Nov 21, 2012

Steady Growth

I always get the question on how many people visit the site, so here it is.
CSN has peaked in November +63,000 visits and almost 20,000 unique ips per month (18,900), also +3300 visits in one day (+2500 unique ips)  and is reaching 3000FB fans.

Considering this is a niche website and that Sailing Anarchy has reported some weeks ago to have around "50,000 visitors a month"  (If I recall well , please correct. And that should be unique ips only) do your math on the comparative reach of CSN against a massive site like SA. 

The key is that here people is not looking for Laser or 'tractor' news, so visits area 100% targeted.

I never did this kind of post, but I'm overwhelmed on the response, and mails keep coming with greetings and support. Next step is to launch a annual buyers guide as I use to read on surfer/windsurfing mag and an online shop to have direct targeted access to our catsaling needs plus a classified on used boats.

And maybe I'll implement a reverse auction system where customers defines a product they want to buy and a top price to pay, and the sellers will be the ones lowering their bids.

We implemented this on the Construction market while I was working in IT and you'll be surprised on what you can get.
I think this system should be applied for ebay type sites, translating the power from the seller to the buyer, ending in a more efficient way of commercial exchange.

For now Thanks all for following , 2 weeks ago got on the 40s range but I'll try to keep the pace...!
November 21, 2012.

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