here

Wave Piercing Exposed

I once did a post explaining the Wave Piercing concept, many said they could understand how it works after reading it, but if you still don´t get it, just look at this video above. I think is the best filmed proof  of the efficiency of this concept. Thus the title of the post. Bouncing vs forward drive and speed (check 1:30), not only on the rake but on the volume distribution, check Wave Piercing Explained for more details.

My brother build kayaks and he wants me to design one for him, after checking what he showed me I told they all look 'antique', and that I was going to draw a wave piercer. Searching if someone already made one I found a Swede design by Magnus de Brito Point 65 Bourbon Orca.  Name inspired on the boat in the video.

It was funny to see how they use the Wildcat as reference See picture to the left made by GlobalSurf Ski blog. And like beachcats the Surf Ski designs will end in this shape for sure, as they are use for racing in open waters too and even launch and surf back to the coast.

Already have some lines I started yesterday, I will do some research and maybe some CFD. Magnus design looks really good and it seems is working great. He also designed a clever two parts modular kayak. Check Magnus work at www.debrito.se

Images GlobalSurfSki

Jan 8, 2013

Viper & Taipan Australian Nats 2013

From AHPC: "The Taipan & Viper Australian Titles are currently underway at Paynesville. There has been two days of fabulous, highly competitive racing in all 4 fleets. Today is a rest day... So it will be back on the water tomorrow." Full Results Here

Jan 7, 2013

A-Class: 2013 Calendar

The IACA has updated its website and finally the fixed A-Cat.org domain. Thomas Paasch is the webmaster and he is making a great work, adding functionalities each week, a global Calendar plus automatic updates on the Class Twitter and Facebook pages from published articles on the official IACA website. 

As an Editor I'm uploading some dedicated content you wont find here in CSN, so be sure to check the Class website often to have all info plus the complete updated Calendar and Class official docs.
You can find 2012 WGM Draft Minutes at http://a-cat.org/?q=node/6

Main event for the 2013 year calendar is Europeans at Barcelona, 22-29 June.
Next A-Class Worlds is going to be held at Takapuna, New Zealand in 2014, February 11-16th. An event worth to plan ahead and attend. Tornado Worlds were held there in 2008.

- Check IACA's full Calendar at http://a-cat.org/?q=events-date/year
- 2014 Takapuna Worlds location info and preview at http://a-cat.org/?q=node/133

- Thilo Keller launchs a New Arrow MKII  http://a-cat.org/?q=node/132   
- Bob Griffits complete report of the 2012 Isla Morada Worlds http://a-cat.org/?q=node/129

- IACA's Facebook : facebook.com/pages/International-A-Division-Catamaran-Association/180972642047270
- IACA's  Twitter:  twitter.com/acatorg

Jan 6, 2013

DNA A-Cat 2013: Flight Development

DNA continues to invest on an already proven platform. For this next season they will offer a J board + ' Landy' Winglets for the production series.
They also tested a TNZ conf dagger and they say they were airborne, it looks draggy beyond being Not Class legal, but it should be great fun and a path for long term developments that can change in the future they we sail and race 'beach' Cats.

The interesting analysys is the TNZ vs Artemis conf taking place here on the same boat. Clearly and beyond technical legal aspects, the DNA crew still thinks the Artemis conf will perform better at this stage. Although the AC72 are another ball game altogether, the all round question mark again arise on the ACup design game.
But we will only know which conf rules at the LV series.

The J boards are legal if they can remove them from the daggercase, and it is the case as DNA is offering upgrade kits.

So two separate projects, one for fun and R&D and the other Class legal to race next season.

As always I think we are privileged to be living current Americas Cup times with developments that are going to be a milestone in the history of the sport.

It seems rudder winglets are nobrainer now with Mischa and Landy's great season. Pity we don´t have this on the N17... Later some feedback from Arno & PJ. 

More info and details at dnacatamaran.com.

PJ report on the 'TNZ' boards: "Today tested our 'TNZ foils' on the DNA, together with Mischa and Arno.
6th of January, and 10 degrees C !
Although these foils are not class-legal on the A class, it is good fun to see if the A cat can fly!
And it can fly ! not much wind , but downwind with 11/12 knts it lifts clear out of the water... balancing on the rudder T foils, which are standard on the DNA now.
All three of us don't think it will give any benefits on the race course, because of the extra drag upwind.
We think our new J boards are the smart solution. See dnacatamaran.com

Jan 3, 2013

New F18 from Italy: 'Banga F18' by Luca Filippi

With this new F18 Luca Filippi experienced a similar process that I went trough in 2005.We built the initial model with frames and wood strips, just like Luca did. Hard work indeed but really a pleasure to work if you like building like us.

On the looks similar to the Open Project he points out, is not that much coincidence as I've said many times all new designs converge to a proven shape and volume distribution, not many areas left to play until the next big development.

The alu extrusions of choice is from Cirrus , and with Ullman sails Luca will offer a solid base to have another alternative in the F18. For more info about the project contact him at  zilliliuk(at)gmail.com

Great work Luca!  All the best for this season, I'll try to attend to Grossetto F18 Worlds to sail the boat, but I will have to choose over going to SF for the ACup.

The Banga F18 Story by Luca Filippi
I started sailing multihulls in 2003, I tried them and I'm loving it since then. At the same time, I have always worked in composite materials in my job and as a hobby, so I could dedicated time to make some changes from the boat that I was using before, a Bimare X4, a very fine and fast boat in flat water, but with a extreme ride on chop, specially downwind.

In 2005 I built 1.80mts carbon daggerboards, innovative at the time ,  they immediately proved to be a success. In 2008 I went to Round Creolia with Sorrentino and I mounted a sprayrail on the X4 trying to survive in the ocean, it really worked!

I remember the question of Cammas, "Who designed those moustaches?" , there was a great laugh ... We finished the race fourth behind him, Cammas was 2nd at Nigran worlds. The following year CSN published a picture of our sprayrail at Garda.

For 3 years I race with Infusions, a complete boat and very safe in harsh conditions. In Autumn of 2011 I decided to build a new boat myself to see if my ideas about the water lines and the type of construction would be successful. I built the male mold the old fashioned way, by hand with wooden dime ...

I saved a lot of money but I assure you that I had very much to do!!
Luckily I had a lot of help from two friends of mine, Aldo and Giorgio.
In April you released the rendering of Skorpion F18 Open Project, my friends and I have seen that you had chosen the same general choices of my boat, I would say that the side view is the same, we may have been influenced by Luna Rossa, Max and I are very friends and we did a lot of races before he came in the cup, we are in the same city.

The boat has little rocker, I prefer to have little drag to light conditions, I think how to solve the problem to dive in downwind with great volume and flat bottom forward. The stern is quite large and flat with a negative inflection as shown by the latest design trends.

The construction is made all with vacuum system. The beams and the mast are Cirrus, I think the best choice on the market at this time. The sails are Ullman.

The name Banga comes from my son was two years old in the past year and everything was happening around him said "banga" as an exclamation.

Unfortunately, at the same time, we had the game of Mr. Berlusconi, Bunga Bunga with the girls, but that's another story ...

If all goes well we are going to Carnac, Sorrentino and I, to make a first test comparison against the best, who is at the helm of my wife Laura on the Nacra 17 for Olympic campaign.

Later we will be participate at the Italian nats Riccione 20 days before the World Cup at Grosseto.
If the boat runs well and fast I'm going to do a small series at a shipyard here in the area, specializing in the manufacture of composite materials.

Luca Filippi.