Aug 31, 2012

Oracle AC72 = Oracle Foiling AC45

Left: This is what we are going to see in next Americas Cup at SF.
Below: AC72 stills Taken from the Launch video. Check AC72 rudders on 2nd pic and Daggers on the 3rd . This is the same 'exact' foil conf the flying AC45 had. If this is the conf they will finally use of course and beyond other additional supertech involved.
So forget about photoshop or not, as we've been saying, they will FLY.

Aug 29, 2012

Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 Sailing Vid: 40 in 20.

Just came from delivering an RC16, also finalizing some pending tasks cause I'm going "off mode" on Friday, as I'm flying to LA. So here you have all the info going around.
There is a interesting sequence at 1:07 , the leeward hull is trying to get airborne, check the transom, a good indication of today pic, photoshop or not.

They will fly, but we all want to see it now, we know Oracle AC45 had some flights, beyond they wanted to hide foils details with photoshop, Luna Rossa SL33 also flew and got a nice pitch destroying the wing.
 So we will definitely see some 'IFOs' at San Francisco on September 2013.

Also check a somehow bow down pitch on a gust at 0:39, this thing is fully powered, and as they will not Fly 100% of the time, the usual dynamic aspects of our 'floating' beachcats will apply. Artemis AC72 will have a hard time I guess with that extreme forward front beam position on the bareaways at least, if they need to push it on close racing, although waves at SF will vary from these present at open sea in NZ.

More info at

"Emirates Team New Zealand veterans say they have never seen anything like it when the AC72 came close to topping 40 knots of boats speed in around 20 knots of wind off Auckland yesterday.
It was the 4th day of testing and the old timers were adamant no ETNZ boat had ever been this fast before. Some of the round the world sailors from on board CAMPER would argue they came close, whether or not they were in control is debatable."

Oracle AC72 Revealed

All Images, Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA
What can we say? I'll just wait for more detail. You discard every aviation technology and these are the most advanced machines ever built to slide across Nature elements, in this case Water.
Yes go back to monos, this is 'boring' as some 2knots 'kings' are saying...

ETNZ AC72: It Flies?

Photo from Flying Dutchies (report on them soon), NED Americas Youth Team FB . Don´t know who took it, it seems the real thing, but not that good quality image, can be Photoshop too, looking closer it seems like it.

Whichever the case at SF, we will see some flying for sure.

Aug 28, 2012

Oracle to reveal their AC72 on Friday

Press Release. ORACLE TEAM USA has started the countdown to launching its first AC72 wingsailed catamaran this week.

 A Media Day is planned for Friday 31 August, the first scheduled sailing day for the boat that will play a central role in the San Francisco team’s bid to win the America’s Cup again next year.

Today, the giant 12 story high wing was lifted at Pier 80 in a successful test of the new ground handling systems.

“This was one tick in a very long check-list of essential steps before the boat can go into the water,” said Mark Turner, shore manager.
Upgrading from the identical one-design AC45s used during last week’s America’s Cup World Series event in San Francisco is going to be no small order; the AC72 is more complex, more powerful and entirely custom designed and built by ORACLE TEAM USA.

A-Class NED Nats @Hellecat: Chris Field 1st

Another good result for Chris Field and the Vision/Saarberg/Hammer combo after a 2nd at the Europeans, lets see at FL Worlds if Chris can challenge for top spot.

The class once more showing several alternatives and possible combinations of platform/mast/and sails perform. Full results not available yet.
Full gallery at
Report by Hans Klok, Vision builder at
At 24-25-26 August the 2012 Dutch A-cat Nationals were sailed in light and strong winds over 2 days. Friday gave us a light wind with shifts all over the place and max 10 to 12 knots.

Sjoerd Hoekstra took the bullets at race 1,2 and in race 3 a 6th with Chris on his Vision 3 times second place , Jaap Straakenbroek did take the bullet in the 3th race, this makes the top of the board after day 1 .
Chris 1st with 6 point , Sjoerd 2nd with 8 points and Jaap Straakenbroek with 8 points 3th.

The Saturday was completely different with strong winds reaching the 20- knots easy and gusts above 25 knots. Thilo Keller was on the move with his extreme flat sail and did take 3 time a bullet for that day , unfortunally for him he was OCS in race 2. Chris Field was 3 times 2nd again for this day and Sjoerd on 3.

The Sunday was blown out with wind reaching easy 30+ knots. The final result is:
1. Chris Filed 9 pnts Vision—Saarberg—Hammer
2. Sjoerd Hoekstra 12 pnts Dna—Dna—Brewin
3. Thil Keller 15 pnts Arrow—Fiberfoam—Landenberger

F18 Worlds 2012: Coast to Coast & CAN to US x 9

NA F18. That is one Hardcore Fleet. From Canadian Nats to F18 Worlds, non stop. 9 Boats, Daniel, Easton, Burd, Toland and others courtesy of

AC45s @San Francisco: Images by Christophe Launay

All images Christophe Launay. . -- Check Ainsle style to grab the tiller.

Aug 27, 2012

F18 Canadian Nats 2012: Easton-Burd Champs

Thanks to Patrick LaRoche for the info---
"We have our annual nationals going on at Cork this year. A smaller turn out with the half the fleet already on the move to the worlds, but still a top not fleet with doe worlds contenders (Robbie Daniels, Michael Easton / Tripp Burd). After this the top guys are all packing up and driving west to Cali. for the Worlds.
 Check more info at

Pos. Sail Skipper + Crew One Fri. Fri. Fri. Sat. Sat. Sat. Sun. Sun. Sun.
Drop 1200 1320 1440 1100 1210 1350 1100 1200 1300
1 USA11 EASTON, MICHAEL / Tripp Burd 01/09/00 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 DNF.
2 1563 TARTAGLINO, SANDRA / Max Kramers 19.00 2 4 2 3 1 7 2 3 2
3 307 PRENTICE, CHRIS / Robbie Daniel 28.00 7 2 4 8 4 2 4 4 1
4 753 REED, BROOKS / Jeff Dusek 38.00 3 5 12 4 6 6 6 2 6
5 685 ZELLMER, JIM / joe valante 44.00 6 3 3 10 8 8 5 6 5
6 CAN12 SMIDER, MATT / Hugh Goodday 47.00 4 7 11 5 5 4 8 10 4
7 1012 BOUEILH, ANTHONY / Maxime Picard 49.00 5 8 7 6 14 5 7 8 3
8 CAN100 DUBE, NICOLAS / Vincent Gagne 54.00 11 10 8 2 3 11 3 9 8
9 101 ROBICHAUD, DOMINIQUE / Denis-Robichaud 56.00 10 6 6 7 10 3 11 5 9
10 CAN443 PILON, OLIVIER / Guillaume Paradis 75.00 9 11 15 9 7 10 10 12 7
11 69 ETHIER, LOUIS-PHILIPPE / maxime loiselle 78.00 8 12 5 11 11 9 15 7 DNF.
12 650 KUBIK, ADAM / Rafal Gajda 101.00 14 9 9 12 16 13 12 16 DNF.
13 CAN666 MERGL, MARTIN / Karine Durocher 107.00 16 17 13 13 12 17 13 13 10
14 1586 TOLAND, BLAIR / David Hein 108.00 12 18 14 15 15 14 9 11 DNF.
15 111 DELISLE, SERGE / Sandra Gingras 109.00 18 13 10 14 17 12 14 18 11
16 USA316 RICCARDI, TODD / Brendon Scanlon 121.00 15 16 17 17 9 15 18 14 DNF.
17 1501 SCHWENGER, BILL / Will Schwenger 125.00 17 15 16 18 13 18 16 19 12
18 1084 REID, LISA / Nate Reid 125.00 13 14 19 16 19 16 17 17 13
19 CAN97 RIVEST, MAXIME / Geneviève Proulx 141.00 19 19 18 19 18 19 DNF. 15 14

F18 Worlds @Long Beach: Coast to Coast x 5

John Casey published this pic of part of the East Coast F18 gang going to LA.
I see two Falcons ?, 1 Infusion, John's Cirrus R and a C2. Nice trailer..!

Aug 26, 2012

F18 Italian Nats 2012: Crown for deKoning-Visser

Total domination for Coen & Thijs on their preparation for the incoming LA Worlds. Full results here. Photos Camila Battani--

Good to see also how the Mixed crew and 2011 Italian champs, Sorrentino&Pennati performing again on their Mattia. Pity we'll not have them at LA. But they will be next year at this same venue, Marina Grosseto, for the 2013 Worlds.
Report By Lamberto Cesari
"Only one race on the last day of the italian nationals, won in strong wind by Hemmskerk-Tentij. De Koning-Visser are easily taking the victory, showing to be ready for the F18 Worlds in Los Angeles next September. Vittorio Bissaro and Carlo de Paoli are Italian champion just one point in front of Sorrentino-Pennati, finishing 3 boats ahead of them in the last race. Good performance of Vittorio and Carlo at their first season together. Now also for them it’s time to fly to LA and sail against all the big guys.

Perfect organization by Compagnia della Vela Grosseto, claiming themselves ready to host the 2013 Worlds.
Video by Luca Carton
Pictures by Camilla Battaini

AC45s @San Francisco: Final Day

Live Replay from Sunday -

Great Match Race between Coutts & Spithill, just try to watch it. Although Coutts won, and even have a perfect start, on the long term I think Spithill has more chances, they have right now the best boat handling and speed of the entire fleet. Just look how they recovered on the last race.
ETNZ seems focused on their 72 as Mitch Booth pointed out.
49er Stars, Draper and Outteridge are performing, Luna Rossa will be challenging with the AC72, Korea has 'signed' but still to see if they manage to build a 72.

Santi and his team had a really good start but ended somehow average, although they manage to win several times ahead AR White, included the last main race. So a good debut considering the AC45s experience of the rest.
Artermis will start riding he big red Lady soon too.

Ainsle has lots of to catch up, he will get better for sure, but there is no way in my view he can be an alternative to Spithill/Coutts/Bundcok right now.

Full Results

Aug 25, 2012

F18 Italian Nats 2012: Day 3, De Koning-Visser dominate with more bullets

To ED, check video: "Piano,Piano" helming at 66, Ugo Ferrari, F18 Master World Champ. You have ten more years at least to achieve the same. So no more excuses to grab helm after LA.
By Lamberto Cesari- Intense day at the Italian F18 Nationals, with De Koning-Visser dominating the fleet and guaranteeing themselves the final victory with two races in advance (1-1-3-1 today). Behind them tough fight for the second place and Italian title. In 15kts of wind and waves mixed team Sorrentino-Pennati is still on the top positions (2-5-4-6) but Bissaro-De Paoli have caught up. Unfortunately they lost a protest in the second race (4-DSQ-1-3).
After ten races and two to go Sorrentino-Pennati are second with 34 points, dutch duo Delnooz-Gering third at the same point and Bissaro-De Paoli fourth with 36.

Video of the day
Live tweet

AC45s @San Francisco: Day 4 Live

F18 Italian Nats 2012: Day 2, de Koning-Visser lead

Just one thought , Mischa please make all the BFD now!
By Lamberto Cesari-
Marina di Grosseto, 24/08/2012
Good wind blown at Marina di Grosseto on the second day of the Italian Nationals. Four tough races in 10-12 knots have seen a coming back of the Italian teams, after a first day out of the top positions. Double World champ De Koning-Visser still leading (4-2-1-6 today), followed by defending italian champions Sorrentino-Pennati (1-7-25-4). Third the Omans Al Hadi-Al Hassani and on fourth Bissaro-De Paoli, main competitors for the italian title.
Other bullets for Hemmskerk-Tentij in third race (but BFD in fourth) and young Ferraglia-Stella. Italian fleet is showing big improvements in a competitive fleet, waiting to host the 2013 Worlds in Marina di Grosseto.
Many mixed team waiting for their Nacra 17, with Sorrentino-Pennati (ITA) in 2nd, Delnooz-Gerig (NED) in 5th and Pasolini-Zinn Zinnenberg (AUT) in 12th.

Highlights of the day by Luca Carton
Pictures by Marco Iazzetta
Live tweet
Results and info

Aug 24, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco: Direct Hit by Coutts

He was already far away and without options 2 minutes before the start, this is some tough hit. The Start boat took like nothing, and the AC45 too.
Check the back camera, he is looking for a spot for his windward hull, he just forgot the spare one...

AC45s @San Francisco: Day 3 Live

Moth Worlds 2012 @Garda: Olympic mono for 2020?

Complete results and really good professional made website by the Moth Class

Aug 23, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco Day 2: ARG Pride

Having such a talented & successful sailor representing Argentina at the very top of Sailing like Olympics, Volvo , past Cups and now on this special Cat edition it is a great gift for all us sailing fanatics. The most impressive aspect of this guy, is how humble he is.

Great debut out of the box for Santi and his team, showing like Bundock and Booth did on their own debuts, that this Cup it is a special game beyond all the hours and titles you may have sailing monos or dinghies, you need to put two hulls hours behind as Spithill did, training full schedule with Ashby in the last campaign. I remember seeing some footage and pics on Spithill literraly suffering crewing for Glenn at the F18 Worlds they race together.

Just read what Santiago Lange has to say after scoring a 6, seconds behind Terry and an almost perfect 2nd  behind OS and in front of ARWhite:
“This racing is awesome. It’s the best I’ve ever done in any boat. I’m so happy to be here and it’s really what sailing should be about,” said Artemis Racing’s Santiago Lange, a two-time Olympic bronze medalist in the Tornado class, who is making his debut on the Series. “I’m still getting used to steering while still looking around to see the marks and the boundaries and all the lights, but this is really great racing.”

"Best racing I've ever done in any boat" This speaks a lot for the AC45s series and the AC72 Cup. Be noted that Lange  is mainly a monohull background guy beyond his late multihull campaign. A strong message also for our local and World wide snobs criticizing multihull racing as 2nd rate..

Beyond further results, this is just great news for Artemis, as the Red team will push Hutchinson to a better helm, both crews will get better and the Swede team is building themselves a chance to the Cup.
Full results at
Image Sander Van der Borch/Artemis

F18 Italian Nats 2012: Day 1

Report by Lamberto Cesari-
De Koning-Visser leading the Italian Nationals after two races. Marina di Grosseto, 23/08/2012-
First day of light wind in Marina di Grosseto at the F18 Italian Nationals, and two bullets for 2009 World Champs Coen de Koning & Thijs Visser. Great speed for the dutch duo that has dominated the fleet. Second the Omanis Al Hadi-Al Hassani (3-4) and third the dutch mixed Del Nooz-Gerig (2-9). At fourth the italian defending champions Sorrentino-Pennati, then Ferrari-Canepa and Bissaro-De Paoli.

Many foreign teams from Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, UK, Oman to test the race area of the next F18 Worlds that will take place in Marina di Grosseto in July 2013.

- Highlights of the day by Luca Carton
- Pictures by Marco Iazzetta
- Live tweet twitter/springcupcdv
- Results and info

AC45s @San Francisco: Day 2 Live

AC45s @San Francisco: Hard Pitch by China Team

Having debuting crews for each event is not that good strategy for these toys, mainly on the security aspect for the sailors onboard.
Racing cats above 20knots is not your typical weekend dinghy sailing/racing warrior experience, if you don´t have the hours... think twice before going out. You'll get hurt.

Aug 22, 2012

Artemis AC72 first look at the Dock

Pics: Sander Van der Borch/Artemis. Some nice details visible like the spray rails, 'tiny' bow and forward front beam position. Somehow an extreme design a la Wildcat, it looks  really good, hope it has the error margin Santi spoke of his AC45 ride. Interview review pending by him, Racing the 45s right now...little pressure wont hurt!


AC45s @San Francisco: Practice Race

Images: Giles Martin Raget.

Check helm quotes at I like Santi Lange's comparison with the Tornado, the first thing he spoke off was the margin error of the AC45 against the Tornado. This confirms all my guesses on how that error margin I always mention as an outside viewer is key beyond the size of the cat for venues like SF: "On racing the AC45 compared to the Tornado catamaran:

“The main thing is the different style of racing. Compared to the Olympic Games this is more like a medal race, short courses and a lot of boats. But it’s very similar. From the point of view of stability or digging the bow, I think the AC45 is safer than a Tornado. But it’s a lot harder because there are 5 people on board and it’s very physical for the crew. Altogether it is a lot harder, and the communication and short courses make it a lot harder."

Aug 21, 2012

Swiss A-Class & Tornado Nats 2012

Bob Baier clinchs yet another title, report and more pics pending.
Swiss A-Class website.
A-Class Overall results
1- Bob Baier
2- Paolo Penco
3- Matthias Dietz

A-Class Swiss podium
1- Sergio Vela
2- Benjamin Oudot
3- Hervé du Bois
Tornado Final Results:
In the Tornado Class Veit Hemmeter took the title with a clean race, 2nd place JeanMarc Cuanillon, 3rd for Martin Rusterholz and Marc Baier. Images Felix Egner.

Aug 20, 2012

Nacra 17 : Rio 2016 Olympic Cat

Images: Marco Iazzeta. Full gallery at Full report to come later at  Vela e --
Lots of searches during the London Olympic Games for "Nacra 17" or "Olympic Cat", many didn´t knew we weren´t there this time. But Rio will see the full comeback of cats to Olympic Sailing.
If Sailing as a sport will remain at the Games is another story, although the re introduction of cats will benefit Sailing case, along Kites and boards (if they stay).

Top Italian sailors, Lamberto Cesari & Silvia Sicouri went to test the  Nacra 17 for / Vela e Motore mags. Marco Iazzetta was there to take pics and film the whole thing.

Lamberto told me he liked the boat, that is challenging to sail (just look the liftoff image below) and the that dinghy/monohull sailors will catch up fast. How about Robert Scheidt on one??
The mainsheet loads are similar to the F18, as the overall dimension,  the key differential factor are: Weight, Carbon mast and mainly curved daggers.

The Spi a little smaller, 18,5m2 vs 21m2  to accommodate mixed sailing. Glad to know that Lamberto like the ride, as it is a good sign after the trials. I liked the concept since the cads, but honestly didn´t thought that Nacra was going to reach on schedule for Santander on a good shape.
Indeed they have an issue on the carbon mast there, but the rest went smooth as it was the main choice of the testers. Of what I'm seeing I would change the rudders/tiller rubber bars connection and use a more solid and sensitive/responsive and firm joint like the Wildcat/Tornado system.

For the rest it looks like a Weapon, some ordered already here in BA, so I will test it sooner or later.

The challenge now will be taking full advantage of the lightweight/carbon/curved foils combo. It seems having the boat asap it is a must to master the boat tendency to liftoff due to its powerful conf designed by Pete Melvin and MorrelliMelvin design team along with Vink/Larsen and the Nacra squad.
Check the size of the curved daggers below. The AC72 are going S, L foil conf and they will have this type of lift, the great diff is that they will have additional control with T rudders like ETNZ AC72 (or maybe L too).

Full specs for the Nacra 17 as per ISAF distributed Docs are:
- Lenght 5,25mts
- Width 2,59mts
- Mast 9,10 - Carbon
- Main Area 16,25m2
- Jib Area 4,0m2
- Spi Area 18,5m2
- Total Weight 142kgs

We have a promising platform, trials controversy is over, the boat looks good. Time to train for Rio 2016.

AC45s Training @San Francisco: Carnage I

I Remember one of the first articles on the AC45s remarking that experience and control would prevail over technology in a place like SF. I wrote again on Friday, this weekend the Bay showed its power.
Playing the extra lift game in +20knots not searching (and forbidden or addressed by AC72 rules) a full hydrofoil is gambling for a Poker match. Some of these solutions are also to maintain the bow up and gaining stability while reducing wetted surface but my guess there is no technology on earth right now to replace an experienced crew racing a bullet proof high wind design a la Infusion no matter its size/scale. Images Giles Martin-Raget. Story at

Aug 17, 2012

AC45s @San Francisco: Training for the Real Thing

Image Above: Gilles Martin-Raget, One of the best images taken so far on this new Era. Centuries of evolution in one shot. And that guy  didn´t saw the 72s yet...
SF is going to get nasty for the 45s & the big ones. So much power and development for a venue you could race with a standard AC45 conf on an 72 and win the same. To me the new 'semi-foiling' solutions a la Fischer Mayfly to reduce wetted surface and extra lift without being a full hydrofoil platform are not yet that proven to sail in the +30-40knot range, control being key as I said from day one. Imagine now with the added power.
Like it's happening with the F20c since launched, a cat not even designed to 'semi-foil' , I think they will have some unexpected power lifts,  beyond any added control technique they might have thought of, Luna Rossa's SL33 is a proof of that.(I have info on other team scary moments too)

Whichever the case this is going to be an amazing Cup, and I'll be there next year to watch it Live.
All images Gilles Martin-Raget.
Below check video by local Jeremy Leonard from SurfCityRacing/ where you can see BAR Racing going not that smooth downwind.

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