Apr 29, 2012

Eurocat @Carnac 2012, Day 2: No Racing

Report from Bundock via AHPC:
"No racing in Carnac at the Eurocat regatta today as breeze is up to 30 knts and building. Great close racing in the Viper class yesterday. 23 boats and really tight racing. The French Olympic potential teams are pushing hard with there Mixed Viper teams and have the first 3 places overall. Celine and I scored 3,1,OCS."

The C1 fleet is having for  ie Arnaud Jarlegan racing mixed, of course Bundy and many more that were racing F16 mixed for a while now. So this current scenario plus a growing class, as remarked, will be the Viper's best asset for the Olympic selection. Additional Report at Viperclass.org

Also Cirrus is debuting with their 'Q' design, it seems another F16 alternative. Will get images from Pierrick later.

Eurocat @Carnac Day 1: Images by Pierrick Contin

Great Images by Pierrick Contin www.pierrickcontin.fr . Also check official album by Franck Gicqiaud www.littoral-ouest-photos.com. Full Gallery at CSNfcbk.
Excellent pics juut received, 10AMArg. Ok, now out to race myself. Got some local good ones too from Capizzano.

Apr 28, 2012

Eurocat @Carnac 2012: Day 1

Good winds and excellent photos as always by Franck Gicquiaud www.littoral-ouest-photos.com
Franck's gallery Gallery of Day 1 at CSNFcbk and at http://www.facebook.com/YachtClubCarnac
Results not posted yet (Edit: Check Below). Check here  later:  www.yccarnac.com/fra/regates/eurocat-2012.html

Gill de Bruyne, european Falcon dealer with theboatshop.be published an image of the printed C1 results at http://pic.twitter.com/0375rHRh
Hugh Styles on the Phantom is the 'British Dark Horse' for 2012.

Left: Bundy racing with Celine Van Dooren in the C1 fleet (F16, 104 etc). Lots of mixed crews on that fleet, with Vipers and Falcons.

We are racing here in Arg too , so not many updates will be possible.

C1 Results Day 1: here
F18 Results Day 1 Here

Rgs Ident Concurrents P Ret P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4
1  FRA 36 BACKES Olivier  VANDAME Matthieu  6 11 4 5 1 1
3  NED 1933 LARSEN GUNNAR  FRANK SAM  9 17 8 1 3 5
4  NED  3 DE KONING COEN  VISSER THIJS  9 16 2 3 4 7
5  NED  2 ZEEKANT Oscar  BEGEMANN Karel  10 99 dnf 2 2 6
6  GBR  7 STYLES Hugh  SIGN Alain  15 25 6 10 5 4
8  NED 2010 VEENMAN Jorden  DE WAARD Frank  24 47 23 7 7 10
9  FRA 004 BONTEMPS Gurvan  AMIOT Benjamin  24 35 7 11 9 8
10  NED 007 HEEMSKERK Mischa  TENTIJ Bastiaan  27 51 24 8 16 3
11  FRA 33 HAINNEVILLE Charles  FANOUILLERE David  30 61 12 12 6 31
12  ITA 13 BISSARO Vittorio  DE PAOLI Carlo  34 64 30 13 8 13
13  FRA 21 ERUSSARD Victorien  MOREAU Frederic  38 65 11 17 10 27
14  FRA  2 TRECUL Yoann  MELOT Paul  39 74 35 9 11 19
15  GBR 501 SUNNUCKS WILLIAM  EGAN OLI  40 71 14 31 12 14

Apr 26, 2012

F18, Hobie Wildcat Italy: Training Video by Martín Flores

This is the way to film a F18 or beachcat training video, short and with good images you can analyze.
Those looking to get better check this great video of Vittorio Bissaro and Carlo de Paoli, (replacing Lamberto Cesari) Carlo is a Laser sailor and it seems Vittorio already teach him good. Fast learner it seems.

Video highlight made by Martín Flores 
www.martinsailcoach.com, an Argentine coach living and working in Italy for some years now. I contacted him once for reference of an Indian Navy request (he coached them in Laser) I received in 2005 for training their Hobie 16 teams. I finally went with my friend and top Hobie 16 sailor Armando Noriega from México.

Really good video. Bissaro-de Paoli are right now the nr 1 Hobie Wildcat team, Vittorio had a 3rd at Balaton with Cesari, and now he will be searching to get even higher for this season.
The team is sponsored by Hobie Italy / Bolsena Yachting 

Apr 25, 2012

Hobie Dragoon: Youth Speedster at CatClub Zeeland

Video sent by Rob v.d Broek/ www.catclubzeeland.nl
Going fast and controlled, 2 dutch youngters blasting the Hobie Dragoon at CatClub Zeeland 
Do you know which boat these two want to sail when they grow up? How about a Hobie Wildcat? I don´t think they want to be 25 and still sailing this great boat for kids as Olympic hopes themselves.
Get real! before talking for the kids, ask them what they really want.

The biggest star of the 1st F18 South Americans held at Semana de Buenos Aires 2011, with more than 500 boats! including hundreds of Optis and Laser was the Hobie Wildcat, Mischa's Black Beast.
The Opti kids asked us "Hey, that is the fastest boat right?" and we laugh hear them talking each other about how cool the F18 were, specially the Wildcat.

So again, don´t cut the kids dream on selfish goals. Give them what they really want, this generation deserves the best we have to offer in this great era of Catamaran racing.

F18 Carnac Eurocat: First 'Major' of the Season

The Eurocat organized by the Yacht Club Carnac has become, many years ago, the first big event of the racing season, where all the new boats are tested and proven. It is always a good benchmark of things to come. Easily considered a second but unofficial  F18 Worlds event with more than 140 boats! plus the rest of the fleets, 250 last year. 

Photo left: Franck Gicquiaud www.littoral-ouest-photos.com

Nice work too on the French association, gathering the highest number of members with currently 280. Every new year we have more competition on the F18, and 2012 is no exception. Now Hobie, Nacra, Ahpc, Cirrus and Sail Innovation will have top contenders, where some years ago you only have the best sailors riding and winning with the Tiger. The current alternative for competitive boats is quite "a la carte" menu. And you can´t go wrong with any item you order.

The 'Dark Horse', if we can call him that way, for the entire 2012 season is a British sailor not yet announced  by his team.
For the rest we have the 'usual suspects', and maybe a 2nd DH choice could be Oskar Zeekant and Karel Begeman if they attend to all major events and LA.

On the pending class matters, I will not add more ""blogging noise"" ...at this time, but I can ask with respect to the Euro guys to solve any little dispute right now? At the beginning of the season, way before the Worlds at Los Angeles, California. Please go now and protest or chat, or whatever you guys need to do, in an official way or done by individuals, I don´t really care, you just solve whatever is needed now, cause we just want to sail and have a party in LA and not wasting time with rules and futile fights on any unsolved issue.

So Bundy, Backes, Coen, Bissaro and else will be there. On these top contenders this year I go with Carolijn Brouwer, that was too close at Balaton. She is back after being mom and all the F16 racing added to the F18 campaing makes her one of the most active sailors on the fleet, and it is time to have a female World Champ, more on the Olympic Mixed Era.

Finally, the Argie fleet friends, the not so young now, Pierre Le Clainche and Antoine Joubert, maybe with a new boat, the two times F18 Young World Champs, time for them to take the past Italian dark horses path to the top 3. They were 7th at Balaton and this year they are gathering extra experience racing the X40s with Hagara, Peyron and the likes. Watch out with them too.

What we need for Carnac is someone broadcasting this huge event in the future... de Munck??

Apr 24, 2012

Olympic Trials: Gaebler's Backup Choice

As we remarked, the Tornado showed her performance and refinement on the water at Santander. 'Mixed' was a too high barrier though, as expected. And I think with an 'Open' option, it would have had the opportunity for a deserved exit at Rio.
Now, as predicted the T is out of the Olympic race, but nevertheless is leaving the throne head high and with no specific fault of its own beyond being a powerful performer in any condition.

Roland thinks that the Nacra 17 is the second best option to the T, I said it was the first and "The Candidate" since I saw the cad renders as the Phantom project was, when proposed.

But it is going to be selected? Again, don´t think so, but I do think that this boat is going to have a "career" beyond the Olympics, if not chosen of course.
Sticking to ideal situations for the future, with a boat that can last many cycles beyond mixed (as the report pointed out and I previously posted)  I would like to see the Gaebler's competing at Rio.

Roland is a too passionate sailor and sometimes he goes nuts! I have talked to him past days and he is quite at ease now, he should be proud of the work done for the Tornado class, and with Nahid for the Mixed campaing.
Just look at these pics, these two love to sail multis, and at the end it is all that counts. 

My respect to Roland and Nahid Gaebler and their contribution on promoting the sport.

Apr 23, 2012

A-Class German Nats: May 4-6, 2012

Sent by Guido Schulte-
From 04th to 6th of May, the International German Championships 2012 will take place in Wismar on the Baltic Sea coast. 54 A-class cats are registered right now, showing a high quality fleet with many national champs and the reigning European Champion amongst them. There will be daily reports from 1st of May onwards on the event website: www.germanopenaclass2012.de
Photo: German Nats 2011, won by Bob Baier, followed by Sacha Wallmer and Nikita builder, Nils Bunkenburg and Helmut Stumhofer
Nils: You never respond that interview! ...

Tornado Class: Racing at Prague

Photos By: Martina Barnetová

Sent by Roland Gaebler - Tornado Speedsailing News -14 to 15 April – Vltava River, Prague
Tight Tornado contest in the City Centre of Prague
On the Vltava River between Zeleznicni and Palacky Bridge, right in the heart of Prague, the 4thinternational exhibition of boats on the water was held. As part of the largest sailing events in the Czech Republic with a regular attendance of over 10,000 participants, the Tornado Class held another successful Speedsailing event.

The event was divided into two races. The first took place on Saturday morning and was called the BROKER BUSINESS REGATTA. A leading Czech yachtsman such as Zdenek Pavlis, 13 times national champion, or even our most famous ocean yachtsman and holder of 28 national championship medals - David Krizek would helm the boat with representatives of large corporations such as Jaroslav Besperát of CPP, and Peter Hruby of BROKER CONSULTING.

Apr 22, 2012

Olympic Trials: Interview with Celine Van Dooren

Celine Van Dooren is by now an expert multihull sailor & crew, with a H16 European Crown with Marielle Zonnenveld & an F16 World title with Darren Bundock among her achievements. This interview was sent some weeks ago, and Celine send it back this past Wednesday. I Couldn´t publish it before the isaf report.
Her experience and these pics show that she is what I call a "power" & focused crew. Just look at her body language on the 3 first pics.

The interview has lots of the now key questions on the report regarding handling, technical and physical aspects of the tested boats. She sailed with Thijs Visser at the trials, and on her answers she shows a strong technical knowledge.
 Along with Lisa Darmanin from Australia and other young girls, they are the future of Multihull racing that will  replace the work done by Nahid Gaebler,Carolijn Brouwer and their generation.
So I hope she can be participating in Rio for the 2016 Olympics  and show the boys how its done.
Also we might see her at LA F18 Worlds?

Which boat you sailed before cats, tell us about your career.
Like many other European sailors my first boat that brought me in contact with the water was the Optimist. I did not sail many other boats before I switched to catamarans. I started sailing catamarans at the age of 13 and started racing at regattas at 18. I entered the catamaran world crewing on the Hobie 16. I am now sailing the Viper and Formula 18 when the opportunities come along.

Did you enjoy the trials? And, are you campaigning for Rio.
I did enjoy the trials and sailing a variety of boats but for me I would much rather be sailing at a purely racing regatta, I love to race. The Prince Felipe High Performance Sailing Centre, in Santander, is such a nice club and great facilities. The sailing area was very versatile with the possibilities of sailing in the bay on flat water or sailing on the ocean with waves and current which made the test area very diverse. It was a very good decision to have Santander as the test location due to the choice of sailing area’s, however the uncertainty of the wind conditions was not so favourable.
I will wait until the decision on the equipment before I decide if I will campaign for Rio. It is something I would truly like to do. It will depend if the boat is challenging and yet suitable for my role as crew on the boat. Then there is the question of forming a good combination with a teammate to be successful.

Which boat of the trials did you like more overall?

Apr 20, 2012

Olympics Trials, ISAF Report: Nacra 17 & Viper recommended

Did I make an accurate previous analysis or not?   100%  Direct HIT, once more for the "Oracle of San Isidro".
I will put now together a new firm:  "CSN Consulting".
So now the NAs will decide. But NO one can change the facts we described here before and now confirmed on this report.

More info & free consulting analysis later!

1 Recommendation

The Evaluation Panel recommend consideration of two of the entrants, the NACRA 17 and the Viper.
The clear preference of the MNA Sailors and the Evaluation Panel was the innovative new NACRA 17.
Designed specifically for the Mixed Multihull criteria the Evaluation Panel concluded the NACRA 17 is seen
as the best option. Featuring curved dagger boards providing vertical lift, the NACRA 17 will carry a wider
range of crew weight better than the 16 footers and is considerably lighter than a Formula 18. The modern
NACRA 17 also offers the sailors in the Mixed Multihull Event the exciting challenge of mastering the
potential lift of the curved daggerboards.

Of the six other entrants, the Viper was the second choice of the MNA Sailors. As an existing ISAF Class,
with over 50 boats waiting in stock, the Viper offers a rapid implementation. The MNA sailor feedback was
that some felt that they were at the upper limit of the competitive combined crew weight. The new NACRA
F16 was not seen to offer major advantages over the NACRA 17 or the established Viper.

The superbly-refined, and much admired Tornado at 20ft was judged too powerful by the female sailors. It
was considered that at highest level of Olympic competition the female sailor would inevitably be the helms
person, leaving the male crew to deal with the higher loads of the mainsheet and gennaker sheet. Only one
MNA sailor (a man) ranked the Tornado as their first choice.

The Hobie Tiger, a Formula 18, was the heaviest boat at the evaluations. Presented in ‘light crew’ mode, with
the smaller jib and gennaker, the balance of the rig was questioned. Only two sailors ranked the Tiger in their
top three choices.

The Hobie 16 with gennaker did not find support from the MNA Sailors. It failed to impress in respect of its
performance and sailing qualities when compared with the other boats presented. Only one sailor ranked the
Hobie 16 as a top three choice.

The Spitfire S is priced competitively with the Hobie 16. It was not popular with the MNA Sailors who would
have preferred a self-tacking jib and better organised controls.

2- Comparison Table

Extreme Series Qingdao: Day 4 Live Replay

F18, AClass, H16: Copa España 2012

Sent by Claus Denk, www.adecat.com---
Report from the Spanish Cup for all Catamaran Classes (Copa de España 2012)

This passed weekend, from 12th to 15th of April, the Spanish Cup for all catamaran classes has been held in Denia (Mediterranean), hosted by the Real Club Náutico Denia. The classes F-18, A-Cat, Hobie 16 and Interseries (rest of the cats) came together with more than 70 boats for one of the two annual national events in Spain (the Spanish Cup and Spanish Championship).

The weather conditions were varying due to the passage of a frontal system, but the race officials were able to bring in 6 races during the 3 days. The first day, with light wind and quite a big swell left from the previous days was tricky to sail, and only one race could be finished. On Saturday some strong showers with little visibility seemed to make racing impossible, but fortunately the rain ceased and increasing winds with gusts over 30 knots in the last race made 3 races possible, although a lot of capsizes and some material damage were the consequence. The conditions on Sunday were more stable, swell with 6-8 knots of wind, so another 2 races could be finished.

The podiums in the different classes finally were:

Apr 19, 2012

Bimare Project 14

Sent by Lars Smit.-
BIMARE Project- 4T
"Those who visit our site from time to time will know we started to work on a new 14 foot. Project-4T.

First boat was tested at Vela di Pasqua Cesenatico
The new "f14" is aims to replace fat, heavy and slow boats presently used by many clubs to initiate children to start sailing multihulls. This new design is intended also for advanced youngsters and for general recreational use.
However our new 14 will in every inch be a Bimare product, highlighting Bimare's distinctive touch to stand out from similar products of our competitors.
No effort is spared to make it pretty (we Italians like beauty), Hight Tech and state-of-the-art features and wave piercing hulls, curved boards.
A small that is Lighter (composite construction instead of rotomoulded polyethylene), Fast and Cheap."

F18 in Netherlands: 1st Season Racing & Change of Guard

The Dutch F18 Association had the first event of the season. With Oscar Zeekant and Karel Begeman 1st, now on a C2. Mischa Heemskerk and Bastian Tentij with the Cirrus R in 2nd place. And Veenman-de Waard 3rd on an Infusion.
Mischa has been elected this past weekend as the new president of the F18 Dutch Assoc,  really a welcome addition for the F18 wc, having a person recognized by all sailors on always willing to help others, and of course his sailing and technical knowledge will be key input to the class.
Larsen and Franck had two bullets on the first two races, but dnc on the rest.

All preparations for the first 'Major' of the F18 Grand Slam will be held at Carnac this May, for the huge Eurocat regatta, more info later.

More info at www.f18.nl
Full resutls at: http://roerkoning.nl/2012/ke_april12.html

Extreme Series Qingdao: Day 3 Live Replay


Apr 18, 2012

Globaltech F18 World Championships 2012 - NOR

Photo:Photoboat.com,  F18 NAs 2011. - Complete NOR, allocations per country here. I know more spots are being requested by CAN, AUS, ARG and USA too as they are going to get more than the default 20 additional as organizing ctry.
Don´t miss the opportunity to make history at the first F18 Worlds held in America, of many to come. 

7-15 September 2012
Long Beach, California, USA

The Organizing Authority for the 2012 GLOBALTECH International Formula 18 Catamaran World Championship Regatta is the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club on behalf of the United States Formula 18 Class Association (USF18).

ExtremeSeries Qingdao 2012 "Live Replay"

Apr 17, 2012

2012 Maersk Line Paper Tiger Catamaran Internationals

All photos: Rachel Leatham

Bolster Team Race: 1st vid Highlights

Great event organized by the F18 sailors in Holland and broadcasted by Sail-Video Systems. This kind of events promotes the sport and the class. Huge effort to put this online too, and think they can have the viewer broadcasting end quite better next time. Just take a look at these highlights, excellent racing and quality images.
Locat report by Diana Boogards at Sailreport.nl (gtrans link)

Apr 16, 2012

Formula 16 Australian Nats 2012: Waterhouse-Darmanin 1st

The first solo Blade pic defines the F16 spirit.  Great local fleet full of Vipers, next year we might see some Nacras and Falcons? Aussie dollar is quite strong right now.
Next F16 Worlds are going to be interesting, glad to see all Formula fleets growing although let me say F16s prices are on the rise too. But the class has a long history on home made alternatives since day 1 with the Blade and now the Raptor and others. 
Future Olympics medalists, Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin 1st. .
Report and pics sent by James Wierzbowski, written by Adrian Fawcett - Aus-f16.blogspot.com

Apr 15, 2012

AC45s Naples 2012: Crown for Luna Rossa

Photo: Gilles Martin Raget. Although a pic from Luna Rossa Swordfish, still a good one for representing global performance for the Italian team.
Chris Draper on a 1st class strategic move going to LR, with high chances of being the AC72 skipper. The Italian fans now have a really good team to cheer in these series and hopefully in next Cup at San Francisco.
Both LN did well, but Draper and LR Piranha excelled taking the global title.
Bundock confirms he is the fastest around on the 500 speed trials but again, something is failing there, today they were 2nd at the start and  just keep going down the fleet. Artemis on a good closure with the MR title and a third on the final fleet race.
Energy with a bullet too but all with good and bad results, it is almost impossible to analyze, quite even for the top 6.
Full reports at http://www.americascup.com
Results www.americascup.com/2012-naples-italy/ACWS-Results/

The multi haters may have many things to say on these series and formats, but it is a quite competitive circuit and right now no one has a secured spot or domination over the others.
On the broadcast, as a comment said, the best was Cascais, going down since then, a pitty.

Replays on posts below, more pics in CSN fcbk albums. Photo Guilain Grenier.

Bolster Team Race 2012

Lots of good vibes and team effort to organize something different, and broadcasting the whole thing Live.
Congrats to Mischa de Munck and all involved for putting all together.
Reports and replays later. More info at facebook.com/Bolsterteamraceworldcup
 Preparations review Here

AC45s Naples: Day 5 "Live"

I Just don´t get why they don´t stream the Match Races...only on the MYCD 'Melt Your Computer Down'  Virtual Eye http://americascup.virtualeye.tv/   if available use Opera browser and it will get quite better.

Live will start after the MR, Bundy just lost to LR and now Artemis against them on the Final ...I guess

Apr 14, 2012

AC45s Naples: No racing for Day 4

Racing cancelled due to sea state.

At 16CEST you can watch live here the Bolster Team Race Knockout.
Below Live highlights from the week.

Apr 12, 2012

AC45s Naples: Bundock's "Team Race Knockout"

Knockout for Darren Bundock today as he eliminated team partner Spithill on their Match Race (not stream was available). And all after 4 cracks the boat had yesterday in tough conditions, with the shore crew working by the minute to put his team on the water. Never count off an experienced catsailor, an although Spithill has grabbed the multihull feeling like no other but Barker, having Darren as his 'sparring' is the best situation Oracle can have right now.
And Bundy will continue to shock the fleet as he did when winning his first official race. Have you noticed he is always the fastest upwind? I think tactics are failing on O5.

F18: Bolster Team Race 2012, Sat 14th, 16-19hs

Bolster Teamrace Knockout - press Release by Mischa de Munck.
When: April 14th 16.00 – 19.00 CEST.
Online coverage: sailreport.nl , catsailingnews.blogspot.com,
Location: Beach club Sail-Today, ijmeerdijk 20 Almere, the Netherlands.

More at facebook.com/Bolsterteamraceworldcup
The race will be broadcasted right here also.

AC45s 2012: Naples Day 2 Live

Live Webcam, Racing next.

Apr 11, 2012

AC45 Series 2012: Naples Day 1, images by Guilain Grenier

Two of the best pictures so far on the AC45 series by Guilain Grenier/Team USA. Click to hq, more on CSN Fcbk. Full report at www.americascup.com.  Live replay still pending.

Apr 10, 2012

F18: Backes-Vandame win season opener at Bray Dunes

Photo: Pierrick Contin --- For local catracing news around the world, you only have one place, here...where else you are going to check? I tried to find info on the 2012 Bray Dunes regatta in France, but couldn´t , go figure...
Olivier Backes and Mathiew Vandame, who is replacing Arnaud Jarlegan this season,  had an excellent debut together aiming for a season that will end at LA Worlds in September.

I already have my bet for this year, and beyond Backes is already in the Bundy-Mischa-Coen level (ahead of the rest and no Nostradamus needed to bet on them) my selection has not been announced yet.

Apr 9, 2012

Vele di Pasqua 2012: Images by Eva Fagnoli

Alll photos Courtesy of Eva Fagnoli. Check her site for more. www.evarte.it

Apr 8, 2012

AC45 Series 2012: Napoli, April 11-15

Bundy with his name printed, Luna Rossa, Energy's agreement  with Oracle and many more, this week at Napoli, Italy.
www.americascup.com Photo: Guilain Grenier

Apr 6, 2012

F18: Bolster TeamRace Knockout 2012

Bolster Teamrace Knockout - press Release by Mischa de Munck.
When: April 14th 16.00 – 19.00 CEST.
Online coverage: sailreport.nl , catsailingnews.blogspot.com,
Location: Beach club Sail-Today, ijmeerdijk 20 Almere, the Netherlands.

Sailing as a spectator sport?
On April 14th, four world-class sailing teams will be team racing each other on high-speed catamarans in order to promote sailing as a spectator sport at the Bolster Teamrace Knockout. Races will be held close to shore in front of a large audience, so the fights between boats are just a stone’s throw from the spectators.

The sailors will be racing a spectacular knockout series right after the F18 class event. During the class event around 100 boats will be attending, a large audience is therefore easily generated. The races are held just in front of the Sail–Today grandstand, on the catamaran beach in Muiderzand.
The race course is a so called ‘Digital N Course’. The boat that finishes last loses as a team. The challenge for the teams is to make sure that one of their opponent’s boats finishes last, resulting in a spectacular one on one never-ending fight.
Umpires will decide protests live on the water, and if necessary will hand out penalties.

Apr 3, 2012

Scorpion F18: The Open Project

Update: The Scorpion F18 Open Project built by Explder is crowned 2017 F18 World Champ: catsailingnews.com/2017/07/f18-open-project-scorpion-by-exploder.html

To the tell the truth I'm a little tired of hearing, reading , and some whining about the F18 costs, and how all the F18 Class framework is based on controlling it, and of course all this is failing big time. Beyond global inflation and else retail prices are too high, this weekend I've been told for ie that to import one specific F18 the origin dealer price is 22,000usd. Not good.

That made me think again of the alternative for an Open project. And I think now it is a good time to do it, as all designs have converged into a too similar shape with the same concepts and features.
I don´t forsee any major revolution soon within the class rule box regarding shape and/or design.

I have more than 200? F18 hull cads that have been evolving since July 2005 when I start drawing one based on the Tornado/Tiger lines. I always remember coming back from the office and staring at a print of the RC hull cad. It was just an idea that came true.

So to transform ideas in to reality the first step is exposing it.
The goal is to provide an alternative for a home made F18, using available extrusions and parts. A good thing to copy is Grainger Designs kit where the cad parts (frames etc) are pre cut on a foam sheet for his cruising cats.
Also having sailmakers to provide an special standard package, as Pablo Soldano, from Ullman is doing with the Tornado. Landy is also offering good deals compared to F18 factory sails.
I heard that Hobie offered the Tiger bid at the trials for 15,000Euros?. So it is possible to downsize costs. New designs have more expensive features as longboards, but here in Arg for ie the C2 standard ones are doing fine against longboards, and the 2011 Arg title and Vice South American went to a Wildcat with also standard lenght daggers.

I will start to work on this, I will need to make a one off, test the thing out and then providing the cads. But the little detail is (if the design is successful of course..) to cede rights to the Class, as for those amateurs or building fanatics like myself can have a proven design at hand.

Why Scorpion? I was born Nov 5 and many including my wife always said that sign reflects who I am... the good and the bad I think ...
Again, just an idea right now, let see how it ends.


Edit: I already received some mails, pointing that I should use the Open Source software model... and I want to remark this is indeed an "Open Project", the idea comes from the IT world of course, so anyone interested in participate or providing ideas is welcome. I mean this design can be built right now, but having more people involved can make this even better. For example, having a daggercase that can hold any shape is one of its features, many more can arise. catsailingnews gmail com
To check how designs have evolved from the Tornado/Tiger V shape to current Wave piercers check http://catsailingnews.blogspot.com.ar/2011/04/wave-piercing-and-volume-distribution.html

Apr 2, 2012

Arnaud Jarlegan: Walk the Walk

Arnaud Jarlegan is a man of few words, and although I also respect people that "walk the talk" , he is in fact, "walking the walk" with pure action. And these characters are always  the ones with a higher mark, like Loick Peyron. I would have prefer some more feedback on the trials, but he decidedto stay neutral, so I respect his position.
Arnaud is current F18 European Champ, 2010 World Champ,Wing trimmer for Energy, and he might be campaigning for 2016 also. Right now he is one of the most busy catsailors, below some Q&A with him.
When talking about being in the right spot at the rigth time, look no further than Arnaud. He is the one delivering the goods at every level of catamaran racing.
Right now you are in a privileged position within the Multihull World.
- Are you a full time sailor right now ? 
Yes I am a full time sailor. I started to sail in catamaran 20 years old in Britany (Gulf of Morbihan). Step by step I arrived to the Tornado for an Olympic campaign. Now I am sailor for Energy Team and also waiting the next Olympic multihull.

- Did you campaign for the Olympics in the past ?
I did two Olympics campaigns in Tornado between 2000 and 2008 with Billy Besson. In 2008, we finished second in the trials. We were sparring partner for the french team. So I don't know the Olympics games. In 2008, we were second in the European Tornado championship. It was a very good experience; We learned a lot of things, it is a good school.

Tornado 'Gang' at Santander

4 Olympic Tornado Medalists: Gold: From left to Right Yves Loday 1992, Fernando Leon 1996, Fernando Echavarri 2008 and Roland Gaebler Bronze Medal Sydney 2000 facebook.com/tornadoclass

One working on his own company, Loday, Leon for Hobie, Echevarri as an observer I think and Roland defending the Class history of past generation of champs.

Great photo.

F18 Worlds 2012: Cirrus R in USA

John Casey has brought the first Cirrus are to America. And now he will be bringing some containers full oft hem.
The Cirrus R had an excellent debut winning the Eurocat and a 2nd at Balaton with Mischa Heemskerk and Bastian Tentij onboard.

I've been told and seen myself the gps tracks at the Europeans too, that the Cirrus is the fastest F18 downwind.
And to me is no surprise, beyond BCM experience, knowledge and other design features, that fat bottom is key.  I made a fat/square deep channels one for the RC16 and it simply flies. And I will apply it to our next F18 in the future.

John is also analyzing offering some charters on these new boats, nice move by JC, and I will recommend the guys as an alternative to rent one. So if interested in having a1st class F18 as your tool  for LA just contact him  www.johncaseyworldwide.com