Jun 26, 2011

Round Texel 2011 : Mitch and Taylor Booth took Line Honours, Heemskerk-Tentij 1st on corrected time

Photo: Thom Touw - Mitch and taylor Booth

Photo: Thom Touw- Heemskerk and Tentij scoring yet another trophy

Mitch Booth and his son Taylor won the Texel Round Line Honours on a Nacra F20Carbon.
The multiple world champ in the F18, Tornado, A-Class, Tiger and add now an F20c unofficial title, plus an Olympic medalist and AC34 leader of the China team, is still quite active. Winning the Texel is a proof of his talent, no matter how 'old' he says he is when he stayed on the beach at the Nacra Worlds when +30 knots were blowing the tents.
His legacy, the competition achievements, and the Tornado Sport conf plus the X40 project is quite alive in his son Taylor, a excellent catracing sailor too.
Mitch is already a living legend of the sport, not many can have that honor.
As posted before watch out for Mitch and his team for next AC at SF on the 72s.

Photo: Thom Touw
Carolijn and Jeroen suffered a serious crash on their Viper on the start and were out for the Round, Bundock was not racing this week.
Herb´s M20 Winged was 14th, and for sure a good 1st experience. Right now the Nacra F20 Carbon is dominating the scene, a change of guard over the Ts and the tuned M20s, although previous Texel winner on a Marstrom, Wiliam Sunnucks, had an accident too on the start. The Tornado, with Hendricks-Godefroid, still showing her speed after 30 years with a 5th overall behind the F20c and ahead of the best F18s.
First Mixed crew, Sproat-Burke on a AHPC Viper.

On corrected time, Mischa Heemskerk and Bastian Tentij on their Cirrus R won over Coen de Koning and Thijs Visser , the Booths were 3rd.
Mischa and Bastian showing the quality range of the F18 Class builders, now racing on a Cirrus R with SI sails, they are 2011 Eurocat winners and now Texel Champs........

Photo: Thom Touw
The Arg team was 15 overall and 7th on the F18 , but they crossed the finish line on the wrong side and were disquaified!! nevertheless an impressive task for the argies, and some here are asking theirselves why they didn´t went this time to F18 Worlds, as although Cruz and Mariano are one of the best of the local fleet and 2010 champs, we have at least right now 3 more teams on the same or even higher level.
Gunnar Larsen saw it first hand when he was in BA, and he agreed there is no joke racing in our local conditions, and learning to sail here gives us some basic advantage when racing more forgiving venues.

....... The other big one, the F18 Worlds, starts next week at Lake Balaton Hungary, July 1-9 2011.f18worlds.com

The guys were reporting a 3X times an F18 Worlds scene, the Texel Round is the biggest catmaran racing event in the World, 500 cats, what a Race.
All Photos by Thom Touw/Round Texel 2011 www.roundtexel.com/en/medialib/index.asp

Full reports and videos on the RoundTexel website www.roundtexel.com
Full results at http://www.roundtexel.com/en/results.asp

P Class Crew Elapsed Corrected
1 formule 18 Spi Heemskerk (NL) / Tentij (NL) 03:07:47 03:07:47
2 formule 18 Spi Koning (NL) / Visser (NL) 03:08:57 03:08:57
3 nacra F20C Spi Booth (AU) / Booth (AU) 02:49:52 03:10:52
4 tornado Spi Hendrickx (BE) / Godefroid (BE) 03:00:16 03:11:46
5 formule 18 Spi Larsen (NL) / Frank (NL) 03:12:36 03:12:36
6 nacra F20C Spi Bouscholte (NL) / Bouscholte (NL) 02:51:38 03:12:51
7 nacra F20C Spi Pols (NL) / Larsen (NL) 02:57:45 03:19:43
8 formule 18 Spi Piggott (UK) / Garcka (UK) 03:20:40 03:20:40
9 nacra F20C Spi Vink (NL) / Geest (NL) 02:58:48 03:20:54
10 formule 18 Spi Nieuwenhuis (NL) / West (NL) 03:23:01 03:23:01
11 formule 18 Spi Northrop (UK) / Willett (UK) 03:26:37 03:26:37
12 formule 18 Spi Beattie (AU) / Leitner (AU) 03:28:18 03:28:18
13 viper (2) Spi Sproat (UK) / Burke (UK) 03:41:12 03:32:42
14 extreme 20 SW spi Dercksen (NL) / Bulkeley (NL) 03:16:55 03:34:02
15 hobie 16 Duijndam (NL) / Steenvoorden (NL) 04:13:44 03:35:02
16 formule 18 Spi Harwijne (NL) / Vliet (NL) 03:35:09 03:35:09
17 formule 18 Spi Waterhouse (AU) / Mcknight (AU) 03:36:46 03:36:46
18 dart 18(2) Hendriks (NL) / Teuling (NL) 04:20:19 03:36:56
19 hobie 16 Nes (NL) / Okkerse (NL) 04:16:02 03:36:59
20 prindle 18-2 torrig Schuit (NL) / Schuit (NL) 03:50:41 03:37:38

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