Jan 24, 2012

Defy Tech

In +1000 posts not a single nerdy one but after drowning and breaking several cell phones and with my current screen out broken on a drop I decided it was time to buy the Motorola Defy.

First thing I did was a swimming pool test, then some work with boatyard dust and several unintentional drops.
Really a product I can recommend to catsailors, of course I will use it on my next rides as I can put the phone as is on my spraytop or tramp pocket.
 I downloaded some nice sailing compass/speed apps, Saildroid (free but with a little ad), but the best was Windmeter (3Euros), that actually measure wind speed through sound waves. Just an incredible solution that I tested yesterday comparing with trusted readings. It worked just fine. Check this video comparing with the original stuff.

So if you are looking for tough phone water resistant and fully app equiped look no further than the Defy.
For those Apple, Nokia (Bas: Find me one and I will test it) , Blackberry fans , well I just didn´t find any other product offering what I was looking for the harsh use I gave to cell phones.

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