Dec 23, 2012

Olympic Flight

The Flying Austrians.. Thomas Zajak & Tanja Frak continue their training on the Nacra 17, now they've raised a little their daggers in this sequence and they look fast, lots of hours pending to control it, but they will final manage the perfect trim.
From what I'm seeing in the video it seems you'll need to be more proactive with the mainsheet to regulate the bow height, releasing gradually as you feel the bow goes up.
The curved boards offer a great power ratio, would love to see what a pair of winglets can do to stabilize those downwind flights.
Team website is . Check video below.

Some anon comments already throwing bad vibes have been blocked, as we will not have another bs  crossed anon accusations escalade like with the Olympic trials.
You can review this site to found any critics to new projects, you will find None, zero... just takes on the big guys, as again, they wont mind a blog's opinion. 

Thomas and Tanja had some issues with their equipment but I still have to find a builder with a perfect record.
When I made last interview with Gunnar, I told him that with the selection they were also acquiring  a huge compromise and responsibility on their brand and the entire community. 
So as they are starting to deliver boats on time surpasing delivery times, the key will be customer service. And I know they are already on to it.

The boat is a blast to sail and it is going to be a good challenge for Olympic sailors.

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