Jan 31, 2012

AC34 & A-Class: New Zealand Nats, Scaled Proto(?) by Mike Drummond

This seems a retro, old  H16 tramp platform like A-Class. But don´t let this feature foul you. You are seeing the latest design from Mike Drummond, head of Oracle Design Team.

As seen at the NZ A-Class Nats this January 2012. Event won by Pete Melvin, another top designer/racer and current responsible for ETNZ  ACups designs, on his A3 with curved foils.

It seems Mike  had a little tuning on the first races as he has several dns and then went on a good run for some top 5 results  over 19 boats.

One interesting thing to look at, is comparing the overall hull profile against the current A-Class benchmark design, the DNA. Check how the elevated platform matches dna deck height.Click images to enlarge.

This in my opinion can only be a testing ground for the AC72s. The hulls shape is a scale down version of USA17 Amas. The rocker lines seems to match DNA ones.
 Will contact Mike to see if he can gave us some clues on the targeted features with that platform. Weight? at first glance don´t think so, but I need to check with Arno a possible comparison on a carbon platform like that and a 'standard' a-class deck laminated weight. Although on a second thought just look the deck material that was removed overall on the entire lenght compared again with the dna....

From the H16 experience and beyond that tramp tubes are made of carbon, they are one piece though for sure, I think they cannot be stiffer than a curved/angular beam & a deck joint.
I think there's more than weight, like lowering grav center, but weight is key there also, I  will get feedback from some top pros and get back to it.

NZ A-Class website a-class.org.nz/results_2012_nationals.htm
Results: a-class.org.nz/downloads/temp/2012_nzadca_nats_overall.pdf
Photos: picasaweb.google.com

F18: Phantom 2012 Testing Session at Quiberon

Macca and our recent french visitor, Antoine Joubert, testing the Phantom 2012.
We will get one here in BA bought by a local known sailor, so I will test this machine hopefully before LA.
Nice shot, check the main it seems crosscut with no luff panel but I think is painted, and also a two cloth spi.
Click image to enlarge and full size without crop. More at Sail Innovation Fcbk
On further rules issues, all already exposed in my behalf here and on the WC for the Record, so we'll see, I'm out of the WC/Local Class right now. Please contact your local NA rep or the IF18CA for more detailed & updated info, no new official comments on IF18CA website at the moment.

Jan 30, 2012

'Turbo' for the AC45...

Just after testing more power on the Wave... the AC45s will wear an extension for their wings.  Photo © Hannah Davis/ACRM
"At a nondescript warehouse on Auckland's North Shore, the latest AC45 development is taking shape - a 4 meter tall extension to the wingsail that will add over 8 square meters of surface area to the wing.

Adding more power to a boat that already challenges the best sailors in the world may seem like overkill, but Regatta Director Iain Murray says the bigger wing will promote more exciting racing in light conditions.

"The extensions aren't fixed permanently," Murray explains. "We can put them on or take them off, so they'll be used at our discretion for light wind venues to add more power to the boats when we're racing in lower wind ranges."
 --More at www.americascup.com/en/Latest/Features/2012/1/Extended-Play/

Winged Diam, first winged F18?

Sent  by Julien Morvan.Shot of a f18 DIAM3 with a wingsail
This could be the beginning of a french C-Class project. Shoot in Port La Foret last week on thursday 26th.
Built by Mer Agitée and designed by Mer Forte in Brittany. Bothsociety belongs to Michel Desjoyeaux
Enjoy and see you soon

Julien Morvan
French Boatbuilder

Jan 29, 2012

Hobie Wave: 1st "Turbo" Test in Arg

What a little machine the Hobie Wave is. Lots of fun.I knew that even before sailing it, as I did this weekend.
A Wave owner, Hernán Gimenez asked me to install him the "Turbo" kit and I adapted the RC 16/F18 setup. The spi and snuffer was made by a local loft, Foxtrot, so the first Argentine Hobie Wave Turbo was born.

Will try to get better images next time, but enough to show how the Wave was flying with not much wind. Riding it Solo was just a blast.
Some 1st videos here with me having some real fun, more to come with a real camera:

I recommend the Wave to those wanting family fun and eventual solo rides, the "problem" with her is that she is so good that you'll want more, even after the Spi kit, and for more excitment you need a +16...

But considering her target, the Hobie Wave , designed by Morrelli & Melvin, is just the perfect recreational toy, with no higher aspirations than pure fun, square that fun with a Spi, although check Hobie's requirements and guidelines first, as the original spi offered by Hobie is quite smaller.

So first contact your Hobie dealer, also Catsailor.com Store offers a good kit too.

Argentina has now an official dealer that I helped to established through Greg Thomas for Esteban Blando. Hope our imports stays open as right now some tough actions against commerce exchange/protectionism are being implemented in Arg as I'm not going to build one of these, the Wave is just perfect. I'll stay with the RC16, the 18 RC Cruiser and a future new F18 maybe...

I would like to see a match between Bundy and Glenn in +15knots on one of these.... that would top any Olympic or AC45 show for sure!

Jan 27, 2012

Olympics: Phantom Project is Out of the Trials - Press Release by Udin

Mail sent by Alex Udin today Friday 27, 9:15PM
This leaves the choice for the rest, the Nacra 17 will take the modern curved board bid. AHPC and Nacra will fight for the F16 option.
I have Gunnars answers pending and also making one with Roland that has an all in one solution providing the Ts "a la" Hobie Worlds.  
No news from Hobie yet regarding the trials.
Regarding the Phantom demand I can confirm orders from Argentina.
"Dear Martin,
 The Flying Phantom project would like to wish the participants in the upcoming Multihull equipment trials all the best. Unfortunately we will not be attending as initially planned. With all projects calculations are made on risk and reward and in this case we could not justify the risks based on the specifications such as crew weight targets which are clearly not in line with real world data and experience.

The Flying Phantom lives on however! The first boat is being constructed currently and testing is scheduled to commence in the coming month. We look forward to presenting the Flying Phantom at Eurocat 2012.

With the recent success of the Phantom F18 we have enjoyed huge interest and now have production running at full pace to meet demand. The extremely high standard of production demands a lot of effort from the entire team and we are looking forward to more success in 2012 with our soon to be announced sailing and ambassador team."

Kindest regards,
Alex Udin
Sail Innovation

Jan 25, 2012

New lighter 18/Curved boards Class on the making?

Some rumours at SA and Catsailor on a new Nacra 17,6" with curved boards are up.
With the Phantom Project already in the same line, there are two players to start a new class, the thing is these two might fight for an Olympic spot at Santander in March.
Also this 17,6" cat has the F20c/F16 shape, so a new F18 can be the goal too, and having their 3 boats with the same looks/updated design, just like the automotive industry.
Although in my opinion the Infusion hulls needs no update right now, this new boat is branded as 17 and they are saying it is really 17,6" with the clear intention on having the '
18' name for their current F18.

But a ligther, more rule free class can be created if Nacra and SI are building similar concepts if none is selected.
More info soon. Waiting for Gunnar's answers on an interview we are making.

Jan 24, 2012

Defi Terresens 2012, Cape Horn Video Wrapup

Will try to get a report from Bourgnon , more info at www.defis-terresens.com
and www.facebook.com/groups/247939751916098

Defy Tech

In +1000 posts not a single nerdy one but after drowning and breaking several cell phones and with my current screen out broken on a drop I decided it was time to buy the Motorola Defy.

First thing I did was a swimming pool test, then some work with boatyard dust and several unintentional drops.
Really a product I can recommend to catsailors, of course I will use it on my next rides as I can put the phone as is on my spraytop or tramp pocket.
 I downloaded some nice sailing compass/speed apps, Saildroid (free but with a little ad), but the best was Windmeter (3Euros), that actually measure wind speed through sound waves. Just an incredible solution that I tested yesterday comparing with trusted readings. It worked just fine. Check this video comparing with the original stuff.

So if you are looking for tough phone water resistant and fully app equiped look no further than the Defy.
For those Apple, Nokia (Bas: Find me one and I will test it) , Blackberry fans , well I just didn´t find any other product offering what I was looking for the harsh use I gave to cell phones.

Jan 22, 2012

Americas Cup Uncovered #22

San Diego night party: Men in suits, Champagne, Americas Cup, the Establishment... and the best ingredient: Multihulls(!?) We are progressing, I like to be living this Era of changes on the Sailing world.
I can even put myself my long unused office suit & tie back for the cause too.

Edit: You can say anything on Coutts, but a guy of his level saying that Ainsle maybe 4 time Olympic medalist does not guarantee him success, shows his common sense and down to earth attitude towards the AC45s and Multis (as he said, he got smashed himself)  is what I've been saying for a while, although Ben's talent and experience will help him to adapt, right now he is a rookie, just ask some top World sailors at current series, being hunted down by some 'unknown' french catsailors...

This is the appeal and beauty of this edition beyond speed and flying one hull, it is a whole new challenging game for the best sailors out there.

Jan 19, 2012

Get Converted

With Ainsle and Luna Rossa on board, not many key players left to join the Multi game. Well maybe Bertarelli, although as many are guessing I think also he is behind Energy Team. Photo: Luna Rossa.

Jan 18, 2012

Tradewinds 2012: Report by Matt McDonald

Always good to have people pushing for the sport at any level, Matt McDonald from Falcon Marine is one of them, building and racing his own boats and helping the F16 becoming a huge success in the USA. 
The F16 was the biggest fleet at Tradewinds... a detail not to be overlooked.
Also proud to have Argies like Leandro Spina, US Coach, along with Jamie Livingston having the youths racing these F16 machines, in the US majority of Vipers, Falcons and Blades.
Having the kids racing these kind of cats it is a huge incentive for them for sure. Bright future for the US Multihull Sailing.
I have a report from Leandro, I will publish it later along an interview.
By Matt McDonald
Tradewinds 2005, I attended with the first US built F16 (US Blade).
We had about 4-5 boats and were assigned to the slow boat small course.

In 2012 the F16 class was the winner of the Carlton Tucker trophy for the largest class in the regatta. Add to that prestige, with the F16 event being both the Olympic development team qualification and the US youth multihull Worlds qualifier.
25 F16's registered to race and some of the country's top youth teams and multihull racers got on F16s to race this event.

This event was the brainchild of Leandro Spina, the US development coach and
Jamie Livingston , the US multihull youth manager.
As there is not a boat currently selected as the next Olympic multihull, they were instrumental in pushing US sailing to select the F16 as the youth and development boat so teams can move forward with training and associated programs leading up to 2016 in Brazil. Working closely with this group, Falcon Marine set up 5 brand new stock boats to teams looking to enter into the Olympic fray.
3 mixed teams traveled to the event with us, all of who were sailing with each other for the very first time. 2 youth teams came with us as well. 
All 5 of the teams were sailing a Falcon F16 for the very first time.

After a very hectic few days of assembly, tuning and going over the systems on their new boats all the teams hit the water for the first day of racing on Friday.

This event of course attracts teams in a huge variety of boats from all of the country coming for some winter sailing and of course the lure of the event being the F18 as well as other classes mid-winter championship.

What a great site to see all the boats and especially the huge fleet of F16's on the beach and heading out for the start with a big mix of Blades, Falcons, Taipans and Vipers. After all the build up for everyone, it was a pretty big disappointment to have such a beautiful site, nice weather and then no wind for Fridays scheduled day of racing.
A few hours floating around, some swimming and lot of people catching up with each other on the water racing was finally abandoned for the day and the traditional Tradewinds scattering could begin.

Saturday morning broke gray and with the windows rattling in the rental, it was obvious that we were not going to be suffering from the lack of wind that killed Fridays racing. With gusts coming through in the mid 20's as the teams rigged and more than a few boats upside down heading to their respective courses there was some obvious nerves with a few of the less experienced teams in the fleets. The experienced racers headed out with grins.

I was spending the event on a coach boat and got an unique (for me) view of the racing and some great lessons from Jay Glaser on sail shape, tuning and trim. Watching the first few races it was really apparent which teams had been practicing and sailing together as the gusty conditions and busy course made teamwork pay some huge gains over the new teams. 

John Casey and his new crew Sophie Shultz had to retire from racing after the first race when she was hit in the eye with a trap handle. The top 4 remaining teams though quickly separated themselves from the rest of the fleet as the racing continued.

The highly practiced team of Taylor Reiss and Matthew Whitehead split up to run coed, but their time on this boat and the coaching they have had was evident in their holding the first 2 places for the day. Following closely at the end of Saturday were the 2 Falcon teams of Pease Glaser / John Williams and Mike Easton / McKenzie Wilson.

Sunday broke with a little more sun, but very similar forecast for the weather. There were a few casualties from the weather conditions to the less experienced or prepared teams but a strong contingent headed back out to finish the battle. JC and Sophie made it back out luckily with nothing worse than a black eye. With a bullet and the rest 2's they won the day on Sunday to restore their hurt pride from the day before. With 5 races now under their belts the newly formed Falcon teams began to figure out their teamwork and the boat and showed a lot more consistency around the course.

Despite a rather nasty pitch pole and a messed up spin pole, with some quick on water fixes the team of Pease and JW worked their way into second place for the regatta and finished with a bullet in the last race. Mike and McKenzie continued to sail faster and consistently to finish third. The team of Sarah Newberry and Matthew Whitehead started the event sailing extremely fast, especially in the bigger winds early each day and their
skill and team work paid off giving them the 1st place title in the F16's for Tradewinds.

Many youth teams traveled to this event to vie for the coveted US spot at the ISAF youth multihull Worlds. 2 of those teams raced Falcons. Jeremy Herrin and Sam Armington came down from the Sarasota Sailing squadron, where their coach Brian Paine has been working very hard and has put together a great youth multihull sailing program. (Brian was racing an F18 with another youth and many of his other team members were in attendance on other boats as well.)

The other Falcon team of Ben Brown and Luc Lisi traveled all the way from Northern CA for this event. For both teams this was their first time racing on this boat and it was just the second time that the team of Ben and Luc had ever raced a spin rigged catamaran. With almost all top 10 finishes and consistently the top 2 youth boats in the event, the Falcon teams took 1st and 2nd in the youth qualifier. (Jeremy/Sam 1st and Ben/Luc 2nd)".

F18 Italia: Promo vid

Jan 16, 2012

Tradewinds 2012: Results & F16/Youth Showcase

All Photos: Leandro Spina. Great event for the Formula 16 and Youths in USA.Complete report at www.Catsailor.com:

"The annual event drew 70 high-speed, high-tech beach catamarans from all around the USA, as well as top world-class sailors, including Olympic Medalist Pease Glaser of Long Beach, California.
US Sailing, the governing body of all sailboat racing in the United States, selected the Tradewinds Regatta as its selection regatta for U.S. Youth Multihull World Qualifier, and for the U.S. Youth Multihull Championship, and the selection of the top two teams for development for the next Sailing Olympics."


1st F16 217 Sarah Newberry Matthew Whitehead 1 3 1 4 1 1 1 3 -5 20 15
2nd F16 236 Pease Glaser John Williams 4 4 3 2 3 4 (DNF) 2 1 48 23
3rd F16 222 Mike Easton McKenzie Wilson 3 1 5 3 2 -6 4 4 3 31 25
4th F16 207 Taylor Reiss Brianna Chu 2 2 2 1 5 3 7 -11 4 37 26
5th F16 214 Annie Gardner (Nelson) Eric Witte 10 5 -12 6 4 5 3 6 7 58 46
6th F16 241 Nigel Pitt The Tueker 7 6 4 5 7 9 8 7 (DNC) 78 53
7th F16 333 Jeremy Herrin Sam Armington 8 8 -11 8 10 7 5 5 6 68 57
8th F16 777 Andreas Lutz Tim Bohan 9 -11 8 9 6 8 9 9 8 77 66
9th F16 111 Ben Brown Luc Lisi -14 9 6 7 11 11 6 8 9 81 67
10th F16 225 John Casey Sophie Shultz 5 (DNS) DNS DNS DNS 2 2 1 2 112 87

Jan 15, 2012

1st Australian Viper Nats

AHPC is full forward on their goal to have the Viper selected as the Olympic Mixed Multihull, "Check Rio 2016" on Carolijn-Brett main.
They will have some tough competition with Nacra, Phantom and others, their obvious advantage is their boats sold and already racing fleets in Europe,USA and Australia.
In any case its going to be an interesting trial event.

Report by AHPC:"A perfect performance from Team Magic Marine - Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall, at the last day of the 2012 Viper Nationals.
Starting the day being 2nd with 11 points, behind Jason Waterhouse with 7 points, they had to do everything in their power to come out the winners of this event, and they did.

In light and shifty conditions the fleet had still 3 races to go. Straight from the start Carolijn took the lead and did not let it go. While the rest of the fleet was struggling with the shifts and pressure differences, turning the positions 2 till 7 upside down and back in matters of half a leg... Did Carolijn manage to secure her first position. Greg Goodall took his 'free out of jail'-card sailing from back in the fleet to being fifth at the last top mark, to finishing 2nd. Very much to Adam Beattie’s dislike, who battled the whole race for that second position and ended up being 3rd, still in front of Jason Waterhouse who ended up with his drop (4.00).

The second race, was pretty much the same. Carolijn and Brett took off to leave the rest of the fleet battle out the other positions. This time Adam Beattie, again defending his second position, lost it again, ending up 5th this time, behind Adrian Fawcett coming second, Jason Waterhouse third, and on a photo-finish together with James Wierzbowski taking the 4th position.
Marja van Helden (Adam Beattie's crew): "It was so hard defending your spot, especially downwind, were we would sit in nothing and the rest behind you just comes down with a breeze line, and there is just nothing you can do. Very frustrating from time to time, but even more respect for the consistency Carolijn was sailing with today."

With Carolijn winning these two races it all came down to who would win the last race. So Jason and Carolijn started to matchrace each other before the start. A start that was won by Jason Waterhouse, who made it first to the top mark, followed by Carolijn Brouwer and Adam Beattie. But Carolijn fought back and got the lead over Jason, who in his last upwind was past as well by Adam Beattie. Making Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall the 2012 Viper National Champions.

As I said, a perfect performance from Team Magic Marine - Carolijn Brouwer and Brett Goodall.

Congratulations to them and congratulations to Team Magic Marine - Adam Beattie and Marja van Helden, with their 3rd position."

Overall positions after final day of racing:

1 Carolijn Brouwer
2 Jason Waterhouse
3 Adam Beattie
4 Adrian Fawcett
5 Greg Goodall
6 James Wierzbowski
7 Liam Goodall
8 Don Dull
9 P. Boutonnet
10 G. Weeks

Olympics Trials: MNAs to select/send sailors

Isaf has invited MNAs to select and send their crews to participate on the trials at Santander. AHPC is ready and Nacra will send their projectS too. Waiting for Gunnar's replies on his interview to know more about their boats to be presented.
I guess obviously the Nacra F16, the Infusion F18 OD and something to match the Phantom project.
Request for Proposal of Equipment for the 2016 Olympic Two-Person Mixed Gender Multihull
Evaluation Criteria
(a)The proposed equipment should highlight the following:
i)athletically challenging to the elite sailors of the world
ii)have visual appeal for spectators, media and sailors
iii)be equipment that avoids unnecessary or excessive costs.
iv)it is desired that the sailors combined weight will be within the 120-140 kg range
v)the equipment should not cause a measurement burden on an event organizer.
(b)The proposed equipment evaluation will include the following:
i)Sailing capabilities
Setting and dousing the gennaker
General steering characteristics (course keeping, helm balance)
Divisions of tasks load for manoeuvres between skipper and crew; does the arrangement work for the tasks?

AC45s: Santi Lange to helm Artemis 2nd cat

Too much discussions on some SA forums on who was the guy to helm Artemis extra AC45, it was an easy choice as I pointed out: Look no further than Argentine Tornado star and world class sailor, Santiago Lange.

Santi was confirmed by Cayard on an interview with Valencia Sailing.
Lets see if Hutchinson will stand the pressure as Spithill did with Bundy, at least on Darren's first event.

Santi was in Arg at year's end to spend time with the family and also had some rides with our nr1 F18 crew Esteban Blando and Nico Aragonés, of course a great experience for them.
Sadly I missed those rides as I was working at the boatyard! next time maybe.
Photo: Ivor Wilkins/www.americascup.com

Jan 9, 2012

Jules Verne Trophy: Banque Populaire V & Loick Peyron: Around the World in 45 Days

Leaving the AC45s training circuit for this record was of course something not to dispute. And Loick and his team have delivered the goods. Final official time: 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes 53 seconds
Incredible record and achievement for this crew.
BP should sponsor Energy Team and grab the Cup too.
All photos courtesy of Christophe Launay

Jan 8, 2012

A-Class Aus Nats 2012: Race 9 and final Results

James Spithill for me was the sailor excelling this time. Finishing 5th in this fleet, may equal any wc considering his A-Class or multi experience. Hat off to him.
Darren will have a hard time pushing him on the AC45s,  but as he showed  on his first race, if all is trimmed just watch out, as he might take the competition down and we may have him defending the Cup.
All photos www.a-cat.org.au
Full Report at www.a-cat.org.au/2012-nationals/sail-world-newsfeed-for-the-2012-nationals
..."It was a clean start and Darren Bundock (14 catamaran World titles, two Olympic Silver medals and member of Oracle's America’s Cup Syndicate) led at the top mark. Scott Anderson (1984 Tornado Olympic bronze medallist) was second.

Tom Slingsby (four times Laser World Champion) rounded fourth behind Andrew Landenberger (1996 Tornado Olympic bronze medallist) and Brad Collett
Australian legend James Spithill (skipper of 2010 America’s Cup winner BMW Oracle) followed, then Outteridge with Brewin two places further back.

On the next laps Bundock, Anderson, Landenberger, Outteridge, Spithill and Brewin battled for the placings. It seemed that Brewin could stay with the 49er champion.

On the top of the upwind leg for the third time, Brewin was on the wire struggling with a jammed downhaul as he started to reach to the clearing mark.

Suddenly he dropped his mainsheet, the boom swung away, he capsized - it was all over. Brewin took an eternity to right his boat. He was 17th when he finally passed the clearing mark and by that time the leaders were approaching the finishing line.

Down at the finishing line Bundock crossed ahead of Landenberger and a fast finishing Outteridge, who slid across the line four seconds ahead of Anderson. Slingsby was next, then Brayshaw and Collett. Spithill was ninth, Brewin 14th."
Final Results:

Place Sail No Skipper T R9 R8 R7 R6 R5 R4 R3 R2 R1
1 AUS111 Glenn Ashby 14 [71C] 3 1 4 1 1 2 1 1
2 AUS973 Nathan Outteridge 27 3 2 3 3 5 3 [7] 6 2
3 AUS4 Steve Brewin 30 [14] 9 4 1 2 6 1 3 4
4 AUS888 Darren Bundock 33 1 11 2 8 [20] 2 4 2 3
5 AUS975 James Spithill 51 9 [16] 5 5 3 4 6 9 10
6 AUS902 Scott Anderson 56 4 7 6 2 [25] 10 10 10 7
7 AUS308 Andrew Landenberger 75 2 8 19 [24] 12 13 8 7 6
8 AUS25 Stephen Brayshaw 76 6 6 9 16 10 7 13 [17] 9
9 AUS20 Chris Batenberg 80 10 5 8 10 19 5 [22] 11 12
10 AUS321 Andrew Williams 81 13 4 7 12 7 12 15 [71O] 11
11 AUS972 Tom Slingsby 86 5 1 [30] 23 24 8 5 5 15
12 AUS10 Brad Collett 93 7 10 20 [25] 11 15 14 8 8
13 AUS967 Graeme Parker 101 12 [22] 14 15 6 17 11 12 14
14 AUS13 Jack Benson 109 8 20 15 [28] 4 14 9 15 24
15 GER14 Bob Baier 117 11 25 24 [40] 8 11 3 22 13

Jan 6, 2012

A-Class Aus Nats 2012: Ashby Nr 1 "on toughest fleet Ever"

Full report at www.a-cat.org.au
Glenn Ashby comments: ‘Every National win is important but this field, with so much depth of talent and competition, is definitely the strongest fleet I have ever sailed against in the A-Cats at ANY level."
Just looking at the level of the top ten you can agree with Glenn on the level of the Australian A-Class fleet.
Slingby ending with a bullet, Spithill 5th are a good benchmark on their level racing agasint the  usual suspects  on the top. Darren finally 4th.
The dnas run the show this time with a top 5, Landy and Brad with the Scheurers were 10th and 12th.
Don´t know which boat Anderson used, but on another excellent performance ended 6th.

Full Results Here

P Sail Bow Skipper T R8 R7 R6 R5 R4 R3 R2 R1
1 AUS111 1 Glenn Ashby 10 3 1 [4] 1 1 2 1 1
2 AUS4 4 Steve Brewin 21 [9] 4 1 2 6 1 3 4
3 AUS973 15 Nathan Outteridge 2 3 3 5 3 [7] 6 2
4 AUS888 88 Darren Bundock 32 11 2 8 [20] 2 4 2 3
5 AUS975 12 James Spithill 42 [16] 5 5 3 4 6 9 10
6 AUS902 2 Scott Anderson 52 7 6 2 [25] 10 10 10 7
7 AUS321 32 Andrew Williams 68 4 7 12 7 12 15 [71O] 11
8 AUS20 20 Chris Batenberg 70 5 8 10 19 5 [22] 11 12
9 AUS25 25 Stephen Brayshaw 6 9 16 10 7 13 13 9 9
10 AUS308 3 Andrew Landenberger 8 19 19 12 13 8 7 6 6
11 AUS972 16 Tom Slingsby 81 1 [30] 23 24 8 5 5 15
12 AUS10 10 Brad Collett 86 10 20 [25] 11 15 14 8 8
13 AUS967 89 Graeme Parker 89 [22] 14 15 6 17 11 12 14
14 AUS13 13 Jack Benson 101 20 15 [28] 4 14 9 15 24