May 28, 2012

F18, 'Armada Argentina' cup 2012 : Smith-Heuser 1st

All image by Jorge Cousillas /  . More at CSN fcbk.
Our season never ends... more racing here as Europe is starting their season.
The 2011 Texel 'Power Crew',  Cruz Gonzalez Smith and Mariano Heuser on their Inf MKII got back from their 5th place in last event to win an excellent championship towards their trip to Texel/Nacra Worlds.
Sergio Mehl/Juan Benitez were second on a brand new Phantom. Good initial performance although some more time is due specially in really light weather.
3rd (to coinfirm on a protest against Blando, full results pending to publish)  for Ian Rodger/Gaston Terrab on C2. Blando/Aragonés 4th on Wildcat and 5th for Juan Pablo Sucic/Copani , on Inf MK1.Really good performance for them with so little time on the class and coming from monohull racing.

Last photo below:  We also had Alejo Rigoni, last J24 World Champ sailing quite well for a 'rookie'.

All weather conditions were raced, from 4 to 17 knots, flat and chop. Good training towards LA Worlds in September.

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