Dec 16, 2011

AC45s: Backes to join Energy Team

It was a matter of time only, for Olivier Backes to be called to duty on an America's Cup French team.
Now it seems he will be joining his partner Arnaud Jarlegan on the Energy Team as told by Bruno Peyron:

The General Manager of Energy Team, Bruno Peyron was keen to congratulate Arnaud and Olivier: "Well done Olivier and Arnaud! This was an impressive performance after just a week of training on a completely new boat and just a year after their World championship title. Olivier wasn’t able to join us in 2011 because of a busy professional schedule. We hope that in 2012 he will be able to join the Energy Team group following on from this success.”

So Energy already was one of my favorites teams with only Loick Peyron, then calling Arnaud , Yann and now having one of our best helms on board will make them an even stronger team.
Being saying this since day 1, watch out with Energy.

The elite of the "beachcat" racing scene is fullfilling the ranks of this Americas Cup, some missing though...
You can read Olivier Backes interview here

Olivier and Arnaud were crowned F18 European Champs last weekend  and they are also the 2010 F18 World Champs. Will try to get Arnaud for his interview on the F18 and the AC45s run with Energy.

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