May 31, 2012

Texel Course Racing & Nacra Campionships

Photo: Thom Tou - Nacra Worlds 2011 at Texel.
I just been told that there are some issues between the Texel Course Racing event and the programmed Nacra Worlds.The schedule was supposed to be Texel Course in the morning and Nacra races after lunch.
Two Arg crews and others travelled to participate in both.

Great idea to hold these two events together, as you are gathering momentum with all the crews attending to the major event, the Round the Texel Island race.
But now it seems that some organization issues have arisen, and both course racing events are going to take place at the same time????

This being the major event world wide, more than 500 boats involved in the Round, a several also participating on the Course events, I really hope they can get things solved and think about all the sailors that planned ahead. And also for the image of... both events.
Get together, look ahead and make a joined start,  make an additional classification and that's it.
Just get it Right for the sailors.

Check for more info at:

Round Texel 2012 Preview

By Diana Boogards Photo: Thom Touw. 2011 Winners Heemskerk-Tentij
--------- On Saturday June 9, 2012 not only the Dutch soccer team comes into action, also hundreds of catamarans out of thirteen countries. Between 11 am and 12.30 pm the 35th edition and for years the worlds biggest catamaran race, the Zwitserleven Round Texel race, will start. The participating contestants are again a motley collection of international top sailors and amateurs. We invite you with pleasure to personally come and see this eye-pleasing spectacle from the water or the beach. After that you of course can see the soccer game against Danmark live on the beach at Paal 17.

Among the participants on Texel for instance is Darren Bundock (AUS). He is seven times Tornado world champion, multiple and reigning F18 world champion and winner of two Olympic medals. Bundock (partly living in Scheveningen, Holland) momentarily is helmsman of Team Oracle in the America's Cup. Together with his crewmember Jeroen van Leeuwen he in 2011 became world champion in the competitive F18 class. This successful duo focuses on the final victory at Texel. Bundock already twice has won the Zwitserleven Round Texel Race (2003 and 2007).

A-Class, Andrew Landenberger: Membrane Mainsail in Detail

Report by Andrew Landenberger on their new Membrane sail for A-Class, after Sascha Wallmer win at Rheindelta --
We have been developing membranes now for quite a long time, but until now we have chosen not to release anything on the market. When we started this project our initial results showed great promise but we realised there were limitations and that a much better product could be possible.

Our original test sails were very similar to those currently being sold in the market by our competitors. We always knew the risk was there, that Glenn or Stevie may show up with this type of sail at any time and with their extraordinary sailing abilities, they would clearly do well enough to convince people to buy the sails, but after testing we felt the average sailor would soon realize these sails were possibly too difficult to trim to achieve their best regatta results.
Our objective for a Membrane Sail Project was to achieve a very 'automatic' sail which is easy to trim under racing conditions.
Achieving a greater range in the sail between upwind and downwind has been a major goal.

After a lot of work on fibre types and layouts with our partners we have reached a very balance membrane offering excellent stretch characteristics.
These sails are also significantly lighter than standard sails and our lamination appears to be much more durable than the sails offered by others.

With the extreme mast development in the class over the past two seasons, there has been real opportunities to to make big steps in sail design. The major mast builders in the class, such as Saarberg, Fiberfoam and Hall have all worked hard to develop softer fore aft bending masts.
Sail development has followed closely, and it is now possible to sail the A class downwind on the trapeze in very marginal conditions.
Two years ago in similar conditions, most sailors were only able to lift a hull while sitting on the trampoline. Now it is possible to go into the trapeze and develop a much higher apparent, even in these very light conditions.

While the last 10 years our loft has been a large player in the a class market, the past season has seen an even bigger increase in market share. One factor has been the large number of top European sailors who have chosen to use our sails, but I believe we are now possibly the only loft who can offer a sail built to match the customers mast. While the new sails are closely developed to follow the trends of the latest masts, many sailors simply can not afford to go out and buy a new Carbon Fibre mast each season.

The largest part of the market are still sailing with older masts so I believe one of our strengths is that we offer a comprehensive range of designs which cover a broad spectrum of masts and sailor weights.

We have our own mast bend system which the customer can easily follow to deliver us accurate mast data. With this information we can recommend to the customer which sail will give them the best results.
In 2012 we have done a full update of all our past designs since 2009 giving all sails a fresh and modern look while maintaining the key design features which made them successful on the various mast types.

We cover the full range of sail types including Radial cut, Maxx cross cut and now the new Membrane load path sails. While it may at first seem confusing to the customer which sail is better, it is actually quite simple to decide once we know more information about the mast bend and sailor weight.

We will happily assist the customer to make the right choice.
Our sails are either build in Germany or Australia and are of the highest quality and construction.

We have some special details in our sails like the way we build the luff tube and how we apply reinforcements. We take a lot of pride in our work and do our best to see that every customer receives the best possible sail/mast combination..
Customers should feel free to contact the loft at any time for further information.

P28: Mono?Foiler

Photo Alain Grosclaude
Interesting project with lots of research and development. But just one question: Why put so much effort on a mono type foiler to achieve max speed??  Less weight? Better rightning moment?!
The Hydroptere should have gone this path then?
Great respect for them and their project, but hey I would have gone other way with so much technology and money invested. Will try to get some feedback regarding their choice.
More info at

May 30, 2012

A-Class @Rheindelta YC: Sacha Wallmer 1st after 6 races

Sacha Wallmer first after 6 races at the Rheindelta Yacht Club Euro-Cup. Followed by Bob Baier and Matthias Dietz. The event has concluded but I don´t have a confirmation on final results or additional races.
Full results:
I'm going 40 this year, and every time I see Matthias performing, I just say to myself, well I have at least 20 years more sailing these things, so lots of hours to keep improving.

Check Sacha new Landenberger main. Already used for a while by North and others, first for Landenberger in the A-Class. No cuts, no seems thus weight saving and a better 3d shape.
More info later with Landy, that has just arrived to Europe. Click image bor better q.

Current Top 3 equipment:
1st Sascha Wallmer (LOD Membrane/Fiberfoam/Scheurer)
2nd Bob Baier (Ashby/Fiberfoam/Nikita)
3rd Matthias Dietz (LOD Maxx/Fiberfoam/Nikita).

May 29, 2012

Artemis massive Tri Wing destroyed.

This Wing is history. No more details. But better to have this things happening right now. Artemis is the only one testing at this scale, beyond Oracle and their past 90' beast.
To me the most interesting on this pic beyond the wing sections and size, is the hull design. Those aren´t the orignals of that orma Tri to my knowledge, they look quite updated.
And they could be Juan K first try on a Multihull design.

D35s Vulcain Trophy 2012

Artemis wrecked their massive Tri wing days ago. But their sailing program is qute broad. Here finishing second with Michel Desjoyeaux helming.
Full report at

Ranking of the Open de Crans:
1-Realstone Sailing (Jérôme Clerc) 5p
2-Artemis Racing (Michel Desjoyeaux) 10p
3-De Rham Sotheby’s (Philippe Cardis) 11p
4-Alinghi (Nicolas Charbonnier) 12p
5-Okalys–Corum (Nicolas Grange) 13p
6-Veltigroup (Boris Lerch) 25p
7-Ladycat (Dona Bertarelli) 26p
8-Nickel (Fred Moura) 28p
9-Zen Too (Fred Le Peutrec) 35p

May 28, 2012

F18, Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta 2012 for Gunnar Larsen

No racing today due to high mist.
And parallel results in Argentina & Holland regarding the brands, Infusion MKII led the Phantom in boths.
Gunnar Larsen having some good times in and out of the water for sure. This time racing with ex 'Dark Horse', Lamberto Cesari.
Read more on Lamberto's on his dedicated post from last week.

Top level crews at the NSR 2012, Carolijn returning to the big leagues with Jeroen. Macca was debuting on his Phantom too. LeClainche/Joubert gaining more good results too. Top ten results published 2 posts ago.
Full Results here
All photos by Sander Van der Borch / NSR.
More pics at

F18, 'Armada Argentina' cup 2012 : Smith-Heuser 1st

All image by Jorge Cousillas /  . More at CSN fcbk.
Our season never ends... more racing here as Europe is starting their season.
The 2011 Texel 'Power Crew',  Cruz Gonzalez Smith and Mariano Heuser on their Inf MKII got back from their 5th place in last event to win an excellent championship towards their trip to Texel/Nacra Worlds.
Sergio Mehl/Juan Benitez were second on a brand new Phantom. Good initial performance although some more time is due specially in really light weather.
3rd (to coinfirm on a protest against Blando, full results pending to publish)  for Ian Rodger/Gaston Terrab on C2. Blando/Aragonés 4th on Wildcat and 5th for Juan Pablo Sucic/Copani , on Inf MK1.Really good performance for them with so little time on the class and coming from monohull racing.

Last photo below:  We also had Alejo Rigoni, last J24 World Champ sailing quite well for a 'rookie'.

All weather conditions were raced, from 4 to 17 knots, flat and chop. Good training towards LA Worlds in September.

F18, North Sea Regatta: Larsen leads

Gunnar Larsen racing with Lamberto Cesari are leading the NSR 2012 after 7 races over Olivier Backes/Matthiew Vandame.
More info later. Full Results at

Racing cancelled due to mist. Photo: Tony Mels.

No Zeilno Naam Punten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 NED 1933 Gunnar Larsen 13.0 4 1 -12 1 1 2 4
2 FRA 36 Oliver Backes 20.0 5 -18 1 2 5 6 1
3 NED 2010 Jorden Veenman 25.0 1 6 7 6 2 3 -12
4 NED 3 Coen de Koning 25.0 6 4 2 4 4 5 -17
5 BEL 888 Carolijn Brouwer 43.0 8 -19 9 3 14 7 2
6 NED 1 Willem Geijssen 46.0 -14 11 6 7 11 8 3
7 FRA 133 Pierre Le Clainche 51.0 9 -21 3 17 3 1 18
8 OMA 1622 Musab Al Hadi 53.5 2 8 4 11 13 -21 15
9 AUS 222 Jack Benson 59.0 18 -26 14 12 6 4 5
10 NED 1910 Froukje Feenstra 69.0 3 7 -22 15 7 16 21

May 24, 2012

AC45s @Venice, behind the scene: Q&A with Lamberto Cesari

Add caption
Lamberto Cesari is along Vittorio Bissaro multiple youth F18 world Champ and also they were 3rd at the 2011 Worlds at Balaton. I named them the 'Dark Horses' for that season and they delivered. Now Lamberto is working on some personal projects  and he has left racing F18 in the 'Pro' mode, but he will still be sailing. He was at Venice this past week and he managed to get onboard Emirates Team New Zealand AC45 thanks to Grant Dalton. Below some details of the event and his other sailing projects like the C-Class Challenge Italia for next LAC. Photo left: Onboard the AC45 for a ride.
He also has personal blog  All Photos Copy Right: Lamberto Cesari

- How did you get onboard the AC45s? 
It´s a long story: we have been in contact with Grant in September 2010, when they decided to start the AC challenge because they were planning to train on F18s. Later they hired Glenn and they had training on the A-cat. But we kept in touch and they kindly invited us in Venice.

May 23, 2012

Lange's ARG Winged Tornado for Artemis: The Video

We published a photo last year, this is the footage of that session.
Santiago Lange, double Tornado Olympic medalist wchamp for Argentina with Camau Espínola, is now part of the Design & Sailing crew for Artemis Racing, using his Beijing Olympic T for a Wing test at Valencia in 2011.

Now the AC72 is in full construction and they also tested a huge wing on an Orma60 Tri with modified wp amas. 

Santi is a Naval architect, (SouthHampton) he works at Artemis with countryman Juan K on his design studio, and he is also the reserve helm. The perfect liason for both ends, as Juan K is a genius but he never designed a Multi. Expect some break ground innovation from JK. The data I have is that their daggers will have a lateral pivot feature, or it can be a dagger 'a la' Mayfly?. Will try to get Santi's update on the AC72.

Round Texel 2012, 35th Edition on June 9

2011 vid by Sailvideosystem,
For the 2012 edition they are looking for crews to participate in their new film.
Contact Thij Vrij at
From Arg we are having two crews going. The tough 'Hardest pitch ever at Texel'  Power Crew of  Cruz Gonzalez Smith -Mariano Heuser and Juan Faustin-Lucas Gonzalez Smith.
4 of our best F18 sailor, with Lucas and Cruz being on the local class since day 1 with the Racecat F18 fleet.
Lucas was the first experienced monohull sailor in Arg to Join our RC F18 project.

More info on the Texel at

May 21, 2012

F18 Open Project Update

Many contacts made these past weeks. Since I launched the Open F18 Project in April.
What we can inform is that we have parts suppliers in US, Europe & Australia.
By parts I mean:
- Masts & Beams Alu extrusions
- Rudders/Daggers foils
- Rig, Hardware , castings and else.
And of course sails. Lots of options there.

Already two builders in Europe interested in building the project.
We still have to define licenses and we are talking with some designers to work with for final version of what I made.

The idea again is not innovation, but to consolidate the best and proven features of current designs. With a bullet proof hull platform you can chose whatever parts you like.
Latest foils from Fischer? No problem PSA in Australia will provide them. A set of Ullmans? just call Pablo Soldano and so on.
At least 3 different mast-beams extrusion options will be available. The same with castings and the rest of the hardware. Having these providers confirmed is a key part of the project.

I'm working on this project with Andrew Gallagher and Sandor Roka, chairmen of F18 Ireland and Hungary.
Two of the best helping and push forward characters you can find in the Formula 18 Class world wide.
More info available as soon as we confirm the third party designer with whom we are going to refine current design. CFD services were offered too. If you want to know more about the project contact me at catsailingnews gmail com.

Click images to enlarge. Final renders images made in Blender after dxf/collada import, an Open 3D Design/Animation Software that I'm learning to use.

Edit on mails received: Blender is used for rendering images only, you can use Google Sketchup V7 plugins too like Indigo.

List of Naval Software at
Best out there is Maxsurf, others use Rhino (it has a yacht design plugin). 

For beginners and free: FreeShip / FreeShip Plus

AC45s @Venice: Terry Hutchinson leads overall Match Racing

Great Photo by Sander Van der Borch/Artemis -
--He might be one of the most experienced sailors right now in the acws, and although many, included me, have asked him for more time on two hulls besides the AC45s, Hutchinson is still dominating the key game for the next Americas Cup at SF.
After five events Artemis is leading the Match Racing scoreboard, the asset in the long term race to San Francisco.
Terry was calling the tactics on Team New Zealand in 2007, they were too close, and lost the last race by 1-2 seconds on an incredible final.
Artemis should put Lange at the helm of the second AC45 as Luna Rossa is doing, and then join the best crews for the AC72, Hutchinson will be there, but in my opinion if he conentrate on MR tactis delegating the helm to an experienced multi sailor, plus the Juan K design, Artemis will become a serious challenger.

The best thing of this format is that the game es quite leveled right now, again contradicting those criticizing Oracle on having an advantage. That advantage is gone thanks to these series.

Whatever yo have to say on LE and RC, only a long term vision can offer this kind of framework with the competition having the higher benefits.
If Artemis can use the Lange-Hutchinson alternative or if  Terry can polish his cat sailing skills to the max (he should race the A-Class and F18 Worlds in USA this season) Oracle is in deep trouble with 3-4 challengers ready to take the Cup from them. TNZ, Artemis, LunaRossa and Energy if they get the funds.

Follow Artemis Racing at

Full Results at
ACWS Match Racing Championship - OVERALL STANDINGS - 
Place Team Cascais Plymouth San Diego Naples Venice TOTAL POINTS
Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 Artemis Racing 3 8 3 8 4 7 1 10 1 10 43
2 ORACLE TEAM USA - Spithill 1 10 5 6 1 10 7 4 3 8 38
3 Emirates Team New Zealand 2 9 1 10 3 8 8 3 5 6 36
4 Energy Team 6 5 6 5 2 9 5 6 4 7 32
5 Team Korea 4 7 2 9 7 4 6 5 6 5 30
6 ORACLE TEAM USA - Bundock 5 6 4 7 6 5 3 8 8 3 29
7 Luna Rossa - Piranha DNC 0 DNC 0 DNC 0 2 9 2 9 18
8 China Team 9 3 8 3 9 3 9 3 9 3 15
9 Luna Rossa - Swordfish DNC 0 DNC 0 DNC 0 4 7 7 4 11

Formula 18: Coupe de France to Erussard-Moreau

Not much info or pics , but full results available at the French Fed site:

Who is Erussard??
Nice result fro Audrey Ogereau with Matthieu Vandame, I think she will go for an olympic spot.

Will try to get more info later.  Edit: Some pics taken from Victorien fcbk. Left with the Cirrus at Eurocat 2012. Photo by Contin. Below prize giving at French Nats 2012.

Place Crew Club Points Pts CNI
 ERUSSARD VICTORIEN   SN BAIE ST MALO  39   (2, 4, 3, 1, 3, 19, 10, 1, 21, 9, 4, 2) 
 HAINNEVILLE CHARLES   C N PAUL VATINE  41   (5, 3, 7, 2, 9, 2, 6, 13, 18, 1, 3, 3) 
 BONTEMPS GURVAN   S R VANNES  49   (4, 2, 11, DNS, 1, 26, 3, 15, 7, 4, 1, 1) 
 OGEREAU AUDREY   A S P T T NANTES  50.6   (1, BFD, 4, 3, 6, 1, 5, 17, 11, 5, 5, RDG) 
 LE CLAINCHE PIERRE   S R VANNES  58   (6, 1, 1, 4, 4, 6, 4, 12, 12, 8, BFD, 12) 
 DURAND PIERRE-YVES   C N LOCTUDY  62   (16, 7, 14, 5, 8, 5, 2, 7, 2, 10, 7, 9) 
 VAUCHEL-CAMUS THIBAUT   SN BAIE ST MALO  68   (14, BFD, 2, 18, 2, 7, 8, 3, 6, 6, 2, BFD) 
 VAIREAUX MOANA   Y C CARNAC  72   (13, 8, 32, 19, 12, 3, 1, 5, 13, 2, 11, 4) 
 BOULOGNE EMMANUEL   C V DU TOUQUET  73   (7, 9, 6, DNF, 11, 8, DNF, 10, 3, 7, 6, 6) 
 TENTIJ Bastiaan    
10   MARTIN ORION   Y C DE SIX FOURS  89   (29, 11, 12, 8, 7, 12, 18, 2, 8, 12, 12, 5) 

May 20, 2012

AC45s @Venice, Loick Peyron: Nice guys finish First

I mentioned it yesterday, "Champagne Sailing" for Team Energy. And beyond having Barker annoyed with light conditions (he didn't saw the finish I guess), exactly these ones to the middle range winds is where finesse and class shows. Above that range, those factors are quite important too but physical training and pushing hard are key. Although this short course was quite intense due to the mandatory tacks on the boundaries.

No weight or design differences here, so results are 100% crews responsibility.
Incredible race till the last second, where Spithill made a super comeback after being 4mins or more behind. Later Spithill said they were learning on how Energy sailed downwind and their smooth gybes.

This ACup 'Dark Horses' (Nov 2011) were sailing the whole week like a hidden ghost, away from fleet mess and just concentrating in going fast in every condition.
I remember some short term critics on the French sailors, some like "these are the multihull experts?" and so on. Well, I'm sorry they didn´t fulfil some losers expectations, cause they have delivered big time.

Some French company needs to back them, how about Peugeot? They have global presence and their focus on design and tech on their market share side might have a great impact, and you can't go wrong with this team beyond any final result.

I also wont stop recognizing Loick Peyron's attitude, always humble, always positive and realistic. Can multihulls have a better personality to represent us? Come Loick, race the F18 Worlds In September in LA, with Arnaud Jarlegan (Wing trimmer and F18 World Champ) crewing you teach us how   it's done.

Hat off to Team Energy crew.
Follow Loick at Twitter @loickpeyron   Facebook/LoickPeyron
More Images at Energy Team web

AC45s @Venice: Day 4 LIVE

May 18, 2012

AC45s @Venice: Oracle Team on their Performance

I like their press releases, always quite honest and direct to the point. Bundy led two races with a clear position, the first one lost yesterday on jib furling handling errors and some hardware failures, and today also a clear start showing he is still the fastest , but the short course and the change of crews were key to end 8? again.
Press Release.--Team Oracle. Spithill captured third in today’s second fleet race at ACWS – Venice and now stands sixth on the leaderboard after the first four races.

Teammate Oracle Team Usa Bundock holds eighth in the standings at the regatta that has seen the team’s two crews off to an uneven performance.

“Both our boats are struggling at the moment,” said boat No. 5 skipper Darren Bundock. “We have done a lot of crew changes, trying to change things around and move some of the guys who'll be on the AC72 involved in some of the World Series racing. We're obviously paying for that at the moment.”

AC45s @Venice: Day 2 Live

No more Live vid.... MR though

May 17, 2012

AC45s @Venice, Energy: 'Pictures at an Exhibition'

Check this great image by Gilles Martin Raget from Venice, must click to enlarge for better quality.
Great poster image, Gilles and Guilain Grenier are taking some top notch shots in the entire series.
 I started playing on this one with some filters and a soft to take advantage of my pen tablet and I got this, this is a 'one-off', cause there is no way I can duplicate the effects again as I was playing with the soft. I tried to , but couldn´t reach the exact brush lines/effects.
I will ask Gilles permission and I will get this pic hand painted by this guy to hang at home.

Loick, Energy & Gilles performance/work must be stamped at Paris Modern Art Museum.
While looking at it I remembered Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Emerson Lake & Palmer! We have top performance cats in 2012, but the top music players were on the 70s for sure. Compare these guys musical talent, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and even Marillion with Fish and others with pop idols of today...

AC45s @Venice: Loick 'de' Peyron, Multihull Lodge Grand Master

Someone give these guys an AC72, cause if not, the actual winner in 2013 might not be the best team. Perfect conditions today in Venice, Energy socred 3 & 1, and then bet Bundock/Coutts 2-0 on the match race.

This edition ACup 'Dark' Horses, are by far the smoothest team, growing momentum since day one and with two 1st class helms (Peyron - Guichard)  and a great crew, I have the image of the French rugby team forwards, tight and efficient pack, rugby champagne, well this team without a doubt is Champagne Cat Racing.
 Many posts on Energy and Loick here, high respect for their attitude and their sailing.
Round the globe? I'm the fastest .  Course racing on winged ac45 cats? No problem, I'm the fastest.
Loick needs to attend Formula 18 Worlds at LA in Semptember with his team member, Arnaud Jarlegan , grab that title too.
 Above , Loick celebrating like if he was holding the 'Gran Maestre' scepter.

More info at

Fleet Racing Championship – Provisional Results (after two races)
1. Energy Team…18 points
2. Luna Rossa Swordfish…16 points
3. Team Korea…15 points
4. Emirates Team New Zealand…13 points
5. Artemis Racing…13 points
6. Luna Rossa Piranha…12 points
7. ORACLE TEAM USA Spithill…10 points
8. ORACLE TEAM USA Bundock…7 points
9. China Team…4 points

Match Racing Championship – Qualifying and Quarter Final Results
Qualifier 1 - ORACLE TEAM USA - Bundock defeated China Team
QF 1 - ORACLE TEAM USA - Spithill defeated Luna Rossa – Swordfish; 2-0
QF 2 - Luna Rossa - Piranha defeated Team Korea; 2-0
QF 3 - Artemis Racing defeated Emirates Team New Zealand; 2-0
QF 4 - Energy Team defeated ORACLE TEAM USA – Bundock; 2-0

For those not aware, the 'de' makes reference to Jacques de Molay, Templars Knight last Grand Master.

AC45s @Venice: Day 1 Live

Well no more Live vid.... Now follow MR though

May 16, 2012

More US built Multis: Gunboat 55' wp by Nigel Irens

Press Release-- Gunboat yard opens doors in Wanchese North Carolina on Friday May 4th 2012

Gunboat opened its new catamaran production facility in Wanchese Friday evening. The production hall based festivity was filled with local dignitaries, and supporters of the company’s efforts to create jobs for the year round community in the Outer Banks. The yards first project is the Nigel Irens designed Gunboat 55

Gunboat founder Peter Johnstone cited the area’s long fishing and sportfish producing history as a key element in their decision to relocate to the area. “We are so grateful for the labor force here. The can-do attitude of this island area is unbeatable. We could have set up shop anywhere. We chose Wanchese. We will do our best to meet everyone’s expectations. We’re incredibly grateful for the warm welcome to the community, and the outpouring of support. This is a very special area.”

NC Governor Beverly Perdue's office, the State Department of Commerce, the Boating Services office of the State's Small Business Technology Development Center, and the NC Rural Center played an integral role in Gunboat’s relocation effort, finding suitable sites, securing key grants to refurbish state property, and assisting at each step. The local Employment Security Commission, the regional Workforce Development Commission, and the College of the Albemarle helped further with the employee search and training.

Also attending the event was NC State Senator Stan White who formally welcomed Gunboat to the state. Representatives of US Senators Burr and Hagan's offices were also on hand.

Reverend Mary Johnstone blessed the staff, the facility, Gunboat and its neighbors and local suppliers. The ceremony concluded with the ribbon being cut by Laura Harvey, wife of Gunboat’s Chief Boat Builder, Phil Harvey.

Gunboat has a busy year planned. A number of contracts have been secured. Twenty people are already employed, with plans for up to 70 in the coming years.
More local info and interview by Jeremy Leonard at

F18: Official Paint Report

Read expert report published on the IFCA18:

One comment only: As no individual or official protest has been made  at the 2012 Europeans at Canarias, and none at the recent Eurocat or at any other European F18 event of the 2012 season to date, I assume beyond all the work pending and the favorable vote (even before this final report was distributed) of the WC to allow paints in the future (contact your local class for more info) , we are going to have some easy going Worlds at LA regarding this specific item.

May 15, 2012

AC45s @Venice: May 17-20, 2012

Hope this time they can get back to the Cascais like racing Broadcast.
Schedule :
May 8 - First possible day of sailing for some teams (this is the first day teams have access to the crane needed to raise the wingsail and launch the boat)

May 12-13 - City of Venice Regatta
May 14 - Classic Yacht Regatta
May 15-16 - America's Cup World Series Venice Practice Racing
May 17-20 - America's Cup World Series Venice Championship Racing Format

Photo: Gilles Martin Raget/ACEA 2012

AC45s @Venice: Team Oracle Crash Test #2

Bundock is giving Spithill a strong message: I knock you out of the Match Race finals and also knock you out in training! Second hit after the one at SF.
Not a big hit though, and they will be racing no problem this week. But check O5 below the beam, that's a crack too?

Coutts also back replacing Laser King , Tom Slingby. I think O5 will perform to the max in venice with him Russell onboard calling the tactics. Tom needs some more time onboard, but his Olympic campaign will reduce chances.
Bundy-Coutts shohuld be the best 'combo' of the fleet.
More pics at Oracle Fcbk Album.

All Photos Guilain Grenier / Team Oracle USA

M32 in Detail

Photos by Leandro Spina. Click images to enlarge. Really a piece of art work. All custom parts by Marstrom. They dominate the real core of cat building.

In my view  they can be even more successful with a little touch of marketing wp design.
A new 'secret' 32 feet is coming soon to compete in the SL33 and M32 range, more news to come.

May 14, 2012

Formula 18: Raid CataGlenn for LeClainche-Joubert

Pierre Le Clainche and Antoine Joubert continue their adaption to their new boat preparing themselves to peak at LA Worlds in September. Antoine was in BA a week ago delivering the first Phantom , that is going to be race tested in next week. Reports and pics later.
I already renew my passport that was expiring in October and today I got my paper work ok, so I will race Pierre&Antoine again in LA as we did in Arg where we took some races from them, although they were handicapped on the boat and conditions, but I think we will not see them near by at LA in September! These two are going to be World Champs in the future for sure. Photo Philippe Guegan.

Top 3 Formule 18 :
1. Pierre Le Clainche et Antoine Joubert, Phantom ;
2. Pierre-Yves Durand et Antoine Le Corre, C 2 ;
3. Gurvan Bontemps et Benjamin Amiot, Cirrus ; 10 classés.
More info at

Premier League: Manchester City Champs

What a final, defined in the last second of injury time. Argie Kun Aguero with the goal of his career giving Manchester City the crown after 45 years.
I watched until minute 82, when mc was losing 1-2. That was it , over, even mc fans were out, but on discount time the equalizer , but United were still champ , Ferguson and utd fans were about to celebrate when Aguero smashed the net, golazo!

Being following the Premier for a while, as it is the most entertaining league, full rythm in every match.
Paul Gascoigne is one of the most talented players I ever saw too. And a nice touch that Michael Owen was Kun's idol.

Tevez might be an 'Argie Bargy' , but when on the field he plays all he has. Also Zabaleta scored the first one.
Needless to say that citizens from both countries are quite different from their respective political leaders and their last minute needs, even war veterans have high respect for each other and I know that 1st hand.

With that said, congrats to Manchester City, incredible final with three argies present for making history in the PL, best Euro league by far. Photograph: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Winning Goal:
Check this video at 2:38 , just surrealistic: We are champs! eerrr no...

May 11, 2012

A-Class, German Nats 2012: Bob Baier defends Title

The other day I read an opinion that the A-Class is in crisis due to its development? Do we have "keepers of the ancient code" there too? Others want to ban Thilo's Wing, more on that later. Well the crisis has not affected the Germans/Euro sailors present at Wismar, neither to the dna guys that are selling boats like hamburgers! Mine with Landys please...  Also someone needs to offer Nils for him to make a production series too, the Nikita a 2001 design and still top performer. Above also check first boat, that is an ex Mayfly, I will ask Jakub for some feedback on the updated platform.  Bob Baier dominating again, but it seems the Aussies still have an edge over the fleet at Worlds, lets see what happens at IslaMorada 2012. We will have another state of the art short film by Johannes Obermeir this time?
Sent by Rainer Bohrer ---
Bob Baier successfully defends German Championship title in the A-CAT class
Bob Baier (GER 14) has won the international German Championship of the A-CAT class in Wismar 2012. Finishing in second place was Chris Field (GBR 7) ahead of Thomas Paasch (DEN 1) in third. As he did last year, Helmut Stumhofer (GER 4) took fourth place; his total points result was the same as for third place.

The races were held from May 4 to May 6 at Marina Wismar. This was a very well attended event with a field of 48 sailors entered. Challenging conditions prevailed with between 8 and 13 knots of wind. This resulted in closely contested and exciting races with many lead changes in the field, including at the top. A total of nine races were held, which five different sailors won – an indication of the high intensity of the competition, in which no one could be certain of the race outcome until they had crossed the finish line.

Strategy and tactics were crucial in these conditions, and advantages in terms of equipment or material played much less of a role. However, shortly before the upcoming European Championship (June 22 through 28), this regatta offered a broader opportunity to observe the performance of the so-called ‘string sails’ in A-Cat racing. Bob Baier won with an Ashby Stratis sail, just as Glenn Ashby had done over the winter at the Australian Championship. These sails hold their shape very well, especially downwind, including under sheet tension, so the sails accelerate easier. On the other hand they are more complicated and difficult to trim and handle, especially in changeable conditions.

The MSV and YCW clubs put together a very good championship with an extensive program of off-the-water activities. On the water, the races were managed efficiently, and the race organizers received much praise for this. However, the race committee did not put all that much effort into adjusting the starting line when wind shifts occurred; this meant that the committee boat end of the line was usually clearly advantaged. This often led to perceptible background noise and multiple bumping incidents right at the race starts.

The regatta was documented by two film teams, sometimes from a helicopter, and hopefully we can look forward to some very good photographic images in the next few days and weeks. The German class organization VDAC awarded the 2013 International German Championship to the Rohrspitz Bodensee (Lake Constance) club and the 2014 event to Wannsee Berlin.

Top results:
1. Bob Baier, GER, 13 Pkt, Boot Nikita
2. Chris Field, GBR, 27 Pkt, Prototyp Vision
3. Thomas Paasch, DEN, 29 Pkt., Nikita
4. Helmut Stumhofer, GER, 29. Pkt., Scheurer G6
5. Dietz Matthias, 36 Pkt., GER, Nikita
6. Thilo Keller, 46 Pkt., GER, Arrow
7. Roeland Wentholt, NED, 50 Pkt, DNA
8. Pieterjan Dwarshuis, NED, 61 Pkt, DNA
9. Peter Klemenz, GER, 66 Pkt., Nikita
10. Georg Reutter, GER, 71 Pkt., Nikita
11. Goetz Marco, GER, 72 Pkt , Scheurer G6
12. Beike Donald, GER, 74 Pkt. DNA

For further information visit the event website: