Oct 25, 2011

Formula 18: Argentine (Inter)Nationals 2011 - Nov 25,26,27

1st South Americans-BA Week 2011 Images (II) -All Photos courtesy of Marcela Zapiola marcelazapiola.com.ar

All photos above from 1st South Americans-BA Week 2011, copyright and courtesy of Marcela Zapiola www.marcelazapiola.com.ar
It seems many are wanting to come and train with us. Not for the brown muddy water for sure... but if you are lucky you'll get some challenging conditions, high Southeast chop or light changing breeze plus current, a blowing western offhsore or a perfect flat East 12 knots, maybe a powerfull 30knots Southerly and.... you name it, you'll have it.

Gunnar Larsen was the first international visit last year for BA Week 2010, and now it seems he is coming back
with Sam Frank for our 2011 Nationals on Nov 25,26,27 organized by the local cat club El Águila and Náutico San Isidro.
Also we might have Pierre Le Clainche and Antoine Jubert (7th at Balaton) and From Venezuela a top H16 crew Yamil Saba and Gonzalo Sendra. From USA, another champ, Hunter Stunzi (1st North Americans crewing for Robbie Daniel) to ride with Sergio Mehl (3rd NAs till mast down)

Defending champs and current South Americans champions , Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser, will put their crown at risk with a super competitive local and international fleet. And we also may have more local boats making an even bigger event than the 1st South Americans last month.

I'm not confirmed yet, Esteban Blando will ride his Wildcat with top crew Nico Aragonés, maybe I'll ride with one of the most experienced and comitted windsurfers-catsailors of the fleet, Julio Saubidet. Member of a traditional sailing family, Cadet World Champ as  youth and also related to Santi Lange, pure sailing blood runs through his veins. 

No training at all for us due to work but we'll see what we can do if we have the boat. 

If not I will be shooting some vid and reporting for the blog.... but I think we should hire master film maker Johannes Obermeir -> Check his German A-Class short film http://catsailingnews.blogspot.com/2011/10/class-german-nats-short-film.html  easily the best sailing film I ever saw.

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