Feb 29, 2012

F18 European Tour 2012

Photo: Franck Gicquiaud - www.littoral-ouest-photos.com - Pim and Mitch owning the start at Eurocat 2010.
www.f18europeantour.com A good initiative by the Europeans F18 Associations. A tour comprised of 13 events, mostly country Nats and of course the Eurocat. Rankings by event and incentives for many categories.
The Tour
The Formula 18 European Tour has been established to promote racing and travelling of the F18 Class around Europe. With 13 events organised in 10 countries throughout Europe the Tour hopes to being a new level of international competition and travelling to the class, as well as establishing a competitive European Ranking for both helms and crews.

The purpose of the F18 European Tour is to:
encourage international participation in major European events.
raise the standard of competition in the class.
recognise the best performing teams.

The 2012 F18 European Tour is made up of the 13 regattas, spread across 10 countries, as outlined in the Rules and Prescriptions.
Sailors competing in any of these events are automatically entered in the Tour, with their best 3 results taken for their overall score.
Points for each event are awarded for both the position in the event, and on the size of the event. In short:
Winning a 20 boat event is worth 100 points
Winning a 160 boat event is worth 200 points
Points for different sized events are evenly distributed between these.
All sailors attending any event will be awarded 20 points
Points awarded for each place in a regatta are also evenly distributed.

  1. EuroCat Carnac, France 28 April - 01 May
  2. North Sea Regatta Scheveningen, Netherlands 26 - 28 May
  3. Riva Del Garda Regatta Lake Garda, Italy 02 -03 June
  4. Travemunde Week Travemunde, Germany 26 - 29 July
  5. Swedish Nationals Stockholm, Sweden 17 - 19 August
  6. Italian Nationals Grosetto, Italy 23 to 26 August
  7. UK Nationals Minnis Bay, UK 31 Aug - 02 Sept
  8. Nordik Championship Helsinki, Finland 06 - 09 Sept
  9. Hungarian Nationals Balatonfured, Hungary 18 - 23 Sept
  10. Dutch Nationals Zandvoort, Netherlands 22 - 23 Sept
  11. Duc d'Albe Hyeres, France 23 - 24 Sept
  12. Belgian Nationals Knokke Heist, Belgium 06 - 07 Oct
  13. Canarias Week Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 05 - 09 Dec
More info at www.f18europeantour.com

AC45s & AHPC Viper: Airborne Lfoils

Photo above: www.xssailing.com  As some noticed already the AC45s are testing Lfoils at SF, and it seems in parallel AHPC is doing the same with the Viper. They are saying 25knots on 20knots of wind.That is quite impressive as when wind comes up, drag rises exponentially and speeding above true wind is harder to achieve than in medium range.
Check video below... so what we do with curved foils now? well I can tell you that if some will know the answer soon will be Darren Bundock and the Oracle team as no one can match their resources right now.

Feb 28, 2012

SL33 at SF: Airborne

Photo: Jeremy Leonard www.surfcityracing.org Check video below for an airborne jump Nacra F20c style. Sent by Macca, that also sailed the Marstrom 32 at Miami...lucky guy. Photos of the M32 later by Leandro Spina.

F18: Official amendment description on Paint-Gelcoat

Actual IFCA18 amendment on Paint-Gelcoat I mentioned on ISAF interpretation that Gelcoat was not allowed:
The following amendments to the Class Rules have been approved to be
effective 21
February 2012.
Rule C.7.2
Amendment: Add new rule to read as follows:
(a) Holes not bigger than necessary for the installation fittings and passage of
lines may be made in the hull.
(b) Sealing strips of any suitable material for centreboard/daggerboard slots are
(b) Routine maintenance such as painting and polishing is permitted without remeasurement and re-certification, providing that the intention and the effect
is to polish the hulls only.
(c) Each hull shall have at least one inspection hatch. All other fittings are
Rule D.2.3
Amendment: Delete rule and renumber accordingly.
Rule D.3.1
Amendment: Add “polyester gelcoat” after “glass fibres” so the rule now reads
as follows:
(a) The hull shells shall be built from polyester or vinylester resin, glass
fibres, polyester gelcoat, a core of PVC, balsa or felt, the combination of
wood-epoxy, injected plastic, which shall not be altered other than locally
for fittings, and passage of equipment and normal reinforcement. Epoxy
glue is permitted for joining components. Every material that is not
expressly permitted is prohibited.

Feb 27, 2012

Cruiser Legend: Beto Pandiani's Next trip

Aleady a Legend
Beto Pandiani is a sailor that decided to cruise around the world on beachcats. He started as many of us on the Hobie 16 fleet in Brazil, in 1989 he obtained the first international title for his local class, he was crowned North American Champion in at Chicago (first foreigner to win in USA)

Years later he decided to travel from Miami to Ilha Bela (Sailing paradise near Sao Paulo and my favorite spot) It took 289 days to complete the voyage, 13.000kms.

In 2000 he sailed from Puerto Montt, Chile to Rio via Cape Horn. A 170 day trip crossing one of the toughest regions on the planet.(He sailed along my friend and RC Cruiser sailor, Felipe Tomassi) With the rest of the Hobie 21 crews they become the first sailors passing the Cape on a boat without cabin.
In 2003 the challenge was even tougher, Drake Passage to Antartica. 500 miles on a 7mts open beachcat.

Next were Isla Morada-FL and NY-Greenland,trying to connect the trips from Antartica to the latter.
2007-2008, time to cross the Pacific! Chile-Australia!? 17.000kms, with weeks with no land at hand.
All trips generated story and images books plus two films and more than 50 TC shows, and internet, radio material.

Beto's goals was to break records, although he has already sailed 50,000kms globally, but to achieve extreme but secure projects.
Between each trip there is no rest, as the next one must be prepared.

Atlantic Crossing
For 2012 the challenge will be conquer the 7,000kms separating South Africa from Brazil. Cape "Town-Rio" , of course non stop.
The new boat will be made in carbon, light and fast.
His crew this time will be Igor Bely, he cross the Pacific with Beto.

Goals are departing from Rio de janeiro to generate media promotion for an unique beachcat Cruise.
They will produce media content and I think they might be able to broadcast live too with current technology.

Grabbing content will be key experience again for Beto's next big project:
A Cinematographic Documentary for 2013-2014, for a Vancouver-Greenland-North Pole trip, this will be possible due to global warming and less icy route, so they will take the opportunity to talk about geopolitical issues and new commercial routes and environment"


Original Portuguese Text sent by Beto Pandiani. Copyright Catsailingnews.
My translation plus 'Legend' and some comments, glad I live in Brazil too.
For those wanting a kite-windsurf-cat trip in Brazil I recommend Ilha Bela for sure.

A-Class: Pitch & Success, images by Michael Pfeffer

Photo courtesy of Michael Pfeffer www.nswwindrush14.org.au, published first at SA Forums.
Nathan Outeridge, 49er ace and current Korea AC45 designated driver  losing it big time meters to the finish, being passedby Bundy at the end, check sequence below.
Beyond this pitch Nathan had a good championship at last Aussie Nats that included the top notch crews and several ACup talent.
The DNA also is having some success and they are helping the class growth with putting together a production that aims to build 200 a year..?
Check Arno's report after 2 years debut at Cesenatico at http://dnacat.blogspot.com/2012/02/two-years-advanced-racing-catamarans.html
Full sequence below:

Feb 23, 2012

Osprey Hydrosail by Falcon Marine: 14knots in 6-8 true wind.

Matt McDonald from Falcon Marine show us this project some months ago, now a incredible smooth video by AdventureOnlineTV
"A short video clip of the Osprey foiling. Nice work by Brian. Note the intent of this project was to get foiling in very light winds. More testing is underway working out the systems and running up some more speed. Anyone can set up to do 30-40 in 50-60 knotts of wind. 14+ in 6-8 is a pretty cool feeling."

Feb 22, 2012

F18 Facts and the "Sideshow"

Many don´t know what is going on cause the class in my view does not inform their members in a correct way.All are wondering and speculating.

> This is quite simple, current situation:
The Class has the right to establish its rules at will at x point of time in the past. It can establish whichever pattern or guide and the ones wanting to play in the F18 must follow these rules or go to another playground.

So why people are angry or against Udin? if only showing current rules will make him go away with his proposed changes? As he has no power whatsoever to change... a single thing? One factor for sure that his teams are winning, denying that is pure hypocricy.

The WC has 22 members representing their respective countries, you need +50% to change a rule.
SI has no power whatsoever within the WC. Period.

 > The real problem is this:
Everytime the class wants to ban his products by the rules,  Udin takes a good look at them and fireback with a bomb:
ie 1 - The Class ban his sails at Balaton for using cloth not on the list.
As 1st Fireback all spis were found illegal.(A clarification was issued later)

ie 2 - Now he launchs a painted F18 and the class wants to ban it.
As 2nd fireback all boats off the mold are illegal except his.!!!??? (an emergency ruling was issued later)

Do you get the point? Check this:
You rule the class and a new guy wants to get smart, So?  You made the rules and you say what is allowed or not.
You just put the rules over the table and he is Done for good: "Get wise elsewhere you ..."
The problem is when that piece of paper has 'some' holes in it... so please forget about Udin or any other pushing the limits.

>>The Class can´t enforce its current rules to any 'new wise guy' cause they are too weak (the rules...) to deal with current developments and people pushing the limits.

Situation that leads to discretionary and unavoidable unfair actions.

This NOT means that we need curved boards, lighter boats, epoxy and else, nothing to do with it.
It just means that we need a solid simple rule set for the next 5 years at least.

All the rest is just personal and political fights (including mines in the past months) and pure Sideshow.

They told me I was over reacting when forseeing even thougher problems than all spis illegal, and guess what? This ended on all boats being illegal told by ISAF itself.
Can you get lower than this? No you can´t.
Is the end of the class? Not a chance.

> So what is need to be done? 
>>>Take the gas pedal off 5 minutes, stop emergency rulings and clarifications and amendements, sit back and have a review of current rules and class long term objectives, and stop spasm reactions:
- No curved boards
- No epoxy laminates or paints
- No weight reduction

- You want 1 cloth? 1 cloth then
- No paint? No paint then
And so on....

The WC leaders can do whatever they want cause they have the votes to keep all as intended, and I will support a refoundation of class rules following the same intentions Olivier Bovyn and Pierre Charles Barraud had when creating the class. (F18 m
embers Worldwide can be proud of the past and current work of these two, I know this for a fact and first hand. They have the 'big picture' quite clear.)

Define your goals and then establish an internal challenging procedure before publishing the rules again..
That's it. Nothing more , Nothing less.

You guys reading the blog for some years now, know you can trust me on this one.

All F18 sailors just want to sail, race and enjoy. Take care of them, is the class first goal.

The rest is pure political bs.
Photo: Eric Bellande, Erquy F18 Worlds 2010. www.direct-image.fr

Feb 21, 2012

AC45s: Oracle training at SF by Guilain Grenier

All images by Guilain Grenier.Bundy is at SF training with Spithill, next AC45 event will be dominated by the Tornado Gang boats?  sent by Guilain Grenier / www.oracleracing.com

F18: ISAF Interpretation on Paint and Gelcoat

No Comments.
A request for an Interpretation in accordance with Regulation 10.12.1(a) was
received from the International Formula 18 Class Association.
The following interpretation has been made in accordance with Regulation
10.12.1(d) on the 17
 February 2012 and is effective until the 31st December
2012 or until the next edition of the class rules whichever is sooner.
Question 1:
In reference to class rule D.2.3(a) "Routine maintenance such as painting and
polishing is permitted without re-measurement and re-certification" - Does this rule
allow new boats to be supplied with a painted finish?
Answer 1:
Question 2:
In reference to class rule D.3.1(a) "The hull shells shall be built from polyester or
vinylester resin, glass fibres.... Every material that is not expressly permitted is
prohibited." - Does this mean that boats supplied from manufacturers should have
a gelcoat finish?
Answer 2:
Maintenance is the process of keeping something in good condition; it is not
considered part of the build process.
Gel coat is not specifically referred to under Class Rule D.3.1(a); the F18 class
rules are closed class rules.
It is accepted that the presentation of the class rules in this area is unclear and
the International Sailing Federation is working with the F18 Class Association on
a number of potential class rule changes.

Feb 19, 2012

Olympic Trials: Interview with Roland Gaebler

Although many criticize Roland on his strong defense and promotion for the Tornado (the same that others do for their classes) to me he is really committed to the best Olympic alternative. Of course he thinks is the best option but and he is not saying 'Tornado or die'.
The Tornado should show its power at Santander. "40years of High Performance" was the poster I made for the past Olympic fiasco with changed on the fly voting procedure. Photo below by Andrea Francolini. Also check one of the best videos outhere of Aaron Mcintosh sailing the T in NZ, pure blasting like Beijing's Medal race.

If I have to pick just one video to represent what Catamaran sailng is all about this is definitely the one.

Feb 16, 2012

F18 Mixed: German Style

Hidden lobby here , open lobby there but we all know which was the best option  for an Olympic comeback: an F18
No discussion was possible, large growing fleets all over the globe, hundreds of used and brand new boats available and all the Pros and weekend sailors sailing together.The German Hobie Cat Fleet 387 also show us that the F18s are suited for Mixed. The 'Father' of the F18 success, the Hobie Tiger, will be at Santander representing the class.

Feb 14, 2012

CSN Interview with Pim Nieuwenhuis: AC45s, Tornado, F18s, 49ers, X40s...

Pim Nieuwenhuis is one experienced sailor, coming from the 49er scene he has a different and unique look to multis. I sailed one at Valle de Bravo in Mexico, it was a mess, really hard for first timers.
No wonder as Pim remarks, lots of 49er guys are onboard the AC45 series. And it is the same reason our best  crews in Argentina come from the 29er  fleet, of course, they are not going back, but sailing and training other boats is pure gain when sailing or racing a cat.
--Photo above: Gilles Martin Raget, Smooth Pim on the AC45.
Pim tell us his experience and tough work with China Team sailing and putting together the AC45, a big bet for all sailors involved in the project, and many other subjects like the F18 and the Olympics (he was 5th with Mitch Booth at Beijing, 2nd at F18 Worlds 2007 and 5th at Balaton helming with Fer Van West.
A complete sailor with lots of high performance and top level experience.
CSN- You've been in the AC45s with China team since first event. How was the experience on sailing them for the first time?

Feb 13, 2012

C-Class, Challenge Italia: State of the Art (PhotoShop)

EDIT:They put "2012 springtime training in Mondello" and "Rendering by Vito Pavia, I though they were the CAD renders. So my mistake, it is the Biggest bluff ever in CSN. This is a Photoshop render from Canaan, the current winner of Little Americas Cup. An orginal photo I already published, check below. Although the boat will look this cool (They better...) , check building pics at Fcbk this is not actual boat. Comments still apply though, I guess... if they end building it to the hype. I'm gonna hire this Photoshop guy, check original below.
How come these guys dare to design and build this???   "Blasphemy!" , call the Inquisitors, the old keepers of the code! ....Call Umberto Ecco also,  he could have a fest with some situations in the multihull world that resembles to perfection the book/movie "The Name of the Rose"...

State of the Art craft by Challenge Italia. Idem Image by Master photographer Christophe Launay/www.sealaunay.com
C-Class Reborn continues with good health.



Photo: Cristophe Launay - www.sealaunay.com Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke on 'Canaan'

AC34: Greenlight? for ETNZ & Luna Rossa agreement.

A good successful example of  joined training is Tornado campaigns from Hagara-Steinacher AUT and Lang-Espinola ARG. Now ETNZ & LR will improve together aiming for the LVC.
From AmericasCup.com "The Jury has posted its decision in case AC07, relating to questions asked about a cooperation agreement between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Challenge.

In the decision, the Jury writes: "The Jury has reviewed the Agreement together with an Amendment which was agreed between the two parties after the Jury published its Decision in Case AC06.

"The Jury requested and received a declaration from ETNZ and LR stating that there has been no Protocol Breach. The Jury has no reason to believe there has been a breach."
In further reviewing the agreement, "The Jury is satisfied that provided the parties comply with the requirements of their Agreement with its Amendment, there would be no breach in the future as a result of the Agreement."
More at AmericasCup.com

Olympic Trials: Nacra 17c sailing Video

Someone needs to start calling it "N17c" as at one poll they asked if it was the old Nacra 17 . Really a good looking boat, lets see her performance at Santander. Those curved foils as long as the MKII?
2x F18 World Champ Coen de Koning sailing Mixed.

Olympic Trials: Spitfire S

The Spitfire S. More info at http://www.sirena-voile.com

Feb 10, 2012

Trials Preview at Thailand: Brouwer-Goodall on a Viper, 1st

Press Release - Viper Class Association www.viperclass.org
Multiple Olympian Carolijn Brouwer and crewmate Brett Goodall have sailed their Viper to victory in the Pattaya International Multihull Festival with the boat outperforming its rivals for a spot on the 2016 Olympic program at the week-long event.

In total seven boats will strut their stuff at the upcoming evaluation trials in Spain to determine the new multihull class for the Rio Olympics, with Dutchwoman Brouwer and Australian Goodall beating all four of their rivals (Hobie Tiger, Tornado, Spitfire, Nacra F16) who raced in the same division in Thailand for the overall crown.

"It's always great to start the year with a win and while we always have faith in the Viper's performance I have to admit I was a little rusty after a nice break over Christmas,'' said Brouwer, a former world silver medallist in the old Olympic Tornado class and mum to baby Kyle, about to celebrate his first birthday.

"I sometimes forget just how fast and fun Vipers are. We've had a ball all week and beating everyone else is icing on the cake.

"It's also great to see Jason (Waterhouse) and Lisa Darmanin doing so well because they are sailing opposite to us with Jason as skipper and Lisa at crew.

"They are less than half our age and so talented they push us to a new level every time we race.''

Brouwer believes the Viper is the perfect class to take sailing into a new era with its performance unquestioned following a string of impressive results over the last year, the boat is attractive to all ages and both sexes and backed by an off-water team which includes multiple sailing world champions, world-class coaches and media and promotion experts.

"It's exciting to race, a real high-performance boat, looks great for spectators and TV, is modern, dynamic and really fresh,'' Brouwer said.

"It also has a string of fantastic results to its name proving just how good it is.”
"It's a boat that can turn heads and attract new people and converts to the sport which is what we all want.''

Of the four Vipers competing in Thailand Brouwer, 38, and Goodall, 27, finished first,
Waterhouse, 20, and Lisa Darmanin, 20, finished third, Adrian Fawcett, 33, and Jess Dobie, 27, finished fourth and Chris Sproat, 46, and Georgina Burke, 39, placed ninth.

Final results can be located at www.thaicatregatta.org/results.html

The evaluation trials for the 2016 Olympics will be held in Santander, Spain, from March 17-25.
For further information about the Viper please go to our website www.viperclass.org

Feb 9, 2012

Racing at Thailand: Brouwer-Goodall lead. Images by BNR Watersports

Images taken by BNR Watersports    check their site for an online shop. Complete album at their Fcbk page

Images taken by BNR Watersports    check their site for an online shop. Complete album at their Fcbk page --
Enough 'analysis' done. Results and Pics.
Just one remark,  sadly no Tornado there. Of course we all know that the still mighty T is going to turn many heads and many will be left wondering at Santander.
Do Not discount the T until the last minute.

Pics: 1) Nacra F20c - 2)BNR Watersports 3) Future olympic medalists Waterhouse&Darmanin on Viper 4) Nacra F16 with Gunnar 5) Carolijn-Brett 6) Nacra 17 floating level  7) Nacra F20c 8) Viper 9-10-11) Nacra 17 details, Check jib top cut...
Full Results at http://www.thaicatregatta.org/results.html

No Sailno Name Scores 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 ViperF16 289 Caroljn Brouwer, Brett Goodall 10 1 1 1 -4 2 -3 1 3 1
2 NacraF20 23 Xander Pols, Marc Pols 13.0 2 4 2 1 1 1 (dnf  2 -6
3 ViperF16 287 Jason Waterhouse, Lisa Darmanin 20.0 4 5 3 -8 3 -8 2 1 2
4 NacraF20 51 Guillaume Laberenne, Jean-R Minardi 32.0 5 3 4 6 4 2 8 (11 -13
5 ViperF16 288 Adrian Fawcett, Jesse Dobie 33.0 6 2 5 5 7 4 4 (8 -12
6 NacraF16 12 Coen de Koning, Marieke Jongens 39.0 7 -8 8 2 (dns  7 5 7 3
7 NacraInfusio 7 John Moret, Frank de Woord 44.0 3 6 -9 3 8 -10 9 6 9
8 ViperF16 290 Chris Sproat, Georgina Burke 46.0 -11 9 -16 11 6 5 6 5 4
9 NacraF16 1 Gunnar Larsen, Marije Kampen 46.0 10 7 6 (ocs  5 9 (dnf  4 5
10 C2 222 Greg Goodall, Christa Van Helden 62.0 (ocs  12 10 13 9 6 3 9 -14
11 NacraInfusio 8 Hans Breur, Natasja van Thiel 77.0 12 -18 11 10 -25 13 7 13 11
12 Capricorn 15 Thomas Groen, Mischa de Munck 80.0 14 14 -17 7 10 -17 13 14 8
13 NacraInfusio 20 Remco Remeijer, Marielle Remeijer 80.0 9 11 12 14 -17 14 10 10 -15
14 NacraInfusio 5 Peter Kloppers, Jeff Dusek 88.0 13 13 7 12 -19 11 14 18 -22
15 NacraInfusio 18 Tjiddo Veenstra, Maaike Veemecken 92.0 8 15 13 16 13 (dns  11 -17 16

Feb 8, 2012

Americas Cup Uncovered: Remembering Dennis Conner

I think the toughest endeavour in the history of the Cup was getting the Cup back in 1987 after losing it in 83 after 130years.
Dennis Conner for sure must be remembered as one of the greatest ever, not even to mention his disposition and open mind to create the first Multihull (and Winged?!) Defender/Challenger ever in the Cup.
Hat off to Conner team and crew.

Feb 7, 2012

Olympics Trials: The Candidate, Nacra 17 launched.

1st photo by Jeff Dusek. Check more at facebook.com/multihull2016 .
Photos below by  F18 Team Race organizer, Mischa de Munck, currently in Thailand.
More in his blog www.mischasailing.com
Still can´t get a reference, but it seems it's size is more near to the F16 than the Infusion.

And we still have people pushing hard for the h16.... go figure. I call them Dinosaurs, the same as the monohull establishment but inside the multihull world. Evolution and history have proved that you can´t stop innovation, you can only delayed it a little. Oblivion will be the destiny for those living in the past, grabbed to their ancient toys ... "my precious" comes to mind.

Glad we are living in 2012, and not 1900 when Herreshoff's Amaryllis got banned by the same type of selfish people protecting the angry&slow status quo.

AC34: SWE Artemis powered by ARG

Santi Lange is testing and pushing Terry Hutchinson on Artemis second AC45.
Juan K is the head designer and currently busy on the AC72 building process done by King Marine, the 3rd key Argentine component within Artemis.

The very best of our yacthing is involved in this Cup, maybe this can be a test bed for a future Arg team for the next Cup. We have the sailing millonaire also, Alberto Roemmers, the owner of the Matador/Azurra TP52 team.
Hutchinson said that in this training they acquired more knowledge than the 3 ac45 events together.
Another Tornado sailor joining the Circus. Best of luck to Santi on a tough challenge he will face soon.
Hope also Brasil can join the next Cup too, they don´t lack resources either... sailing legends like Torben Grael, Robert Scheidt and many others plus a growing wealth economic power, can also become a key player in next Cup as they did with the "Brasil" team on the Volvo years ago. All depends on the success of the 34th edition.We all hope for a great Cup, so we can enjoy multis at the top level for the rest of our lives...?

Photo Artemis Racing http://www.americascup.com/en/Teams/Artemis-Racing

Feb 6, 2012

Trials Preview: Racing in Thailand, reports

The Vipers are dominating the fleet but the Nacras F16 are getting better with past 2X F18 World Champ Coen de Koning scoring a 2nd overall in race 4 . Left a recent pic on the Nacra F16, check the main top.
This is a great event for AHPC and Nacra, as one can confirm their potential and the other is putting their new design to the toughest test available to match the new F16.

On real time the top Nacras F20c are doing their job.
After 6 races Xander and Mark Pols are leading the pack on their Nacra F20c, only one point ahead of Carolijn and Brett on the Viper. 3rd another F20c and two more Vipers with Adrian Fawcett/Jessie Dobie and the future Olympic stars Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin.
The 1st F18 on 6th place.
Coen and Gunnar are 8th / 9th overall on the Nacras F16, ahead also of the rest of the 18 fleet.

-6 races Results only on a pic taken by Brett here 

If I have to follow many comments here it seems the F18 fleet is full of "kids and little girls" racing, as both Ahpc and Nacra F16 teams are having a fest on many boats made for 'tough guys'...
Maybe the F16s are not just for kids, don´t you think?
This beyond Olympic selection, where I already stated that the Nacra 17 is the right choice for me this time and for the future. Although an F16 has the best chances on current mixed scenario.

--Here you have the Real Time results Excel on the 3 first races

Nice honest report from Nacra on their Facebook page, weighting their first event for the new Nacra F16, that beyond Olympics will be a new player on the huge growth the Formula 16 is experiencing.
Hope they can get the Nacra 17 on the water soon.

"First event with the Nacra F16 against International viper team with Olympic sailors such as Carolijn Brouwer giving us a hard time at the Thailand regatta. Not yet found the winning pace yet but we are benchmarking against the viper that exist already for 4 years. This is great and they will bring us up to the appropriate speed in the class and beyond. The pioneering part on how to set the trim right is fun to do and this place is great to sail, everybody should come here next year! The Nacra F20 Carbon is leading after 6 races!! Great people at Varuna Yachtclub!!

This is the reason, in my personal opinion of course, why the Viper is going to be selected if nothing strange happens. The performance is there, the class is there, so there is no more thinking left, clear since day 1 when someone said "Multis back and Mixed" Just about common sense  were enough to send a mail to Ian Rodger, the local AHPC dealer on Nov 10, 2010, telling him to start buying a Viper asap... reading the specs later was only a confirmation, although they suited perfectly the H16.


Below an onsite report sent by Jeff Dusek:
Being in Singapore for January and February, I have the tremendous opportunity to sail the Thailand Catamaran Week at Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya, Thailand this week. I am sailing with Peter Kloppers on his new Infusion MKII for the event, having posted my availability on the regatta website and getting an email from him a few weeks ago. We had never met before the event, but that is all part of the fun! Royal Varuna is a beautiful club, and the weather couldn’t be better for a winter event.

Ferrari F1 2012: Design vs Functionality

There is a say on any type of design that experience has proved to be certain the majority of the ocassions: "If looks good, then it will work/ride just fine"
This non written rule applies to the new Ferrari 2012, of course that ackward nose is due to air dynamics flows, it better works as intended, if not as someone said in a comment, an ugly looks plus a not so impressive performance will be too much for the tifossi to bear...

High contrast with the impressive FF. Check below the FF on snow.
Design, looks and functionality all together in the same package.
There are some examples on the catamaran world like the AC45 and others.
For those car fanatics, check the Play Station GranTurismo game, is the next best thing to the real thing for sure.

Feb 4, 2012

Racing in Thailand, Trials Preview : She's the Boss

Carolijn Brouwer is dominating the first Pattaya Multihull International Festival currently being held in Thailand.Where AHPC and Nacra, along the entire line of windsurf brand factories are located.
On a more than key and interesting race, that is a perfect Preview of things to come at Santander Trials in March, Carolijn is showing her talent along Brett's crewing and also the huge potential of the Viper to take the trials home.

Now, this means that the Viper/Nacra F16 are the perfect choice? No, to me the perfect choice would have been the Phantom Fying Project and now the Nacra 17 as I remarked yesterday on a comment.

Cause looking at current developments on AC and the multihull exposure worldwide with X40s, MOD70, M32, S33 plus the F18, A-Class and F16 racing  and all the new cats and Tris out there, for 2020 the pressure to have two cats on the Games would have been too strong to let it down.
So having a Cat elected now that can stand this ridiculous forced Mixed format was the best choice for 2016 and a for a long term project on the Olympics campaigns.

Although the Viper/Nacra F16 can be good choices having them as the Female Multi option for 2020. And then we can add a super power, modern, curved foils or flying machine for the Open medal later.
Sadly the Nacra 17 seems not to be racing.
More info at www.thaicatregatta.org

Vipers, F20C, Infusions, Nacra F16s and more.
The interesting data here for me beyond the trusted Texel rating, is the actual/real time table. I try to get it.
Update from Carolijn's Twitter: "Happy Viper Sailing at Thai Cat Regatta. Only two F20s in front us and beating all F18s over the line. Our results overall today: 1,1,1."

No Sail No Name Tot R1 R2 R3
1 Viper F16 289 Caroljn Brouwer, Brett Goodall 3 1 1 1
2 Nacra F20 23 Xander Pols, Marc Pols 8 2 4 2
4 Viper F16 287 Jason Waterhouse, Lisa Darmanin 12 4 5 3
5 Nacra F20 51 Guillaume Laberenne, Jean-Richard Minardi 12 5 3 4
6 Viper F16 288 Adrian Fawcett, Jesse Dobie 13 6 2 5
3 Infusion F18 7 John Moret, Frank de Woord 18 3 6 9

Note aside: For those doubting on my post on the H16 just look what Frenzied posted:
http://www.rio2016.com/en/the-games/sports/olympic/sailing You have to remember that the Star is out of 2016, a secured medal for Brazil with Robert Scheidt, they lost that one so they will try to hold to the Multis medal alternative with top H16 sailor Baby Arndt. Althougn the Brazilian team is quite strong in any class as we all know.

Feb 2, 2012

Not until done on an AC45 Dagger...

This is a Classic. Already seen, but this is a new version they say. Video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2PQfJ2SAg4
Ok, now some other brand needs to put someone on a AC45-AC72 flying  Dagger.  That argie making the Ralph Luaren campaigns, although we might need to convince him to leave Polo horses for a wilder ride...
Or some AC team can talk to Boss for a better promotion and get a sponsor for the next Cup so we can have more AC72s confirmed.

AC72s: The Sailing Beast

This Cup is going to be a blast, if the AC45s are making a show the 72s will top this with no effort. The only remaining thing is to know how many teams will end building one. And also I would like to see some top notch development from Juan K, Melvin or from Oracle Design.
Ian Murray tells the real story on racing and sailing the AC72:
"These boats are going to be absolute beasts to sail," Murray said. "They are massively overpowered, they are very light and fast, and with 11 crew, the challenge is immense. As a sailor, I have the highest respect for what these guys are taking on. At the end of a day on the water, I expect to see the crew needing a lot of fuel and a lot of sleep to get ready for the next day. I don't expect to see too many Cup sailors with a beer in their hand - not until it's all over!!"
More at www.americascup.com/en/Latest/News/2012/2/Format-and-function

Olympics and which one shouldn't be selected

Ok, I'm flaming myself again, but this is another good cause. Many are worried on one boat being selected.
Already said this many times, and a few weeks ago in some comments.
I was not worried cause I trust the Trials results, but Political influences it is another whole new ball game.

The only boat from the list that could hurt the prestige gained this past years with the growth of the performance  classes and the ACup is the H16.

As someone pointed a few weeks ago, the H16 is the multihull used in Brasil, organizer of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a huge class there although the local distributor has left the fleet without support for years on a commercial conflict.

The H16 is also the default choice in several countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Venezuela and many others from the continent and also has a huge presence in USA and Europe. Needless to say these countries have excellent not to say the best Hobie 16 sailors of the planet: Baby Arndt,the Figueroas , Maegli, Hess etc.
These countries National associations along the organizer will push for the H16 along the Hobie Class.

To me this is a huge selfish political mistake that even could hurt Hobie's reputation in the long term.
You can´t select in 2016 an H16, no matter its popularity and all the good work done.
Again, I entered the multihull world through Hobie 16 Racing in México, and that's what the H16 does best, feeding other classes and getting new sailors to the game.

You can´t have the pinnacle of the sport on this boat.
I don´t a care a dime about the Laser comparison. This is no monohull sailing.
Just look at Windsurfing, following these parameters they will still be racing the Mistral OD, the Windglider or the Lechner.

Don´t give me the popularity argument against what is the right choice to continue showing the sailing world what is Multihull racing as the AC45s are doing right now.

To put it quite clear: The specs fits the H16 as I remarked when they were out published and also an F16.
Needless to say that all NAs pushing for the H16 have their multihull sailors riding this boat as remarked above.

So I will recommend all involved to stop accusing each other and focus together on the real threat for the prestige and reputation of Catamaran Racing.
If  ISAF get this boat selected it will be the biggest  political 'Fiasco' of the history of Multihull Sailing ever. And all pushing for this option will get marked as an US representative was, when he pushed out the Tornadoes changing the voting procedure in the middle of the vote.

The Trials will show which is the best boat, ISAF & Trial officials should respect the results.
As no matter how many H16 sailors these NAs send, in the water it will be clear that the entire remaining list of boats are best suited for the job.

Feb 1, 2012

Olympic Trials: Official Entries

Told you I already know who is taking the spot.  Knew it since day 1, and have a mail sent on Nov 10 2010 (day Multis got back) to prove it.

You don´t have to be Nostradamus to forsee it, as with many other things coming in other classes...

Current and future discussions are not taking account of common sense established from the beginning of the 'comeback' and without any spec available at that moment.

Although a little surprise may arise now, it is, for me, defined.
I sent some questions to Gaebler, waiting for them also Gunnar's interview

Strange that Hobie didn´t push for an F16 too.

The seven multihull entrants
• Hobie 16 - Hobie Cat
• Hobie Tiger - Hobie Cat
• Nacra 17 - Nacra Sailing International
• Nacra F16 - Nacra Sailing International
• Spitfire S - Sirena Voile
• Tornado - International Tornado Class Association
• Viper - Australian High Performance Catamarans (AHPC)