Jun 28, 2012

A-Class Europeans 2012: Andrew Landenberger 1st

All images All Photos Roberto Vuilleumier /Promovideo.tv | 600 Images Here Selected Gallery at CSN FCBK
--Landy is Back. An excellent championship for him after being out for a while without even being able to walk! Great event for the A-Class Association too, organized by Circolo Vela Arco. The top three were close, Chris Field only lost his chances on race 8, and Brad suffered a collision that left him out for the last 3. He was finally re dressed and ended 3rd, leaving Scott Anderson 4th after 3 last consecutive 2nd places.

As per the reports they had the full range of winds, so it was a truly competitive event with Landy performing   in every condition.
In the final races bullets for Ben Moon and Brewin that peaked early, maybe getting used to his new mast.
Mischa Heemskerk only lacked consistency as he managed several top ten results. I think some A sailors need to return favors and participate on the F18 too making sinergy between both classes.

AC45s @Newport: Day 1

"Live" transmission was not good, you had a delay fleet race while they were racing the matches and at the same time they were reporting Live in Twitter MR results, 2 minutes later they broadcast those same duels, worth little to watch being informed of their results minutes ago beyond some good action going.

Match Racing SemiFinals Schedule:
ORACLE TEAM USA Spithill vs Artemis Racing
ORACLE TEAM USA Coutts vs Luna Rossa Piranha

Fleet Race One, Provisional Results:
3. Luna Rossa Piranha
4. Artemis Racing
5. Energy Team
6. Emirates Team New Zealand
7. Luna Rossa Swordfish
8. Team Korea

AC45s @Newport: Dean's Touch & Go...

Sequence Guilain Grenier - Click for hq.

A-Class Europeans @Garda: Day 4, Landy secures lead with 1 to spare

All images All Photos Roberto Vuilleumier / Promovideo.tv | 600 Images Here

1st Dervio Team Race: June 30, 2012

A new format that is catching up some popularity, initiated by Mischa de Munck. Now Lamberto Cesari is organizing one at home. --- 
30th of June. Dervio Teamrace to raise founding for the damage of the earthquake in Emilia,Italy  last month.

Same format of the Bolster Knockout, and we are developing Sailing instructions together with ISAF umpires. The goal is to develop an official "format" for F18 Teamraces.
Among the partecipants Vittorio Bissaro, Silvia Sicouri, Vincenzo Sorrentino (former Tornado sailor).

Jun 27, 2012

Raid Revenge 2012: Report & Images

All Photos by Love Strandell This Raid is getting bigger every year, and the Nordic Archipelago scenery is just too good to give it a try.
Report by Petter Karlberg
Raid Revenge 2012, 3rd Ed, another success. raidrevenge.com
This year's Raid Revenge offered a more than all-star line-up and far exceeded our expectations.
Last in and with only a week to the start, Darren Bundock, reigning F18 World Champion with Jeroen van Leeuwen (and reigning Raid Revenge champions), got a gap in his America's Cup schedule and was keen to participate again. This added to our already surreal line-up which also included the current world two team of Mischa Heemskerk and Bastian Tentij.

World champion in the Tornado Lordanis `Dani´ Paschalidis participated for the second consecutive year with Swede Gustaf Dyrsen. When I told Dani that it was great that he had come back again I got the answer with a warm voice, "Petter... I will always come to Raid Revenge as long as it exists".

Carolijn Brouwer sailed with our beloved bearded `Raid Uncle´ Thomas Ekefalk (reigning Swedish Champion with Magnus Lövdén). Carolijn has competed in three Olympic Games, sailed the Volvo Ocean Race and recently made history when she became the first women to win Round Texel (35th Edition).

Our neighbours in Norway were well represented by Nordic Champion & Olympic medalist Ole-Petter Pollen who sailed with Paul Kirkebø.

The weekend offered ideal conditions with good breezes by day and fine sunny evenings for dinners, relaxation and saunas. We could not have asked for more as the overall feeling was great when we arrived in port on Sunday after the 150-200 nautical miles over the three days and 21 hours solid racing in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago!

Day 1:
The start on Friday was scheduled for 10:30 but was delayed by one hour while waiting for the wind.
But the wind came and built up to become a steady and smooth double trapezing all the way down to Rånö, this year's base camp.
During our progress so we got an unexpected obstacle on the course, a submarine that seemed less thrilled to get 25 F18’s tacking back and fourth around him. But we appreciated the meeting, except that it was a little in the way perhaps..
Tim Shuwalow with Charlie Begemann nailed both of Friday's stages and I think the term `underdog´ could be used in the context of a very formidable line-up to say the least. We know that Tim is faster than the wind normally, and accompanied by Charlie (3rd at Dutch Open 2012) proved to be faster than both the top 2 in the world and various Olympic medalists as well.
Once at the Rånö there was a great BBQ dinner and `bar´ and the beautiful evening was enjoyed with good friends. A perfect start to a perfect weekend.

Day 2:
Saturday started with wind and rain, grey skies continued with a steady 12-16 knots – simply super raid conditions.
Mysingen offered good waves and comfortable surfing conditions, wonderful!
The big challenge was a shortcut that most could not resist and unfortunately ended with 10 daggerboards and a boat being broken which unfortunately had to retire from the race after their dagger boards went back into the hull .

FIN 36 with Mikko and Matti Nieminen got help to get their boat to the mainland and later joined everyone again in the evening for dinner and excitedly said "we'll be back next year, without a doubt"!
After a lunch stop on the water at Nynäshamn the second leg of the day got underway with the first of only two waypoints to north of Muskö.

With special permission for the international teams to enter a passage categorized as military zone past the Muskö Navy Base there was a tricky choice - either a far shorter inshore route past past the base or the longer leg out on Mysingen in stronger undisturbed wind.

Robert Albinsson, my dear soulmate and crew and I chose the outer road and it was a fabulous long lovely reach with daggerboards howling in all different octaves, standing on the back double trapezing with more than 20 knots speed at times with increasingly difficult waves that added a little extra adrenaline to the experience.

When hanging off the back of the boat in trapeze flying and everything just howling I was struck that there is a very special sense of well being and you feel that you’re really living 100% in the present, a super boost for the soul, the meaning of life..
It turned out that the longer leg was the fastest, and I suspect that it was the most fun choice too!
Saturday's first leg was nailed again by Tim and Charlie and the 2nd leg by Darren and Jeroen.

The position at the top leaderboard after Day 2 was:
Tim Shuwalow / Charlie Begemann 7 points (with 3 bullets from 4 races!)
Darren Bundock / Jeroen van Leeuwen 9 points
Carolijn Brouwer / Thomas Ekefalk 14 points
Mischa Heemskerk / Bastiaan Tentij 16 points

Once in port again some teams set to work repairing clipped dagger boards and various other things.
After the work was done it was time for a sauna in the beautiful setting sun and a well deserved beer, total harmony, happiness, and then a very welcome dinner enjoyed whole heartedly by all. According to information the happy sailors consumed over 30 kilos of meat, about half a kilo per person!

They were all pretty worn out but very happy and satisfied after today's demanding conditions so the evening was quiet for most people as it was a priority to rest and gather strength for Sunday's strong wind forecast. It emerged during Saturday evening that winds were to be 22-28 knots and increasing to 16-30 and it felt like maybe we could be blown away.

Day 3:
On Sunday morning the wind reports were reduced to moderate wind and it looked like it might break up and be sunny later in the day with a little more pressure, like a dream!
In fog and what turned out to be light wind we started and the field spread out all over Mysningen pretty quickly with everyone seeking more pressure.

Sailing close to the left on the edge of Muskö proved to be beneficial and the boats that did started to pull away. We felt it was pretty hard to be on the right at the time, in less pressure and it was a long way over there and the leaders began to disappear off into the fog.

Once over to the `right´ side and with 200% focus we began to advance in the field to our great joy.
Incidentally, at one point in the past I did a week’s training with Helge Sachs (GER), because I thought I would try to improve my sailing skills. What I remember the most from the week was Helge's rock-hard German urging, “Petter! YOU ARE NOT focusing!” For the first time in recent years, I felt that I really focused

WITHOUT having the voice of Helge speaking in my head!
After that we sailed around the southern end of Ornö and the wind picked up so we found ourselves again on a lovely long reach with howling dagger boards to the first stage finish.

During a short lunch break the wind increased slowly but surely picked up and started giving me a little nervous feeling thinking that Saturday's forecast might come true with 26-30, not so much fun and survival sailing.
Just before the start of the 2nd leg the breeze was really strong with small waves building. At least one boat was knocked over on the way down to the starting line and I thought now the key to success is just to stay upright!

But the wind dropped down a bit and it was a super cool long upwind all the way to Saltsjöbaden and the conclusion of our adventure. Once at the finish we all got a warm reception by the happy fans and groupies on the pier, whistles, hand clapping and cheering.
Wow what a weekend!
Tim Shuwalow and Charlie Begemann sailed fantastically consistent and took the victory by a small margin of one point over last year's winners of Raid Revenge, Darren Bundock and Jeroen van Leeuwen.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tim and Charlie, who can now enjoy the great honor and claim of having the prize of a gold Buddha Frog on display. Take good care of it, for now I think stocks are exhausted and we may have to come up with a new prize for next year!
Petter Karlberg

SWE 777

A-Class Europeans @Circolo Vela Arco: Day 3

All images All Photos Roberto Vuilleumier / Promovideo.tv | 600 Images Here

Jun 26, 2012

AC45 Youth Team from Argentina

I always like how the old guard and naysayers get frustrated when they try to debunk natural evolution like cats in the Americas Cup:  "Coutts this , Coutts that", "Cats can´t Match Race", "What whapened with the Youth AC", "Paint is faster"... (ah no that's from other old and non informed guard), "Development kills a class" (Tell that to the 100 sailors at Circolo Vela Arco racing the 2012 Europeans) and  blalbalblabla...

Jun 25, 2012

A-Class Europeans: Day 2

Images by Roberto Vuilleumier / Promovideo.tv

One race completed only today. Landy still leads with another bullet. Great event just looking at the pics. Hey, watch out, as if this class catch up in Arg we will travel en masse! Where is 2013 Worlds?

Equipment analysis is futeless, forget about it, as a Landy told me, there is too much combo around, so the class proving once more that the latest toy wont get you anywhere if you are not up to the highest racing level  of this 100 boat fleet.
I'm wondering why Thilo wants a wing...??? He is third right now and some little bird told me with an old used sail. Oracle design team member, Mike Drummond also racing well (Coutts is calling him for the AC45s?).  When people are going to throw their Lasers away? These machines are simply too good to not be riding one. Congrats to the class for the continuous good work, 100 boats at an European in these times is quite an achievement in this high tech development class.

Some girls also racing. I guess this class in the future in Europe will hold +150 Worlds event like the F18.

1st class pictures by Roberto Vuilleumier/Promovideo.tv  371 Images at http://www.slidebox.it/CircoloVelaArco/Europeo-Classe-A/  
Results and info at www.acateuro2012.ch
Selected pics at Catsailingnews FCBK.

Full Resutls after Day 2 http://www.acateuro2012.ch/dp/sites/default/files/a-class_day_2.pdf

No Sailno
Tot 1 3 3
2 GBR 7 FIELD CHRIS, 10 2 3 5
3 GER 45 KELLER THILO, 23 5 6 12
4 ESP 11 CALAVIA MANUEL, 24 4 17 3
5 AUS 10 COLLETT BRAD, 26 15 5 6
6 GER 14 BAIER BOB, 32 6 10 16
7 AUS 4 BREWIN STEVEN, 32 10 12 10
8 AUS 902 ANDERSON SCOTT, 35 1 14 20
9 NZL 945 DRUMMOND MIKE, 36 24 8 4
10 GER 12 BEIKE DONALD, 41 19 20 2

AC45 Airborne: More images by Guilain Grenier

All Photos Guilain Grenier - Click to enlarge.

F18 Worlds 2012 @Long Beach: Are you Ready?

I don´t know about you, but the ABYC, John Williams along  US and ARG teams are ready, 11 (!?) Argentine teams confirmed and registered... Speaking of commitment, supporting and caring for the Class major events.
To compare, current A-Class Europeans: 100 Boats, F18 2011 Worlds 100 boats.
On International Class matters you'd better think global. Manage your local class affairs at will. In 2016 I think we will hold the Worlds in Buenos Aires.

AC45 Airborne: Ehhh.... Excuse me?????

OK....... http://www.voilesetvoiliers.com/popup/34e-coupe-de-l-america-s-cup-san-francisco-scoop-l-ac45-d-oracle-a-chausse-des-foils/ Photo: Giulain Grenier / Oracle Team USA.

Link sent by Thibault Laudren. We've seen the previous non flying pics and the Viper flying video: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2012/02/ac45s-ahpc-airborne-lfoils.html, but this image is too strong. It's different from an Hydroptere one or any other high complex setup, as we can relate to it, even a small beachcat like the Viper used it, so it is technology at hand. Incredible how stable it looks. Wait for more news on another Flying project soon.....
Check the T foil rudder on the windward side. Right there lies the control and how stable the platform looks.

A-Class: 100 boats @Europeans: Day 1

Photo: Dominik Scheurer. Landy is back after some time on land due to a horse accident in Australia. But now it seems he is riding no problem his Scheurer and his new membrane Maxx mainsail. (to confirm as he was training with several different equipment)
A-Class a mini Worlds, 100 boats limited, yep the class is on crisis...............
Chris Field is racing a Catamaranparts.nl Vision.
Thilo is riding the Wing? So much tobeinformed,  someone should make a report! No pics or additional report available yet:www.acateuro2012.ch/

Full Results http://www.acateuro2012.ch/dp/sites/default/files/files/a-class_day_1.pdf

No Sailno
Tot 1 2
2 GBR 7 FIELD CHRIS, 5 2 3
4 GER 45 KELLER THILO, 11 5 6
5 AUS 902 ANDERSON SCOTT, 15 1 14
6 GER 14 BAIER BOB, 16 6 10
7 AUS 10 COLLETT BRAD, 20 15 5
8 ESP 11 CALAVIA MANUEL, 21 4 17
9 AUS 4 BREWIN STEVEN, 22 10 12
10 USA 11 MOON BEN, 24 11 13

Jun 22, 2012

Hobie 16 North Americans 2012 for Enrique Figueroa

Photos Pressure-drop.us / hcana
Left Quique Figueroa concentrated ... on the AC45! while winning with 10 bullets, this is an instant classic.
More info and pics Hobie Class North America

AC45s Training @Newport

 All Photos. Gilles Martin Raget

Spanish Long Distance Cup 2012

Sent by Adecat--  More info at Catassur.com

Jun 20, 2012

A-Class: Europeans 2012 @Garda, June 22-29

Above, 2012 German Nats movie Produced by Catarina Jentzsch and filmed by Johannes Obermaier, who made the very best sailing short I've seen for the 2011 edition :  http://www.catsailingnews.com/2011/10/class-german-nats-short-film.html
Lake Garda - Arco, June 22nd – 29th 2012

Lets see if Thilo test his wing, Landy will be racing his Membrane main as he is walking again it seems after some accident in Australia.
Top European rider Bob Baier, riding a Nikita, the timeless 2001 design by Nils Bunkenburg, and the 2011 World Champ Steve Brewin will also be there. 100 boats and limited??? Make two fleets guys! Full list at www.acateuro2012.ch/dp/node/21

Jun 18, 2012

CSN Interview: Carolijn Brouwer

Sailing Photo: Astrid Van der Niet. - - I'm trying to figure out which other classes have girls like Carolijn racing 1 on 1 against the elite boys, and I can´t recall a single one. This speaks highly on her but also on the versatility needed to race multihulls, brute force or the supposed superior physical edge for men are not enough, you need finesse to ride multis, and Carolijn is one of our best riders and promoters along Nahid Gaebler, Celine Van Dooren, Audrey Ogerau and all the girls involved in the catracing scene, from H16 to the F20.

Beyond her Olympic Tornado campaign, Winning the Texel was a great achievement,and I also put her as my choice for winning the 2012 Worlds at LA some weeks ago.Needless to say that if she goes to Rio many might be already racing for silver? I can only add that we must expect even more from her in the future.
Texel 2012
- How was winning the Texel for the first time, and in the process marking history for girls at the event.
Carolijn Brouwer:It was an amazing and special day in lots of ways. First of all, a big thank you goes out to the organisation of the event. To postpone the event from Saturday to Sunday was a huge task but they did it and made it happen...impressive.

So, now it was up to us, to go out there and perform. It was the first time Wouter and I were back in the boat together since September last year. I guess the Texel Dutch Open was more like a warming up for the Round Texel on Sunday.

Wouter and I probably don't sail/train as much as we would like to together but when we do sail together, we have fun and there is a very relaxed atmosphere on the boat even though we are both very competitive. Its a very good balance and I guess.... it just clicks.

Obviously we are stoked with this win. Round Texel is the World's biggestcat race and its an honor to have our names engraved on the trophy amongst the greatest names in cat sailing history.

Everyone knows Texel, its an iconic event. We have had so many reactions from all over the world from sailors and non sailors congratulating us, its amazing. Thank you.

As for creating history being the first female to ever win Round Texel?! To be honest I didn't know and I didn't think about it, until someone mentioned it just after we came in on the beach.I go out sailing to win and to enjoy myself, not to mark history but if it happens, of course its great and I hope this will be an inspiration for many young (lady) sailors out there that have a dream.

- Last year you couldn´t even start the Round, what happened?
Last year was a year to forget. It was the first time I was back in the boat after having Kyle earlier that year. I was sailing the Viper with Jeroen van Leeuwen and once again we "used" the Dutch Open as a warming up for the Round, which was necessary as I was very "rusty". Conditions on the day were similar to the conditions during the Dutch Open so it was a good training and we were confident we could do well as we had proved during the races that we could make the Viper go pretty fast.

Unfortunately we were sunk by a Prindle 16 that had no control over its rudders. It landed on our hull and its bow went through our mainsail....race over 25 minutes before it had even started.

This year, we made up for it and last year has been erased from my memory.

- In this 2012 edition you had a good start? or it was close racing with Gunnar and Coen? you led by 2 minutes right?
Our start won us the race. It feels like we had a more than perfect start.

Wouter and I had a clear plan and we stuck to it. We started on the beach side of the line and sailed down close to the coast all the way to the lighthouse.

With about 25 seconds to go, I looked around and remember thinking there were not that many boats around us, a couple just above us. Wouter was checking the line and told me we were still far from the line and we decided to go. I still remember Wouter saying a few seconds before the start:" Don't look back, just send it" and we did.

It was a nice feeling to look back and see the whole fleet so far behind us.

Eventually we slowly saw some bigger boats to our left that had started out at sea but no sight of any other F18s.

I have no idea by how many minutes we led, but we were sailing around by ourselves with a couple of 20s ahead of us and the rest of the fleet well behind us.

For a while we were double trapezing under spinnaker towards the VC mark where its usually very shallow. Wouter told me to stop pushing too hard and

slow down a little bit as we didn't want to take any risks. A wise decision as the first F18 behind us in the distance were the French who looked like they were getting closer but not for long as when we looked back a little later they had hit the ground hard.

All the way around we kept looking back and controlling the fleet but at no stage did we feel threatened of losing the lead on any of the F18s.

Photo: Laurens Morel

- Did you use standard C2 boards? Any new development for the C2 like sails?
The long boards are the standard boards now. Yes we did, but I don't think that matters too much at Texel as you sail with them partly up for most of the time anyway as you are always worried about hitting the bottom.

We are always working closely with Greg and Brett at AHPC to improve the boats where we think there are gains to be made. Last year we made some minor changes to the mainsail and spinnaker which seems to be working very well for everyone. 2013 will see more improvements.

- Are you going to F18 Worlds at LA? Last year you were close to the title at Balaton, your level seems to be rising each year, how long you've been riding with Wouter?
For sure Wouter and I will be in LA at the F18 Worlds. We are very much looking forward to it.

Last year at Balaton, the only training Wouter and I did, was the practice race before the Worlds. To be honest, we didn't expect to do so well, but everything seemed to fall into place. We have a fast boat and the lake conditions at Balaton suited us well.

For a while we were close to leading the Championship, but we didn't feel we deserved to win because we had no preparation or training at all.

At the same time, in the past I have been sailing for 200+ days a year for quite a few years during my Olympic campaigns. However, Last year I sailed a maximum of 20 days all together but everyday was like a present and such a joy to be on the waterracing.

Wouter had started a new job at Procter&Gamble that year and was working very hard.

The time we had on the water was scarce so we enjoyed every minute and made the most of it.

We were not busy getting results, we were busy having fun...the results were the 'result' of having fun.

Wouter and I started sailing together in 2010 at the Worlds in Erquy. I was looking for a strong bigger crew to sail F18 as I myself am not that heavy and I asked Wouter if he wanted to crew for me. Wouter has always been a helm but he picked up the crewing so easily.

I believe this is what makes our combination so strong. Wouter is an extremely talented sailor and has a very good feel for the boat and I think his experience as a helm, makes him an even better crew. He basically feels what I feel on the helm, so we understand each other well and it makes communication on board very easy.

Sailing Background
- Why you decided to leave the monohull 'heaven' for the 'dark side' as many call beachcat racing?
I sailed dinghies all my life. I started sailing the Opti and then the Laser Radial. The Olympics being one of my dreams I changed to 470 to then end up in the Europe dinghy, which I think is a great boat for women.

In 2004 I went to the Athens Games in the Europe dinghy. In November 2003 ISAF removed the Europe from the Olympic programme. It was time for a new and different challenge.

I have no regrets...on the contrary. There is only one problem....once you have changed to cats, there is no way back...

- Which is your message for those who still have pre concepts on racing multis? I have found that all the naysayers have never sailed one for ie
I guess the perception with some is that cat racing is not as tactical. I think the America's Cup change to multi's has proven this perception incorrect and is doing wonders for the image of cat sailing within the sailing community.

Photo: www.Bootinbeeld.nl

- Which class do you think is a good feeder for having more females racing multis?
Naturally I would say Viper as this was the main factor we got involved with AHPC but there are enough smaller cats out there that are perfect for young girls to sail.

- Do we need multi feeder classes in the whole life cycle of the sailor,xor its better for them to start in Optis, then 420 or other and then only cats?
Unfortunately the Dutch federation does not have any youth cat development.

They have a high performance youth squad in 29ers and this is seen as the feeder class for multis.

The French and Belgians on the other hand have a strong history in youth cat sailing and we can see some very talented youth sailors emerging from their successful programs.

- Are we having any other girl helms on the rise? I know about the Sicouri sisters for ie, any other? I'm seeing a lot of Audrey Ogerau now.
For sure there are talented girls out there that are perfect for cat sailing. And I'm sure that with multihull back in the Olympics as a mixed discipline we will see many girls arising in different parts of the world.

Lara and Sylvia Sicouri are a good example. These girls are very talented and have already shown they can perform well on their Viper and Hobie16 at big international events. I hope we will see much more of them in the future.

France has a long history in cat sailing and they have always had a very successful development squad in multis, so for sure we will see many new teams and many talented girls arising. I think with the Olympic boat that has been chosen we will see in the end it will be girls helming and guys crewing. I'm not sure where all these girls will come from as girls are in a luxurious position as there are so many opportunies in Olympic sailing with Laser, 470 and now skiff and Multihull.


- Any comments on those accusing you on "lobbying" for the Olympic Trials? It seems you didn´t lobbied '''hard enough''' as many said it was all fixed before hand...
CB: The people making these accusations obviously think they know me, but they don't know me at all. Their accusations say more about themselves than about me. I think its a lack of respect towards fellow sailors to write these things. In the end it was those making the accusations that were working for their own interests.

I was involved with ISAF well before I started sailing multihulls.

Funnily enough during the period that I was the Tornado class president, nobody complained.

I fought so hard for multihull to get back in the Olympic program and in the end all I got was stabbed in the back. It will be interesting to see who now will defend multihull in ISAF. I have been attending ISAF meetings for eight years and I wonder if people realise how much work is involved with being part of ISAF committees. I spend a lot of my free time doing work for ISAF. Maybe it's time for someone else to step up.

- The weakness of the Viper in my view was somehow not ideal for an Open option in the future.
Open is not an option for the future.
The cat sailing community needs to fight for a Men and Womens spot for the 2020 Olympics.

The main discussion within ISAF is elite vs universality. I guess you could say the N17 is the elite and the Viper is universality.

ISAF obviously sees mixed multihull as an elite event in the Olympics.

- I like the idea of having a 2nd olympic spot in the future, is that possible in your view?
At the ISAF Mid Years meeting last year in St Petersburg, I was invited to speak in the name of the Dutch federation at Council and I supported Men's and Women's multihull and not mixed.

Like I said, I don't think the cat sailing community should consider an Open option. We should fight for two spots. It would be nice to think we could get two spots but reality is we need to fight to maintain a multihull in the Olympics. If the classes were decided again tomorrow I would say multihull would go out again. People don't want to hear this but multihull has not learnt from why we got kicked out in November 2007. Multihull today is by far the weakest Olympic Event. Currently keelboat, windsurfing and matchracing are all out of the Olympic program and will be fighting to regain a spot in the Olympic slate. All three of these are politically strong in ISAF. No doubt multihull is the weakest target. So the lesson learnt from the 2007 decision is multihull needs strong united representation within ISAF and as it stands today we still don't.

- Are you campaigning for Rio ? do you have a Belgian crew already?
NEVER SAY NEVER. At the moment I have a good balance in my life with my sailing, my family and work. I'm not sure I want to turn all this upside down.

Rio is a very special place for me as I spent most of my childhood there. So it would nearly be like a home Olympics for me but I don't think this is enough to base a campaign on.

- Until the N17 fleet take form, the F18 & F16 will be the place to be for those with Olympic goals?
Yes, we have sold a lot of Vipers to mixed teams recently and we are getting a lot of interest in the F16 Euros which are just around the corner.

- Being mom now is harder than the old days, but It is necessary to embark in a super tough campaign now? or racing some races in the F18 circuit among the F16 and the official ISAF events will do?
CB: If I consider doing another Olympic campaign, I would not start straight away and I would not go back to doing 200+ sailing days a year. I have been there and done it and it didn't work for me this way.

I sailed 20 days last year but everyday was like Christmas and this is how it should be. So, I would need to search for a better balance.
Life is also different now, being a mum.

Aus A-Class 2012

- You raced the Australian A-class nats, how was it?
The A class is a great boat! It sort of started as a joke. Jeroen, Darren's crew on F18, spent the Christmas holidays with us in Aus. Both of them had As and were training hard for the Nationals. They would leave the house in the morning to go sailing, come home at 19pm and say "whats for dinner mum?"

I then realised I was doing something wrong and the day before the practice race, the A sailors were running around organising bits and pieces to make a complete boat for me (thanks guys!). I decided to do the practice race and go from there. It was a typical sea breeze day at Wangi blowing 20+ knots

from the NE. I kept the boat upright and in one piece and decided I had qualified to race the whole week.

The A class is a great boat , I was a little (a lot) on the light side but that didn't stop me from enjoying the boat. I didn't have a DNA with curved foils but I had a boat that did the job for me and I had a soft mast and a flat sail.

The A class is one big family and I felt very much at home. There were around 70 competitors and I finished I think 27th or 28th so I was happy.

Next steps beyond the ACat?
I would love to continue racing, but I would struggle to fit it in as life has been pretty busy. I am enjoying sailing the C2 and the Viper but if the opportunity ever comes along again I would be more than happy to jump back on an A.

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Jun 17, 2012

Bol d'Or 2012

Photos Chris Schmid / LadyCat / Artemis / boldormirabaud.com

Not much info available and no record as Alinghi had last year, although is interesting to see how part of Energy Team is racing with LadyCat... Alinghi and Artemis racing the Boldor and the D35 circuit. Last event was won by LadyCat. Photos: Chris Schmid. i bet on an Energy Team funded in the background by the Bertarelli family.

Also I can´t believe how much money and effort are being invested in building "fast" monohulls.

Fast and effcient monohulls are the Volvo Ocean Race ones, those are hardcore boats and sailors...but these foiler and trap monohulls lake racers performance attemps are oxymorons... just invest in building multihulls , you'll get the speed you are looking for in a wider range of conditions.

Monohull images by More info at boldormirabaud.com
Order Time Race Number Sail Boat Helmsman Class
1 10:52:28 907 SUI 7 Realstone Sailing CLERC M1
2 10:59:26 903 SUI 3 de Rham Sotheby's Cardis M1
3 11:37:05 904 SUI 4 Zen Too LE PEUTREC M1
4 11:41:31 901 SUI 1 Alinghi 1 Bertarelli M1
5 11:49:24 910 SUI 10 Ladycat Bertarelli M1
6 11:49:48 908 SUI 8 Romandie.com MOURA M1
8 12:08:59 902 SUI 2 Okalys-Corum Grange M1
9 12:25:21 921 SUI 10 KSR PFISTER M2
10 12:31:42 934 SUI 17 Team Tilt SCHNEITER M2

GT300 Raid for John Casey & Dalton Tebo

www.gt300.com20 hours of racing in four stages at the last of  the main coastal events in USA after the Worrell and the Tybee 500 were gone. But the GT300 is holding strong after 10 years.
Photos Steve Piche / GT300.com
Image Gallery here. - Legs results here
Read their report below:

PBoat NameHelmCrewCBoatRtgElapsedCorrectedBCE
1CIRRUS R USACASEYTEBOF18CIRRUS.62420:46:061:9:16:5700:00:00
22WIRESAILINGTOMKOBILLINGSF18AHPC C2.62421:18:231:10:08:4100:32:17
3SAILBOAT SHOPROHRERHOLTF18TIGER.62422:36:271:12:13:4801:50:21


GT 300 - Last Leg Top 10 List -  www.gt300.com
Ten years of sailing the Great Texas and I officially declare yesterday’s leg the craziest ever! So, we have lots to cover in this top 10 list. Enjoy!

1. Pressure Outside: So how did John Casey pull off the big win yesterday? After we got out on the course, we had pretty good wind for a spin reaching at first but it only lasted about 10 minutes. When it died down, JC saw Lee Wicklund running good speed a little further out. He also saw a cell up in front and offshore. He decided to head out and get in the pressure with Lee and head for the cell. John was closer to the shore and ahead but got trapped on-shore with the light wind and could not match JC’s move. JC, Lee and Mike Rohrer got hooked up in the pressure outside and rode it to a big lead as everyone else dogged it in light wind.