Jul 29, 2011

Formula 16 Worlds 2011, Mixed Crown: Darren Bundock- Celine Van Dooren 1st

Bundock-Van Dooren

Carolijn Brouwer and Victor Klaas, 4th place

Taylor Reiss and Matthew Whitehead 3rd place for the US youths, surely the best performance.

Bundock in front of Carolijn at the mark
The Viper teams dominated the championship, and the Falcons could have two top tens but Matt&Gina McDonald had some dnf-dns on the first races. Solo racing is not competitive any more in the F16?
Great results for mixed crews and the young guns from USA and Australia.

Good to know we have our future champs racing so early in such a competitive way. The class is the best testing ground for mixed crews and youths. What a pitty not having Taylor and Matthew for US and Jason with Brett for AUS racing together in Rio 2016.

Beyond specific crews, the Formula 16 Class (www.formula16.net) is here to stay, a good first isaf official event, providing the class with more exposure and the deserved respect to that group of amateur sailors that gathered together to creat the class.
Press release by 2BSailing , Full results at www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com
"Darren Bundock and Celine Van Dooren have struck a major blow for mixed sailing with the new sailing combination claiming the world Formula 16 crown in their first ever regatta together on a Viper catamaran.

Dutchwoman Van Dooren and Australian Bundock, sailing for The Netherlands, were the stand-out team in the regatta raced on Lac de Carcans in Maubuisson, France, and in which Vipers filled the top eight places. Photo left Bundock-Van Dooren.

It was the first time Van Dooren has raced off with a world crown with she and Bundock only teaming up for the event in France at the last minute.

Van Dooren and Bundock, an old hand at winning world titles, won seven of their 13 races in the regatta to beat the young Australian all-male pairing of Jason Waterhouse and Brett Goodall. Third was the youth American Team of Taylor Reiss and Mathew Whitehead narrowly ahead of another mixed crew _ Carolijn Brouwer and Klaas Victor _ finishing fourth.

So convincing were the victors they had the regatta won prior to the final day of racing.
"I'm so excited. It just hasn't sunk in yet,'' said an elated Van Dooren.
"To know that mixed sailing will be at the Rio Olympics is just incredible. It gives me something to really aim for”.
"And winning this world title with Darren shows that mixed crews can excel _ and win major events.''

Bundock, who has now won 14 world titles in a range of different catamarans, and Van Dooren never finished outside the top two in the regatta.

Mixed sailing will make its debut at the Rio Olympics in 2016 with the highly-successful Viper pushing to gain selection as the high-performance craft to be sailed by male and female teams in Brazil.

"Celine has shown today that women are strong enough to crew these boats and Carolijn, who finished fourth, showed they are also strong and skilled enough to helm these boats. They can do it all on a Viper,'' Bundock said

"To my mind its perfect for the Olympics because you get to choose what you want to do _ be a skipper or a crew. You are not told how it has to be by the boat itself. Photo Left Whitehead-Goodall

"The results today also showed that its not only lightweights who can excel on a Viper. Celine and I were about 138 kilos together, the Aussie boys were over 140kg and Taylor and Mathew right on 140kgs. And that's your top three.''
For further information about the Viper please go to our website www.2Bsailing.eu

More info on the Formula 16 Class visit www.formula16.net

Jul 28, 2011

Formula 16 Worlds 2011: Day 4

Report by Gill de Bruyne --- Photos sent by Darren Bundock
"Conditions were superb today for sailing!
Pretty steady breeze, nice double trap conditions for the second and third race and a nice sunshine and warm weather.
Water on thwarting lake was super flat and allowed everyone to power up their boats to the maximum.

Top 4 boats having a heavy battle today. Bundock secured his win already today with 2,1,2.
The one up boats were not in advantage this day with the heavier wind.
There Hans Klok is securing his first place among the one ups.

After day 3 with 2 teams finishing top 10 everytime (Including a 4 and 5) also day 4 was a good one for the Falcon teams. Again 2 to 3 boats finishing top 10 every race.
Everybody is having a great sailing and party at the club. Wonderful times!" Pic left: Gill and Kathleen
Full Results

AC45: Energy Team with F18 Fuel

Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget

Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget
While checking some AC45 Energy images, I saw a familiar face, yep , the F18 2010 World Champion, Arnaud Jarlegan (pictured left) is now trimmer for Energy. With the great Loick Peyron helming this team has a serious future on the Cup if they manage to confirm their monetary funds.
Lots of talents still out of the Cup, some teams need to realize that this is a whole new game, and in my view having some experienced multihull sailors is a must for a successfull campaign.
Not to mention muti experienced designers like Melvin, Fischer or wing gurus like Clark.
Although I'm wondering which innovations Juan K will bring to his first?! catamaran design, as he has a good history on breaking new grounds on the monohull arena.

All photos Gilles Martin Raget / www.americascup.com

Group Bel Show Off by Guilain Grenier

Photo : Guilain GRENIER / www.martin-raget.com

Photo : Guilain GRENIER / www.martin-raget.com

Photo : Guilain GRENIER / www.martin-raget.com
Not multi, but surely fast monos, images sent by Giulain Grenier--
Please find enclosed, on behalf Groupe Bel, 5 pictures taken on July 20th offshore Porquerolles island (FRA,83) as Kito Depavant and Yann Regniau was training for next Transat Jacques Vabre.
A really spectacular show !

Guilain GRENIER / www.martin-raget.com

Jul 27, 2011

Formula 16 Worlds 2011: Day 3

Photo: Michel Espaignet. From monday, Bundy sneaking Waterhouse at the mark.
No much info available from Bordeaux. Results and some twits by Bundock. Check Full results here
Same analysis as yesterday checking results, crown fight between Bundock and Waterhouse, followed by the wonder kids, Carolijn and Manu, all with AHPC Vipers. The McDonalds with some good results and Lutz-Schori 8th with their Falcon. I've requested today images to the Club, lets see if I can get some.

Pos Sail Competitors P Net r.1 r.2 r.3 r.4 r.5 r.6 r.7 r.8 r.9
1 NED 888 BUNDOCK Darren VAN DOOREN Céline 8.00 1 1.00 -2 2.00 1 1.00 -2 2.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 1 1.00 1 1.00
2 AUS 222 WATERHOUSE Jason GOODALL Brett 11.00 -3 3.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 -5 5.00 2 2.00 2 2.00
3 USA 2 RIESS Taylor WHITEHEAD Matthew 26.00 2 2.00 3 3.00 5 5.00 4 4.00 -15 15.00 5 5.00 -15 15.00 4 4.00 3 3.00
4 BEL 888 BROUWER Carolijn VICTOR Klaas 27.00 4 4.00 4 4.00 4 4.00 5 5.00 5 5.00 3 3.00 2 2.00 -OCS -34.00 -6 -6.00
5 FRA 200 LE CHAPELIER Emmanuel NOIROT Alexandre 36.00 8 8.00 9 -9.00 6 6.00 6 6.00 3 3.00 4 4.00 6 6.00 3 3.00 11 -11.00
6 GBR 8 SPROAT Chris BURKE Georgina 46.00 6 6.00 7 7.00 7 7.00 3 3.00 4 4.00 10 10.00 14 -14.00 9 9.00 26 -26.00
7 BRA 9 SICOURI Raphael MINGOZZI Marcella 55.00 11 11.00 6 6.00 11 11.00 -12 12.00 9 9.00 11 11.00 3 3.00 22 -22.00 4 4.00
8 SUI 1 LUTZ Andrea SCHORI Martin 55.00 9 9.00 10 10.00 9 9.00 -11 11.00 7 7.00 -15 15.00 9 9.00 6 6.00 5 5.00
9 FRA 1630 GRIZIAUX Gildas BERRANGER Claire 57.00 10 10.00 8 8.00 8 8.00 -10 10.00 6 6.00 6 6.00 -16 16.00 10 10.00 9 9.00
10 FRA 1622 VISSER Thijs WIJNAND Julie 59.00 20 20.00 13 13.00 DNF 34.00 9 9.00 8 8.00 7 7.00 7 7.00 7 7.00 8 8.00

AC45: Artemis ready for Cascais

Hutchinson will helm. Read the full article at
This mandatory use of the Americascup website for all teams is a joke. The web is not that complete, and for sure is restricting each team to publish more info and pics like TNZ that also has a VOR Campaign, this is no good for the Cup media exposure.

Jul 26, 2011

Formula 16 Worlds 2011: Day 2 for Waterhouse-Goodall

No report or pics from Bordeaux today, Classes need to improve their communication channels, for ie demand images to the organizing authority as a requirement for hosting the event.

The Viper fleet is dominating the championship, with 18HT Hotshot Andy Lutz on a Falcon at the 9th position as the other brand. AHPC has done a solid work with their teams, beyond having Darren or Carolijn.
US Youths Taylor Reiss and Matthew Whitehead are a good example.
Matt McDonald, (Falcon builder and top rider) has suffered some accident on the 1st day and they are not racing all races.

Future F18/F16/Olympic star, Jason Waterhouse, with Brett Goodall crewing are giving the Boss and Celine Van Dooren run for their money.
Manu LeChapelier with a good day too although a little back on the score.
Greg Goodall rode solo as his crew is ill.

Full Results at: www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/regates/resultats-2011/global_f16_g.htm

Pos Sail Competitors P Net P tot r.1 r.2 r.3 r.4 r.5 r.6
1 AUS 222 WATERHOUSE Jason GOODALL Brett 7-00 10.00 3 3.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00
2 NED 888 BUNDOCK Darren VAN DOOREN Céline 7.00 9.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 2 2.00 1 1.00 2 2.00
3 USA 2 RIESS Taylor WHITEHEAD Matthew 19.00 34.00 2 2.00 3 3.00 5 5.00 4 4.00 15 15.00 5 5.00
4 BEL 888 BROUWER Carolijn VICTOR Klaas 20.00 25.00 4 4.00 4 4.00 4 4.00 5 5.00 5 5.00 3 3.00
5 FRA 200 LE CHAPELIER Emmanuel NOIROT Alexandre 27.00 36.00 8 8.00 9 9.00 6 6.00 6 6.00 3 3.00 4 4.00
6 GBR 8 SPROAT Chris BURKE Georgina 27.00 37.00 6 6.00 7 7.00 7 7.00 3 3.00 4 4.00 10 10.00
7 FRA 1630 GRIZIAUX Gildas BERRANGER Claire 38.00 48.00 10 10.00 8 8.00 8 8.00 10 10.00 6 6.00 6 6.00
8 AUS 2 GOODALL Greg VAN ASSELT Dominique 45.00 65.00 5 5.00 5 5.00 3 3.00 14 14.00 20 20.00 18 18.00
9 SUI 1 LUTZ Andrea SCHORI Martin 46.00 61.00 9 9.00 10 10.00 9 9.00 11 11.00 7 7.00 15 15.00
10 BRA 9 SICOURI Raphael MINGOZZI Marcella 48.00 60.00 11 11.00 6 6.00 11 11.00 12 12.00 9 9.00 11 11.00

Jul 25, 2011

F16 Worlds 2011: Day 1 - Bundock-Van Dooren lead

Photo: Michel Espaignet

Photo: Michel Espaignet
Press release by 2BSailing -----
Race Update – F16 World Championship – Day 1 Date: 25 July 2011
Location: CVBCM – Lac de Carcans, Maubuisson, France

Race 1.
Race one of the F16 World Championships at Maubuisson, France got underway in drizzling rain and breeze ranging between 12 and 18 knots between wind squalls. The first race saw a slightly port bias starting line and it was Greg Goodall (AUS) and Dominique Van Asselt (NED) that lead the fleet around the first mark after tacked back and forth in the shifty conditions. Darren Bundock (AUS) and Celine Van Dooren (NED) took the lead on the first downwind making the most of the gusty conditions closely followed by Jason Waterhouse (AUS) and Brett Goodall (AUS). It was Waterhouse/Goodall with superior upwind speed that took the lead at the top mark for the second time only to cartwheel on the downwind after overlaying the bottom mark. Waterhouse/Goodall were only down for a matter of seconds loosing two places with still a lap to go. This allowed Bundock/Van Dooren to battle it out with Taylor Reis (USA) and Mathew Whitehead (USA) on the last downwind for Bundock/Van Dooren to win by 2 boat lengths over the young Americans, Waterhouse/Goodall third, Carolijn Brouwer (BEL) and Klaas Victor (BEL) to take fourth. The top seven boats in race one were all competing on Vipers.

Race 2.
Started in similar conditions with the breeze raising to a consistent 18 knots. This time it was a clear battle between Waterhouse/Goodall and Bundock/Van Dooren for the entire race breaking away from the fleet after Brouwer/Victor capsized in a gybe on the first down wind. Waterhouse/Goodall had the pace upwind but it was Bundock/Van Dooren that would make their moves downwind as the fleet was doing gybe after gybe to stay in the pressure down the course. Waterhouse/Goodall were able to hold off the spinnaker of Van Dooren to narrowly take the win by less than a boat length. The battle for 3rd, 4th and 5th was hotly contested and won respectively by USA’s Reis/Whitehead over Brouwer/Victor with both boats gybing inside Goodall/Van Asselt at the last mark to the finish.

Race 3.
Race 3 was a battle of four mixed teams taking on Jason Waterhouse/Brett Goodall for the battle for the top 5. At the top mark it was mixed teams 1,2 and 3 but by the bottom mark Waterhouse/Goodall had fought back into the lead after a fantastic gust down the left hand side of the course. Greg Goodall and Dominique Van Asselt were second and crossed tacks with Bundock/Van Dooren on the second upwind while Waterhouse/Goodall opened up a comfortable lead only for it to be whittled away and overtaken for the lead before the finish by Bundock/Van Dooren.

Bundock said “I really enjoyed sailing the Viper today in the shifty conditions, its nice sailing such a light boat that tacks so well so we could play the shifts all day”

My crew Celine made the difference today as under spinnaker downwind we made all our places, sailing in a mixed team is pretty cool fun” said Bundock
Waterhouse commented on returning to the beach “What a blast, great breeze to start the week, we are very happy with our opening day, its going to be tough in these conditions but that’s all part of the fun”

This Visser (former F18 World Champion) said “Gee hard day for us in the second race as we broke our tiller extension at the top mark and mounted the mark, we were just completely stuck for minutes getting out of the bows”
Mathew Whitehead “Oh its so nice to be back on the Viper after sailing the ISAF Worlds last week, first two races we were right in there but had a massive pitch-pole in the third race”.

Results at http://www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com/globalF16/global_f16_g.htm

Jul 21, 2011

F16 Worlds 2011: Training at Bordeaux

Nice onboard footage sent by Emmanuel LeChapelier - www.cataprorace.fr
Emmanuel has won the French nats with Alexandre Noirot , also won the Eurocat (C1) and he is French F18 Vice Champ too.
He participated here on the F18 Nats and many other events so having that extra local knowledge will help.
They know that the event is filled with talent but they are confident in a good performance as they also dedicated the season to train on the Viper.

Best of luck to Emmanuel and Alexandre for this 1st Formula 16 Official Worlds at Bordeaux, France.

Jul 20, 2011

A-Class Worlds 2011: August 13-20 at Arhus, Denmark

Photo from German Nats 2009 at Lake Garda www.a-cat.info/
2011 Worlds will be raced this year at Kaløvig Sailing Centre, Arhus, Denmark .
I know Fischer will there racing his own design, the Exploder Mayfly and Landy will be riding a Scheurer.
Don´t have any news on the WingFox Nano.
Interesting to see the US task force with Hall (and his Baracuda), Strubble, Guck, Moon against the Euro and Aussie fleets.
Why I don´t get is why the A-Class events always program only 2 races per day...
More info and details on the official web www.a-catworlds2011.dk
Entry List

Hope they get wind, as last year it wasn´t good. Ashby is registered at least:
Entry List: www.dsystems.dk/DTilmeld3/event/deltager.php?id=94&class=44
For latest sail-mast development report check dnacat.blogspot.com
- Saturday 13/8 9.00-19.00 Registration and measurement
- Sunday 14/8 9.00-19.00 Registration and measurement
15.00 Warning Signal – practice race
- Monday 15/8 11.00 First Warning Signal
- Tuesday 16/8 11.00 First Warning Signal
- Wednesday 17/8 11.00 First Warning Signal
- Thursday 18/8 11.00 First Warning Signal
- Friday 19/8 11.00First Warning Signal
- Saturday 20/8 Reserve Day

AC45: Girls Ride

Interview with Katie Spithill, former World no.2 ranked match racer. Katie is currently in Weymouth training with AST mates Nicky Souter and Jess Eastwell. Source: Oracle Racing Newsletter-
You recently did a trip to San Fran to catch up with your brother James and check out the AC45’s and the new AC set up. I believe you were the first female to be lucky enough to helm an AC45. Along with James and the Oracle Racing Team you were able to experience first hand the power of these awesome machines. This is the first opportunity to get a female perspective on the boats and how they fit into match racing and the multihull scene. So… What do you think of the 45’s? Katie Spithill: Wow – I don’t know where to start, the first thing I said after we hit the dock after the days racing & training was “Can I have one?” The AC45 was great, it is a fantastic multihull to choose to be involved in the Americas Cup.

Being a match racer and now a F18 sailor, how do you think the match racing aspect will work with these boats?
KS:Being onboard 1 of the 2 Oracle boats whilst they were Match Racing gave me a real insight as to how it is already working using these mutlihulls to Match Race. Not only was it fast, ever changing and exhilaration, there was also a fear factor in there of ‘will we cross, we will meet’ etc whilst the boats are fastly closing in on each other at 25+ knots of boat speed.
Unlike the Old AC Boats or many match racing boats these boats are fast moving and need a lot of foresight and anticipation in relation to what will happen next, so that the runners can be loaded, the daggerboards changed, the gennaker furled, etc before you can tack or gybe.

Do you think it could be sailed by an all female crew?

The age old question! It is not a question of if it can be done but more so when it will be done. It has been done in the past by the likes of Dawn Riley and the Mighty Mary team back in 1995 when she beat greats like Conners and Cayard. Women can do just fine in the AC when the position and circumstances are right; Just the same as any male team. Forcing it to be an all female team is not a good plan. Integrate women in a proper way and you'll have something, Drivers, Tacticians? Yes.
Girls can compete with men on equal terms there, but there is no way that an all girl crew can be competitive when brute force is a key component. unless there were more of them, and this is already the case in some match race classes.
Right now I have my head down on the goal of the Olympics 2012, but the Americas Cup is also in my mind for the future.

Any plans to put a team together?
KS:The Americas Cup has always been in my sights, and now that I have been sailing on the AC45s I am absolutely hooked. First and foremost I will continue with my Olympic Campaign Bid leading to 2012 and go from there.

Where are you at with your Olympic Campaign?

KS:Due to a management decision last month from the Australian Sailing Team I have been sidelined from the right to skipper for the Australian Women’s Match Racing Squad leading to London 2012 Olympics. This came as quiet a shock given my experience, ranking and results to date and I am still waiting for answers to justify this decision.
I have since then joined forces with Current World #2 Ranked Women’s Match Racer Nicky Souter (a former World Champion) as her bowman/tactician to strengthen and continue our campaign together towards 2012.

What other multihull sailing are you doing?
KS:My husband (Grant Pellew), and I race an F18 Cat together which is fantastic. Unfortunately at this stage I spend 80% of the year in Europe/America, so we don’t get a lot of time for it. Whilst we have qualified a spot for the F18 World Championships the past 2 years in a row we have been unable to compete in either due to my other match racing commitments. I am returning home in a few weeks to compete in the AUS F18 Nationals up at Magnetic Island with Grant so we can qualify for the Long Beach Worlds.

What are your thoughts on the whole beach cat multihull scene?

KSI was first introduced to cats at a young age as my father had a Hobie 14 Turbo that James and I would take out. My first memory is of James tipping it over and with the 2 of us kids unable to pull it back up we just happily sat on the hull waiting for dad to realise we hadn’t come back in and come out and pull it up for us. Needless to say it took a few weeks for me to go back out with James at the helm! The next involvement I had with multihulls was meeting my future husband and being convinced to go to Mexico for the Hobie 16 Worlds in 2004 and sail in the Womens Division with his friends wife, whilst the boys worked and competed in the Open Event. Needless to say I was hooked, and have been multihull sailing ever since. Nicky was at the Worlds too.

Ok Katie thanks for your time and insight. Good luck with your Olympic campaign!

KSThank you.--

Jul 18, 2011

Winged Tornado: ARG to the MAX

Photo copyright Artemis
Photo taken from JuanpaCadario's blog , argentine sailor racing the MedCup. Check his site for more.
Although here I post lots of info on the Arg F18 Class and name several sailors (we are all just good workers on the local multihull promotion) the Number 1 (Multi or Mono) is Santiago Lange.
The thing is we've never had a local T class here, and the F18 is the 1st stablished local multi racing class. That's why you don´t see much of him here.
Santi along with Camau Espínola, are double bronce medalist (2004-2008) and Tornado World Champs. Camau has other two silver medals by his own on Mistral class.

Now Lange is part of the Artemis AC team. As helm and design liason, being a Naval Architect , he has good knowledege to interact with the head designer (Argie Juan K)
Valencia is the training base for Artemis (and Juan Ks office) , and there Santi is taking the team members for a ride on the now Winged olympic ARG Tornado.
The idea is to familiarize the crews on sailing the Wing. Good initiative on the team.

1st F16 offical Worlds: July 23/29 at Bordeaux

Photo: Marco Iazzetta- F16 Europeans 2010
The first official Formula 16 World will take place next July 23 at the Bordeaux Maubuisson Sailing Club www.cerclevoilebordeaux.com
The F16 is now an isaf international recognized class, and the previous events were called 'Global Challenges'. The class is growing strong with some major builders like ahpc joining the game, having Bundock and Brouwer involved is just more exposure for all.
Good number of teams: 62 Check Registered crews here
The Formula 16 is the best option for mixed crews, I'm not talking about olympics here... I started sailing H16 with my wife and the truth is we can´t race on the F18, but I would consider sail with her again on the F16 Class for ie.
More info on the Championship at www.formula16.net
With the F18 Worlds I had several mails in queue that I couldn´t publish, below a good analysis and press release sent by Gill de Bruyne, dealer in Belguim for the Falcon F16 on the class at the Texel week:
By Gill de Bruyne:
Is there finally a good alternative for catracing mixed and youth teams?

For many years racing has been dominated by the F18 catamaran, but the boat is in many cases too physical for mixed or youth teams, especially in 15+ knots where you easily feel overpowered. Some teams switched to Hobie 16 or Dart 18, others remained on the F18 as there was no real alternative in their eyes, this is about to change.

This year Gill and Kathleen wanted to show what the potential was of the Falcon both for mixed as for youth teams.
“We really managed to show what a great boat the Falcon is”, says Kathleen Vandenbulcke.

Photo: Thom Touw - Texel 2011
“What a great month we have had, both for ourselves as for all the mixed and youth teams out there. Both on the Belgian as on the Dutch open championships we were the first mixed team and could keep up with the professional and semiprofessional teams, so exciting!” Weekend racers Gill and Kathleen set down 2 impressive results on both the Belgian as Dutch Open Championships, showing that nonprofessional, mixed teams can be competitive if on the right equipment.

“I think our good results in both light as heavy winds will definitely show other mixed teams that they can have super exciting sailing/racing on high level and still be ‘alive’ in the evening as long as they are on the right size of boat for them”, Gill says.

Youth sailing
But next to mixed teams we also want to concentrate on youth sailing. 2 youth teams have been selected to train and race on a Falcon they can use the whole year. “Mostly training has been done up to now as it had to be combined with studying”, says Gill. “This summer they will be racing the Falcon. And we intend to continue this promotion hopefully even in closer co-operation with youth training programs as they are the future of catsailing!”

Gill de Bruyne

Jul 15, 2011

A-Class: Dutch Nats 2011 Results

Photo: Mark Cole EyeforLife.com - Click to enlarge
The new Vision A-Class by Catparts took 1st and 2nd with Sjoerd and Chris. The class builders continue their successfull launch of new designs every year. Third for DNA builder Pieter Jan. Click this start image by Mark Cole, really good with Sjoerd leading , check his face and how everyone is looking at him. Excellent detailed photo, directly to the CS book top list.
From CatamaranParts
"Dutch A-class Nationals were sailed with challenging and light condition with the last day in moderate winds.
The prediction given about the weather/wind forecast was completely correct with high winds on the Friday and Saterday and light to moderate winds on the Sunday.
The organisation was done by Hellecat and again they deserved a big thumbs up because it was again perfectly done.
Friday 09 july
In the morning a lot of the competitors from outside Holland where already arrived and where preparing the boats for a day hard work on the water because the wind was strong and it looked that it was on the edge. We had 38 competitors on the list but around the half of them where not going out because of the conditions ( constant 18 and gusts far into the 20's ). There where 3 days scheduled and the RC did manage to make 2 races with an increasing wind so the last race was cancelled.
After the first day there was Chris Field and Sjoerd Hoekstra in the lead on equal points with PJ Dwarshuis 3 rd.
Full Report at catamaranparts.blogspot.com
More pics and details at DNA web: dnacat.blogspot.com
Also at the British A-Class Assoc www.aclasscatamaran.co.uk/news.htm

Final results
1. Sjoerd Hoekstra ( Vision ) 2,1,2,1,1,(3),1,(BFD),2 Total 10
2. Chris Field ( Vision ) 1,2,(4),(4),2,1,3,3,1 Total 13
3. Pieter Jan Dwarshuis ( DNA ) 3,3,1,3,4,(25),4,(16),6 Total 24
4. Roeland Wentholt ( DNA ) 4,(DNC),3,5,3,5,(10),1,5 Total 26
5. Theo van Hilten ( Vision ) 6,5,7,8,6,(9),2,6,(10) Total 40
6. Gabriel Wicke ( Flyer 1) 8,(11),(14),6,5,4,6,5,7 Total 41
7. Guido Schulte ( DNA ) 7,6,6,2,(11),6,(12),4,11 Total 42
8. Tjibbe Veelo ( DNA ) 9,7,(11),7,(DNC),8,7,11,8 Total 57
9. Nigel Lovett ( Tool ) 11,8,8,(13),7,12,(14),2,13 Total 61
10. Matthias Dietz ( Nikita ) (DNC),(DNC),10,9,9,2,5,BFD,4 Total 78

Jul 14, 2011

Sodebo at the yard by Launay

Photo: Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com

Photo: Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com

Photo: Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com

Photo: Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com

Photo: Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com
Interesting detail images of the re fit and bow repair of Sodebo by Christophe Launay www.sealaunay.com
All photos courtesy of Christophe, more pics here I thought the bow was wood sandwich but it seems as pvc core one (look below)

Photo right: Yvan Zeda /Sea&Co/Sodebo- Sodebo Ama's bow after the 'failed' record attempt by Thomas Coville

Jul 13, 2011

ISAF Youth Worlds: Rio here we Come

Images: Sime Sokota - The future of our sport is racing right now at the ISAF Youth Worlds, the Brazilian crew is having an excellent championship with 8 bullets over 9 races (edit). And they didn´t had an SL16 to train at home, these guys are Good. Thanks to Yam Vidal for the link
From ISAF Youth Worlds:"There is no stopping Brazil's Martin Lowy and Kim Andrade after they secured their sixth consecutive race win in the SL16 at the 41st ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Zadar, Croatia.
The boys have a perfect score card after discarding the 15 points assigned following their retirement from the first race. With six points they have a huge 20 point advantage over Tomer Simhony and Ellie Louise Copeland (NZL).

Lowy said, "This championship has been very good for us. We have had some good positions. The weather is very good. "We are very happy, our speed has been very good. We are on the right track. It's been a pleasure." And Andrade added, "It's perfect."

Click here to view an interview after racing with Lowy and Andrade.

Rank Sail HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Total Nett
1st BRA Martin Lowy Kim Andrade (15 RAF) 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 23 8
2nd DEN Nicolaj Bjornholt Christiansen Daniel Bjornholt Christiansen (15 DNF) 6 5 2 8 3 2 6 2 49 34
3rd NZL Tomer Simhony Ellie Louise Copeland 1 3 4 6 5 (8) 7 3 7 44 36
4th GBR Rupert White Nikola Boniface 8 11 2 3 6 4 (12) 4 3 53 41
5th FRA Mikael Houdet Charles Edouard Collet 3 (10) 9 8 3 7 4 2 6 52 42
6th BEL Philip Hendrickx Victor Klaas 4 5 6 5 2 6 5 (12) 9 54 42
7th ESP Jordi Booth Pau Dengra 2 9 8 4 (12) 2 3 11 4 55 43
8th AUS Paul Darmanin Alexander Vucic 9 4 7 9 4 9 9 5 (11) 67 56
9th USA Taylor Reiss Matthew Whitehead 5 7 3 (11) 11 5 8 10 10 70 59
10th RSA Matthew Whitehead Calene Loubser 10 2 (15 RAF) 7 7 11 6 13 13 84 69
11th SIN Jen-U Tan Peter Wong 12 (14) 10 10 9 14 13 7 5 94 80
12th ITA Leonardo Ruggeri Federica Zizzari 6 12 (15 DSQ) 12 10 13 10 9 8 95 80
13th CRO Patrik Kubaska Dino Pete�ic 7 8 11 (13) 13 12 11 8 12 95 82
14th HKG Jonathan Shue Kenton Nicolas Shue 11 13 12 (14) 14 10 14 14 14 116 102

UK: East Coast Pier Race 2011

by Andrew Dowley-- East Coast Piers Race 2011 - Full report at www.eastcoastpiersrace.com
This year’s East Coast Piers Race and Colne Point Race were held over the weekend of 9th and 10th July at Marconi Sailing Club, Essex. 61 boats turned out for race day.

The course takes participants from Osea Pier, down the Blackwater Estuary to Bradwell, across the Estuary, and then along the coast passing Clacton Pier and turning at Walton Pier for the return journey.
Inshore Races: Saturday provided the competitors with a force 4 wind coming from the South West, perfect for a blast up and down the river.

The first race started just after 1pm and took the fleet up river round a mark at the end of Osea Island and down to Thirslet Spit, returning to come through the line. 4 laps were on the board but the race officer shortened the race to two laps.
... Many of the competitors were caught out by having to go through the inner and outer distance marks of the line in both directions leading to disqualification in the first race.
1st Place – Chris Sproat and Georgina Burke, AHPC Viper
2nd Place - Phil Marks and Andrew Sinclair, Tornado
3rd Place – Lee Harrison and Andrew Dowley, Tornado

...After a late start on the first race, Kyle Stoneham and Ben Newton made up for it in the second race with a fantastic sail - although Will Sunnucks and Oli Egan were first over the water, Kyle and Ben took the race victory.
1st Place – Kyle Stoneham and Ben Newton, Nacra F18
2nd Place - Simon Northrop and Tom Walker, Shockwave F18
3rd Place – Chris Sproat and Georgina Burke, AHPC Viper

...Sunday - Race Day
The Colne Point race then started 20 minutes later at 9.50am with 23 boats taking part.
Getting to Bradwell was not so much of a problem, it was once through the gate and heading to Colne Point that the wind stopped for an hour or so. Many of the boats crept over to the West Mersea shore which paid off as they made their way up the fleet. The boats which had stayed on the Bradwell side benefitted from a force 3 breeze which filled in from the South, competitors at Mersea could see the others on the trapeze with their kites up - it was a waiting game for the wind to spread across the mouth of the river.

First back were Jack Tindale and Trevor Bawden sailing ‘Thriller’ the bright pink Nacra Carbon F20 followed by Will Sunnucks and Oli Egan on their Vampire M20.

Raffle : Every year Marconi Sailing Club run a raffle to raise funds for The Cirdan Sailing Trust and the Essex Air Ambulance, the top prize in the raffle is a Wildwind Sailing Holiday for two people in Greece.
There are many other generous donations for raffle prizes including sail bags, sailing trips and Yachts and Yachting Subscriptions.
The winner of the top prize this year was R. Pendrill who lives in Writtle, Chelmsford - we hope you have a fantastic holiday in Greece with Simon and the Wildwind team.

Results - Photos here
Saturday Series - Chris Sproat and Georgina Burke, AHPC Viper
Colne Point Race - Sandy Jordan, Sprint 15
East Coast Piers Race - Chris Sproat and Georgina Burke, AHPC Viper

Sponsors & Helpers: Marconi Sailing Club could not organise the race weekend without the help of our Sponsors and the volunteers who fulfil various tasks throughout the year to pull the event together. - Sponsored by Wildwind Sailing Holidays and Adnams.

Full report and More information www.eastcoastpiersrace.com

Jul 11, 2011

F18 Argentina: 1st South Americans & Nationals 2011

Photo: Matías Capizzano www.capizzano.com

Info for those wanting to come and train with our fleet when all your lakes and seas will be frozen!As many could check live at the Worlds we have some good F18 sailors here, and I can assure we have some more waiting to match the best of you in our special conditions.

As Gunnar said last year here in BA: If you can sail here you can make it anywhere. You can ask him for more feedback. And the European campaign of Cruz & Mariano is a good proof.
Needless to say we may have Santi lange waiting for you too, he is wanting to race with us but he has a full schedule, we'll see.

The dates are :
- 1st Official South Americans will be October 1-10 at the BA Week 2011 organized by the Yacht Club Argentino.
- The 4th Argentine F18 Nationals will be held at our local cat club along the Naútico San Isidro on November 25,26,27 2011.

The thing is we don´t have too many new F18s to rent, we have a 25 boat fleet, and some limited available to rent. We are working on that with the local dealers though to facilitate foreigners to come. The alternative is bringing a new boat from the factory and arrange a post sale with each local brand dealer.
Right now we have AHPC, Nacra and Hobie official dealers.
So you can use your offseason and train with us, some good old bottles of our local reknown Malbec (Syrah or Cabernet if you prefer...) plus 1st class meats and some of the most beatifull girls in the world are part of the scene, I'm talking 1st hand on this, and our Dutchs friends have their future Queen as a proof too ;)

For more info please contact me directly.

F18 Worlds: Cloths

Some clarification needed on the SI cloths protest at Balaton as I named Pim Nieuwenhuis and Fer Van West as the ones behind it, this info was taken on a picture with their Request with their names on it.
So it was no "rumour" just pure real info available at the championship.
The thing is you can´t hide that kind of public local info any more, with twitter, facebook, mobiles with cameras and else, is literally impossible and its always better to inform than to hide.

Pim and Fer filed a Request not a protest, the rest of the outcoming details later.
I'm waiting for an official statement on the class to clarify what happened and will publish Pim's details I received today.
Edit on comments: Lets wait for full info, the idea here is to inform the sailors, not to start another bs fight.