Oct 31, 2012

Young Americas Cup: French Youth Teams join Forces.

While I've heard that some teams are discussing already who will actually sail at the event, the two French teams got together to form one strong group. Their Country Catracing future is well represented in this image http://www.facebook.com/FrenchYouthTeam

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup – Upcoming milestones:
October 31, 2012 – Close of late entries
Early November 2012 – Confirmation of entry list for Red Bull Youth America’s Cup teams associated with AC World Series teams
Early December 2012 – Confirmation of youth teams invited to Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Selection Series
February 9-24, 2013 – Red Bull Youth America’s Cup Selection Series in San Francisco
September 1-4, 2013 – Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in San Francisco

More info at http://www.americascup.com/en/news/4/events/9075/the-best-young-sailors-in-the-world-to-battle-in-the-red-bull-youth-americas-cup

A-Class Worlds 2012: Photo Finish

Finally I could find some good pics of the A-Class Worlds. More later including this full sequence. Photo Samuel Harris. Click for hq.

Oct 30, 2012


Images: Getty Images , Nasa, Getty, Getty, Reuters. Full selected gallery at theatlantic.com

Oct 28, 2012

Low-Flying Phantom

G32 Flying 32 Cat Explained: Interview with Andrew MacPherson

One of the good things of editing CSN is being in touch with some of the very best new projects going on worldwide. And this is one of the most interesting along the Flying Phantom, both derived from Fischer's Mayfly tests for a flying racing machine. Now with the Americas Cup going airborne, we will see further developments, but this is clearly a case of Trickle Up , from beachcats to Cup.
Andrew MacPherson has been lucky enough to be involved on the Nacra F20c, the Phantom F project and now along with Fischer and the GC32 management group embarking himself on the top production multihull you may find nowadays.

It will fly? Well he says it will, I posted today some low-flying pics of the Phantom, and although it failed at Aarhus I also posted some images of  Fischer flying his prototype A-Class at Noumea.
 As I said with the MayFly, need to be tested yet, but beyond that these new machines are clearly the ultimate weapon.
I can imagine how people saw in awe what the Wright brothers were doing at their bike shop, or how Herreshoff was being pointed in 1900s on his Amaryllis racing cat.
We are experiencing history in the making

- You've been telling me for a while now about this new 30 foot project, but it is a special project, different from the latest 30' released in these past months, why the GC32 is so diff?

Oct 26, 2012

Luna Rossa AC72 Launched

Photo: Luna Rossa/Carlo Borlenghi. More details on monday, but check already those L foils, different from ETNZ ones. Go to LR website for more images http://luna-rossa-challenge-2013.americascup.com/en/latest/2113/ac72-luna-rossa-challenger-for-the-34th-americas-cup-launched-today

Oct 25, 2012

Oracle AC72 Capsize: The Inside Story

What is important to remark beyond the lack of design error margin for the giant Oracle 72' ACat is that the platform stood the hit quite well, and only hours of drifting with the current and waves destroyed the wing.
I think the lack of volume of the hulls contributed to anchor the platform in that capsize position, more volume would have rise flotation making an unstable setup as any other cat, that usually end sideways. Check photos & video, the boat is just looks anchored. Not a tiny detail, as a good recover would have ended in a total different story.

Glad again all the guys were ok. 
Showing this kind of stuff, wide in the open is the way to go for a fresh new start.
Great film of a really sad view, hope they can come back even stronger.

Oct 24, 2012

A-Class Worlds 2012: Mischa Heemskerk World Champion

I 've been following Mischa's career for a while and I saw him lost some wc on last minute bad luck, bad calls, black flags etc....(Edit: Talking about BFD check dna camp report on how he started races today...)
I even wrote once he was the 'Phil Mickelson' of Cat racing, the most talented sailor without a wc.
Well now he finally grabbed his first Major, and now with the weight out of his shoulders more will follow for sure as it happened with Phil.
And he did it as a 2nd rookie on an AClass event with some of the toughest conditions for an A. Someone need to call this guy to helm that giant 72' ACat Oracle has at SF!

Congrats Mischa, if someone ever deserved a World Champion label is you.
Report by Will Clark
Mischa Heemskerk Wins 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship
When the going gets tough the tough get going. The going got tough at the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship, with extremely high wind speeds and difficult conditions throughout the week, but after five races it was Mischa Heemskerk of the Netherlands who emerged with the win. After taking a third and two seconds to put himself two points clear of Brad Collett after day one Heemskerk won both races on Wednesday to take home the championship.

Regatta organizers were skeptical that they could get the five races required for a World

Oct 23, 2012

A-Class Worlds 2012, Day 2: Blown Out

Above Day 1 video review that was unavailable hours ago.

Daily report By Will Clark A-Cats Blown Out on Day Two of 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship
With breezes of 22 knots and upwards and no signs of abetting on day two the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship principal race officer Billy Richnow has abandoned racing for the day. With weather condition expected to worsen as the week goes on Richnow has pushed the first warning signal on day three up 9 a.m. in the hopes of getting races in before conditions become un-sailable.

With forecasts predicting upwards of 30 knots later in the week the hope is to get the mandatory five races required for a World Championship in before weather conditions destroy any chance. Saturday, October 27th is reserved as a weather date in the event that five races still have not been completed by that point, but Regatta Chairman Ben Hall is confident that at least five races will have been completed by that point. "We've never raced on Saturday since I've been going to Worlds" said Hall, an A-Cat great-grand-master in his own right. "We'll find a way to get the regatta in"

A-Class 2012 Worlds, Day 1: Carnage images

Tough day at Isla Morada, today they expoect even more wind... Photos Will Clark. More at Official Web & FB.

Extreme Series 2012 @Nice: Gitana 1st

Full Report & Images at extremesailingseries.com. "The French team Groupe Edmond de Rothschild ended the day where they started it, at the top of the Act 7 leaderboard in Nice... with the support from 27,000 strong local crowd. Pennec led his men to an impressive four race wins on the final day... as the fleet heads to the 2012 finale in Rio."

Oct 22, 2012

A-Class Worlds 2012: Day 1

Full Results link below. Report by William Clark - Official Website
Mischa Heemskerk in the Lead after Day One of 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship

Islamorada, FL (October 22, 2012) -

A-Class Worlds 2012: Practice Race Vid

I'm not seeing any GPS tracking for official races, last year tracking at Aarhus was really good. Official website at aclassworldchampionshipsusa2012.com

Oct 21, 2012

A-Class Worlds 2012: Event starts today, Monday October 21

120 boats registered, I don´t know if that is a record for the class, but it is sure an impressive fleet, matching what we achieved at Long Beach. I think next F18 Worlds in the US in say two year (..get used to travel as the A fleet does) can be made on the East Coast too.
Click Bob Baier's rudders with Landy winglets but specially the trailing edge.
Official Webiste aclassworldchampionshipsusa2012.com
More images at Worlds FB page

Local Press Report  by Will Clark.

Oct 19, 2012

Extreme Series, Sunday Live from Nice

Oracle AC72 & the Alinghi 5 factor.

When Alinghi 5 was launched many were surprised on the shape of the hulls. To me they looked to much like an A-Class. After scaling it I confirmed it was the case.

I also said that those bows were not that good for such  a powerful platform that included a huge gennaker. Scaling to perfection a spin less A-Class was not that bright in my view.

And sadly it showed at Valencia with some of the scariest pitching motion I've ever seen in any cat. This pitching was constant through the waves, the sea was flat, not choppy,  but the swell was big.
I give away it was designed to race in lake conditions at RAK or other flat water venue. They were lucky though on not racing in 20knots, imagine that bareaway..

Oct 18, 2012

AC72s: Artemis official launch delayed after Tow out damage...

This is getting too complicated. Damaged while towing is not good news. ETNZ has full advantage, although they need to start sailing in SF asap.
artemis-racing.americascup.com Artemis Racing had hoped to launch and christen its AC72 in San Francisco on Thursday, but pushed the planned ceremony back after the team ‘heard noises’ when loading up the boat.

Chief Operating Officer Laurent Esquier explains: “The plan was to launch and tow the boat, to put it through its paces at speed, then to step the wing and do the champagne ceremony. We launched the boat, towed it to the bridge at speed and on the way back we heard some noises as we were loading the catamaran platform itself.”

“So the stepping of the wing and the champagne christening will not be today. The boat will come out of the water and go into the shed and we will spend the rest of the day thoroughly going through it.”

Oct 17, 2012

AC72s: Meanwhile back in New Zealand...

Images Chris Cameron / ETNZ

Daily at report http://etnzblog.com --
We all like this boat better, more now after the sad Oracle disaster. Seeing the size of ETNZ hulls and how the boat flies gives you lots of confidence.

Of course they are not at SF Bay with 25knots, but sure this boat could handle a little more margin.
Oracle crew didn´t have any handling error in my view, they did a perfect safe flat progressive bareaway.
It is not possible to design a no pitching cat cause you also have helm errors as possibilities, again Oracle had none, but you can reduce chances designing accordingly. And right now Emirates Team New Zealand has done the best job. Even Artemis boat seems to radical.

Just check a quick comparison I made between ETNZ & Oracle AC72, it seems an scaled ACat vs an Infusion/Phantom Formula 18.
Below ETNZ video footage of Oct 17 

Oracle 72 Capsize: Why?

Images Giulain Grenier / Oracle Team USA. . Clearly one of the best thing of this website was, and is still is, having direct access to some of the best brains in the design business. Really a sad view yesterday while seeing the rescue, but I'm glad the crew is Ok.

Yesterday I consulted Mike Drummond  and Martin Fischer about the pitch.

Mike Drummond is currently in Florida for the 2012 A-Class Worlds and he is also in the process of answering a full interview I sent him some weeks ago.

He remarked that he was involved in the AC45 design, and he would have like a little more volume on the bows. Finally as we all saw, and I recognized later, it was more than a well designed platform. This after I said they needed more margin to handle the Wing power. It was just about the perfect design as the 45s were pushed quite hard by the best crews at Plymouth in the +25 knot range with no issues and some good recoveries.

"The AC45 is the best yacht I've been involved with. It’s nice to sail, it makes light airs interesting with speed and finesse, the wing is easy to handle. I would have liked more volume in the bow but it has proven mostly OK because most of the trouble has occurred from sailors taking risks, or plain mistakes"

Oct 16, 2012

Oracle AC72, 25knots + the Famous Bareaway & End of the Story....

Update: Video of the pitch by Andrew Wisner below. No amount of technology, CFD, PhD degrees, and whichever tool and resource you may have can compare with a catsailor common sense.
Sometimes I repeat things too much, but the Bareaways on the AC72 was my first concern, then confirmed even by Grant Dalton (his major concern) and now sadly proven by the slim Oracle AC72.

Oct 15, 2012

GC32, New Generation Flying Cat

When I saw Fischer's MayFly conf I said: "This is the Ultimate Weapon" , and also remarked that it needed to be tested in racing. The A-Class didn´t do that well at her debut, but nevertheless Martin Fischer set a trend for course racing multihulls now present at the highest level possible in Sailing: The Americas Cup AC72.

It was easy to understand that the MayFly was not just a another reaching Hydrofoil, it was targeting to race one on one to the best racing cats.
Now this same concept is being applied by the GC32, a new radical project, and no surprise Macca is involved as he was on the birth of the Nacra F20 and the Phantom F Project.
But the GC32 also is launching a new racing series. Some 30' footers might get outdated already??? We are experiencing an Evolution Rush these days.


Some teaser images and soon an interview I made with Andrew last week on 'written' Skype.
Later some comments from the designer, (and CSN daily follower) Martin Fischer.

RB Rampage Utah: Downhill Biking to the Max

RB Stratos was good, but this is as HardCore & no parachute...

BA Week 2012: Esteban Blando & Nico Aragonés 1st

Photos Matias Capizzano & Claudio Cambria. Esteban Blando & Nico Aragones are two focused catsailors. Nico is part of the Youth Americas Cup challenge from Argentina with several crews that participated in the F18 & 29er classes,  these kids are the future of our local sailing.

8 Bullets out of 15 races with their Wildcat, 17 points ahead top crew of Smith-Heuser on an MKII. 3rd from Uruguay and with Wildcat too, Schewe-Radovitsky..

If Olympics weren´t fixed mandatory these two would be racing together for Gold at Rio.
Gladly our best Laser girl, Olympic sailor Cecilia Carranza will be replacing Nico for the N17.
Interesting also how Laser top sailor Julio Alsogaray is racing with us now too, change of class? who knows, maybe Ainslie can set a trend is he campaigns with the N17...

Next main events are Arg Nats in Novemeber and 2nd South American in December in Uruguay.

Top ten results below, Full resutls at http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Popup.aspx?Id=1346

N Helm Crew P. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
1 BLANDO ESTEBAN ARAGONES NICOLAS 20 1 1 3 1 -7 1 1 1 -8 1 5 2 2 -6 1
2 GONZALEZ SMITH CRUZ MARIANO HEUSER 37 3 4 2 (dns) 2 6 2 5 -7 2 1 (ocs) 1 3 6
3 SCHEWE CHRISTOPHER RICARDO RADOVITZKY 49 -8 2 1 7 3 3 -14 3 1 6 6 (ocs) 8 1 8
4 RODGER IAN CUNILL MARTINEZ AGUSTIN 50 -10 6 5 2 5 (dns) 5 4 2 8 3 3 5 2 (dns)
5 ARMESTO SERGIO BENITEZ JUAN MARTIN 72 6 -15 -14 12 6 7 6 11 4 (dns) 8 1 4 4 3
6 SUCIC JUAN PABLO JUAN CARLOS COPANI 72 7 3 7 9 4 4 3 -15 -12 -13 4 5 9 7 10
7 MEHL SERGIO SAUVIDET JULIO 74 2 5 8 4 12 10 12 9 5 3 2 (ocs) (dns) (dns) 2
8 KREVISKY AGUSTIN ESTEBAN DANERI 77 5 11 9 3 -14 2 11 2 (ocs) 9 10 (ocs) 3 8 4
9 ALSOGARAY JULIO LOPEZ SEGURA EDUARDO 80 -13 (dns) 12 6 1 8 8 8 -14 4 9 6 6 5 7

Oct 11, 2012

A-Class: Lindhal Composites LR4 One-Off

John & Ian Lindhal has been building one-off A-Class for a while now with several versions of the LR series. Now he is on the LR4, and it is going to be raced at next Worlds in Florida.

This construction method is one of the alternatives we will offer for the F18 Open project.

The major cost reduction is that you don´t need to build a plug and then a two half female mold as production boats are made. And if the final product is quite refined and performs you can even use one of the hulls for a posterior mold to make a series.

So it is the most cost effective process for the home builder and even for small yards wanting to launch a new boat.

These kind of projects are a real life alternative for owning a Formula cat, but as I talked with Alex here in BA on his asking about real cost reductions. The catch with this method is that you don´t spend that much cash but in fact you have lots of man-hour work and other intagible or hidden costs, but if you have the time and not the money this is your #1 option.

Catagolfe 2012: Results

More info & pics at catagolfe.srvannes.fr
Image gallery by Francois Berland at photosmarine.com

25th Anniversary GBR Hurricane5.9SX Nats

Sent by John Ready. Sailed at Regfest, Brightlingsea Essex. Results sailbrightlingsea.com

GBR Hurricane 5.9 Class Association

Oct 10, 2012

AHPC LFoil Kit: Flying your Formula Cat

This is a interesting initiative by AHPC, they already been testing the ACup flying solution on a Viper, and now they are analyzing to to release a kit to upgrade your AHPC C2/Viper.
The good thing on this solution is that you don´t need to modify your boat, they can even build one for your rudders.... worth trying for sure. Contact Brett Goodall at ahpc.com.au

Oct 9, 2012

Open 60 Hugo Boss by Christophe Launay

No Multi beyond a pair daggers/rudders but as the Volvo guys, full respect for them.
Aerial photo-shoot of the IMOCA Open 60 Alex Thomson Racing Hugo Boss during a training session before the single handed & non stop Vendée Globe in the English Channel. All Images Christophe Launay - sealaunay.com

Interviews in queue...

Some nice interviews coming. Still working on the talk transcript I had at Long Beach with Pablo Soldano & Dave Ullman. In parallel working with Manu Boulogne and Mike Drummond for their own, plus a recorded interview also made at LA with Gunnar Larsen on the N17 Olympic boat and  finally one made here in Buenos Aires with Alex Udin. 

Sometimes I get complains on why I still did not publish this or that, but I'm glad to know that many understand , as I've been remarked in LA, the amount of work needed to maintain this website.
Stay tuned, lots of insight info coming.

Incoming events highlights are the A-Class Worlds at Florida and Luna Rossa launching their 72 at the end of October.

BA Week 2012: Images by Capizzano

BA Week 2012 by Matías Capizzano. capizzano.com
fb.com/matias.capizzano. F18s, the exclusive Soto 33, 29er, Laser, Optis, 470s check his sites for more.

Oct 8, 2012

F18 Argentina: BA Week 2012, Day 3

SBA 2012, Images by Claudio Cambria. Report below.

Seacarts 26 Racing in Stockholm

"The SeaCart 26 Multi Cup Grand Prix final 2012 was held in Stockholm City at the famous race course, Riddarfjärden where novelties like Chris Dickson and Pelle Petterson have had many tough battles during the years. Now sailing is back through the Stockholm Sailing Grand Prix".. More info at seacart26.com

Ronstan A-Class Worlds 2012 Preview by Will Clark

Photo: Kristoffer West /Sailing Aarhus | Defending Champ, Steve Brewin.
By Will Clark - A-Class Fleet to do Battle in Florida Keys at 2012
Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championships
NOR: http://www.aclassworldchampionshipsusa2012.com/.
The event entry list currently features 110 competitors from nine countries spanning three continents.

Islamorada, FL (October, 2012) – Last year Australia’s Steve Brewin won his second A-Class Catamaran world title, besting a field of 96 competitors to secure the top spot at the 2011 A-Class Catamaran World Championship in Aarhus, Denmark. This October he looks to defend his title when the A-Cat fleet arrives in Islamorada, Florida for the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship. However while Brewin will be looking to hold off the competition, a repeat performance will be anything but easy this time around, against a fleet of well over 100 top sailors all set to do battle in the Florida Keys, when the regatta kicks off on October 20th.

The event, headquartered at Islamorada’s Islander Resort, a beachside vacation spot and site of the 2007 Worlds, runs from October 20th-26th, the races taking place on the Atlantic side of the Keys, inside the barrier reef and right in the middle of the north east trade winds. Yet while the trades are typically some of the most consistent breezes in the world, conditions in Islamorada have previously been anything but consistent, with fronts often coming through and shifting the breeze to an offshore northwest direction and further upping the difficulty level. Luckily the event features some of the best sailors from around the globe, and the variable conditions simply add another element to what is sure to be an intense competition.

AC45s @SF , October 2012: Spithill & crew take the entire Show

Images sent by oracleteamusa.com. Recovering from this pitch, the hardest ever I recall on the AC45 series, to win the MR final minutes later and today coming from dead last on the final race to end winning it, marks a highlight for this team. On the long term, on a series of MRaces at the ACup final they will be the ones to beat. A bullet proof & highly trained group of sailors ready to defend the Cup on Multis.

Ben Ainslie tied on points for the fleet event, and he showed he has an additional gear, so it will be hard to Oracle to decide who is going to helm next year, but right now I would go with Spithill team all the way. Results and video below.

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