Aug 17, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco: Training for the Real Thing

Image Above: Gilles Martin-Raget, One of the best images taken so far on this new Era. Centuries of evolution in one shot. And that guy  didn´t saw the 72s yet...
SF is going to get nasty for the 45s & the big ones. So much power and development for a venue you could race with a standard AC45 conf on an 72 and win the same. To me the new 'semi-foiling' solutions a la Fischer Mayfly to reduce wetted surface and extra lift without being a full hydrofoil platform are not yet that proven to sail in the +30-40knot range, control being key as I said from day one. Imagine now with the added power.
Like it's happening with the F20c since launched, a cat not even designed to 'semi-foil' , I think they will have some unexpected power lifts,  beyond any added control technique they might have thought of, Luna Rossa's SL33 is a proof of that.(I have info on other team scary moments too)

Whichever the case this is going to be an amazing Cup, and I'll be there next year to watch it Live.
All images Gilles Martin-Raget.
Below check video by local Jeremy Leonard from SurfCityRacing/ where you can see BAR Racing going not that smooth downwind.

fb video