May 17, 2012

AC45s @Venice, Energy: 'Pictures at an Exhibition'

Check this great image by Gilles Martin Raget from Venice, must click to enlarge for better quality.
Great poster image, Gilles and Guilain Grenier are taking some top notch shots in the entire series.
 I started playing on this one with some filters and a soft to take advantage of my pen tablet and I got this, this is a 'one-off', cause there is no way I can duplicate the effects again as I was playing with the soft. I tried to , but couldn´t reach the exact brush lines/effects.
I will ask Gilles permission and I will get this pic hand painted by this guy to hang at home.

Loick, Energy & Gilles performance/work must be stamped at Paris Modern Art Museum.
While looking at it I remembered Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Emerson Lake & Palmer! We have top performance cats in 2012, but the top music players were on the 70s for sure. Compare these guys musical talent, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and even Marillion with Fish and others with pop idols of today...

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