May 19, 2011

Marstrom 32 Launch

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom

Photo: Thomas Almesaker/Marstrom

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom
Just received these pictures from Marstrom. The M32 is the X40 and AC45 'little' sister... although for sure a powerfull machine built on Marstrom quality. The right size to form big fleets. Looking sharp, lets wait for more pics and video to see her fly.

Hakan Mann: "Pictures from yesterday evening of the first M32 launch and sail together with North Sails. Everything looks so cool, even if there was almost no wind the M32 immediately showing super nice speed so amazing!
Superlight, rock solid, unirig with gennaker, The Cool M32…

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