May 17, 2012

AC45s @Venice: Loick 'de' Peyron, Multihull Lodge Grand Master

Someone give these guys an AC72, cause if not, the actual winner in 2013 might not be the best team. Perfect conditions today in Venice, Energy socred 3 & 1, and then bet Bundock/Coutts 2-0 on the match race.

This edition ACup 'Dark' Horses, are by far the smoothest team, growing momentum since day one and with two 1st class helms (Peyron - Guichard)  and a great crew, I have the image of the French rugby team forwards, tight and efficient pack, rugby champagne, well this team without a doubt is Champagne Cat Racing.
 Many posts on Energy and Loick here, high respect for their attitude and their sailing.
Round the globe? I'm the fastest .  Course racing on winged ac45 cats? No problem, I'm the fastest.
Loick needs to attend Formula 18 Worlds at LA in Semptember with his team member, Arnaud Jarlegan , grab that title too.
 Above , Loick celebrating like if he was holding the 'Gran Maestre' scepter.

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Fleet Racing Championship – Provisional Results (after two races)
1. Energy Team…18 points
2. Luna Rossa Swordfish…16 points
3. Team Korea…15 points
4. Emirates Team New Zealand…13 points
5. Artemis Racing…13 points
6. Luna Rossa Piranha…12 points
7. ORACLE TEAM USA Spithill…10 points
8. ORACLE TEAM USA Bundock…7 points
9. China Team…4 points

Match Racing Championship – Qualifying and Quarter Final Results
Qualifier 1 - ORACLE TEAM USA - Bundock defeated China Team
QF 1 - ORACLE TEAM USA - Spithill defeated Luna Rossa – Swordfish; 2-0
QF 2 - Luna Rossa - Piranha defeated Team Korea; 2-0
QF 3 - Artemis Racing defeated Emirates Team New Zealand; 2-0
QF 4 - Energy Team defeated ORACLE TEAM USA – Bundock; 2-0

For those not aware, the 'de' makes reference to Jacques de Molay, Templars Knight last Grand Master.

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