Aug 2, 2012

AC34: Energy Team Out

Photo: Gilles Martin Raget.-- The Peyron bros decided not to embark themselves on building an AC72 with limited budget. It can be a wise decision if they think the time/tech advantage is too much on the top teams, but you also have to note that when the wind blows +20knots it acts as a design equalizer and the experience of the crew as mentioned since day 1 is going to be crucial.
The standard VPLP design package would have been enough for these guys.
Really a pity and a great loss for the show, but then again this is not some OD get the most boats on board oriented event, this is the AC and it is the pinnacle of sailor talent and equipment, it has been since day one too.

It hurts the event as  it lose viewers and many French fans... it can be argued that a 72 was too much of a machine?  The goal would have achieved with a little less too without giving terrain on the speed and spectacular show.
The AC45s are already having the right effect on that and also on getting exposure and awareness, the final event it is only for the top teams, Energy onboard would have been a real challenge for the top 3.
The remaining teams rest at ease knowing Loick and his team will not be present at the start line in SF...

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