May 30, 2012

A-Class @Rheindelta YC: Sacha Wallmer 1st after 6 races

Sacha Wallmer first after 6 races at the Rheindelta Yacht Club Euro-Cup. Followed by Bob Baier and Matthias Dietz. The event has concluded but I don´t have a confirmation on final results or additional races.
Full results:
I'm going 40 this year, and every time I see Matthias performing, I just say to myself, well I have at least 20 years more sailing these things, so lots of hours to keep improving.

Check Sacha new Landenberger main. Already used for a while by North and others, first for Landenberger in the A-Class. No cuts, no seems thus weight saving and a better 3d shape.
More info later with Landy, that has just arrived to Europe. Click image bor better q.

Current Top 3 equipment:
1st Sascha Wallmer (LOD Membrane/Fiberfoam/Scheurer)
2nd Bob Baier (Ashby/Fiberfoam/Nikita)
3rd Matthias Dietz (LOD Maxx/Fiberfoam/Nikita).

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