Oct 31, 2011

AC45s: San Diego Preview

Also some training for Energy Team at Quiberon, match racing. You can´t have a more talented but down to earth personality than Loick Peyron, what a guy, he is 1st on my list, the highest respect for top level sailor being so honestly open, with no excuses and no bs whatsoever.

Volvo OR, Cammas: This is Multihull Racing...

Franck Cammas giving the monohulls guys a taste of his Groupama Trimarans wild rides.. Photo: Volvo Ocean Race

Oct 30, 2011

A-Class: DNA arrives in USA

Photo: Charles Bueche - Swiss Open 2010, Garda,  Roeland Weltholt on his Black Knight.
The DNA project was featured on the blog since day one (the only place for dna info at the beggining), as the guys at Landenberger told me a new boat was being launched and some Landy sails were being used. I also liked the new concept of more volume (as newer F18s) as a key feature. 

Then Roeland Weltholth was 3rd on the boat's debut at Vele di Pasqua so I was impressed as many with the performance of the new boat at such an early stage. Several posts came after and Arno and PJ ended with a serious preoject delivering dnas all over Europe and Australia. 

Brewin was 2nd on a very light event of the 2010 A-Class Worlds and this year he finally grabbed the title on his dna. Now ARC is entering the North American market (7 will arrive at soon)  more details by Arno at dnacatamaran.com

Thanks to them for supporting the blog and congrats to 'Advanced Racing Cats' (I had 'Racecat' as a brand earlier but ARC boats are indeed 'Advanced')  for their continued work promoting and delivering the goods on the A-Class.
More info on the DNA at www.racingcats.com

Oct 28, 2011

Olympics: Tornado will challenge ISAF Trials

Press Relese----
Tornado Mixed Sailing Olympic Campaign - We are ready to challenge the ISAF Evaluation Trials

Next week the Tornado Class and its representatives are heading off to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the annual ISAF conference between 3rd and 13th November.

They are off to prove to the ISAF and MNAs that the Tornado has what it takes to return as the Olympic Multihull ahead of next year's trials. Since the controversial removal of the Multihull from the Olympic Games back in 2007 the Tornado Class have been at the forefront of the campaign to bring two hulls back to the highest level of sailing.

The Tornado was designed specifically to be the Olympic Class Multihull and sailed its first Olympics in 1976. Since then, with constant refinement of underwater shapes, construction techniques, and sail plan, the boat has continued to go faster and faster. In spite of the best efforts of many other designers and builders worldwide, the Tornado still reigns supreme as the fastest production catamaran in the world.

For the past 40 years the Tornado Class have had mixed teams at the top of the rankings. The class has a great mixed sailing history and many legendary mixed sailing teams. Some of you may remember Paul and Trine Elvström (DEN) who were the great heroes in the 80s at the Olympic Games.

Currently the vice World champions in the Tornado Class are a mixed team. Carolijn Brouwer (Helm) was also crowned vice World champion back in 2007 and Nahid Gaebler (Crew) was World champion in 2010. Nahid Gaebler is playing the 24sqm Gennacker with ease downwind and the mainsheet on the upwind legs of the course. 80% of the women sailing Tornados are crewing!

With the new and strict High Quality One Design concept, the Tornado is well prepared for the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

  • Best weight range for Olympic Mixed Sailing Teams (120-170kg).
  • Worldwide boat availability and class structure.
  • Proven Olympic Quality and longevity.
  • Olympic material world record. The same boat used for 3 Olympics!
  • Low cost for Olympic Campaigners and MNAs. Best price-performance ratio.
  • Tornado Material cost between 2.000 € to 4.000 € per year in a 4-year OlympicCampaign.
  • Used Boats available from 6.000 € to 18.000 € on all continents.
  • Brand new, long lasting boat ready to sail for 26,000 €
  • IOC award for best Olympic Sailing TV coverage (Qingdao Medal Race).
  • Highest Media Value for Tornado Team and Event Sponsors.
  • Smart and Ecological Logistic Concept – minimal costs and highest efficiency.
  • Young Talents and Olympic Champions are waiting for the Olympic Comeback of the Tornado
  • Youth Multihull Program


HQ Photo Download http://www.mixedsailing.org/mixed-sailing-flyer-download/
TMX Flyer and detailed info http://www.mixedsailing.org/mixed-sailing-flyer-download/
The new Video for the Tornado Mixed Sailing http://www.mixedsailing.org/mixed-sailing-video-1/
Find out more on the Tornado Class website - http://www.tornado-class.org/ and http://www.mixedsailing.org/

Oct 25, 2011

Formula 18: Argentine (Inter)Nationals 2011 - Nov 25,26,27

1st South Americans-BA Week 2011 Images (II) -All Photos courtesy of Marcela Zapiola marcelazapiola.com.ar

All photos above from 1st South Americans-BA Week 2011, copyright and courtesy of Marcela Zapiola www.marcelazapiola.com.ar
It seems many are wanting to come and train with us. Not for the brown muddy water for sure... but if you are lucky you'll get some challenging conditions, high Southeast chop or light changing breeze plus current, a blowing western offhsore or a perfect flat East 12 knots, maybe a powerfull 30knots Southerly and.... you name it, you'll have it.

Gunnar Larsen was the first international visit last year for BA Week 2010, and now it seems he is coming back
with Sam Frank for our 2011 Nationals on Nov 25,26,27 organized by the local cat club El Águila and Náutico San Isidro.
Also we might have Pierre Le Clainche and Antoine Jubert (7th at Balaton) and From Venezuela a top H16 crew Yamil Saba and Gonzalo Sendra. From USA, another champ, Hunter Stunzi (1st North Americans crewing for Robbie Daniel) to ride with Sergio Mehl (3rd NAs till mast down)

Defending champs and current South Americans champions , Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser, will put their crown at risk with a super competitive local and international fleet. And we also may have more local boats making an even bigger event than the 1st South Americans last month.

I'm not confirmed yet, Esteban Blando will ride his Wildcat with top crew Nico Aragonés, maybe I'll ride with one of the most experienced and comitted windsurfers-catsailors of the fleet, Julio Saubidet. Member of a traditional sailing family, Cadet World Champ as  youth and also related to Santi Lange, pure sailing blood runs through his veins. 

No training at all for us due to work but we'll see what we can do if we have the boat. 

If not I will be shooting some vid and reporting for the blog.... but I think we should hire master film maker Johannes Obermeir -> Check his German A-Class short film http://catsailingnews.blogspot.com/2011/10/class-german-nats-short-film.html  easily the best sailing film I ever saw.

A-Class: Main Sail trimming vid

A short but very graphical video on how mast bend and downhaul affects sail shape/draft modifying power and pointing.
Made by Hakan Frojdh

A-Class: Flyer 2012 - Honeycomb built

New Flyer MK5 Honeycomb construction. Yet another version on the prolific A-Class.
For more info contact www.flyer-acat.de

Also more good news coming on the F18 soon.

Oct 24, 2011

F18: Sweden Racing, C2 training for the Europeans

Sent by Tim Shuwalow: "The season has come to an end here in Stockholm, we're packing the container for the European Championships next weekend. 9 Swedish boats are attending"
www.swedenracing.com ------
Formula 18 2012 Europeans will be held at Canarias December 5-11 2011

AC45s, Oracle Racing 5: The Aussie Connection

The two best dinghy sailors on the planet, together onboard Oracle 5: Aussies Darren Bundock and tom Slingby (Laser World Champ).
Slingby had a nice experience two years ago at the Aussie A-Class Nats, so he has a good understanding on cats already.

Oracle has now their two boats helmed by Australian top sailors, wondering again why they can´t build a team of their own.
Watch out for 05 at San Diego, pressure on Spithill will rise even more now...
Coutts is out and the new O5 crew will be:
Darren Bundock – skipper & helmsman
Tom Slingsby – tactician
Murray Jones – wingsail trimmer
Simon Daubney – headsail trimmer
Simeon Tienpont – bowman 

Photos: Guilain Grenier / www.oracleracing.com

Oct 23, 2011

Defi Terresens: Training for Cape Horn Crossing

Photos Antoine Beysens
Last cruising for this project was the TransMed record crossing. Now Yvan Bourgnon and his new crew will attempt the Cape Horn crossing in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
Previous patform was a Hobie 21, now the Nacra F20 Carbon tank will be used. Good choice although more than 'Cruising' they will be flying, and trying to control the high lift provided by the light platform and curved daggers. Check the powered up F20C lift on the pics.

Also they are using a set of AHPC rudders, maybe to prevent some rocks hit due to depth of the Inf-F20C high aspect ratio.
They will need to control that power for sure, and they are lucky enough to have some MorrellliMelvin designed hulls, based on the Infusion concept, that will provide them with some extra margin at the Cape.

The Nacra F20C is a good example of a racing machine that doesn´t need to be that extreme on the hull lines, and I see Team New Zeland using this MM proved concept for their AC72.

Ushuaia is 2400kms away from BA (big country) so I'm not sure I will be able to follow them Live!
More info at http://www.defis-terresens.com/defis2012/ushuaia-caphorn

Photos Antoine Beysens

Oct 21, 2011

AC34: Luna Rossa&Prada onboard

Photo: Carlo Borlenghi
This Cup was missing something... a pure breed Italian racing team. Luna Rossa ACup history is well related to Argie designer German Frers so as you imagine it was a additional ingredient to support this already likeable team. I remember working at Andersen Consulting in 2000 seeing LunaRossa against TNZ (with Coutts and Barker)  and how an Italian female manager working at the BA office followed and suffered with passion Prada's challenge 0-5.
The Italian Passion for the Cup is back.
and this edition is getting better every day... (waiting for Alinghi)

Oct 19, 2011

A-Class North Americans: Ben Hall 1st

photo by Elise Read - Ben Hall on his Barracuda-Landenberger
photo by Elise Read - Bob Hodges on Ashby-Glaser  
photo by Elise Read
Sent by Bob Hodges ---- 2011 A-Class North Americans Wrap Up 
"Mother Nature certainly threw a wrench in the gears for the anticipated racing at the 2011 A-Class Catamaran North American Championship held last week at The Islander Resort in Islamorada, FL. 
The week before the event had beautiful 10-15 knot breezes from the east (typical this time of year) but an unprecedented weather pattern started with a huge low pressure system that developed over south Florida the weekend before the event started that produced heavy rain and high winds. 
As the storm headed north up along the east coast of the US, it sucked all of the energy out of the area and the 40 sailors attending the event were left with 5 days of warm and humid weather with little to no wind for the tuneup days and the first two days of racing. 

Finally on the third day of the event, the easterly gradient came back and produced a day of 10-13 knot breezes that allowed four races to be run fairly easily but once again the weather turned against us as another developing tropical system in the lower Gulf of Mexico produced stormy conditions on the last two days that never allowed any racing to begin. There were plenty of “sucker punches” that offered windows of 10-18 knots but these race-able periods would always be interrupted by a squall band that would bring heavy rain and high winds making it unsafe for racing. Despite the weather, at least you could not have been in a more enjoyable venue at The Islander so the sailors made the best of the down time. The race committee even took the sailors out to a reef for some snorkeling after the second day of no wind. On to the racing, Ben Hall sailed fast and consistently to take the series win by one point over regatta favorite Matt Struble. Ben Moon finished third followed by Jeff Linton and Ian Lindhal in fourth and fifth. 

The racing was very close amongst the top 10-12 boats with at least 2-3 lead changes in each of the four races sailed and boats finishing within seconds of each other at the end of each race. This is really good for racing in the US class as there were seven different platform designs in the top ten that all showed fairly equal performance from both new boats and boats that were several years old that had been modified with upgrades (i.e. primarily curved daggerboards). 

Here is the top ten of forty sailors along with their equipment choices (platform, mast, sail): 1. Ben Hall (Barracuda III, Hall, Landenberger) 
2. Matt Struble (Barracuda III, Hall, Glaser) 
3. Ben Moon (ASG3, Fiberfoam, Glaser) 
4. Jeff Linton (Bimare XJ, Riba, Glaser) 
5. Ian Lindhal (LR4, Hall, North) 
6. Craig Yandow (Barracuda II, Hall, Glaser) 
7. Bob Curry (EVO HT, Hall, Glaser) 
8. Brett Moss (Flyer II, Fiberfoam, Landenberger) 
9. Bob Hodges (ASG3, Fiberfoam, Glaser) 
10. Paul Allen (A3, Hall, Glaser) 

Special thanks are in order to regatta organizer Ben Hall and PRO Warren Green and the management and staff of The Islander Resort which is still the best place on the planet to host a regatta even if the weather is not fully cooperative. 
Complete results are at www.usaca.info
Photo Gallery (photos by Elise Read):Picasaweb

Oct 18, 2011

Multi 50 - Maitre Jacques pitch save by Pierrick Contin

Sent by Pierrick Contin www.pierrickcontin.fr
"Some action of Loïc Fequet helming and Escoffier at the gennaker,   training for The Jacques Vabre starting   October 30 from Le Havre . 28 knots downwind . Close but OK at the end ...
Kind Regards . Pierrick"

Below sequence I put together from Pierrick's images, check the gennaker release at the end:

Oct 17, 2011

Formula 18 Nordic Championships: HeemsKerk-Tentij 1st

No report available, more info at http://www.seilmagasinet.no/?regatta=567

44 Boats - Full results http://www.moss-seilforening.no/MSF/regatta/2011/Formula18/ResultaterF18.htm

1NED007M HeemskerkB Tentij(1.0)111(2)1111119
2NOR1Ole-P PollenP Kirkebø4(8)4214222(6)526
3SWE49T WestergrenO Claeson3(9)(6)4453555438
4NOR3H U GrünertE Gravdal810533(11)(16)673651
5NOR9H -C GrandeT Sandberg56(10)878(14)992256
6FIN18E KerkkiJ Riihela1037(dsq)(17)9671141067
7NOR5HBlom-BakkeL E Bergdal6111256(14)123.069(dnf)70
8SWE26John BäckG Morin9123138(17)10(14)810780
9SWE102O BerenssonO Wersäll1151410126411(22)7(dnf)80
10SWE66M LövdénMStrandberg222(raf)112783(dnc)dnc80

ExtremeSeries Almería: Win for Alinghi

From Alinghi.com -- Photos Lloyd Images / www.extremesailingseries.com
"It came down to the wire in the final double points race to determine the podium places of Act 8 in Almeria. Going into the final race the Swiss team of Alinghi were in a strong position to claim overall victory, only a major faux pas would have prevented what was rightfully theirs after such a strong performance over the last five days and 32 races.

In the end, Tanguy Cariou’s team on Alinghi secured victory by one of the biggest points margins of 22 points over Italy’s Luna Rossa in 2nd place: “We are really happy to have at least one win this year,” said Alinghi skipper, Tanguy Cariou.

“We tried to manage the risks today, we had good boat speed and good team work. It is great for us to have a win here, I am really happy for Yann and the whole crew. It is really good to show the teams that we can make it.”

Almeria has for the last two years hosted the final of the Extreme Sailing Series championship. This year the Spanish round, attended by an estimated audience just shy of 70,000 spectators, has set the stage for the final in Singapore between the 7th-11th December.

The applause goes to skipper Tanguy Cariou, helmsman Yann Guichard, trimmer Nils Frei and bowman Yves Detrey for Alinghi’s victory in Almeria – their first win of the season. Luna Rossa is now top the season’s leaderboard and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild will push them to the limit in Singapore. And there will be a very tight fight behind them for third place, with six teams able to fill that podium place for the 2011 season. Singapore will be a great battle!
More info at www.extremesailingseries.com
Extreme Sailing Series Act 8, Almeria, Andalucia (Spain) standings after 32 races (16.10.11)
Position / Team / Points

1st Alinghi (SUI), Tanguy Cariou / Yann Guichard / Nils Frei / Yves Detrey 254 points
2nd Luna Rossa (ITA), Max Sirena / Paul Campbell-James / Alister Richardson / Manuel Modena 233 points
3rd Oman Air (OMA), Ben Ainslie / Kinley Fowler / David Carr / Nasser Al Mashari 232 points
4th Team GAC Pindar (GBR), Ian Williams / Mischa Heemrskerk / Andrew Walsh / Brad Webb 218 points
5th Groupe Edmond de Rothschild (FRA), Pierre Pennec / Christophe Espagnon / Thierry Fouchier / Hervé Cunningham 216 points
6th Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), Adam Beashel / Ray Davies / Jeremy Lomas / Derek Seward 213.5 points
7th The Wave, Muscat (OMA), Leigh McMillan / Kyle Langford / Nick Hutton / Khamis Al Anbouri 209points
8th Red Bull Extreme Sailing (AUT), Roman Hagara / Hans Peter Steinacher / Matt Adams / Craig Monk 202 points
9th Team TILT (SUI), Alex Schneiter / Boet Brinkgreve / Charles Favre / Nicolas Heintz 155 points
10th Team Extreme (EUR), Roland Gaebler / Nahid Gaebler / Antón Paz / Tom Buggy 151 points
11th Niceforyou (ITA), Alberto Barovier / Stefano Rizzi / Daniele De Luca / Simone de Mari 135 points

Oct 16, 2011

A-Class German Nats Short Film

To me this is a gem on the sailing video making for any event. Filmed in HD like a documentary surely reminds me of some old footages. A truly german style film by Johannes Obermaier and produced by Catarina Jentzsch;by , kudos to the local A-class for producing it. www.a-cat.info
Sent by Rainer Bohrer

Oct 13, 2011

Team New Zealand's choice: The SL 33

As many know by now Team Zealand acquired two SL33 for their training.  The concept was conceived by Andreas Labek, founder of SL Performace Race Boats BmbH. The Morrelli&Melvin design is built by Hakes Marine in New Zeland.

This cat has been related to the AC since its conception as expressed by the objectives of the project:
--- "The SL33 has been designed, engineered and built to:
- Be the fastest boat under 40 feet
- Capture trophies at all major open regattas worldwide
- Be the boat of choice for one-design multihull fleet and match racing
- Be the perfect training platform for the AC teams

Our objective is to develop an international one-design Class, which promotes high level and entertaining racing. We will ensure that all hull platforms are as identical as possible in terms of construction, shape of hull and appendages, weight distribution and performance. As a developmental one-design Class, deck layout and equipment, sail and wing plan must comply with Class measurement rules."

“The concept is very similar to that of the new America’s Cup 72. It must be sailed across all wind ranges and be exciting to sail in harbors and lakes where light winds are often encountered and regattas are often staged. The boat can be sailed shorthanded, yet it is the ideal platform for three or four sailors,”
The now defacto design hull lines for MM are present here too (Infusion, F20C, Nacra F16, AC72 rule renders) So it is an interesting view of what ETNZ might get for their final AC72, that ofcourse will be designed by Pete Melvin and Gino Morrelli design studio.

Also we could see some different approachs from Oracle design team as the latest MM design feature the Infusion 'fatboy' look and error margin concept.

For more info and video check www.SL33.eu

Oct 12, 2011

Formula 18 1st South Americans: Images by Marcela Zapiola (I)

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar - Juan Faustín-Juan Cruz Benitez

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar - C2 Team

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar - Christopher Schewe from Uruguay

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar - Rodger-Juan Martín Benitez

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar - Blowing a perfect start...

Photo: Marcela Zapiola / www.marcelazapiola.com.ar -
All Photos courtesy of Marcela Zapiola - www.marcelazapiola.com.ar Pictures from the first Formula 18 South Americans in Buenos Aires.
This is part I of her portfolio, excellent F18 action images, check boat and crews details on closeups, the rest is as good or better, will publish tomorrow.

Formula 18 1st South Americans - BA Week 2011: Final Day

Photo: Jorge Cousillas / www.elojonautico.com - Cruz Gonzalez Smith-Mariano Heuser 1st

Photo: Jorge Cousillas / www.elojonautico.com - Martin Vanzulli-Esteban Blando 2nd

Photo: Jorge Cousillas / www.elojonautico.com - Agustín Krevisky-Mariano Conte 3rd
All photos Jorge cousillas www.elojonautico.com
Great event for the growth of the Formula 18 Class world wide. Having 20 boats on the lineup was a blast and we did a show on the 5 days of the Buenos Aires Week (500 boats in all classes) , organized by the Yacht Club Argentino (YCA).
The 1st official South Americans were won by Cruz Gonzalez Smith and Mariano Heuser, with 6 bullets on 11 races. As said already, a step ahead on the rest of the fleet on their consistency at the top.
The 2nd place had a tought fight between us, Krevisky, Mehl and Rodger.
We entered the final day with 1 point lead over Agustín, and with calm winds it was again his game so we needed to excell... but it was a total fail at the beggining, with our worst day (7,6,8) , Krevisky had 2,2,13.

Almost side capsize downwind on an overpowered gust on the 3rd but I think the Wildcat save our souls in that one! Not a good feeling losing all the hard work of 5 days of racing, plus blowing a secure lead on the 1st race of the day, but we stayed focused, and gave our best for the last race.
No margin at all as we were already out of the podium on the two events at that moment. Raced the last like always (we had lots of speed but tactical and handling errors kept us from winning) but this time we covered a little more, with a huge lead already at the 1st windward mark we cruised all the way to the finish line controlling our comfortable lead on Cruz and Mariano.

Perfect finish, we won that final race of the two events (finally obtaining the bullet) and we secured the 2nd overall on the South Americans and 3rd on the BA Week.
It was kill or die, and we delivered.
Thanks to Esteban for trusting me the helm of his Machine, he has invested a lot of time and $ on it so it was a huge responsability for me. He will now helm the Wildcat for the Arg Nats in November. I had enough for this year and also some pending cat building work due but I'll check the possibilities to participate too.

After five years of the F18 Racecat project that I started with my cousin Nadal Solari, this successful event highly supported by the YCA and all the F18 sailors, is a final cicle closure.
My job is Done.
Now I will dedicate time to my family and their future, and also improving this website that seems to have a good response on the catsailing community.

Great to have Uruguay and Chilean crews present, nice to spread the word to other countries.
Thanks to all that pushed hard for this project, mainly the local class members (all already mentioned in the several posts on the local class) that had also invested time and money to make this incredible class a reality in Argentina.
The Formula 18 International Class Association.

1st MKII
2nd Wildcat
3rd Capricorn
4th C2
5th C2
6th Wildcat
7th Capricorn
8th Infusion
9th Infusion - longboards
10th MKII
Photo: Jorge Cousillas / www.elojonautico.com - Sergio Mehl-Nico Aragonés 2nd BA Week 2011 - 5th South American

Full Results BA Week 2011 http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Popup.aspx?Id=1181
Full Results South Americans http://www.semanadebuenosaires.org.ar/Popup.aspx?Id=1278
Top Ten South Americans (20 Boats)

P Vela Timonel Tripulantes r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 r10 r11 Tot
1 ARG 1479 Gonzalez Smith Cruz Heuser Mariano (3) (4) 2 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 13
2 FRA 2016 Vanzulli Martin Blando Esteban (10) 2 5 4 4 3 2 7 6 (8) 1 34
3 ARG 162 Krevisky Agustin Conte Mariano 1 1 6 2 6 5 (ocs) 2 2 (13) 11 36
4 ARG 666 Rodger Ian Benitez Juan Martin 2 6 4 3 3 (12) (ocs) 8 3 5 4 38
5 NED 7 Mehl Sergio Aragones Nicolas (dns) 10 3 (dsq) 2 2 1 13 5 3 6 45
6 URU 105 Schewe Cristopher Radovitzky Ricardo (11) 8 11 5 7 8 4 (12) 11 4 9 67
7 ARG 164 Caputo Alejandro Mazza Sebastian 4 (15) 13 8 8 4 5 11 (14) 9 7 69
8 ARG 1062 Sucic Juan P. Copani Juan Carlos 9 (ocs) 7 7 9 13 6 3 8 (14) 10 72
9 CHI 1099 Kovacevic Nicolas Kovacevic Lukas (13) (16) 12 6 5 6 9 9 7 10 13 77
10 ARG 1496 Faustin Bros Juan Benitez Juan Cruz 6 7 1 (dns) (dns) dns dns 6 4 11 3 80

AC34, Oracle: Bundock confirmed for San Diego and AC72 Construction on its way...

All pics ©2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget
Click image above from Plymouth to check how Coutts seems to be delegating the helm to Bundock in the last fleet race.
After helming the Wildcat in the complete range of wind I can understand a little more modern edgy designs behaviour like the AC45, but the Wildcat has huge advantages possibilities in the mid range compensating the lesser margin on the breeze, where is only manegeable due to its super refined control provided by the rudders/daggers foil and compensation system designed by Fischer. You are always in control but you need to 'drive' quite lively all the time. I also had several semi pitchs ac45 style (see below) with nice speedy smooth recoveries, you learn to race with them too as you find the limits that to my surprise are quite broad in our steep chop.

So I'm still wondering which approach the Oracle Design team lead by Mike Drummond, will use for their AC72 after the AC45s experience, as right now you can´t match the AC45 with other design with more margin in the breeze (say a MorrelliMelvin 45)
For sure they will need super fine helms to ride these type of AC72 designs, and Bundy / Spithill seems to be the right choice for the job.
Coutts is right on the spot remarking that they didn´t have issues at Cascais, and that this game was only for the best sailors on the planet and as Bundy says: "if everything seems under control you are not pushing hard enough"
Whichever the case, one thing remains certain, San Francisco is far from provding calm to mid range conditions, although you'll never can guarantee prevailing local conditions, high chances of gusts and breeze are expected.

From Oracle press release newsletter ...
"Oracle Racing announced last month that Coutts would be turning over the helm of Oracle Racing Coutts to Darren Bundock of Australia. Bundock is a two-time Olympic silver medalist (2000, ’08) in the multihull class and a seven-time world champion. 
He’ll take the helm and Coutts will move into more to a tactical role combined with his land-based chief executive’s duties. 
 The team recently acquired two additional AC45 boats and is using them to finalize concepts for the wing and appendages. Construction of the team’s first AC72 is already underway, with tooling created by Core Builders Composites in New Zealand." ....

More Info at www.americascup.com

Oct 11, 2011

A-Class: German Nats 2011: Bob Baier 1st

Report by Rainer Bohrer ------ Bob Baier defends 2011 international German championship title in A-Cat sailing at the Ammersee
From Friday, October 7 to Sunday, October 9, 2011, the International German Rankings Competition for A-Cat sailors took place at the Ammersee. The competition was organized by the TSV Utting club, and was sponsored by the company ‘Schröter Modell- und Formenbau‘.
The event drew an international field of top-notch A-Cat sailors to Utting on the lake Ammersee. Along with a large field of German sailors, the club also welcomed guests from England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. The TSV Utting club was a very competent host for the sporting event – showing great professionalism in organizing the races, and its members showed extraordinary motivation as a support team.

The regatta weekend was marked by both fluctuating temperatures and fluctuating wind conditions – a genuine challenge for everyone involved. A total of 6 races were held over three days of competition. Temperatures briefly dropped to about 3 degrees Celsius. The very first race on Friday was met by a storm squall with hail, which sent the majority of sailors into the cold water. The regatta director Günther Moertel immediately instructed all boats to return to land. Thanks to its numerous rescue boats, neighboring clubs were able to prevent any serious mishaps. After a brief recovery period from the weather shock, everyone prepared for another five races on the Ammersee – some of them hard fought battles. Wind conditions for the remaining races were extremely complicated with many sudden gusts and wind shifts, which placed high demands on all of the sailors’ abilities. So, it was not surprising that the racing scene’s regulars moved up to frontrunner positions.

The German Championship was clearly and impressively won by Bob Baier (GER) who placed ahead of Sascha Wallmer (CH) and Nils Bunkenburg (GER). Helmut Stumhofer (GER) took fourth place. Bob Baier once again proved to be an extremely well-rounded sailor in his class and had a very good material package; he is an absolute top performer in Europe, even in the most difficult of conditions. Stumhofer and Baier delivered hard-fought battles in strong and moderate winds, and some of the races were not decided until the final meters. Sascha Wallmer, a light wind and tactical expert, exploited his opportunities in races with decreasing winds. In a successful comeback, Nils Bunkenburg was constantly in the lead group in all conditions.

The former A-Cat sailing world champion only needed one day of competition to reestablish himself among the top group after retiring from competition for several years. After his return to racing at lightning speed, ‘sailing Germany’ can only hope for his continued presence at A-CAT regatta competitions! On Saturday evening, all race participants and helpers were invited to the the 40th anniversary celebration of the German A-Cat Association at the club facilities of the Utting Sailing Association.

The rock and roll band "Root Bootleg" played, and not only was its music 'loud', as announced in advance, but the clear consensus of the audience was that it ‘rocked’ – putting out good vibrations for guests and the event building alike. The extraordinary weather conditions, the very good atmosphere and excellent club work by TSV Utting Watersports will certainly leave a long-lasting impression in the memories of participants. The next German Championship event for A-Cat sailors will already be held in May 2012 in Wismar on the Baltic Sea.

For more information and photos go to the event website: www.idb2011.de.
Sincerely, for Vereinigung Deutscher A-Division Catamaran-Segler e.V. (VDAC e.V.) (‘Association of German A-Division Catamaran Sailors’)
Rainer Bohrer