May 17, 2011

F18 Italy: Racing season launch

Good to see Tornado and 18HT top sailors racing on the F18 at top level
By Marco Radman
Vada 7-8 May: F18 Italian Circuit
In Vada on Tuscany it took place the first regatta of F18 italian Circuit
Good weather with sunny skies and high temperature, light wind conditions, 5-9 kn.
High level of competition with the top Italian crews and also teams from French and Hungary!

1) Sorrentino-Pennati Mattia (Tornado Italian team sailor)
2) Saragoni-Filippi Infusion (World Champion F18 HT & finalist Little America’s Cup )
3) Marcolini-Bianchi Wildcat ( Tornado Olympic Team in Athens ‘ 04 & China ’08 )
4 )Radman-Lai Mattia
5) Bissaro-Cesari Wildcat (Dark Horses… 6° in Carnac 2011 &Youth World Champ.2010)
And also Ferrari, Fantasia and many others!.

Full results:

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