Jul 31, 2012

Costarmoricaine Raid 2012

F18 Youth WChamps, Charles Hainneville & David Fanouillere won the French Raid Nats at Erquy. Expect more from them at LA. News on Charles AC45Youth team later.Images CVBESelection on FB.

Top ten below, Full Results here.

NED F18: WestlandCup 2012

 All Photos Marc Mes.

ETNZ AC72 First Sail

Photo: Chris Cameron. Some tow in made previously but finally they set full Wing. Report at Emirates Team New Zealand BlogBow trimmed up as designed, want to see how it reacts to +20 gusts, its going to be interesting to see if this concept is used by others.

8.5mts Class, RNZYS Winter Series Video

Good video to see how these multis ride, including Dirty Deeds, featured once. This is what all will need to sail here in a few years as the river is geting dry, although the learning curve will be steep. Maybe Tris will catch better.
One Multi 23 has been imported and a small cruising cat project is on the table too, the 'Castero', by local designer Sebastian Mazza, and local F18 sailor Lucas Gonzalez Smith.

Jul 30, 2012

Formula 16 Europeans: August 5-10, 2012

Formula 16 Euro Challenge  2012
Gravedona e Uniti  - Como Lake, Italy
5 to 10 August 2012

Jul 26, 2012

F18 Worlds 2012: Early entry also ends August 1st

Photo: Jeremy Leonard/SurfCityRacing - F18 North Americans 2009 @ABYC.
Save 150usd from the entry fee registering previous August 1st. us350 now, us500 later.

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. NOR posted previously here
Online registation & More info at http://www.abyc.org/event.cfm?id=378

All the top Guns confirmed: Bundock, Heemskerk, Brouwer (Bid 2012), Backes, Styles (Dark Horse 2012), Larsen, Bissaro (for France???). 93 Already in and I know of some french Aus and Us sailor still missing. Also Coen deKoning-Thijs Visser , I think they are going too. Oracle Design Team member, Mike Drummond is going too, maybe with a scaled AC72 hull for testing as he did (I guess) with an A in NZ?..

Check who is going at http://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registrant_list.php?regatta_id=5255&custom_report_id=66

Jul 25, 2012

A-Class Worlds 2012: Early entry till August 1st

By Ben Moon - 2012 A Cat Worlds in Islamorada, Florida
A Cat sailors, with three months remaining before the start of the 2012 world championships we have just received the 87th entry. Thank you to those who have entered early. Please note your name will not appear on the Worlds’ website unless you have paid.

For early entry discount time is running out! Registration is currently $285.00 USD and will increase to $435 USD on August 1st at 12.01am USA EDT.IMPORTANT You must pay as well as register prior to the August 1st deadline to be eligible for the $285 USD entry fee.

Save the $150 for A Cat gear and get registered and paid before August 1st !
If you have any questions, email aclasscatusa(at)gmail com

Andy Irons. July 24, 1978-Nov 2, 2010

If you think I'm a catsailing nuts fanatic, you should see me as a kid with surfing.
The only reason I have a Catsailng site is cause BA has a huge open Rio de la Plata near by instead of an ocean. Although the rowing, wakeboarding, windsurfing & F18 Spi runs compensate a little for us when not travelling for waves or snow.

Today seeing some JBay footage I remembered Andy Irons, then I checked his bio and he was born July 24 1978, so he would have been 34 just yesterday.

You need talent to school Slater, and Irons had it, one of those deaths that hit you strong and makes you appreciate every day God gives you.
Great image Tribute by Photographer Brian Bielmann .

Tube image by Pat Stacey/Surfermag.com

New SIG 60

Same design concept as the SIG45. Note the fine bow entry lines, but compensated with a high freeboard. Interesting to look again as even cruiser cats have evolved to wave piercers. To  see diff between both concepts check wp explained. VPLP design, for more info check lebreton-yachts.com

Jul 24, 2012

Windsurf, ISAF & Olympics: Get a Clue

Here we go again....I didn´t want to report this after more detail, now it seems they are analyzing Kite for men and keep Windsurf for women....
Some people at ISAF meetings are needing a special 'compass' to make their key decisions and votes.
Of course I once said that future classes are going to be: - Multihull (F18, F16 women, A-Class), 49er, Moth , Kite, Board, Devoti One..!

But it is a surrealistic scenario hearing some talking about "grass roots, sport development, emerging countries, local fleets and so on, and then these same people votes out one of the major youth programs world wide. Which is the big picture here? 1 step forward with Multis/Kites in and 2 backwards?

Catamaran used Market

Many people asking and searching in forums to enter the multihull world. The high exposition we are having with the AC is helping sailors to start turning their heads to multis in gral.
And a good way to start is to get a good deal on the used market, these sales also push new acquisitions of previous owners going for the 2012 model.

BNR Watersports have more than 100 hundreds boats published. Check for yours at http://www.bnrwatersport.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=39&Itemid=4

DNA has published a gral A market site too at http://www.a-catmarket.eu/boats/

Jul 23, 2012

SL16: ISAF Youth Worlds Final Results

I posted this pic of Henri Demaesmaker with Bundy last year. Bundy twitted then: "Today I sailed with Henri Demesmaeker the 2020 Gold Medallist.. remember this tweet!! " Henri and Philip Hendrickx ended 4th really close to the top, 4 points behind the 2nd. The British crew got the Gold 20pts ahead. Good to have these kids racing and having fun on the SL16. We didn´t have crews from Arg, we will try to get some for next year. Results below. Photos: David Branigan/ ISAF. Gallery at CSN Fcbk.

Jul 22, 2012

ETNZ AC72: Trickle UP

Left, still from a Sail-World video and report. This is really a case of upwards influence from the beachcats to the elite  big cats. The Cirrus R is currently the most extreme and radical design in the F18 fleet. The Nacra 17 was MM bid for the Games and took the spot. Photos CirrusUsa & Pierrick Contin

The Cirrus has prove to be a performer wining the Eurocat 2011 and being 2nd at Balaton. Also continues good performance from Heemskerk-Tentij and Casey-Tebo in the US.

Jul 20, 2012

ETNZ AC72 Launch

Extreme rocker at the bow a la Exploder F18 and recently the Cirrus R. These lines weren´t clear on land. I  remember seeing a downwind video of an F18 going intense pitch motion with a similar shape, this is another ball game, another scale but for SF I would play safe as speed will be there on conditions only. Remember how I didn´t like Alinghi 5 bow, and it showed at Valencia with some scary pitchs, although waves at SF will be different.
But I also thought the same for USA new amas and the AC45 and they worked quite well.
We'll whichever the case, the lines look extreme.

Check Pete Melvin (curently in NZ)  Q&A by Jeremy Leonard at SailRevolution.com done while assembling the beast.

Also daggers now visible, straight ones at this time, they have 10 choices through the entire campaign.
Video posted at SA Forums

Jul 19, 2012

Learning to Fly II: Flying Phantom Project

As we informed when it was launched here in CSN, this project was aimed to the Olympics. Based on Martin Fischer work to generate more lift and reduce wetted surface applied on his A-Class at Noumea, and later on the Mayfly.

The great difference with this solution is  that it is Not an 100% hydrofoil schema. That is ""easy"" to achieve as demonstrated by several other beachcat projects.
The Hard part here is having a platform capable to course race one on one against current top performance beachcats.

Jul 18, 2012

ETNZ AC72: Wing Step Video

Nothing radical at first glance, only detail is a super flat bottom section at the bow, and I think is the way to go aiming to unknown territory, that being a Winged 72 feet Cat, course Racing 40knots at San Francisco.
I see Alinghi5, AC45, SL33, USA 17 Tri, BPV, Nacra F20c...
- Alinghi 5 wire structural solution
- Elevated beam/tramp platform.
- USA 17/Banque Populaire V style hulls merged with AC45 and MM designs (F20C, SL33)

Reference links to compare.

What we can´t see here yet, is the foil solution to be used.
I have the feedback of many world class designers, and beyond the lack of a wing the great issue with Alinghi5 was their perfect scale of an A-Class hull. That was evident
on a extreme pitching motion at Valencia, that platform couldn´t manage that power.
But this is a new generation hull shape, well proven at Ocean racing (BPV) and smaller cats, even the AC45 that served as a testing bed for all teams.

Can´t comment much on the Wing, but it seems quite ""standard"" too. Will ask Steve Clark for feedback.
The Emirates Team New Zealand Design team has some brains:

- Steve Killing (Little AC winning designs)
- Luc Dubois (Former Alinghi, 3DL inventor, and great A-Class sailor)
- Pete Melvin (MM... US1, SL33, Nacras F20c/17/Inf....)
- Gino Morrelli (MM...
US1, SL33, Nacras F20c/17/Inf...)

I asked Glenn Ashby if he was going to do F18/A-Class Worlds and he say he was full on the AC72 launch, maybe he'll attend the As, hope he can go to LA too.
You can´t go wrong with this AC72. The Barker/Ashby combo and their team will push this beast to the limits.

1st AC72. New Zealand's Power Beast Unveiled

Photo: Chris Cameron/ETNZ - Design by the ETNZ Design Team . More images at http://etnzblog.com/#!2012/07/ac72-emerges-form-the-shadows-for-the-big-night
More info and details later.
I've thought designed by MM, but it seems they are part of a bigger design team at ETNZ.

Jul 17, 2012

UK, 25th East Coast Pier Race

Report sent by Andrew Dowley

Eastcoastpiersrace.com 25th East Coast Piers Race Sponsored by Wildwind Sailing Holidays.
74 boats attended this year East Coast Piers Race sponsored by Wildwind at Marconi Sailing Club. The race is organised by Marconi Sailing Club to raise money for The Cirdan Sailing Trust and the Essex Air Ambulance.

Rain and light winds greeted competitors on Saturday but thankfully Sunday saw excellent conditions with a perfect breeze and plenty of sunshine for the main events.
With this year being the 25th East Coast Piers Race, the organising team decided to open the shorter Colne Point race up to fast dinghies with a PY of 917 or faster. This attracted 7 dinghies from a variety of fleets.

Two races were scheduled for Saturday with race officer Mike Turner setting two medium distance races so the competitors could become familiar with the river. The first course was to Bradwell baffle and back. A late wind shift before the start of the race lead to a downwind start and a car park at the first mark, the late starters got lucky taking a wide berth around and to the front of the fleet. The end of the race finished in style with a squall coming through the race course for the last 5 minutes knocking some boats straight over. 

A-Class Europeans 2012: Vision camp Wrapup

Sent by Hans Klok -Catamaranparts.nl
Analysing the A-class Vision after the EC 2012 at Lake Garda, Italy.

"The Vision sailed into the top ranks at the EC and the basis for this great result was analysed which underlined what we hoped to find in the design stage. After the fine tuning done in the first year of its existence the Vision’s potential was shown in the German Championship with a 2nd place in light conditions and a 1st place in the French Nationals with more wind and high waves at La Rochelle leading up to this event.

The Vision was having good speed upwind in all conditions and was a treat downwind. It allows you to have a wider choice of sailing. Of the starting line you can accelerate in a straight line, you hardly ever have to bear away to pick up speed and then to start pointing. This gives you an obvious advantage. After that you can go for speed or height. The balance of the Vision is very good on the curved boards.
Tacking and gybing is very easy and quick in all wind conditions. And again the acceleration out of these manoeuvres gives an extra edge.

A-Class Europeans 2012: Brad Collet's review

Brad had really bad luck on a hit, after winning two races the previous day. A pity as it would have been an interesting match for the crown with Landy and Chris.

Report by Brad Collet .Sent by Dominik Scheurer
"I arrived 2 days before the even not having any expectation on doing as well as I did as I have not sailed an A Class since Christmas. Lake Garda has been a dream of mine to sail for a long time & when Andy &
Dominik from Scheurer offered me a boat to sail I could not resist. Landenberger sails & FiberFoam supplied me with an extremely fast rig, & I thank them all for this opportunity.

Prior to the stat of the Euros I managed to sail for a few hours to get on the pace. Going into the first race I was not to sure how I was going but new to be up the front you had to have good speed. You had to get good starts & hit the cliffs to get the good breeze.
There were a lot of soft patches all over the course so you had to make sure you stayed on the outside lanes. Every race the boat was getting faster & faster & before to long I was one of the fastest boats on the course getting good starts & getting clean air was the key. You had to find a good line on the start, tack on to port & hit the Cliff fast.

Jul 16, 2012

Hydroptere: Learning to Fly

ISAF Youth Worlds 2012

More info later , pics and results from ISAF Youth Worlds

Cty Helm Crew Rank R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
GBR Rupert WHITE Tom BRITZ 1st -7 2 1 1 2 13 6
AUS Paul DARMANIN Lucy COPELAND 2nd 1 3 4 2 -6 16 10
BEL Henri DEMESMAEKER Philip HENDRICKX 3rd 3 1 3 -8 3 18 10
NZL Gemma JONES Tomer SIMHONY 4th -12 4 5 5 1 27 15
BRA Martin Manzoil LOWY Kim VIDAL 5th 2 5 -7 6 7 27 20
FRA Antoine DIJOU Guillaume LECROQ 7th 11 9 2 3 -12 37 25
ITA Andrea MARTINELLI Viola MONACI 8th -13 7 11 11 5 47 34
ESP Pau DENGRA Jordi BOOTH 9th 4 -13 10 12 9 48 35
IRL Alexander RUMBALL Rory MCSTAY 10th 8 10 -15 7 10 50 35
RSA Brent HAYWARD Tyronne HAMMICK 11th 6 11 9 10 -13 49 36
USA Jeremy HERRIN Sam ARMINGTON 12th -15 12 8 9 8 52 37
POR Pedro ROQUE Pedro COSTA 13th 5 8 13 (DNF) 14 56 40
NOR Anne Sophie TJOM Tobias TJOM 14th 10 -14 14 14 11 63 49
OMA Mohammed AL WAHAIBI Marwan AL JABRI 15th 14 (DNF) 12 13 15 70 54

MOD70 Krys Ocean Race: Guichard 1st

Photos: MOD70 SA/ Thierry Martinez /Benoit Stichelbault

Guichard having a nice training for the AC72, if Energy finally enters.... more info at krys-oceanrace.com
1- Spindrift Racing Yann Guichard Winner 4d 21h 08m 37s
2- Edmond De Rothschild Sébastien Josse + 1h 11m 12s
3- Foncia Michel Desjoyeaux + 1h 39m 20s
4- Musandam-Oman Sail Sidney Gavignet + 9h 56m 59s
5- Race For Water Stève Ravussin + 1d 19h 23m

Jul 12, 2012

Formula 18. Dervio Team Race: Video & Report

Dervio Team Race _Eng from FilMotion // Luca Carton on Vimeo.
Mischa de Munck started this format with some friends last year. Lamberto Cesari attended to the 2012 edition and organized later one of his own at Dervio. A format that sailors seem to like and that is catching up. Congrats to Lamberto, ex rider for team Hobie Italy, now helping to promote the sport. Quite good edition on the video and reporting  with eng subtitles. More images at CSN Fbck.
Images by Camilla Battaini & Enrico Bergamini.  Gallery
Video: by Luca Carton -FILMOTION
By Lamberto Cesari - Dervio Team Race Press Release:
"Great show at the 1st Dervio Teamrace on F18 Catamarans: the format tested at the Bolster Knockout worked out well in Italy (two against two regatta in a digital-N course, and the team with the last boat on the finish line loses) showing that sailing can be spectacular and close to the public.
The spectators in Dervio enjoyed great team racing moves, since all the races were uncertain till the last meters.
The championship was made of two semi-finals (Team White vs team Black , Team Red vs Team Blue), where the team winning two races had access to the final. Both semi-finals has been so tough that were decided in the third race, giving Team White (Bissaro-De Paoli, Viganó-Viganó) the chance to win the final over Team Blue (Saragoni-Filippi -former LAC sailors- Mazzucchi-De Lorenzi).
Good to see italian youth talents in the final (Viganò twins are 21 and Mazzucchi is 23), fighting with experienced sailors like Vittorio Bissaro (25, 3rd at Balaton Worlds last year) and Luca Saragoni (LAC finalist in 2003-2005).
Everybody (sailors, spectators and jury) was enthusiastic about the format, and is asking for the next one. Why don´t we start thinking of a European Tour beside the biggest F18 races?"


Jul 11, 2012

Falcon Marine F18, 1st pics.

Good to see projects coming to reality. When Matt McDonald told me he was going to design and build an F18 I was quite pleased to know that North America will have again a local made alternative. Thus reducing at first glance import costs, and providing also local support. Click images to enlarge.
The experience Matt has with the F16 Falcon was key to decide to rent a boat without even being tested at the moment. And after receiving these 'spy' pics I'm even more confident on a really good platform. Right now first boats are being assembled to be delivered at LA, full working hours at the Falcon Marine yard
I will do a full report onsite with Matt in September. Later more pics of the entire platform when ready.
Good volume, nice lines, just a Smooth ride for LA!

Raid Revenge 2012: Short by Katla Studios & images by Love Strandell

Video by katlastudios.com & Images by Love Strandell work at lovestrandell.com
Check more images at CSN Fb.
Great Nordic raid, attracting all for the good times and scenery, high quality images by Strandell also helps!
Check results and report on this previous post

F18 German Season

Left: Gosche/Pegel on their Hobie Wildcat lead German ranking 2012 after Kieler-Woche.

More boats, more alternatives for sailors. The German fleet gathers oldies like a Hawk, or the Tiger with the latest  designs like Cirrus or Phantom.
Next event is Travemunde Week, for more info check www.formula-18.de.
Thanks to Rainer Damm / catig.jimdo.com for the info and images from Monique Petersen & Michael Achtermann